Thursday, July 24, 2008


Carolyn Scott & Rookie - Canine Freestyle.
This video always made me smile, feel good.
Rookie died of cancer 07/14/08.

Brain Cloud

Does it seem US presidential candidates now feel the need to campaign abroad? - or am I having a brain cloud?

Progress in Wonderland

Okay folks - I no longer fit into the progressive/leftist/liberal category. A few reasons why:

1. FARC. The recent rescue of Ingrid Betancourt and 3 American hostages had many on the Left bashing the victims. The "left" still defends Colombia's FARC as a legitimate rebel group - never mind FARC condones child soldiering (30% under age 18), never mind that the "rebels" rape, murder, kidnap, use extortion and drug running ($200-300 million a year criminal income) - crime is okay if it is your "rebels" doing it. It must be the Left equivalent of "freedom isn't free" and even $200-300 million is not enough to buy it for FARC. Or take Hugo Chavez (please), who is building his "socialist" empire on the profits from war in Afghanistan/Iraq - apparently blood profits are okay if dear leader is giving cinder block houses, vaccinations, and pencils to the have-nots. (Please do not look at the Hummers and mansions of the new Hugo "haves".)

2. AIPAC/ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government). Many Left scholars, such as James Petras, write often of Zionists/Israel control of the US. Never mind that there are thousands of other non-Jewish PACs and powerful entities who influence the politicians and policy of the US - the Jews are the goat to stake to the post. Oops, I mean the Zionists, the bad Jews. Personally, the most hideous and insidious control by Jews is on US culture, not policy, and is via Hollywood. But then, if you're stupid enough to be spending hours viewing the big screen, tube, or MSM - you deserve your shit-for-brains.

3. Tinfoil. I believe in as many conspiracy theories as the next guy - but sometimes the Left goes so far that even I have to laugh hilariously at them. For example, this 500,000 cheap, plastic, empty coffins in Georgia! The government getting ready to bury us en masse. First of all, this "500,000" number is pulled from someone's imagination. Judging by the video it's unlikely there is anywhere near that many "coffins" at this site. And they are not plastic coffins - these are Polyguard vault liners, mandatory in some states as they keep the soil from sinking after burial. Yes, the company does get government contracts, and is a corporation registered in Dick Cheney's state of Wyoming. I smell graft and corruption/cronyism - but not the mass murder of American "dissidents" after martial law is declared, as some on the "left" are shaking in fear believe these vaults are awaiting.

4. Socialism versus Capitalism. The Left/progressive solution is a hardcore faith that socialism will save us from capitalism. But - capitalism is not the problem - corruption is the problem. And after watching the last 40 years of "socialist" styled programs injected into the US, I see no real improvement in Joe Blow's life and happiness - Joe is morally, intellectually, and materially as poor as ever, however, he has a cell phone and can text message. Socialism is as corruptible as capitalism. What modern "socialism" has accomplished is not a redistribution of wealth, but in spreading the poverty around. And let us not forget the USSR grand experiment with a State owned economy. (Any question why Putin and Hugo Chavez are new best friends?)

5. Obama. Many "progressives" eyes half-closed and ears shut, believe Obama is progressive. Never mind that he is a member of the long corrupted Chicago machine and has close ties to foreign crooks and liars (Rezko/Auchi). Never mind that he has thrown his preacher, his momma and his white grandmomma under the bus. Never mind that he found Jesus at the same time he found his political calling. He's a long cool lanky phony, giving fist bumps to Michelle (he will be fisting you later).

6. "Alternatives." Those on the progressive Left not believing in the Obama Phenomena shout other names such as Nader, McKinney, Paul, and Kucinich. Pay no mind to the fact that all 4 have lived most of their adult lives in and around the D.C. political cesspool, living off tax dollars and benefits (did you know you only have to spend 5 years as a congress critter to receive lifetime benefits?), or in the case of Nader, who fathered behemoth corrupt bureaucracies such as EPA and OSHA. Never mind that not one in this fab 4 group would or could usher in the Left's "socialist" utopia.

Here is how I see the candidates. McCain, praised in the past by progressives for his willingness to step away from the Republican party on certain issues, is now portrayed by the same progressives as a doddering senile old man who is no more than an extension of the Bush term. Personally, I think McCain's somewhat unique life experiences make him more apt to clean up the Middle East mess. He is old, he is weary, and wants to leave something notably good behind, although possibly he will only manage to hold the line at what and where we are now. McCain is stubborn - which could be a plus if used correctly. As my dad used to tell me -"You're not stubborn, you're just determined."

Obama, is the best chameleon in politics in a long time. Obama spoke of a bitter, clinging class of Americans - because he himself is one. Young, with a well-hidden racial chip on his shoulder, hungry for recognition, and easily duped by men who have been in the power game for generations. Like many who reach pinnacles, Obama believes he is where he is not only because of his hard work and ambition - but because of some supernatural force, some cosmic karmic mystery, some special-ness bestowed upon him by the gods of fate - or as he assures the unwashed Bible believing masses - Jesus. Obama, like Bush the Boy, feels "chosen." And, reasoning as chosen people do, since he is "chosen," he can do no wrong. With Obama, the US runs a very high risk of world war and national collapse - why else would TPTB install a Black man to take the fall?

Obama is the continuation of BushCo. Believe it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Home Safe

Youngest son arrived safely back in the States tonight from second tour in Iraq. Exhale.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last One

Youngest daughter married July 5. Whew! Everything went great. Beautiful bride, handsome groom. Honeymoon in Hawaii. Pics coming soon. (Uh, at 28 y/o you guys might want to think about starting a family soon :).

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