Monday, September 16, 2013

Update 2

Cancer markers are dropping, from 96 to 37 now.  The last round of chemo was horrendous though but I'm taking a break for a month.  Whew, wish this monster was easier to beat.

Thanks for the concern.  All going well.  I've finally learned how to be really lazy (still irritates me), so many things I need to be doing or working on. 

Until later... Kate

Sunday, April 14, 2013


A few months ago I was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer.  We are hopeful and I am fighting, hair falling out, down to 93 pounds now.  Ugly disease.

But, I believe in miracles and perhaps will be back to rant and rave again on KAB.

Thanks to everyone who made my time here more enjoyable.  Peace and love to all.

Kate A.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

# 12

Baby boy Sept 29 - at 8 lbs. 12 oz.
Name to be decided, or TBD for now. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Cannot stomach Mitt Romney but do like running mate Paul Ryan.  Not because I know whether or not Ryan is a good man or suitable for vice president.  But because he physically reminds me of my first love, also a Catholic boy who treated a woman in public with the reverence of Mary Madonna, and in the bedroom like Madonna the singer.  

But, what are the options anymore?  Phony liberalism or phony conservatism?  The last time I held my nose and voted was election 2004.  Didn’t do any good, somehow we still had 4 more years of Bush.  I suppose we can be grateful we didn’t get Jeb Bush after Dubya.  

In 2008 I didn’t even bother to vote.  First time in my life, it just seemed such a game, all image and no substance.  However, I would have voted for McCain had he not chosen Sarah Palin.  Sarah was initially, briefly interesting to listen to but she couldn’t hold serious attention any longer than a one hit wonder personality.  She proved early in the game she was going for media darling rather than a woman of substance; unable to finish out her governorship in Alaska as she chased book deals, speaking tours, reality shows, the occasionally  talking head opinionater on Fox News.  Yeeshish.  

I can just hear those naysayers saying I'm judging Ryan exactly on image rather than substance, that I am doing exactly what I detest others for doing, blah blah blah.  That's the point, all pols are image and no substance.  But I respect your faith in the religion of voting - I too used to attend the Church of Chads.  

Those around me no longer tell me if I don’t vote I can’t complain – because the truth is – that bumper sticker fallacy is obvious - if you DO vote, you can’t complain.  You vote, you asked for it, you signal your acceptance of the status quo.  I no longer participate in your voting rites. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Me Like a Song

Kimmie Rhodes/Willie Nelson

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photo hOPe

Obama, Clinton, Bush DMZ. 

Monday, March 12, 2012


U.S. sergeant kills 16 in Afghanistan.  The kind of story that makes decent people cringe. Another body blow to a servile and battered U.S. public which has no control over its leaders.

I also cringe because I know particular net-rooters will jump on the conspiracy theories with claims of "government cover-up."  The "official story keeps changing."  "Lone gunman."  The Manchurian candidate.  Mainstream and alternative media headlines are predictable. 

The perpetrator is said to be a 38-year-old married father of 2, with 11 years in the military, status post 3 tours of Iraq, and in Afghanistan since last December.   Although with 11 years the sergeant has probably re-upped at least twice and knew what he was signing up for.  Many will blame PTSD.  Some say it's payback for the soldiers murdered after the Koran burning.  Some will blame the military for not detecting the monster among them, or for making the monster.   

Journalists and talking heads will pant like dogs to interview anyone even remotely connected to the victims and/or the perpetrator.  TV physicians will tell us the mental state of the perpetrator, that all concerned will need counseling.  Everyone steps up to their soapbox with solutions.  There will be calls for this and for that by pols and social experts, and a lot of noisy panelists.  John Q. Troll will spend hours in the forum arguing or collecting followers until the next topic appears on the screen.  Please donate to keep this alive, and sign a petition to end this or start that. 

And while some folks use the incident for their particular political agenda or belief, nothing will change in the grand scheme of things.  It will be another horrific incident in a world of horrific incidents.  The PTB will "end the war" when they want to end the war.  More books will be written and movies made to entertain the public and enrich Hollywooders who care only for image and money but often believe their own PR is truth and not scripted.  In the end credit and blame, mostly credit, will be doled out to dirty politicians and  worthless personalities. 

I'm so glad spring is here. I can put real manure to good use.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

This is Serious Business

The "alternative" sites still passing off rumor and imagination as news.  The US is amassing troops on a couple of "strategic" islands, one being Socotra, between Yemen and the Horn of Africa.  To attack Iran.  Google search for information brings up the usual suspects, Godlike Productions, Above Top Secret, Prison Planet, WRH, etc. etc.  I will credit WRH prefacing with "if this turns out to be true" before the crapolla.  The story seems to have initiated from Debka.

Debka is known for pulling "the attack on Iran" neocon-based dream out of thin air.  Folks need to deprogram their minds (and money) from left/right and in-between rumor mills - the sites peddle more bogus stories than even mainstream media.   

According to Debka "Since 2010, the US has been quietly building giant air force and naval bases on Socotra ."  How does one quietly build giant air force and naval bases, in secret?  They don't, it's not happening.  The only truth in the piece is that the ships deployed to the ME, which is what ships do. 

According to Mac Slavo at "Make no mistake: this is serious business. They will kill as many as is needed (on our side and theirs) in order to push the agenda forward."  The "agenda" being ?  Oil? And where is Iraq's oil going? To China according to T. Pickens Boone.  Told you, years ago, China the biggest factory on the global plantation needs that oil.  No reason to think Iran's oil wouldn't go there too.  Make no mistake about it.  But Iran already fuels the dragon so..., tell me again, what's the agenda? Oh oh oh I remember, it's the New World Order oppression agenda, designed by "financiers, politicians and influencers."  Those global ruling illuminati Masonic lizards with secret handshakes and hidden symbols everywhere. 

First Time 1972

Robert Flack
(When this hairdo was popular we used to say "rock my stuff with my afro puffs.)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Rush & Fluke

Georgetown University officials have released a statement defending law student Sandra Fluke, calling Rush Limbaugh’s attacks “misogynistic” and Fluke “a model of civil discourse.” And President Obama has called to thank her for “speaking out about the concerns of American women,” according to Fluke.

The Georgetown law student derided as a “slut” and “prostitute” by Rush Limbaugh for her support of women’s access to birth control spoke out against the conservative talk show host Friday morning.

Appearing on NBC’s “Today,” Sandra Fluke said she was “stunned” and “outraged” by Limbaugh’s comments, which she deemed “an attempt to silence me, to silence all of us from speaking about the healthcare we need.”

----- Waa waa waa. No more than the usual Limbaugh "attempt" to manufacture attention for himself and ratings. Nothing more than the usual political sideshow so we the little people are not mentally challenged to think too long about other things, such as political corruption, political greed, collapse of the empire, etc. Note, Nancy Pelosi got in on the "act" by arranging a "hearing" so Ms. Fluke could give her speech. Then Obama thanked Fluke for speaking out ... and now I too kill time porking this non-story with a story.

At Pelosi's hearing, Fluke testified her fellow students at Georgetown, a Jesuit university, pay as much as $1,000 a year for birth control. Wanna know how much a baby will cost per year?

Putting OxyContin Rush aside for a moment, how real is Fluke? Is she just another advocate/activist who in 10 years or so will hold a government position with perks and power or maybe a lobbyist? A future Hillary on the Hill? A present or future recipient of a govmint grant to write/research scholarly on domestic violence and the horrendous plight of American women today? Oh, if only I could find a worthy cause someone would fund me to bellow creatively about.

In Fluke's own words from the written transcript, "Georgetown does not cover contraceptives in its student insurance, although it does cover contraceptives for faculty and staff." She goes on to say that her fellow students have told her they have to go without contraception because it is not covered by insurance. Seriously. Grown-ass educated women going without contraception because someone else isn't paying for it?

How did women of my generation survive womanhood without Big Daddy government mandating birth control coverage? Wanna know when "the pill" went from about $2.25 a pill pack to the current $60? It happened when government launched health care with Medicaid, Medicare, funding clinics, health departments, etc. Anytime Big Daddy picks up the tab the costs soar and quality sinks, because it's a gravy train, and Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Dr. Quacker are more than happy to ride the rising cost train if taxpayers are pulling it.

Assuming Ms. Fluke's friends and acquaintances are smart enough to be at Georgetown (BTW my youngest daughter was just accepted there, proud momma) are they not smart enough to find a way to manage their own contraceptive options?

Fluke says "A friend of mine, for example, has polycystic ovarian syndrome and has to take prescription birth control to stop cysts from growing on her ovaries. Her prescription is technically covered by Georgetown insurance because it’s not intended to prevent pregnancy. " But she must have 2 friends with PCOS because she also is quoted in other articles as having a "friend who lost an ovary" because birth control was not accessible. Maybe she has several friends with bad ovaries.

I haven't listened to Limbaugh's program, and right-wingish or not, Limbaugh may have a grain of truth in his latest rant that the mainstream and alternative media tell us is newsworthy.

