Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Crisis is Falling, the Crisis is Falling

Mother Jones' Worse Than Watergate commentary : "America is facing the mother of all Constitutional crises." TruthOut printed : "Graham Amendment Invokes Constitutional Crisis." The WSWS among hundreds on the left, right, and middle covered the Election 2000 constitutional crisis.

Russia had the constitutional crisis of 1993 and an armed resistance to Yelsin was put down and "civil war" averted. Pakistan has had constitutional crises. Even Fiji has 'em.

The New Republic recorded the Constitutional Crisis in Iraq. The Jerusalem Center covered the EU Constitutional Crisis. The NY911Truth in July 2004 covered the Constitutional Crisis In America of the "what if" 2004 elections were canceled because an "attack" took place (a what-if crisis).

Every few minutes somewhere around the globe there's a constitution in crisis. Folks, we are in the grip of an international constitutional crises pandemic; spread by demagogues when they breathe. While not ill myself, even with this pandemic which I've been exposed to for a lifetime and germed p.r.n. on a regular basis, I believe my concentrated effort in trying to remember the plural form of 'crises' or is it 'crisis' is all that has kept the disease in remission.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Family Schmitz

In July I posted the American Swastika. My ideas on the topic stem from years of reading on various characters and consistently finding many of the thugs have been connected for generations. Recently snooping around on Joseph E. Schmitz and family background it reminded me again of the previous swastika post.

Joseph is the son of John Schmitz (1930-2001). John was a congress critter so conservative he considered Reagan and Nixon liberals. John is also the father of Mary Kay Letourneau, the woman who loved and had babies by her 12 y/o student. He's also the father of the "infant boy treated at an Orange County hospital for having hair tied so tightly around his penis that it was almost severed. The baby was placed in protective custody, and the court demanded that the baby's father step forward. It turned out that Schmitz, a purported defender of family values, was the father." This scandal effectively ended his political career.

John's other son, John P., served as deputy counsel for GWH Bush when Poppy was VP and president. Son Joseph E. was nominated by GW Bush to be the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DoD) on June 18, 2001. The Senate confirmed him on March 21, 2002. On September 13, 2005 Joseph E. Schmitz became Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for The Prince Group. The Prince Group is parent company of Blackwater.

Joseph, as his father and brother, has an obsession with all things Germanic. He has a "thing" for Baron von Steuben. He writes that Ben Franklin recruited Steuben in 1777 from the latter's post-Prussian Army position as "Hofmarschall" (Lord Chamberlain) of a small Hohenzollern principality in what is now Southern Germany, how could anyone have envisioned the enduring legacy of this first effective American Inspector General: "integrity, knowledge, and loyalty to conscience"? The Steuben family motto, Sub Tutela Altissimi Semper - (translated, Under the Protection of the Almighty Always), might have fore-shadowed the legacy of this German-American patriot whose monument graces the park across from the White House."

According to some Joseph Schmitz even replaced the official inspector general’s seal in offices nationwide with a new one bearing the Von Steuben family motto. The LA Times wrote (link no longer available) that Schmitz "slowed or blocked investigations of senior Bush administration officials, spent taxpayer money on pet projects and accepted gifts that may have violated ethics guidelines, according to interviews with current and former senior officials in the inspector general’s office." As IG of the DoD Schmitz job was to investigate fraud, waste, abuse of funds, etc. but he never found those billions missing in Iraq or the Pentagon.

Joseph's list of credits include :
Special assistant to Attorney General Ed Meese in 1987.
Inspector General at the Pentagon Mar-2002 to Sep-2005.
Blackwater International. Blackwater CEO for the Prince Group 2005.
Baker Botts law firm.
Federalist Society.
Knights of Malta 1999.
US English foundation (may be a racist org.)
German Ancestry of course.

Baker Botts is the 165 year old Texas law firm, now "serving the world." I've an old book or two detailing the Baker Botts and Bush ties, to oil, to elections, etc. You'll find the firm and families and cronies go way back.

Finally, I stumbled upon Dave Emory website who has connected dots of the Underground Reich,” 9/11, Prescott Bush Sr., and Joseph E. Schmitz, etc. Any wonder the USA is in deep doodoo?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Scouting the News

Swift boating. This term is significant now for the savage ravaging of dissenters. John Kerry, so it is said was "swift boated" by a professional group of smear-men. However, I disagree. John Kerry deserved what he got. Kerry was/is a liar, a slackard, a creep actor on the stage of "say whatever they want to hear this week." A flopster, a fool. A good example of how far ugly folks will stoop for the ruling elite. John deserves more than a swift boat; he should be rewarded with a swift kick in the ass to obscurity. Kerry who?

