Saturday, August 11, 2012


Cannot stomach Mitt Romney but do like running mate Paul Ryan.  Not because I know whether or not Ryan is a good man or suitable for vice president.  But because he physically reminds me of my first love, also a Catholic boy who treated a woman in public with the reverence of Mary Madonna, and in the bedroom like Madonna the singer.  

But, what are the options anymore?  Phony liberalism or phony conservatism?  The last time I held my nose and voted was election 2004.  Didn’t do any good, somehow we still had 4 more years of Bush.  I suppose we can be grateful we didn’t get Jeb Bush after Dubya.  

In 2008 I didn’t even bother to vote.  First time in my life, it just seemed such a game, all image and no substance.  However, I would have voted for McCain had he not chosen Sarah Palin.  Sarah was initially, briefly interesting to listen to but she couldn’t hold serious attention any longer than a one hit wonder personality.  She proved early in the game she was going for media darling rather than a woman of substance; unable to finish out her governorship in Alaska as she chased book deals, speaking tours, reality shows, the occasionally  talking head opinionater on Fox News.  Yeeshish.  

I can just hear those naysayers saying I'm judging Ryan exactly on image rather than substance, that I am doing exactly what I detest others for doing, blah blah blah.  That's the point, all pols are image and no substance.  But I respect your faith in the religion of voting - I too used to attend the Church of Chads.  

Those around me no longer tell me if I don’t vote I can’t complain – because the truth is – that bumper sticker fallacy is obvious - if you DO vote, you can’t complain.  You vote, you asked for it, you signal your acceptance of the status quo.  I no longer participate in your voting rites. 

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