The classic triad in PCOS is chronic anovulation, hirsutism, and obesity. PCOS is most often found in younger, overweight or obese women, often accompanied by diabetes or prediabetes, and promiscuity, yes promiscuity. I suppose PCOS does prove that even hairy fat women have lots of sex. So, even though I cringe at the word "slut" cone-head Limbaugh may have a point.

Medical professionals will say "Although a great deal is now known about polycystic ovary syndrome, the exact cause has yet to be determined." And then go on to say that it may be genetic or probably inherited. May be or probably. Hmm. Have you noticed that medically, in the last 50-70 years or so, much has become "genetic?" Even when there is no evidence to support the genetic theory?

When PCOS was first discovered in 1935 it was considered a rare reproductive disorder. Today, it's the most common female plumbing disorder, often resulting in infertility. So what caused this "rare" disorder to become the "most common?" Has female sexual behavior changed? Could be, could be. I mean, in 1935 the majority of women had a decent BMI, healthier diet and exercise, and were more selectively cautious when choosing sexual partners. If the medical profession today had an ounce of decency they would be honest about the destruction women are reaping with their "sexual freedom." Do you think men created feminine virtue just to keep us oppressed? Could it be that somewhere on the ladder of evolution mankind realized that limiting sexual partners was healthier for mind, body, and soul?

But why "cure" something with lifestyle changes when a syndrome can be "treated" for years and is maybe probably genetic, therefore out of your control.

As for Limbaugh and Fluke, I don't who is phonier, gasbag or professional activist. Both blow hard without any common sense.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul warned the U.S. is "slipping into a fascist system" dominated by government and businesses as he held a fiery rally Saturday night upstaging established Republican Party banquets a short distance away.

------- Ah yes, Ron-R, the hamster wheeling candidate, who at 77 would be older than even Ronald Reagan who took office at age 72. Paul thinks we're slipping into fascism. Last time I checked, fascism was "an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization." Right-wing, you know, a Republican label.

Remember the "14 points of fascism" that was blogged around so much under Bush the Frat Boy president, let me break those down for Dr. Paul:

1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism.
2. Disdain for the importance of human rights.
3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause.
4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism.
5. Rampant sexism.
6. A controlled mass media.
7. Obsession with national security.
8. Religion and ruling elite tied together.
9. Power of corporations protected.
10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated.
11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts.
12. Obsession with crime and punishment.
13. Rampant cronyism and corruption.
14. Fraudulent elections.

Think about those. Expressions of nationalism? Down by about 75% since I was a kid growing up in rural America. We still have the anthem, flag flying and flag waving, and the really big one the Pledge of Allegiance. I can still recite it. Today, only 5 states require the Pledge of students 1-6th grades, the majority of states let students "opt out." God knows what memorization and recitation might do to a young mind. Students can also opt out of retaining information beyond a few grades but that's another subject.

Disdain for human rights (#2). Oh really, it's better than 100 years ago or even 50.

Scapegoats as a unifying cause (#3). Most folks construct scapegoats, and like the members of government there is a payoff to making the opposition the enemy, until congress is in session and they're all goats. Making foreign governments the goat works until such time as they become new BFFs (Japan, Germany, Russia, China, etc.)

Avid militarism (#4). Admit it or not, the military still has a swollen eye from Vietnam, with half the country continuing to think the troops are dumb thugs, and half of that half are too fat to consider the military as a career anyway. America will never have to worry about "avid militarism." Unless the hordes at the gate frighten the left/progressives that their lifestyle needs protection, but Noam is safe and the hordes are not allowed on his property.

Rampant sexism (generally discrimination against women)? Oh pleeeese. The worst gender discrimination is when attractive women get away with murder, abuse, molestation, infanticide, and other crimes. Wage discrimination maybe? Looking around at today's women I gotta say they're definitely proving most are not as smart as their male counterpart, for what man (in his right mind) would teeter around in stilettos, shaving places they shouldn't, and wearing a lace wedgie?

Controlled mass media, #6. That's the second oldest profession, hardly a sign of anything other than more of the same.

Obsession with national security, #7. If that were true the border would not be a sieve and there would be no "immigration" issue. If that were true we would have more than Iran on the national security shitlist, and sanctions against more than gnat size countries like Cuba and N. Korea. National security is often code for a way to funnel pork to every pol and his crony.

This one makes me laugh, #8. Religion and ruling elite tied together. The notion that religion was created by the ruling elite to control the masses is an old one. Usually spouted by the young or never-grew-ups, typically while sitting at the feet of ideological celebrities who practice cabala or Buddhism or other ohhhmmmm time religions. While I don't think religion came about as a method for the ruling class to control the masses, it has been used that way, and still is in some countries. I think most humans need or want to believe there is something bigger than self. Need or want, both exploitable.

Power of corporations protected, #9. Yes, that's gotten much worse in the last few hundred years but has always been around, ask Hudson Bay and King Charles about the fur trade. Or go back further, there are hundreds of corporations founded in the 700-1200s which are still around because their power was either the state or state protected. Maybe if we nationalize the world we'll come full circle, but instead of referring to the King, Emperor, Pharaoh, President, etc. they'll be our Mr. CEO. Today's U.S. corporate power protection racket can be laid at the feet of supposed do-gooders, creating more and more government bureaucracies to protect we the people from corporate evil-doers, who then climb in bed with said evil-doers and need more funding to continue watch-dogging the evil-doers, but not really watching. It's a "sting" perpetrated on the public by professional grifters working with one another. The pig in the poke, a 3 card Monte, the Spanish prisoner, - you're promised good bureaucratic results down the road, so are your children, then grandchildren, and on and on it grows.

Labor power #10. What can I say. Like all things that are good in the beginning, it's now corrupt. Labor leaders/organizations - more grifters squeezing money from Joe Cog, que RICO. Note too that Joe's power is suppressed and/or eliminated, today not by cruel rich bossmen, but because there's too many Cogs in the work pool. And what has Joe done to assure he's a necessary cog in the machine? Rage against it? Occupy something? Feel good when socially responsible folks like Unilever's Ben & Jerry Inc. "stand with you" Occupy folks? Out of about $200-500 million yearly revenue B&J pay a hundred or so full-time grunts a yearly wage of $27,560, and you may even earn some "Ben Bucks" which can be redeemed in the company store, where you don't go deeper in debt or owe your soul, because you have Ben Bucks.

Disdain of intellectuals and the arts, #11. Ah, yes. If someone doesn't see the artistic genius in butt whips, fecal painting, blood, and believe the smutty and perverse is edgy and exciting - well they're not artistically sophisticated. And what makes a person a public intellectual these days? Lecturing and writing? Chomsky, Paul Krugman, Naomi Klein, Kissinger. Disdain has not hurt their careers. If anything the U.S. has too many intellectuals, hopping from talk show to talk show, or getting their own show, plugging their latest scholarly work or 2 cents opinion analyzing our social, political, economic, psychological, and sexual lives. The intelligentsia natterati. Oh look, I'm being disdainful.

Obsession with crime and punishment, #12. Hmm. Is this the part where I wail and gnash about the U.S. having the most prisoners in the world, or about the black incarceration rate? I don't see the government obsessed at all about crime/punishment. The PTB could not care less - heinous violent crime seldom effects them, and they legalize the crimes they perpetrate. The obsession comes from the left/progressive, convinced that every aberrant behavior is a disease that can be treated. Not a bad bone in anybody, although personally I believe some folks are just bad to the bone. Furthermore, bad bones and/or those involved with bad bones are a big voting block, if you can get enough vans and buses to give 'em a ride to vote.

Rampant cronyism and corruption, #13. Wholeheartedly agree with that one. Not only of the ruling class, which is always corrupt to a degree, but right on down to Joe and Jane Cogsters, who think defrauding the government or big business is not really stealing because Big Brother and Mr. Big can afford it. Crony corruption rolled all the way down hill to the 'burbs, the 'hood, the trailer park.

Last but not least, #14. Fraudulent elections. How do we know they were ever honest?

There it is Mr. Ron. That scary group of words "slipping into a fascist system." I thought you were too mature for that sort of unoriginal scare tactic.

By the way, has Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader died? Haven't heard anything from them this election cycle.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Progress Ho

Stumbled upon this from Think Progress. "Rep. Allen West Falsely Claims China Controls The Panama Canal, Calls It A ‘Serious Threat’ To U.S." by Scott Keyes.

Keyes: During a Fort Lauderdale town hall last week, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) warned his constituents about "serious threats to our country," including Iran and Hezbollah. However, one of the examples West used repeatedly, was not just overblown; it was demonstrably untrue. Warning the crowd about the economic and national security dangers that China poses to the United States, West declared – twice – that "China is in control of the Panama Canal."

Keyes states that Chinese control of the Canal was debunked back in 2006 by the conservative NewsMax, after Hillary Clinton made the same claim of Chinese control of the Canal. Wow, ThinkProgress referencing NewsMax. Ironclad proof that we can all just get along (or is it get abong).