Hillary announces a "third way" to handle withdrawal from the Iraq war. She explains "Then we have to tell this new government we are not going to be there forever, we are going to be withdrawing our young men and women and we expect you to start moving towards stability." Of course, once Hillary is first Madam it will be UN peacekeeping forces, NATO forces, US citizenship to 3rd world folks putting on a uniform, and last but not least private security companies, otherwise known as mercs, who will maintain Iraq stability, under the banner of multilateral cooperation. Granted this might eventually bring the bulk of US boys and girls home – but you gotta know the US will pay for peacekeeping stability as none of the other poor-ass international white trash have the money. But not to worry, the US will raise some funds by lending those nations the money to buy the weaponry US arms dealers sell, and we the people can pick up the rest of the cost.

Bush wanted to bomb Al-jazeera plot. I had to wait 2 days to comment, until I could stop laughing at this breaking news from the Brits. Al-jazeera, fake media outlet, owned by the State of Qatar, ran by Khalifa al-Thani bloodline but a little piece of the Middle East that is butt buddy with globoanglo elite. Most famous for receiving and broadcasting "Osama promises to get you" tapes. Some reports claim Al-jazeera leans heavily toward pro-jihadism, others claim it's the voice of reason and truth. Duh Doha. GW could not possibly have told Phony Blair that Al-jazeera should be bombed as Bush would have no idea who or what an Al-jazeera was, or where it was located, and besides the globospooks need an outlet to broadcast news that occasionally aids in inciting the jihad. Shortly after the "bomb plot" was revealed someone pulled out a map, took GW's index finger, placed it on Qatar and explained 'jeerza is a TV station over there.

Bob Woodward. Fake journalist. With no experience in journalism Woodward in 1970 failed his first 2-week trial job at the WaPo but in 1971 was hired again at WaPo and the rest is water under the gate. After becoming a stenographer for the rich and spooky spy world Woodward became a best-selling author, an all-round tedious prose prattling Pulitzer prize winning yes-man schlepping through history at the bidding of the world of intel. Appearing today as the reporter with the most access to GW Bush at War and Plan of Attack, and now, somehow involved in the Wilson Plame Fitzman sideshow he is doing his bit part in setting up another patsy for a fall from grace, most likely GW.

Also in the news are "chilling revelations" and 'trophy videos." Burning of Taliban bodies deemed not a war crime. White phos, Fallujah, checkpoints, kill 'em if they throw rocks, innocents killed by troops on shooting sprees. Maybe it's just me but the news seems to revel in showing troops as mindless barbarians and on the next page moan the death of the same barbarians. Then yell about high level leaders ordering troops to commit atrocities and the page after that remind us that "following orders" is not an excuse for committing war atrocities.

Bush poll numbers plummet again. Secret prisons are not secret and are being investigated. Bush still mentally unstable and pushing for wider war and on a collision course with his own country. Collision course! Dark days at the White House are unprecedented! And economic bubbles are going to pop any dark day now. Newspapers are on the way out because blogs are in because blogs pick truth from all the bovine excrement. Soon, the opposition promises, we the people will have a clean, honest, trustworthy, and kinder government because the masses are now mentally awake and morally straight.

Yessir, the national 9/11 kill 'em all mood has waned. Polls tell us change is in the air. The "change" is never clearly defined but we're happy to hear the word "change." Polls reassure us there's a national piss and vinegar mood toward GW and worry on the economy, but we're reassured fiscally responsible leaders are peeking around the corner. While the newsreels and polls sometime tell us what we want to hear, the elite compare the yearly US troop losses in the ME to Vietnam and (if numbers remain stable) it will take 48 years in Iraq to equal Vietnam's cannon fodder. The beautiful minds aren't concerned, they've taken the barely palpable pulse of the masses (stampeding through Wal-Mart), and done the math. As First Madam says, we are not going to be there forever, and half a century is not forever.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Note to Self

Redeployment is not the same as withdrawal.

Another note to self : Does Murtha want "redeployment" with stationing US troops in Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi, Turkey, etc. (for "rapid reaction") and with troops out of harm's way we can really bomb the crap out of Iraq? Unless insurgents took oil fields as hostages, which troops would have to rescue.

Ready to Go

Two years ago I would have said no way Hillary Clinton would be Commander in Chief but today it looks very possible. Perhaps John "Chameleon" Kerry will be the VP running mate as repayment for taking a dive in 2004's election. Many on the left, right, and center find the idea of Hillary as CIC a very unpleasant prospect but if you believe in stolen elections then who is to say the next globocorporate hydra head will not be the lady on the hill.

