Monday, August 25, 2008

Random Scraps

The majority of the left/progressive/democrats have convinced themselves, again, that their candidate (Obama, Nader, McKinney) will bring something new to the White House table - just as republicans/conservatives believed 8 years ago of their brush clearing regular Joe Dubya Bush.

Amazing that 99% of our pols are always from the "working class" or at least their parents were working class. If that's not proof that capitalism works I don't know what is. I mean, think about it, where else can a boy or girl born in a log cabin or raised in a one bedroom apartment, or from the 'hood, or an Arkansas trailer park, or a South Carolina mill hand's son, or son of a car salesman, rise to such levels? It's a testimony to the success of the capitalist system, isn't it?

On the "far left" - socialist, Marxist, etc. there seem to be two types. One type discussing the "science" of socialism (intellectual b.s.) and how well it would work for America under their stewardship; this type usually puts the second type of "far left" asleep - but not before they rant about all the "free stuff" they should be receiving because apparently the State owes them something just because they're here. Strangely, the same folks support the idea the State owes nothing to an unborn fetus.

According to most progressives - John McCain is an opportunist, a lying pig because decades ago he cheated on his first wife, divorced, and remarried an heiress who was 18 years younger. What a womanizer.

When cheater Bill Clinton encouraged Monica, 30 years younger than himself, to give blowjobs under the desk in the oval office - progressives claimed it was a private matter, and that in Europe folks wouldn't think anything of the adulterous antics of their politicians. Oh wait, maybe the double standard is because Conservatives claim they have morals and Progressives admit they do not.

When McCain says he doesn't know how many homes he owns (he and wife own 7 homes worth 13 million) - progressives remark that he's a man who doesn't even know how many homes he owns while millions are homeless. He's out of touch, rich.

Four short years ago, John Kerry and his second millionaire heiress wife Theresa, owned at least 5 homes worth 33 million - but Kerry wasn't out of touch - he had just married up, again (Kerry's first wife was also a millionaire heiress).

When Teresa Heinz Kerry used Botox - progressives said so what. Four years later, progressives are claiming what a phony the skinny ass Cindy McCain is with her Barbie doll Botox appearance. So called "progressives" are also claiming the McCains adopted their Bangladesh daughter as part of an "image creation process." But Obama backer Oprah can "adopt" an entire African village of school girls, for image and tax write off.

The "left" might not want to harp on wives too much as Michelle is not exactly the hand-to-mouth working class southside Chicago girl - her daddy was earning $42,686 in the 1960s - much higher than a working class salary, and dad was involved as a precinct captain in the Daley machine.

When Swiftboat vets attacked Kerry's Vietnam record, John McCain rushed to defend Kerry. Today "progressive/alternative" bloggers are claiming McCain cooperated with the Vietnamese to receive "special treatment", even giving military information that cost an untold number of American lives. McCain did make propaganda films (coerced?) stating how evil Americans were for waging war on Vietnam, etc. but there is no evidence he gave information that cost American lives.

Tran Trong Duyet, former head of the Hanoi Hilton would give his vote to McCain if he could vote here. "We used to argue about the war - about whether it was right or wrong," he says. "He is a very frank man - very conservative, and very loyal to his country and the American ideal." Duyet also says McCain did not tell the truth about his years in the Hilton ... "... I can confirm to you that we never tortured him. We never tortured any prisoners."

Tran Trong has all the makings of an excellent politician, or pundit.

Remember when democrats made an issue of Bush's cocaine history? Not so with Obama's admitted pot haze and a little blow when he could afford it. We're the culture of "everybody has done it." No, everybody has not done drugs - but I suppose it's too much to ask of our leaders. Unless you're the evil Cindy McCain and admit to stealing prescription drugs. Curiously, the same progressive folks who argue for decriminalizing marijuana, even suggesting we have Amsterdam style "pot pubs" - are the first to demand banning tobacco. Folks, I'm not worried about exposure to secondhand smoke - it's secondhand stupid that gets to me.

The best laugh I had yesterday was "Kos (the "far left's" biggest freedom fighting gatekeeper) : "...the more comfortable I am with Biden's selection. There's really no faster way to my heart than having a Democrat go after Republicans with a (rhetorical) 2-by-4."

As if the vote rigging ruling class cares if you're comfortable. (They will notice when they see pitchforks and rope, or zero voter turnout.)

Biden instantly became the "scrapper" for Obama. When Cheney was the same for Bush the Boy - Cheney was a snarling "attack dog" - one sneer away from a massive coronary; Biden one quarrel away from a brain aneurysm. Or was Rove the dog and Cheney the Bush brain?

This weekend I briefly caught a few minutes of Susan Jacoby discussing the degeneration of political language, particularly the use of the word "folks." Jacoby is a noted atheist and secularist; I believe she was plugging her book The Age of American Unreason. (Here's an older clip of her spiel.) Jacoby believes rightwing intellectuals are dangerous because they are more clever than liberal progressive intellectuals. While I agree with her on the arrogance and ignorance of today's citizen - I don't think it's a recent occurrence - there's just more "folks" and speedier methods of displaying stupid, nor do I think the rightwing is any more clever than the left - in fact, having the rightwing take the blame may be the cleverness of the left.

(Speaking of noted atheists - god was not a political issue until the infamous Madeleine Murray O'Hair made it her cross to bear. Maddie also argued 6th graders should be taught sex ed and allowed to have intercourse without interference.)

In any event, Jacoby's is another book reminding us how lazy and dumb the citizens are, but no solutions, and actually no valid reason as to why - other than the rise of "anti-intellectualism." (Code: Acknowledge those of bona fide superior intellect or you may be a bigot.) I venture to say the cause of ignorance may be laid more at the progressive feet because of inclusiveness/diversity and doublespeak, no child with hurt feelings, all us "diverse" folks are the same - developed to make us feel good about ourselves, but has made folks equal only in indolence and ignorance.

Oh the hypocrisy and petty snobbery of it all. No wonder half the eligible voting public turns their back on politics and pundits.

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