--- It appears the Chinese only control 2 ports, at each end of the canal. The Panamanians claim "the operation of ports is different, separate and unrelated from the Canal." And the Canal is a national treasure to Panamanians.

Never mind that controlling "both of the ports gives China strategic influence over the vital waterway." Interesting to me is slick Hillary must have made her remarks before her handlers gave her permission. After all, it was hubby Bill who handed the canal over in 1999 after a 1977 treaty between Jimmy Carter and Panama president General Omar Torrijos. What was Hillary thinking, bringing up anything about China when one of Clinton's "major achievements" was granting permanent trade status to China, second only to his NAFTA success, and numerous other Clinton-Gore chinagates during the '90s.

At the time of Hillary's remarks (2006) Hutchison-Whampoa held those ports. More recently Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, Beijing, now holds 49.97% of Hutchison-Whampoa. "Cheung Kong (and certain of its subsidiaries) will (through their 49.97% interest in HWL) also be deemed to have the same interest in HPH Trust as Hutchison Port Group Holdings Limited ("HPGH")." The issue managers for the initial public offering and listing of Hutchison Port Holdings Trust are DBS Bank Ltd., Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore Branch, and Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs?

And then what did Goldman Sachs (AIG) do last summer? After receiving billions in bail-outs? Fired 1000 American workers and outsourced the jobs to Hong Kong. Some folks thank you Timmy Geithner, current Treasury Secretary, former president of NY Fed Reserve.

So, the comments of Allen West are not "demonstrably untrue." Port control, along with rail lines and other ongoing projects China has in Panama, could potentially be a threat to the US, economically, if not militarily. Just think outside the press box of anonymous sources and D.C. insiders.

On the other hand, both Panamanian and Chinese officials have assured us China has no control over operating the canal, they only operate a couple of ports for loading and unloading and storage, and operation of the canal rests solely with the government of Panama, which as we know, is trustworthy and stable with guys like the Arias dynasty, and defacto commandantes - Torrijos, Noriego, etc., and the current drug cartel connected el presidente Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal.

Panama, rightfully, should have their canal and give port control to whomever they want. The US can always go back to the original Canal Zone plan and build one through Nicaragua. Unless someone beats us to it.

But above all, let's hope congress and others are thinking ahead on how and where the US will ship its products (particularly grain) and upgrade our aging facilities accordingly. (Our infrastructure port facilities a whole other scary topic.)

---- In most recent "legend" news, Whitney Houston is dead at 48. I never particularly liked her music. My first thoughts were the 1980s parody of "Don't My Songs All Sound the Same" and her shrieking "kiss my ass" on the Bobby Brown squabble and dysfunction this is your brain on drugs reality show.

---- In tree hugger news, "going green" has become code for legal thievery. Ener1 has filed bankruptcy, as did Beacon and Solyndra, just 2 days after Obama referred to Ener1 in his SOTU speech: "In three years, our partnership with the private sector has already positioned America to be the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech batteries." Ahem, we're positioned, but there's nothing private or high-tech about taxpayer bunnies bend over ankle grab battery partnership.

---- BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — No immediate discipline is planned for any Dickinson State University employees in the wake of an audit determining the school awarded hundreds of degrees to foreign students who didn't earn them, the chancellor of North Dakota's university system said Saturday.

Hmmm, the university VP has resigned, the dean shot himself dead, and the school's chancellor, a former state lawmaker, is retiring soon. The college has 127 agreements with international schools. Diploma mill. Academia's get richer quicker scheme. And you thought foreign students were smarter. At least, as far as we know, the staff isn't molesting children in the showers, on or off campus.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Rev. C. L. Bryant, former NAACP chapter president, now Tea Party member conservative. Of course, liberal/progressives call him a fraud, the "uncle Ruckus" hustling black conservatives with liberty snake oil, the Kingfish of con. Below is part of Bryant's upcoming documentary "Runaway Slave."

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Isn't this the sorriest election cycle? Barack Obama versus Mitt Newtered. If I voted republican I would have to choose Gingrich over Mitt. On the other hand, Mitt is more comparable to Obama, as it seems the general public prefers girlie-men these days and Mitt and Barry, equally and constantly aware of themselves, posturing and posing as if a hair might fall out of place or a collar wrinkle - makes them more presidential.

Newt has the look of a bloated aging philandering perv and that's unappealing - voters do respond to looks (remember JFK and RMN). But then again, Newt's moral skeletons from the past align more with Joe Sixpack's closet of bones - and often times folks choose that which is more like themselves.

Still, the public gets excited over the guy or gal who appears physically and personally damn near perfect, so the appearance that Mitt and Barry have nary a sexcapade in their past (and every hair and pore in place) ... makes them more electable I suppose.

I remember when the party challenged the incumbent. I.e. Ted Kennedy against Jimmy Carter in 1980 primaries. We don't seem to do that anymore. Unless you consider Obama's challengers as serious contenders. Democratic runners for 2012 are Darcy Richardson (even his name is girlie). There's Vermin Supreme (see above photo), performance artist and perennial candidate from Massachusetts who indeed looks verminish. Randall Perry, pro-lifer who plans to run ads with aborted fetuses. And a Tennessee attorney, John Wolfe, Jr., who claims he represents the 99%, although he owes a $10,000 fine in TN which disqualifies him from any office in that state until it's paid.

Saddest thing is - there really is no choice. It's still twiddle vermin and twiddle varmint, placed in office by those who handle the votes (all the way to the lake, the river, the swamp, the mineshaft, the fire pit).

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." (Stalin, supposedly.)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


All black folks can sing. (Not really, I have a grandchild with a voice that will make babies cry, dogs howl, and empty out a room.)

On the flip side is Herman, singing Imagine.

But leave it to John Ashcroft to pen and sing his own "Let the Eagle Soar."

We're all rock stars now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Brother

Joseph 12/15/45 - 11/18/11

Monday, November 14, 2011

To Get It

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Here Come the Mummies


Friday, October 21, 2011


OccupyWallStreet. What will eating, sleeping, defecating/urinating, sex in sleeping bags and trashing a public park accomplish? Catching a glimpse of Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon?

Do folks wonder which Wall Street stocks Moore and Sarandon are invested in? All their money in tax-free municipal bonds? They have no investments in Big Banks?

Remember in 2005 when author Peter Schweizer published the tax return for Michael "I don't own a single share of stock" Moore's foundation, which held stock in Halliburton, Pfizer, Merck, Genzyme, Elan PLC, Eli Lilly, Ford, General Electric, Sunoco, Noble Energy, Schlumberger, Williams Companies, and numerous other evil capitalist corporations. Why do you think I harp so often on the wealthy and their "foundations"? Places to hide their money and hypocrisy.

Where OWS should be protesting is in D.C. Even the Tea Party folks had enough sense to protest against bailouts and the health care bill in D.C. The WS protests don't seem to be cutting into the flow of Wall Street and Big Bank money to Obama's next campaign (Goldman Sachs investment bank top donor to BHO last time around). Wall Street knows their man in the big house is jiving the Occupiers.

Just heard OWS protested the Chamber of Commerce in D.C. Should I put on my Vee mask and help kill business?

I saw Harry Belafonte a few days ago, giving his 84-year-old opinions. I wonder sometimes why so many folks seem to be stuck in the 1960s. Belafonte said he is heartened by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which he sees as "connected to the Arab Spring uprisings." What? Connected to bloody confrontations as in Libya and Syria, or Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and Yemen? That Arab spring uprising?

Do Americans want to drag a president from a spider hole and hang him or beat him to death? Then shoot their weapons into the sky and cheer about freedom and democracy, and hand power I suppose to men and woman they admire, like Moore and Sarandon?

On OWS page they say "We are the 99 percent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we're working at all. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. We are the 99 percent."

That is pure b.s.

I've been around too long and know that most everyone losing their homes were living beyond their means or living large because they could, and have done so for years, and it catches up doesn't it. The only folks I know who are forced to choose between rent or food are the hoochies here in the hood who sell their food benefits to buy a new outfit or use the rent money to get their hair and nails done. Or, as one family member of mine, used part of her rent money to buy Paula Deen cookware. She also complains she can't run to the doctor every week because the $20 copay is too much. There's uncle Buck who claims his emphysema is from air pollution (not his 40-year 4 pack a day Marlboro habit). And cousin Linda's bad teeth are due to dental care being too expensive (not her crack habit).

Doesn't most everyone think they work long hours for too little pay? Except maybe Michael Moore and Susan, etc.

Some of the "stories" on the OWS site say things such as "I'm a single mom of 3 making $800 a month, helping support my sister and her 3 kids, thankful for Ramen noodles, and haven't bought a pair of shoes in 2 years."

Well, join a big human club hon. The hard-luck stories we could tell you ....

We have worked some real godawful jobs for low pay - because we had to at the time. So what. For a long time I swallowed the sob stories, even had my own, but doesn't work for me anymore. What's that old phrase, can't shit a bullshitter, or something like that.