This week Germany has their first female chancellor, Angela Merkel. An ex-communist from the East but we know communists were only communist because they had to be back in those days. Similar to how Hillary used to be a liberal. Clinton is working hard, and succeeding, to change her image from a liberal feminist to a moderate democrat, strong on national security. Both women supported the Bush invasion of Iraq, or in newspeak – the liberation of Iraq. Merkel credits Hillary as inspiration for her own softer hair-do and welcomed Clinton on her Living History book tour in Germany (where it was a bestseller). Doubtful we'll hear Rodham-Clinton natter about a global village ever again. Talk will be of global peacekeeping troops – it now takes a boot - of well-armed global khaki to raze a child. President Hillary will cobble an international army ASAP with assistance from Europe.

Ms. Clinton woos the rightwing fundies and Jewish votes with periodic pilgrimages. She recently slipped a note between the stones of Jerusalem's Western Wall - many Jews believe that pleas placed between the stones of the holy site are answered by God (Hillary's note said "Me 2008"). At the other wall, (the apartheid wall that Humpty Sharon built) Clinton stated "This wall is not against the Palestinian people. This is against terrorists. The Palestinian people have to help prevent terror. They have to change their attitudes about terrorism." Her solution (the same as Bush solution) – Palestinians need a change of attitude.

Last week she urged Bush to challenge China's "forced abortion" policy, calling the Chinese policy of one child per family a "fundamental injustice." She condemned China's "use of psychological and economic pressure and threats to force women to terminate pregnancies." One billion+ Chinese need US family planning challenges from Hillary who personally produced one child. (Chelsea will be a credit to her though.)

She is not against free trade and outsourcing as we know it. Last year, defending India's software giant TCS, she said "We are not against all outsourcing; we are not in favor of putting up fences." (Humpty's wall against terror is not a fence.) Clinton assured heads in India this past May regarding any anti-India sentiment in America that … "there are people who feel left behind and might stir up negative feelings against India because they do not understand the economic benefits of outsourcing," In Hillaryspeak – people have a bad left-behind attitude because they misunderstand corporate economics.

Last month she slammed S. Korea's "historical amnesia" or their seeming ingratitude for the peace and prosperity given them by US benefactors; the right gets pumped up hearing that sort of come-uppance to ingrate nations. But then she backpedaled stating she only meant both countries need to ensure their relationship remains strong (as if there's any chance of Korea reuniting or us giving a spit if they did).

Putting aside her weenie faux suggestions to tweak the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act she supports the Act as necessary in the War on Terror. Offhand I can't think of anything she has accomplished in the area of civil rights, women and children, privacy, poverty, equality in the legal system, etc. But I may have been out of the country when she did so perhaps others can enlighten me of her triumphs for the people.

Ms. Hillary is quoted as wanting tighter border security and a solution to illegal immigration, but voted no on more border patrol. Last July when speaking to the National Council of La Raza she said she wanted to make sure Hispanic children get a fair education, that families have medical insurance, (can the rest of us have some of that too?) and spoke of supporting legislation to make it easier for immigrants to send money home to Mexico. (Still keeping it easy for most of us to send money home to IRS.)

Hillary stops just short of supporting reparations for Black America but says "We owe an apology to African-Americans for hundreds of years of slavery." Haven't heard the slavery apology but the old boys in the United States Senate apologized June 2005 to the victims of lynching and for not passing anti-lynching legislation sooner. Fortunately for Ms. Clinton the Bush regime's abysmal response to Katrina, and exclusion in the aftermath, will drive many wavering Black conservatives to the Democratic party. Bush apologized for that one already but as with any lynching – it was too little, too late.

She attends church; she supports faith based initiatives. She has "always been a praying person." And claims the debate over faith initiatives and separation of church and state has been a "false division." Amen Sister Hillary saith the Christian wing.

She proposes liberating oppressed women around the world with access to credit (through IMF and World Bank traps), uplifting starving mamas and their children (continuing war on poverty), yet has proven a woman's place is to stand by her philandering man and give him all the love she can, because she knows the road to the White Hou… er … I mean … knows marriage is sacred.

Scandal seems to have taken a holiday from the Clintons. Looks as if all the Arkansas and Potomac ponds have been dredged and the "gates" closed. The coming image of H. Clinton will be packaged as a new era in American politics which so many rightly believe is so needed. A female president, a living history event. Intelligent, experienced, no longer a bleeding heart but a moderate hawk. A matron saint who could unite the US dysfunctional family. Typical red state voters will reason "well, she cain't do no worse than a man."

Coming soon, to a blitz near us, more important than the issues and advisors, will be the Clinton shade of lip gloss and her choice of suit color, walking across tarmacs in black boots, exquisite coat flared in the wind, tailored square shoulders. By the end of the PR campaign, folks will be real keen on the idea an iron-fisted Commander in silk and cashmere; fascism all gussied-up.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


LA Times published a lengthy report on how the US "fell under the spell" of an Iraqi spy and German intel. The code name "Curveball" is so accurate, as that's what this report is – a curveball. "Curveball" is the source of phony intel regarding Iraq mobile biolabs. The young Iraqi genius chemical engineer turned con man of average IQ has been in the care and handling of German intel since 1998. Or so we're told.

This most current article claims German authorities are speaking about the case for the first time, and say their informant suffered from emotional and mental problems. "He is not a stable, psychologically stable guy," said a BND (German intel) official who supervised Curveball's case. "He is not a completely normal person," agreed a BND analyst.

A horde of intel agents from 4 countries and the UN are now speaking out, unidentified of course as they're bound by secrecy agreements and classified info, you know the drill. A senior BND officer who supervised Curveball said he was aghast when he watched Powell misstate Curveball's claims as a justification for war.

Former aghast spy handlers and spies are doing a tell all. He said/he said with sudden amazing return of memory on who said what, when, where and who absolutely told him, them, and that agency. There's a talking point for whatever side you're on. Just twist to fit, one lie fits all.

According to this info from April 2004 der Spiegel BND was the hot air behind the biolab intelligence. In 1998 the young chemist Curveball entered Germany seeking asylum, stating he'd been the best in his class and recruited by Saddam for biolab projects.

After months of questioning his stories of mobile labs seemed plausible, as he had survived the intense BND questioning without contradicting himself. In this article Curveball is alleged to be the relative of someone connected to Chalabi and perhaps even sent by Chalabi to feed the Germans information about the weapons of horror of Saddam. Sent by Chalabi in 1998 – long-term plotting heh?

Passing information on to DIA and CIA the German authorities refused CIA access to "Curveball" until 2004. German authorities, opponents to the war, refused access knowing the US was beating the war drum? What's wrong with this picture.

It now appears Curveball was in prison in Iraq for embezzlement, and other crimes, and was the worst in his class. Can you believe this young man for years conned the successors of Reinhard Gehlen and Allen Dulles?

One problem I have with this saga is the Germans refusing CIA access. After WWII the US globocop rebuilt West Germany, Japan, etc. and as it does after any victory – placed a puppet dependent government beholden to the US. Yes, Germans could elect leaders, make trade, handle their masses, in line with the US, but Germany became part of the Anglo-US controlled empire. Maybe whiter with more middle class, but little different than the Latin American and African puppet leaders controlled by the Big US Pocket. A government in the pocket as surely as the newer and numerous "Ameri-stan" aided and armed countries. To the victors. The "old Europe" Rumsfeld spoke of is code for uppity European political leaders thinking they're free when they were annexed to the empire around 1945.

The idea of German intel refusing CIA access to "Curveball" is ludicrous. Is this supposed to be more proof that the Bush administration tampered with pre-war intel or proof the world's intel agencies are incompetent and easily duped, thus no one is directly responsible for mass murder this time? Is this to convince hardcore Bushites their hero was under the spell of Curveball and those scary cherry picking WHIG cabalists? I'm not certain yet where this is meant to lead we the people but this is a MSM spitball with lots of spin on it.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Murtha Mucker

Murtha voted against Iraq troop withdrawal after he was given a standing ovation, much cheering and applause to his call for troop withdrawal. Democrats denounced the GOP vote on the matter as "politically motivated", unlike the Democrats who would never debate a matter motivated purely by politics; why they'll even approve P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Acts and bills without first reading them in an effort to get along. Democrats love the troops and loving means they never have to say they're sorry for supporting the war in the first place, unless prefaced by "had we known." But that's another blog.

Apparently the difference was Murtha and the Democrats wanted a "thoughtful approach" and suggested we bring the troops safely home in six months or "at the earliest practicable date," whereas those politically motivated Republicans opted for immediate withdrawal, which my pea brain thought had been the democrats rallying "bring them home now!"cry, but bring them home now turns out to have been a "Republican stunt." The house sideshow voted to reject the GOP-written resolution for immediate withdrawal by a vote of 403-3, as they rushed toward a two week Thanksgiving break, grateful that we the turkey continue to gobble up this stuff.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Enabling Able Danger

Able Danger has been pulled out again. I do enjoy watching these fake distractions pulled back and forth with tiny little details nudged just enough to make them sound more truthful each time they come around. The nudge on Able Danger may be the date of this mysterious "chart" with post-it notes stuck on Atta's face and when Atta's photo was available. Atta entered the US June 3 - but supposed the highly classified Able Danger identified Atta in mid 2000 so I'm assuming that's June. They ID'd Atta instantly, as soon as he entered I guess.