Six kids between the lady above and her sister, and where's daddy's contribution? Guess what, many folks live on Ramen to put themselves through college or save seed money to do something. I haven't bought a pair of shoes in years either, I like old shoes. My dad used to say - I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.

Your shoes, your income, your sister, your pack of kids, your noodles - are not my responsibility or the government, although I'm sure celebrities and Big Daddy helped you get to where you're at.

My youngest daughter is 31, had her first baby this year. She waited. She waited until she had a college degree, waited until she married, waited until she had a good job, waited until she could buy a home. Have you folks ever waited for anything other than someone to take care of your past and present mess, and give you a future?

I've heard all my life that the US is going to fall in the same manner as the Roman empire, but gave that little attention until this week. I watched a program about the fall of the Roman empire and was surprised at how the factors contributing to Rome's downfall parallels many of our own. The political corruption, greedy elite, pandering to the lower classes (Nero was hero of lower classes), then overtaxing the wealthy and powerful until they were no longer wealthy or powerful and the poor had to pay the bills, debasing their currency, losing their revenue base, depleting the treasury, and a super power limped into the dark ages.

Sometimes I wonder today if folks are so bored, so careless, so lost, not satisfied with the chaos they make of their own lives, they want a country in chaos and mayhem, perhaps for that thrill they believe they're missing in life.

Michael Moore would be a good Nero-ish hero. Fat and fiddling.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Latest Great Hope

Elizabeth Warren: "You built a factory out there? Good for you," she says. "But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did. She continues: "Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea? God bless. Keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along."

---- Not just "the rest of us" pay for roads, education, police/fire - so do the factory builders. And honestly, if every hard working family's tax bill was the same as mine (and most are less) for roads, schools, public safety - you would be up spit creek without a paddle or canoe. Warren, typically and politically, fails to mention that the government which would take that "hunk" would squander it on bogus programs and crony contracts (aka spreading the wealth around).

Aside from the obvious pandering of her remark, also consider how times have changed since the era she speaks of, more fitting for the 1930s to 1970s, because most builders now are building factories in China or India or the Mexican maquiladoras. Will Warren's soapbox pander change anything? No, but what the hay - her rhetoric strikes a warm note around progressive campfires. Some say she is what they wanted Obama to be. Huh? Obama was what they wanted him to be until he be. (Excuse my fit of laughter here.)

Lets remember too that in the last few decades the "next kid who comes along" is quite likely stoned and/or drinking on the job and not nearly as dependable as his daddy or granddaddy might have been. And not just in factories. For all the education the rest of us paid for, most folks today cannot handle simple tasks, be it in an office or factory or anywhere. In reality, the decent, honest, working class is disappearing in the land of money for nothing and the chicks are free, or whatever requires the least effort if you can't be a star.

At least once a day I run into one employed person incompetent and unequipped to the point that I ask myself, how has this human managed to survive this long in the world. I can only conclude that equally dull-witted folks cover for one another. And a good deal of the population has somehow come to accept incompetence and indifference in the workplace as a-okay. Or because they are the workplace and dumb enough to believe they are doing their job well.

(I've learned here in Podunk that when I ask for the best plumber, drywall, electrician, etc. in town, the most educated and experienced, they are dumb - which leaves dumber and dumbest who charge less. It's not just in Podunk - big city folks tell me it's the same for them. Once upon a time the phrase "you get what you pay for" meant something. Not true now. Quality these days is custom made with uberprice tags.)

Sometime I wonder, which came first? The greedy cost cutting factory owner or the "next kid" with a hangover and whining, since they both seem to believe "the rest of us" should pay for both of them opting out.

It will not matter how big a "hunk" anyone gives back - unless we stop making excuses for, and pandering to, dumb and dumber who just bark and bark and bark without a real dog in the fight. God bless.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

100 Pounds of Clay

Gene McDaniels February 12, 1935 – July 29, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011


My Grandfather's War

My Dad's War

My War

My Sons' War

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Busy Bees

Some folks are shilling about what's really going on in Libya (or as Gaddafi named it, the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya): "... the Libyan "rebels might actually be under the overall supervision of the international banking industry, rather than the oil majors." (Cockburn)

"... taking down the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) may not appear in the speeches of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy but this is certainly at the top of the globalist agenda for absorbing Libya into its hive of compliant nations." (Brown)

And then the usual socialist accolades for the colonel's free health care, education, free electricity, subsidized food, unemployment and social security benefits, government pays 1/2 the price of a new car, cash wedding gifts to buy homes,$7000 to each newborn, and that the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) is 100% state owned and charges 0% interest rates, etc. etc.

If all that's true, why would anyone be rebelling? Because, bring in the usual suspects, the evil enslaving Rothchild bankers, racist US killing brown folks, PNAC, NWO, and globalists are behind it, absorbing yet another nation into their hive. Does it seem "they" have been "absorbing" since time began?

Of course, no one in their right mind would consider Libya a utopia of freebies. Gaddafi, Cronies, & Sons, own or control most of the wealth, or did until dozens of nations along with the UN froze their assets.

But who can you trust for just the straight data on how good life is for average Mo(hammed) Blow in Libya under the colonel? WHO, CIA World Fact Book, UN, UNICEF publications? The UN child mortality chart ranks the US 34, Cuba 33, and Libya 79. Sources say Libyan unemployment is 30% and that 1/3 of population lives below poverty line. But, in a nation of only 6 million sitting on a lot of oil, the colonel could hand out enough to keep the masses happy - until the bankers, racists, globalists entered to absorb it all.

That 0% bank interest rate might be questionable too. Arab banking, under Sharia law, has found a way around that. Have you ever known a religion that doesn't find a way around itself?

The bank simply buys the item you want, car, house, computer, whatever, and then resells it to you at a higher price - no interest, but profit for the non-profit bank. You make payments to the bank, no late fees penalties either. Sort of like rent-to-own or leasing in the US, where you eventually pay 3-5 times the value, if you pay until you own it, and if you don't pay the note holder retains ownership and can sell it again. It's a tactic that rationalizes "interest" by calling it something else. Sharia bankers have it all figured out, how to "not charge interest" and still make money, while giving leftists/progressives in the West the ideal of kum-bah-ya banking.

And then, there's that info floating around about ... the Bush administrations sent terror suspects to Libya for interrogation, despite that country's reputation for torture, according to documents found in the abandoned office of Libya's spy chief ... a close working relationship between the CIA and Qaddafi's intel service.

The case of ... Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, commander of the anti-Qaddafi rebel force that now controls Tripoli. Belhaj is the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a now-dissolved militant group with links to al Qaeda. Belhaj says he was tortured by CIA agents at a secret prison, then returned to Libya. But holds no grudges.

Hmmm. I guess Bush's terrorist is Obama's freedom fighter.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Wyatt Joseph b.08/28/11 in Washington.

Mad Dog Exposure

Wikileaks : WikiLeaks cables expose Washington’s close ties to Gaddafi.

From the headline I would think US pols are good buddies with Gaddafi but reading the one cable that WSWS linked to doesn't prove the headline. And of course WSWS makes accusation without proof. (i.e. Libyan terrorist group merged with al-queda are now active leaders in the so-called "rebels". Although that may be true as one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, etc.)

And what would a progressive piece be without the usual accusation of oil, "Cables from 2008 and 2009 raise concerns about US corporations not getting in on billions of dollars in opportunities for infrastructure contracts ..."

Fact is, there are dozens of international oil and gas companies in Libya which are not US. Considering that Russia, China, Iran, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Austria, Canada, Algeria, Great Britain, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil have a stake. Even the US companies that are in Libya today are not the largest producers.

Is the US not supposed to compete for Libyan contracts?

The "left" will not be happy until Joe Blow pays $10/gallon and pulls the thermostat off the wall. Some day Joe Blows will all be closely hogtied in the anti-US whitey doing business propaganda, willingly or not, knowingly or not, all the while demanding the US government stop doing anything but taking care of him. So many so disappointed that Barry is not their Obamao. Give it time. Rome wasn't felled in a day.

If you want to talk about close ties - remember when Billy Carter was a registered agent for Gaddafi? And the $220,000 loan (700,000 in 2010 dollars) to Billy in 1979? Also known as influence peddling and/or billygate.

WSWS also says "Those like Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and Berlusconi who have branded Gaddafi a criminal to be hunted down and murdered were all his accomplices. All of them collaborated with, armed and supported the Gaddafi regime, as US and European corporations reaped vast profits from Libya’s oil wealth."

Is that why the Libyan "rebels" recently, when they took over areas held by Gaddafi, discovered weapons that were from N. Korea, packed in crates labeled bulldozer parts? Gaddafi also secured arms via Iran. (Though WS may be close to the truth about Sarkozy/France. There's more reason than perfume for the term "french whore".)

In what parallel world did the US collaborate, arm, and support Gaddafi? For decades the US and UN had embargoes against Libya of one sort or another, arms embargo, trade embargo, diplomatic embargo. The US isolated Libya and Gaddafi for a long time. In 1974 Gaddafi nationalized US oil companies and announced an oil embargo.

Sometime post-9/11 Libya/Gaddafi became a potential US friend. But it hasn't worked out. While wiki linkers insinuate US reps chatted warmly with Gaddafi, I would bet behind closed D.C. doors the talk was Muammar is still the fruitcake a-hole he's always been. One or more of the fruitcake's sons might become US new BFF - you just never know when the world's ruling class will throw an entire bloodline under the bus, or oil rig.

But the only "close ties" or accomplice Gaddafi ever had in the US was when Billy was his friend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Buffett at it again. He wants to pay more taxes. Heh heh heh. Sure he does. Then he should pay himself more than the $100,000 a year income he gets as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

However, his billions are tied up in long-term investments, generated through capital gains and dividends, and the capital gains tax is only around 15%. Is Buffett calling for higher capital gains?

Clinton lowered capital gains tax from 28% to 20% and Bush dropped it to 15%. Taxes on capital gains and dividends are really double taxation. The corporation pays taxes, and then the stockholder pays taxes again when he sells his shares.

Berkshire doesn't pay out dividends so no tax on that for Warren. No tax if he doesn't sell the shares, and Warren doesn't sell his shares - he gives them away to his 5 favorite charitable foundations (Gates Foundation and his own kids' foundations). And while Buffett argued to keep the "estate tax" - why not, since the best way to avoid the death tax was give it away before you're dead, which Buffet and others are doing.

Buffett is a smart man. His true income is not his "taxable" income because of his investment and income generating methods. He invests in stocks on a long-term basis, avoids realization of capital gains, avoids taxes on capital gains by giving to charity the appreciated assets, and holds tax-free municipal bonds.

An increase in capital gains tax or income tax will change little for the rich as they have advisors who know how to manipulate loopholes so the tax they pay is not on their true income. How many times do I have to say that.

If Warren really wants to be fair he should demand a tax on assets, as they do in Switzerland. Probably wouldn't hurt Buffett as he owns a simple life in Omaha - but many super rich hold mega assets.

Remember Donald Trump's 2000 proposal of a one-time 14.25% wealth tax on the net worth of individuals and trusts worth $10 million or more. Trump claimed that this would generate $5.7 trillion in new taxes, which could be used to eliminate the national debt. Kinda makes me wonder, how would tax advisors get their clients assets out of that tax. Nonprofit foundation anyone?

Saturday, August 20, 2011


After decades and decades of life experience it has dawned on me that there really is nothing much that can be done by the "common" folks to effect change, if for no other reason than Average Joe gets his opinion from media outlets who delight in screwing his head on for him. Once, yes, Joe might have had an honest effect, when the nation was younger, less bureaucracy, fewer bureaucrats, smaller government. But with population growth, and it's only getting worse, the common folk have little to no say in either how they are governed or by whom. In 2000 the US population was predicted to be 1 billion by 2100 but the same guesstimators predicted 300 million by 2050, way off their guesstimate. At the current rate of breeding and immigration, expect 1 billion Americans by 2050. But by then government control will be so tight that all knothead Americans will accept their place in the order of the universe.

Just take a look at Google headlines a few minutes ago to see what interests Joe:
* Top Stories
Muammar al-Gaddafi
Kim Kardashian
Peyton Manning
Mobile Industry
Donald Faison
Sarah Palin
West Memphis 3
Russell Armstrong

Gaddafi - US messing around where we don't belong, again, Obama's war of liberation.

Kardashian - please stop the worship of this heifer and her family. Her stepdaddy Bruce Jenner is one procedure away from being a male Joan Rivers. When will folks tire of phony people on reality t.v.

Manning - footballer with a bad neck, oh woe are the Colts but no scandal, such as electrocuting and hanging dogs. Or behaving like college players accepting money, prostitutes, and paying for abortions.

Mobile Industry - the hottest cell phone! I'm still trying to understand how millions of Americans living in poverty continue to afford cell phones. Have they figured out a scheme where the government pays the monthly bill that I don't know about?

Faison - black t.v. celebrity engaged to a white girl named Cacee who once was an assistant to Jessica Simpson. Isn't it cute how white folks now mimic Sheani'quisha when naming their kids - creative trailer-ish spellings are everywhere. Free to be Sheelee or Caylee or Madysen. Oh well, at least white folks can still pronounce their names.

Palin - will she or won't she run (does anyone really care?). Palin is to liberated conservatives what Kardashian is to ... to ... moral liberals? Lol.

West Memphis 3 - see how Johnny Deppstick and publicity can free 3 child killers by insisting that 2 hairs "consistent" with someone else means the 3 didn't do it. Even though the hairs were family members and could easily have transferred to the victims clothing innocently enough. We've reached the point that unless a perp leaves a truck load of DNA on the victim, perps will go free. Never mind a mountain of circumstantial evidence and even confessions (just recant later). Or if your name is Casey Anthony, then a hair with a death band has no significance because daddy George did something. Americans becoming so addle brained they can no longer serve justice. The progressive dream of no prisons may come true - no guilty, no inmates. Shangri la la land. Ohhmmmmmmmmm.

Armstrong - reality celeb hangs himself with extension cord. Reality t.v. made him crazy. Or was it his overspending, monstrous grinning plastic wife Taylor (Barbie)? Was it the $50,000 birthday party for their 5-year-old daughter? Is it further proof that even the rich have money problems and when the government redistributes the wealth we can all hang ourselves.

Steinem - too late to duct tape her mouth. Steinem interview with bloggers : "Reese Witherspoon, whom I don't know very well, told me she did Legally Blonde because of me. I said, 'No kidding. How come?' And she said, 'Because I heard you say you should be able to dress any way you f--ing well please and be safe.'' A concussion wave went through the room. The bloggers, momentarily distracted from their laptops, realized they had just been part of a moment."

What? What moment? The writer's hyperbole moment? In Legally Blonde Witherspoon never wore anything that showed everything. These days men have so little respect for the "fairer sex" that a female isn't safe in ankle length burlap bags and hijab. The only concussion felt was by those women who believed it's okay to have abortions, okay to have babies alone, and okay to be "liberated" and do whatever the celebrifakes do. Steinem did nothing more than enlarge the work pool of uneducated, single struggling mommas for corporations needing cheap labor. Women are more sex object today than ever. A few more female CEOs and female pols have done nothing to improve anything for women - unless you believe subsided housing and childcare and foodstamps are liberating. By the way, Gloria wants to boycott the Playboy Club. I'm sure her fans will do that - after their shopping spree at Victoria's Secret. ;)

Israel - 80 rockets fired into southern Israel from Gaza. Well, if the Jews would leave, the Palestinians would not have to bomb them, right? Can't Palestine just accept the Jews were only looking for a better life for their families when they displaced Palestinian workers ... oops, no, that's the US border problem.

I saw nothing about the economy - even when I do it's either "the sky is falling" or "things are looking up" depending on which outlet and which political party is in the oval office.

Speaking of the oval office, tell Obama to water the yard. Just look at that pic I took a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cold People

The lawyer for the suspect in the Norway twin attacks says his client is a "very cold" person who took drugs before the rampage to be "strong, efficient, awake."

The lawyer, Geir Lippestad, spoke to reporters today about his client, Anders Behring Breivik, who is accused for killing more than 70 people in a bombing on government buildings in Oslo and a shooting spree at a [Labor Party] youth camp last week, the Associated Press reports.

Breivik, 32, faces terror-related charges carrying a maximum 21-year sentence. But prosecutor Christian Hatlo tells the newspaper Aftenposten that he might also be charged with crimes against humanity, which would carry a longer sentence.

Breivik's father, Jens Breivik, a retired Norwegian diplomat now living in France, tells Norway's TV2 that he has not seen his son for about 15 years and is shocked by the killings.

"I will never have more contact with him," he tells TV2. "In my darkest moments, I think that rather than killing all those people he should have taken his own life."

Breivik said both parents supported Norway's centre-left Labor Party, which he viewed as infiltrated by Marxists.

His mother won a custody battle, but Breivik said he regularly visited his father and his new wife in France, where they lived, until his father cut off contact when Breivik was 15. The father told Norwegian newspaper VG that they lost touch in 1995, but that it was his son who wanted to cut off contact.

Another article states that "Former diplomat Jens Breivik, 76, said he was ‘completely bereft’ and would never speak to his son again. And that "Despite being Anders's step-mother, Mrs. Breivik has never met him, while Mr. Breivik only had a 'short, bland' telephone call with him 10 years ago."

----------- Anders did not commit mass murder for a political cause, that's his excuse. This is more like an adolescent school shooting - societal hatred, a search for fame, and revenge against those he didn't have the courage to confront (mom and dad?). Passing it off as a political killing or "revolution" is how he romanticizes his hatred. Homegrown terrorist - product of his environment? Some appear shocked such a thing could happen in Norway.