If you read Weldon, he's telling "red-hot" secrets for the public good, especially of the evil in Iran and that the next "attack" may well be nuclear, and all this was known under Clinton's watch.

And of course, to believe Able Danger you have to believe that 19 hijackers partied in Florida, practiced (and poorly by reports) on crop dusters and simulators for a few months, then hijacked 4 planes simultaneously, bypassing NORAD, CIA, FBI, and a dozen other snoop dogs, etc. etc.....

Also, pushing Able Danger now is Louis Freeh, who has written a book of his FBI years. Freeh says of his boss from 1993 to 2001: “The problem was with Bill Clinton, the scandals and rumored scandals, the incubating ones and the dying ones never ended. Whatever moral compass the president was consulting was leading him in the wrong direction. His closets were full of skeletons just waiting to burst out.” Freeh says he was preoccupied for eight years with multiple investigations, including Whitewater, Jennifer Flowers and the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Open Letter Pitiful

An open letter to Barbara Bush from Cindy Sheehan is the most uninspiring piece I've read this week. I've tried to give Sheehan leeway in her methods but signing off on this sanctimonious sermon truly reeks.

"Dear Barbara,
On April 04, 2004, your oldest child killed my oldest child, Casey Austin Sheehan."

The letter's sole purpose is to please those democrats who still believe their pols are the good ones. The first sentence clearly tells me the remainder will be tritely emotional and deliberately stuffed with all the adjectives we love to hate Bush with.

Sheehan tells Babs her son George (however true) is a liar, profiteer, immoral, ignorant, reckless, careless and has "bad manners" etc.

She says Barbara is "one of the few people he still talks to. He won't speak to his father, who knew the difficulties and impossibilities of going into Iraq and that's why he didn't go there in the 1st Gulf War." (Thanks Cindy for exonerating Poppy Bush of any hardships on the Iraqi people.)

Sheehan tells Mama Bush how she (the good mom) raised her children not to solve problems with violence, that she washed their mouths out with soap for lying and asked if Babs did that to George. She talks of the Angel of Death. Body bags. Of Barbara's "beautiful mind" moment on Good Morning America. Of her trip to Austin where GW wouldn't speak to her. That George is inaccessible; his policies killed her son.

She inserts pretty much all the current emotional cue cards of the Democrats.

If Sheehan sincerely wanted (which she doesn't) to take her cause to George's mother this wouldn't be the letter. I would respect more a letter of anger and rage, telling Babs what a bitch she is and how evil her family, but this missive is pure propaganda, reinforcing the Democrat party line. It's embarrassing, like reading a page from the diary of an emotional and miserable teen girl, but a teen writing prosy - in case anyone else reads it.

She ends with asking Barbara - "Can you make him stop?" This is the adult mother of the peace movement. "Can you make him stop?" Sheehan needs to stop bowing to her handlers and manage her own movement, and if this is her management she might as well go home.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Further Proof Bell Curve Wrong

Accidental Asphyxia Among Youth.The Space Monkey, Knockout, Black Hole, the Choking Game. - "Alarmed by the scores of children who have died or become brain-damaged by this practice, schools around the country are sounding alarms to parents and teachers to watch for signs of the game, such as red eyes or bruises on a child's neck. "There is very little in the medical literature at this point," says Colin's mom, Dr. Trish Russell, who had never heard of the game until the night her son died."

Scores of dead and brain damaged children, usually ages 13 to 17 - one would think that's old enough to know strangulation ain't healthy. Imagine the "medical literature" to come.

Another "excuse-his-behavior disease" because Johnny, a member of the cognitive elite is addicted - to cutting off his own air supply. Parents and schools are spreading the word in case there are children who haven't heard of choking the other end of the monkey.

Most incidents have claimed there's nothing autoerotic – just done for the head rush. Only white kids could make this stuff up. Only white parents would claim it's a deadly child's game and unrelated to the family gene pool or parenting. Coke head, pot head, crack head, and now choke head.

Willie Pete & Plummeting

November 10, 2004 - Some artillery guns fired white phosphorous rounds that create a screen of fire that cannot be extinguished with water. Insurgents reported being attacked with a substance that melted their skin, a reaction consistent with white phosphorous burns. Kamal Hadeethi, a physician at a regional hospital, said, "The corpses of the mujahedeen which we received were burned, and some corpses were melted."