So, I'll reiterate once again for those Americans who believe Michael Moore's Norway (pop. 4.6 million) is a model of successful redistribution since the 1970s oil wealth - it's not. Norway is experiencing the same problems as the US - aging population, unstable families, marriage becoming obsolete, physical and sexual abuse of children, drugs, immigration problems, racism (though most of their immigrants are Euro whites), inflation and poor selection of goods, rise in "treatment errors" in healthcare, and using "stimulus" cash to keep jobs afloat, etc. etc. Just don't deplete the oil too soon.

Contrary to popular belief Norway's prison recidivism rate was 50% in the 1990s after which time they changed their method of keeping or sharing crime statistics and crime/recidivism appears low now. Juvenile and drug related crimes doubled 2008-2009. A woman shouldn't walk alone in Oslo at night anymore than she would in Chicago or Detroit.

Bottom line, no matter what American backpackers or the "left" says, there's really not much difference in countries like Norway and the US. Both breeding cold people.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Name Your Poison

Disparities in health tend to fall along income lines everywhere: the poor generally get sicker and die sooner than the rich. But in the United States, the gap between the rich and the poor is far wider than in most other developed democracies, and it is getting wider. That is true both before and after taxes: the United States also does less than most other rich democracies to redistribute income from the rich to the poor.

------- I knew before I read the above third paragraph in the article that I would not agree with the premise - that money/wealth means you live longer. A decade of serious genealogy research has proven many of my ancestors, mostly poor, lived to ripe old ages of 80s, 90s, and my great grandmother to 100. They knew how to live, love, laugh. They knew how to make choices.

Assuming one is born without health problems, and to parents who provide a child with adequate love and care, it is lifestyle that determines longevity. Barring major accidents or disease, personal choices go a long way in determining how long we live.

Obesity, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, etc. are choices. Genes are a minute part of our destiny. There is no gene that makes a person fat, doped, a drunkard, a "sex addict." Although every couple of years junk medicine/science tries to claim there is a "gene" for every bad act or choice. Or some fame seeking expert claims a brain image can predict a criminal. All humans have the capacity for addiction and criminality - just depends on the yes/no decision made in every moment, until good or bad becomes a habit. If poor judgement and bad choices were genetic the human race would have died out long ago.

There is what I call a "justify gap" though. Not a wide one, as most folks can apologize and seek treatment to justify and hide the fact that they're pretty much self-absorbed egos operating on whim and pity parties, or the worst - empty vessels stalking among us.

Probably can thank the likes of Betty Ford for outing herself as the first bored housewife fueled on pills and martinis. I've nothing against Betty - I just wish folks would keep their dirty laundry in the hamper. Her "addictions" didn't seem to effect her longevity so I gotta wonder how severe was her addiction. I believe it began with a 1962 pain pill prescription and ended with a family intervention in 1976. Had she not been in the White House, would she have remained an embarrassingly buzzed housewife on the D.C. cocktail circuit? (By the way, I'm going to D.C. next week for a "vacation.")

I know more than a couple of women, who found themselves entangled in legal problems and/or moral dilemmas after wild partying, and used addiction as excuse, becoming lifelong spokespersons for having "overcome" their addiction. Sorry, but the occasional drunken screwup does not an addict make. I think they were just scared from a close call and tired of partying - hangovers get damned harder after age 25 or so, just ask the revolving door at treatment centers. And Betty, being high on pain meds is at least as old as the Dilaudid deluded housewives of 2 centuries ago.

I have a family member, almost 80. She was in good health until about 20 years ago. She stopped working and very quickly gained weight, developed diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension. Before she became completely housebound, about 10 years ago, her hobbies were bingo, which she couldn't afford, and eating. No gardening, no mall walking, no road trips, no walking the dog, who also got fat. She has a daughter who is in her 50s, she too no longer works, is housebound, heavily medicated (high), slowly dying in front of a television. She had the usual trendy "diseases" of the 1980s, carpal tunnel syndrome, bad back, bad knees - had surgeries on all of them more than once, thanks to government healthcare. By age 50 she was stiff, overweight, diabetic, and on disability, major organs deteriorating - she will not live anywhere near her mother's age of 80. These are their choices. Not their genes, not their level of wealth. They and millions of other "poor" shorten their own life span.

At one time I tried to convince the family members above to eat healthier to reverse their health problems. They claimed healthy food was too expensive, an excuse I've heard from many syndrome-lovin' folks. But, which costs more - a couple of pieces of fresh fruit or half of a cheesecake? A piece of broiled fish with lemon or those crispy deep fried fatty pork steaks and butter loaded mashed potatoes?

Their grandchildren will be (and are) dying much, much younger than 80 - completely unrelated to "income gap" and solely related to gluttony, sloth, envy, and "cool" stuff like promiscuity, drugs, alcohol. (Ask an honest gynecologist what "free love" is doing to health and quality of life). The same choices kill the wealthy the same way (i.e. Elvis, Mama Cass, Belushi, Farley, Monroe, nouveau riche).

"Studies" also show the gap between wealth and obesity is closing. So, on the fairness side, the wealthy will also get sicker and die sooner - their big fat choice.

What makes a life long - diet, exercise, work, rest, and wanting what you have - available to all Americans regardless of what the income gap babblers constantly babble.

Note too that the same ideology/folks who push redistribution/mo' money as a cure all also excuse and/or encourage the behavior that creates many of the ills in the first place, in the name of freedom and your right to do, use, eat, drink, screw, take, try, whatever you want, even if it kills you. (Sometimes with "in moderation" in the fine print.)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bella Vita

I was trying to detox from this story but so many people, particularly talking heads, seem completely off the mark regarding the dynamics of the Anthony family.

First of all, to those who think Casey Anthony was sexually molested by her father and/or brother. Not true. George Anthony is a distasteful man, a liar, a boor, a phony, a philanderer, and somewhat of a deadbeat as his "retired cop" career was 4 years as a deputy in Ohio and 6 years in the police department as what no one has ever said. He's a ne're-do-well, former used car salesman, security guard, now on disability. His wife earned the money for this family for most of the marriage.

Brother Lee, also a liar, though not to the extent of mom, dad, and sister. Lee grew up keeping his head down and his mouth shut while the lies, pretense, and family rants hurricaned around him. The storms became very ugly when Casey hit puberty. Lee is still a simpering frightened 30-year-old little boy with his head down.

The Anthony family worked with the defense put on by Baez and his dream team. That is how the defense had the photos of little Caylee with her hand on the sliding door, the photos of Caylee climbing up the pool ladder with grandma. Collusion explains the act put on by George as a witness - his calculated hesitation before answering the sexual abuse question, his feigned combativeness toward Baez, his obvious lying on the stand about a mistress. Collusion explains Lee's act regarding Caylee's birth - his sobbing how hurt he was that he was not included in the pregnancy. The fact Lee was tested for Caylee's paternity. Insinuation that Lee too was an incestuous pervert who some thought might be Caylee's father.

Lee was simply ashamed of his sister's promiscuity and pregnancy as only a big brother would be. But weeping about it on the witness stand gave him the role of potentially creepy, sister groping Chester the molester.

George and Cindy knew Caylee was dead the day they picked up the car with the smell of decomposition. It's why some of the jailhouse taped conversations between Casey and her parents sound as if they're talking in code. I.e. Cindy: "Are we going to be able to find her?" Casey: "I hope we can, Mom." Cindy was really asking if the body was disposed of so it would never be found. The Anthony's could then for eternity continue the "missing" or kidnapped saga.

I don't believe Casey made chloroform, not successfully anyway. Too many other knock-out drugs available, prescription or over-the-counter. She lacked the patience and intelligence to whip up of a batch of usable chloroform. She may have attempted it and put the mess she made in the trunk to dispose of elsewhere and that caused the high forensic reading for chloroform in the trunk. Or just as likely pappa George or Cindy tried to wet vac the car with calcium hypochlorite or other pool chemical they had in the garage, to remove the stench, creating detectable chloroform.

Casey Anthony, like Megan Hogg and dozens of others, smothered her child with duct tape. Having to hook up with Tony she didn't have time to dispose of the body and was quite busy for a few days until the odor forced her desperate dump in the swamp down the street. After a couple of months with no discovery of the body she likely thought animals and the elements had saved her from it ever being discovered. Her first few months in jail gave her plenty of time to hear other inmate gossip and tales, choosing which ones might work for her - accidental drowning, incest, abuse.

Not to say the grandparents didn't grieve over their loss - but their grief was secondary to the need to save face because in such a family, who believe they are superior to everyone in the world, only they have the right to judge, punish, or kill, their own. The deed was done, the family switched into "save face" mode. It's all they know how to do. Leave people wondering who is lying about what until no one knows which Anthony and which lie is to blame. They mastered the method with friends, neighbors, coworkers, family members - and now the judicial system.

The family's entire act was to aid Baez in casting doubt, confusion, and conspiracy on the case - and they succeeded better than even they or Baez expected. Baez, his love of the camera may only be outmatched by his client's love for the Bella Vita.