I blogged last June and mentioned napalm (white phos) being used. We've known this weapon was deployed, for over a year. However, MSM and "alternative" sites again fan the latest old news. The twisty news now is it was used on civilians. Well good grief people, all weapons in war are used on civilians. Or do you really think smart bombing is that smart? Or perhaps it’s the talking point of willy pete being a "banned" weapon. Not for the US it isn't. It is within the "letter of the law" and remember the US operates under the "rule of law." The laws might be immoral but hey – they're law.

Neither grassroots side of American politics seem to think for themselves. Both wait, point and click for their 'leaders" to list the next outrage, replete with a target and/or fax number to send their indignant message to. Maybe it's the guy in a bowtie, this or that newspaper, news show, or news channel. Leadership on both sides know they can fan the coals and never get a fire. Mainstream or alternative outrage is – canned heat.

Every week for several weeks we read the same hyped headline that "Bush poll numbers plummet." We now use "plummet" in our household as synonymous for all fake drama or excitement, i.e. my electric bill was $1.37 less and straight faced I can say my electricity costs have plummeted this month.

Our troops continue to die daily while the "peace movement" sloths on, occasionally newsworthy, a march or protest here or there covered. An arrest or two for someone pulling down a flag or putting one up, a die-in that's more died off. Anti-war DOA. That's what happens when professional shills who benefit from government funds are the directors of "grassroots" movements. (Nancy Lessin, Medea Benjamin i.e.) Cindy who? Or how about the "recruiters in our schools?" That's news? All 3 of my sons were ROTC in high school well over a decade ago. Whoever said schools cooperating with recruitment is new is chewing the cud. Maybe a little more paperwork to "opt out" now but whoop ti do.

With great glee the "alternative" press chortles on one lame anti-Bush headline or the other. Bush faces foreign protests of late. Bush has always been protested overseas, bigger than any protests at home. More old news packaged as some sort of turning point.

My favorite on the shitometer of late is that "Bush faces alienating GOP over Iraq." Yep, send out a few GOP detractors to play "upset with the party" while both parties claim failed intel and point to "we be misled" by this or that. It's the SOP of absolving the US government of its latest profitable genocide, with total absolution usually after installing the opposition party next election – i.e. a new and not guilty "government."

Another one this week "the Republican-controlled Senate - for the first time - is drawing lines in the sand over war." Yes, Democrats AND Republicans on the hill no longer see their fate tied up with this president; get your hope on here folks, step right up. Sherlock, they're up for re-election and Bush isn't. Pols can now question the tactics used in Iraq, appear righteous, claim the use of torture, etc. are not "our values."

For the next year we'll see the pols pretend they strive for moderation, but from 2007 to 2008 there will be an orgy of admiration for the outgoing Bush. In the end, the money Bush has made for so many in DC buys a lotta conspicuous lovin' - and the only line ever drawn in the political sewer is the bottom one. Ka-$hing. Ka-$hing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Let's Make a Deal

FDR's "new deal" was made when the Average Joe was grumbling for a change of the political system; teetering on socialism, or at least forming a system that would place more of the country's wealth back into the hands of those who produced capital. As in any good business operation, Joe believed in reinvesting - in himself. In the first 3 decades of the 20th century hundreds of Socialists were elected to local offices but with repression supported by the government and congress, WWI, Hoover's FBI, the idea of socialism was frightened away. Chased into the enemy category of pinko commies, dangerous Blacks and Jews, reefer madness, liberals, Muslims, etc.

Even today the rightwing will claim FDR's new deal was a form of socialism and cite the awful effects of the program. They list the negatives of "welfare to the poor" but never the social consequences of wealthyfare. Roosevelt's "new deal" in part relieved the political volatility of the masses at the time by introducing the SSA, old age pensions, unemployment insurance, Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), and labor rights (banning child labor in 1939).

As occasionally happens in history, the "ruling elite" were forced into concessions due to the fallout from geopolitical mongering in WWI and the roaring '20s Wall Street greed. In exchange, they gave Joe the social security tracking number and a promise he would be socially secure. With WWII Joe Average could pay for these new social programs by bleeding again on foreign soil, since the Great War to end all wars didn't end all war. Joe should know by now, any deal he makes with the ruling class, he will pay dearly for the pledge of social security. Any real benefits are soon squeezed to a bony skeleton, clacking and rattling into more taxation to pay for more social security.

Contrary to pro new dealers – little good came of the new deal. (It did return lands to native Americans and set up camps for migrant workers.) But the New Deal was built on deficit spending (those portions not ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS) and FDR's belief in a balanced budget caused him to back off parts of the "new dole" which resulted in the 1937 Roosevelt Recession.