Throw in accusations or innuendo of tainted evidence and shoddy police work ... the prosecution thought they would dazzle the jurors with forensics, unaware that the defense would baffle them with bullshit.

I was watching an interview with Jesse Grund, Casey's one time fiancé, who said this is not the Casey he knew. That she did not lie to him, etc. Yet, 2 questions later he comments that a few months after their breakup she texted him that she was pregnant and he was the father. He did the math and doubted it, and had paternity testing which proved he was not the father. Yep, she didn't lie to him.

Grund seems like a decent guy, willing to step up to the plate and be a husband and father - but nice guys finish last with a gal like Casey. Five months after Casey agreed to marry Jesse, she ended the engagement. "She claimed I loved Caylee more than I loved her," Grund said. When asked if he thought Casey killed Caylee, Grund says "Honestly, I don't know … The Casey that I knew was incapable of hurting a hair on Caylee's head … But this person, this dark, selfish, remorseless individual that sits in jail right now, I'm not sure what she's capable of." Maybe it's hard admitting we didn't really know someone when we thought we did. What do we often hear in some of the most heinous cases - he/she was such a nice person. Such foolery is partly due to most folks having instinct and intuition culturally bred out of them by kindergarten. Play along to get along.

Casey tired of competing with her mom for Caylee's affection. Then tired of competing with Caylee for the attention of the men in her life - dad, bubba, lover.

The Anthony's successful "not guilty" was also directly related to a majority of the jury being lazy, mentally deficient, conspiracy minded, and a few perhaps corrupt. Lazy because they did not spend the time necessary to connect the dots, did not review the evidence, did not deliberate. A couple of straw votes and filling out the verdict forms was not deliberation. Mentally deficient because they did not understand their charge and were too narcissistic to ask for elucidation - i.e. they wanted a motive and the prosecution does not have to prove motive. Although competition for affection and attention is more than enough for some murders.

One juror has said that Casey was seen by her dad as she left the home that day but doesn't show up again until hours later renting a movie with her boyfriend - so she asks did Casey kill Caylee at the mall or at a public place? Duh, in evidence was the cell phone pings for Casey that day showing that she hung around her neighborhood for hours after she supposedly left for work. Most likely returning to the house after George went to work, where she murdered the child, double bagged, stuffed her in the laundry bag, tossed her in the trunk, then went to meet boyfriend Tony.

A juror has said they didn't like George Anthony's shifty behavior on the stand - but said Casey's 31 days of partying behavior as her daughter was rotting down the street wasn't a factor in their decision. Tell me that's not deficient thinking.

The jury expected CSI style proof - found with tweezers and a Q-tip and presented by analysts with cleavage and/or good looks wearing sunglasses. Within hours of the verdict some jurors were offering to sell their interviews to the highest bidders. Interviews less valuable had the verdict been guilty as charged.

The television gasbags now ask is it possible for Casey to ever have a relationship with her parents again? Of course she will, the relationship was never broken. Her parents did what they have always done for her - lie, connive, cover up, placate, kid gloves and sweethearts. But you can bet that Cindy will never again try to force Casey to behave as a responsible adult.

Now numerous states are passing Caylee laws - making it a felony to not report a missing or dead child within xx amount of hours. Shame on us for needing the State to force caregivers to do to the right thing. As if child killers are going to obey the law anyway.

Oddly, it seems those who are outraged when someone is wrongfully convicted are the first to tell us when a murderer is freed that it's the way our judicial system works and we have to respect the verdict. I can accept that it is what it is, but I don't have to respect the players or the outcome.

I'll keep rubbernecking to see how the karma comes back around to the main players, who are guided not by conscience and common sense, but greed and narcissism.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

MJ Interprets For the Herd

Bachmann Signs Pledge with Questionable Slavery Reference. Rep. Michele Bachmann is the first Republican presidential candidate to sign the Family Leader pledge disavowing gay marriage, premarital sex, and porn. But perhaps the most outrageous part of the pledge is the section that implies that maybe slavery wasn't all that bad for black families.

Declaring that "[u]nmistakably, the Institution of Marriage in America is in great crisis," the document states:

Slavery had a disastrous impact on African-American families, yet sadly a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and father in a two-parent household than was an African-American baby born after the election of the USA’s first African-American President.

Maybe they should get a bit of credit for acknowledging that slavery was "disastrous" for black Americans. But that passage seems to suggest that maybe things actually were better for black Americans then. Yes, being kept as property, forced into marriages arranged by slave masters, and raped by those masters was great for black people. As Jack & Jill Politics also points out, breaking up families to sell off slaves was hardly pro-family values. It's an insensitive comparison that ignores history.

------- Bachmann is not to my liking if for no other reason than she's dull as dishwater. And although I wouldn't call her a bimbo as some do - one would think she knows that politicians cannot voice an honest opinion about gays, free love, porn, or minorities - unless it's endorsement. She gives her opposition so much to work with here. Homophobe, racist, bible thumping gun clinging prude, prig ... gosh, whatever is she thinking ...everybody knows gays are normal and premarital sex is hunky dory, especially for teens, porn is just adult entertainment (ask Ted Bundy) and it's mass incarceration that takes away baby daddies.

Bachmann's "pledge" does not imply "that maybe slavery wasn't all that bad for black families." Before the day is over someone will say her remarks are "code" for racist white folks, if they haven't already. Bachmann is right about black children and two-parent households.

The marriage rate for black Americans has been dropping since the 1960s, and today, has the lowest marriage rate of any racial group in the United States. In the 2001 census 43 percent of black men and 42 percent of black women in America had never been married, whites were 28 and 21 percent. Black females are the least likely to marry in America. " ... a black child was more likely to grow up living with both parents during slavery days than he or she is today" according to sociologist Andrew J. Cherlin.

Why buy the cow when the milk is free - and more often than not "the Man" is paying for the stable and feed, and vet bill. Isn't freedumb wonderful...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love & Lying

Had enough of Casey Anthony yet? What a disgusting circus. Folks sleeping on the sidewalk to get court passes, trampling, fighting, screeching like howler monkeys when someone cuts in line.

And the best guess "expert" pundits hyping and sometimes obviously lying about the day's court proceedings and what it all means. Asking why is the public so fascinated with the case. Half the interest in it is the media telling folks they should be interested, the media creating drama where there really is none, and media speculating on what it means for all of us. Or at least what it means to those who have nothing better to do than witness the possibility of yet another female getting away with murdering her own.

Fathers who murder, or murdering someone else's children can get you the death penalty or life behind bars - but a woman killing her own has psychological babblers to schmooze the act as some sort of blues or depression or temporary insanity and not the cold-blooded calculating heifer who stabbed, shot, beheaded, suffocated, drowned, tortured, starved, or beat her child to death. Most such heifers eventually walk away to breed another day.

Somewhere in all the media ratings a 2-year-old was murdered, and began decomposing in her mama's trunk before being dumped in the neighborhood swamp. Meanwhile a few blocks away mama, grandma and grandpa wore her innocent face on tee shirts and collected funds to "find little Caylee" all the while knowing she was dead.

How is it allegedly loving grandparents like the Anthonys never met their granddaughter's nanny, who supposedly babysat Caylee for a couple of years? How is it they had no clue their daughter didn't really have a job? They knew, they just chose to pretend tart mom had a life, was the responsible career single mom rather than the high school dropout party girl she was. And they continue to pretend. Pretend their daughter didn't really murder her child. Pretend the stench from the car trunk was a slice of abandoned pizza. Cindy spraying Febreze in the trunk pretending her grandbaby had been kidnapped.

So far, grandma Anthony and uncle Lee have lied under oath to aid mama's case. Daddy George may do the same if the trial continues. And this "falling on the sword" by grandma and uncle is deemed "love" by the big-mouth pundits - Nancy Grace, Jane Velez, and all the others. Nancy names Casey Anthony "tot mom." But tart mom is more applicable.

Folks, lying is not loving. Lying is the sociopathology of this family. Fortunate for the rest of mankind their first murder victim was their own grandchild, not a friend, lover, neighbor, coworker, or total stranger. What's frightening, and perhaps why so many middle class whites are "fascinated" with the case, is the Anthonys remind them of them. Phony people, pretending to be the Cleaver family, but once the front door closes, it's an armed camp, each going to their corner with teeth and fist clenched, dreaming up new ways to torment one another. Angry narcissists incapable of bonding. Everything is for the sake of appearance. Although the suburban family image they had has been blown away Cindy and George are recreating themselves as loving victims, standing by their daughter, claiming now they only want the truth.

The truth. Truth is the whole family is pathological liars (ask George's first wife). Truth is George and Cindy devoted their time doing paid interviews to promote the "kidnapping" lies of their daughter, and soliciting funds for The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, while her body skeletonized a few blocks from their home. They didn't want the truth then and they don't want it now. They want their perfect image back, or what they perceived as perfect, an image free of fault or defect.

The experts have coined a term to explain/excuse the boozing, screwing, and tattooing Casey did after she murdered her child - it's called "ugly coping."