And then came Pearl Harbor, because … they hated our freedom? WWII appeared just in time with uniforms for the men and jobs for Rosie Riverter, uniting the nation to a degree that future generations would envy, and allowed for the great miracle of wartime production. Remember Eisenhower's military-industrial speech. Ike wasn't warning the ruling class, they knew it and were doing it. Ike warned we the people.

Legacies of the New Deal included the growth of federal, state, and local employees. Overpaid and stuffing their coffers at every opportunity, these people administer the programs and funds in the industry of welfare for everyone. FDR did refuse to crush unions, making a few corporate enemies for himself, but unions would have a brief reign of political power as Reagan would play union buster against corrupt labor bosses, while other bosses looted S&L.

Under the New Deal, special interest groups began to grow, eventually becoming PACs, have you hugged your lobbyist today?

Federal subsidy, AFDC (aid to farmers and dependent corporations) began with Roosevelt's new dole. FDIC was created; Joe Average would pay for future S&L and banking failures and other government/corporate atrocities deemed necessary for the public good and corporate welfare.

The new deal paid farmers to destroy crops, not grow certain other crops. Family farms today are not Ma and Pa Little working forty acres; but Welfare Farm Burden & Sons, Inc. hiring migrant workers for $5 an hour while receiving $100,000+ subsidies. Ma and Pa were plowed under long ago.

The key to having anything even resembling a real democratic republic is education. The reason our public education system has dumbed the masses down more with each generation. Folks might get a clue on how to govern themselves. Most higher education does little better. All designed to reinforce myths of and for a corrupt system of rule. Only the curious mind will unlearn the garbage of State textbook indoctrination. Government paid publishing houses make fortunes on making Joe stupid; he funds his own ignorance and with diploma on the wall brags about it.

Possibly the New Deal, by taking care of us, has led to the sense of government having little relevance in our lives today because more people realize they have no say over the operation of government and their own security.

The government will give as little as necessary to maintain order. Sure, we elect the millionaire (or soon will be) board directors as president and to send to congress. But be honest, the people have no voice in government policy. We pretend elections are our voice rather than admit we've been living under totalitarian rule for a long time, with royal merchants controlling the government and us. If the day comes when the people threaten, whether by force or economics, to control government policy – the people will gaze down a barrel. Getting a good dose of our own biggest export – American democracy at gunpoint. But if we don't take control of policy – half the nation will subsist on government handouts and the other half on administering containment of the first half - through force or economics.

FDR brought the New Deal; Eisenhower the New Look, JFK the New Frontier, LBJ the Great Society, Clinton's the New Covenant, others a Contract With America, The Uniter, all new, for us, and great deals. Political graffiti on the doors of government and historians call it a "legacy." Scholars debate and textbooks teach how great each man's deal was for we the people. Nevermind what the people pay for the deal, it's always called the price of freedom anyway.

Honestly, government is not incompetent – it's intentional.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ceiling Bomb

Bomb in ceiling caused Jordan hotel blast.

Amman-A blast at the Radisson hotel in the Jordanian capital Amman on Wednesday was caused by a bomb placed in a false ceiling, police sources at the scene told Reuters. I suppose this story will disappear down the memory hole?

AMMAN - The Iraqi wife of a suicide bomber made a chilling confession on Jordanian state TV Sunday, saying she also tried to blow herself up during a hotel wedding reception last week but the explosives concealed under her denim dress failed to detonate.

Al-Rishawi was shown on state television wearing a white head scarf, a buttoned, body-length dark denim dress, and belts packed with explosives and ball bearings. Still wearing her bomb on Sunday's TV confession - and look how she utilizes duct tape.

Messy Massey

Staff sergeant Jimmy Massey (cofounder of Iraq Veterans Against the War) and author of Kill, Kill, Kill , a collection of genocidal atrocities committed by fellow Marine Corp "psychopathic killers" in Iraq. The rightwing are pointing out inconsistencies in Massey's memoirs. Massey joined the Cindy Sheehan bus tour, interviewed by Amy Goodman, speaks on campuses, etc. Some on the right compare Massey to the 1971 anti-war John Kerry. The usual – hero to the left, liar to the right.

Ron Harris writes in the St. Louis Post "News organizations worldwide published or broadcast Massey's claims without any corroboration and in most cases without investigation. Outside of the Marines, almost no one has seriously questioned whether Massey, a 12-year veteran who was honorably discharged, was telling the truth."

Massey defends himself at IVAW stating that Harris is guilty of bad reporting which is what Harris accuses the MSM of when initially reporting Massey's claims. He said/He said?

Information Clearing House (a source I sometimes find questionable) states that in Kill, Kill, Kill Massey claims : "… he and other Marines in his unit killed dozens of unarmed Iraqi civilians because of an exaggerated sense of threat, and that they often experienced sexual-type thrills doing so."