Yep. Ugly coping. More b.s. from the psychiatric community, who also do a lot of pretending. Pretending they know human nature. Pretending we all react or "cope differently." Truth is, people who can love and feel and think, pretty much react the same in similar situations. Some liars can simulate something close to the correct reaction, but real people can see the difference.

Sadly, the photos of Caylee's last few months of life show a little girl with faint circles around her dull sad eyes. Not the sparkling lively eyes an almost 3-year-old should have, she already knew she was an emotional and physical weapon her family used on one another.

In a post below I said "Each generation getting slicker and meaner and more mentally deficient." The Anthony family is a fine example of that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oscar Winners

I watched several videos of the Oscar Grant shooting and read the stories a couple of years ago when the incident took place. Grant was involved in a fight on a transit train.

I do believe the BART cop, Johannes Mehserle, intended to use his taser, not a pistol. The look on Mehserle's face at the sound of the gunshot shows his shock at what he had done. Most videos uploaded online or played on the evening news did not show Mehserle's shock, simply because it did not fit the agenda of those making a case for racism and police brutality, or making political brownie points.

What irritates me is that Oscar Grant was an Oakland gangbanger with a thug sheet for drugs and violence, some baby's daddy, the stereotypical dependent on the same "system" that activists have convinced so many to disrespect - as a dead "victim" he is worth millions to his family and their attorneys, a martyr for the cause, support for a politician pimping votes.

Of course Grant's young daughter and her momma will need some support, not that he was contributing much support anyway. Of course BART should be held responsible for not training their rent-a-cops better - but who is responsible for not training Oscar Grant better?

While the Grant and Mehserle families grieve over the tragedy, the lawyers line up for lawsuits, the Grants go shopping, "justice seeking" pols pander the black vote, and the taxpayers bend over. Squawking about the "system" calms down, all the way to the bank.

It's a sad, sad day when you're more valuable dead than you are alive.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Anthony Weiner. What a schmuck. Self-centered, egotistical, lascivious. Immoral, vulgar, dishonest. Licentious, liar. Disloyal, unfaithful, shallow. A weasel. Representative of modern man?

Or, if you believe some pundits and experts, he's a victim of social networking and technology. I had to laugh at the t.v. bimbo who was desperately trying to excuse Weiner's behavior with babble tech victimology. There is no excuse for a 45-year-old man who is either dumb enough or arrogant enough to think a code of honor doesn't apply to him.

Technology does not turn men into liars and toads. Upbringing and personal choices do.

But what the hay, since Slick Willie set the bar at knee level in the oval office - what's a little lewd twittering between strangers. Seems whatever a politician does, someone can spin it to make him/her a victim of facebooks and tweets, or a victim of the opposition party.

In my day, high tech was a Polaroid camera. Instant pics. Still, most of us had enough sense not to pose for lewd photos.

You could also order anything back then that's around today - it just took a few days longer to get it and it arrived in plain brown wrapper. "Swingers" advertised in print rather than the internet. Everyone had an uncle who had a magazine glorifying the beauty of a nudist colony. Aunt Myrtle's vibrators were for sore neck and back muscles.

We had the same "sex aids" decades ago, although today they're advertised on network television as "yours and mine" gel. A dab of Ben-Gay would have the same effect and cost less. There's a cable channel dedicating hours to the modern miracles of dildotic engineering. And is it really worth it - having to hide a pillowcase full of battery operated loveware from the kids... although today's parents seem to hide nothing from the kids.

But maybe the babble heads have a point - social networking is so much harder today - what with folks being distracted by IM'ing, and crotch shots and muscles in the mirror pics for anyone and everyone on their worldwide friend's list.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beating and Bleeding

I guess you know the "racially charged" stories of 2 women*, Tanya McDowell of Connecticut and Kelley Williams-Bolar of Ohio, who were arrested for theft of services - lying to send their children to a better school district.

This district jumping for schools goes on everywhere, by all races. Usually the kids are pulled out of school and enrolled in the correct district, sometimes the parent/parents have to agree on a restitution amount, which these women were unable to agree to. Makes me wonder if they're being used as pseudo-martyrs for political gain.

I know folks who have used the wrong addresses for a different school, not always for better education, sometimes simply more convenient for one reason or another. Sometimes for sports programs. Sometimes for behavior problems which the parent blames on the school and a different school will show Little Johnny is perfectly normal elsewhere. He never is, but there are plenty more excuses to choose from.

After reading dozens of different articles on the two cases above, the prevalent meme is: these women just want a better education for their children, these women are targeted simply because they are Black, these women are being attacked by local racist republican officials, yada yada yada and on and on into idiocy such as education is "free" and the government cannot do this. I did see one comment that mentioned had the women been illegal immigrants they would be okay. There might be a point there.

Another common theme in the grousing commentors on the stories is that the "rich" districts get more Federal money while the "poor" get very little, "unequal funding." These folks don't seem to understand that a large part of funding comes from local and state property taxes.

Schools were more equitable until the early 1980s when all 50 states increased their education budgets to fund more than 50 percent of nonfederal school costs. This was to end inequalities in "property rich" and "property poor" districts, so the states upped their education budgets. We know now how mismanaged, corrupt, and bankrupt states have become. Too much of the money earmarked for equalizing ended up in other pockets and silly useless "enhancement" programs and to accommodate those who whine and wheedle about little wild Johnny Medicated's special needs. All the special programs for special kids who are the result, not of congenital ailments, not of poverty, not of inequality, but simply indiscriminate indifferent parenting (all races). A nationwide epidemic of folks who expect the world to bend over backwards to make them comfortable. For 2 or 3 generations now.

Lest we forget, gambling/numbers rackets were legalized with the promises of billions going to education and/or wildlife/conservation, environmental programs, etc. Yet, we're dumber and dirtier than ever.

Something I noticed years ago locally. Podunk has 1 high school, rated as one of the best in the state, 1 middle school, 1 kindergarten center, 1 "alternative" school (read screw-ups and future inmates), and 3 elementary schools. Lets call them Best Elementary, Second Best Elementary, and SlugFest Elementary. I noticed this because of my 4 grandchildren (all attending Best). I noticed because all the white folks want their kids to go to Best and are quite angry when Johnny is assigned to Second Best or SlugFest. I noticed that usually only the attentive, intelligent, well-behaved, unmedicated kids are assigned to Best. Second and Slug, as the names imply, get the potential problem and definite problem kids. Rich or poor is not relevant.

From kindergarten a child's school career is more or less sealed here in Podunk. The last chance equalizer in Podunk is high school, since there is only one. By then the Second Besters and SlugFesters who still have serious behavior problems will drop out, or just move through the motions and graduate functionally illiterate, or be the kid most likely to bring a gun or baby to school.

I truly think most people here have not noticed this is how it's done, although they all want their kid to go to the "good" elementary school, they haven't figured out it's the "good" kids assigned to the "good" school, because that would mean it's their fault Little Johnny is a muckup already, in kindergarten. They claim it's based on "rich" and "poor" too. The "two Americas" at the local level.

The average spent per child nationwide can range from $10,000 to $15000. Many good private schools spend as little as $5000. As with all things, it's not the money - it's the parental commitment, love, respect, hope that's taught at home those first few years and sets the child on the road he will travel.

But back to Tanya and Kelley. It's not a race issue, although god knows the NAACP and Black and white soapboxers say it is. For political reasons of course. One more shilling headline to keep folks angry, bitter, to sit on their ass doing the bare minimum while demanding someone else hand them the life they want. You could give some folks everything and a year later they would have nothing but their original grievance.

No, I don't think Tanya and Kelley's legal problems are racism. It may be unease, of the impending encroachment of folks who do everything assbackwards. Have kids first, have fun, live on the dole and then expect the "rich" suburbanites to fund you the same perks they waited, sacrificed, and delayed gratification for, so they could make money, live in the 'burbs and raise their kids.

If you want life's perks - earn 'em. Frankly, if the "poor" put as much energy into cleaning up the 'hood as they do in trying to beat and bleed the system, their schools and kids would fare fine.

* Ms. Williams-B­olar and several other families enrolled their children at the school although they did not live within the district. The school confronted all the families, around 48. The other families agreed to some sort of restitution but Ms Williams-B­olar chose not to pay and go to trial, she lost, even with the NAACP provided lawyer and 4 blacks on the jury. She was sentenced to 10 days in jail (she served 9), probation and community service. After her probation and community services the charges will be dropped to a misdemeanor so her future job chances will not be mired with a felony.

Her father has other legal problems because he filed documents for Ms Williams-B­olar and children. His problems are worse, as he is being indicted for knowingly falsely filing documents to receive monetary, medical and food assistance from the Dept. of Job and Family Services, connected to the children.

The other lady, Ms. McDowell, supposedly homeless, sleeping in her van, but sometimes overnight at a male friend's house. Her babysitter, Ms. Ana Rebecca Marques, was evicted from her public housing by helping Ms. McDowell falsify documents.

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