Sexual thrill kill? Why does that sound like b.s. to me? But it sells books and movie rights. Or perhaps thrill killing was an emotion Massey was able to name during the Navy psychiatric exit exam in May 2003, after he was medivaced from Iraq with the diagnosis of major depressive disorder and PTSD.

Massey was in Iraq until May 2003. So that's … 2 months' during the initial invasion? Sounds like somebody didn't want to play soldier anymore. Massey himself says of that time : "The Iraqis let us in the country; we didn't take it." I guess that was before the "exaggerated sense of threat" and sexual thrills set in.

Another MSM story where you, the individual, must decide who/what to believe. But personally, Massey reads like someone who was doing okay with military life until his ass was on the line, and being a good American capitalist he turned cowardice into coin.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Whacking McGruder

Earl Ofari Hutchinson may be a hypocrite. Today he's attacking McGruder for using the "N-word" in the Boondocks cartoon on Adult Swim. Hutchinson once attacked the detractors who were angry at Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante's use of the n-word. Hutchinson claimed Cruz "let slip the word "nigger" instead of 'negro." Earl felt Bustamante was "whacked by political correctness" in the subsequent backlash.

Well, the Lt. Governor probably did just have a slip of the tongue; that happens, especially if one's mouth is accustomed to privately using a word. Personally, although I'm surrounded by honkies and crackers we have never accidently "let slip" such terms, presumably because we don't use them at home.

The animated Boondocks episode last week defined for my 13 y/o granddaughter a phrase I use with her. When behaving in a manner I disapprove of I tell her to "have a little class." Boondocks granddad was saying the same thing to the boys last week and when Riley asked what class was Huey tells him it means you don't act like a nigger. My granddaughter found that hilarious and now will ask "want me to have a little class nana?" A private joke was born.

Granddad exercising in the nude was funny but what disturbed me was the scene of Riley, who is overly fond of weapons, shooting the neighbor's grandson, an Iraq vet wearing a flack jacket, who assures the boy it's okay. The blast blows the vet through the window and onto the lawn.

In 2002, on Bill O'Reilly's waste of air time, Hutchinson chastised Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for "their silly attack on the movie Barbershop." Does Hutchinson envy the attention Al and Jesse get?

Hutchinson authored "The Assassination of the Black Male Image" which argues the media intentionally puts on the worst possible images of Black men, and I agree. Larry Elder criticized the book as "unfounded, emotional and distorted." Hutchinson, in payback, participated in a letter-writing campaign urging angry blacks to send letters to Elder's radio show sponsors demanding that they withdraw support.

Considering Hutchinson holds a Phd and is described as a scholarly political analyst, he expends a lot of effort in the MSM soap opera of the n-word, as if not using it will make make racism go away.

I often agree with Earl Hutchinson on issues - but he excused the use of nigger for buddy Bustamante, he says blacks who use and defend the term are "n-word apologists", he berated Sharpton and Jackson in their criticism of Barbershop as "going over the top" - a phrase that white conservatives love to hear – and we need to "trim" Black leaders including NAACP, yet all the while he didn't hesitate a minute to use angry blacks for his own negative campaigns. Having no sense of satire, and needing to hear his name in the news on a regular basis, Mr. Hutchinson whacks McGruder, not on animated nudity or violence, but on the n-word. Earl - have a little class.

U.N. Extends Mandate in Iraq

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Tuesday to extend the mandate of the nearly 180,000-strong multinational force in Iraq for a year, a move the United States called a significant signal of international commitment to Iraq's political transition.

The resolution, which was co-sponsored by the United States, Britain, Denmark, Japan and Romania, was adopted in response to a request from Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari for the U.S.-led force to remain in the country.

The resolution extends the force's mandate until Dec. 31, 2006, with a review after eight months. Under its terms, the council will "terminate this mandate earlier if requested by the government of Iraq."

… The 15 UN Security Council members are : Argentina, Benin, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Greece, Japan, Philippines, Romania, Russian Federation, UK, United Republic of Tanzania, United States, Algeria. Permanent members are China, France, UK, Russia, and US. The remaining 10 members are elected and serve 2 years terms. Only permanent members have veto power.

… Think of it as the 5 permanent members allowing the elected 10 to rotate and receive reward for voting; take turns feeling important and special in the worldly scheme. Sort of the same way kindergarten teachers create awards so every child gets a gold start to take home.

Bolton has said of the UN "it's a tool in the armory." Ain't that the truth. While American leftish scholars and experts whined about Bolton's nomination to the UN – the ambassadors from China, Russia, UK, and France had no problem at the prospect of dealing with Bolton. China's ambassador Wang stated Bolton "seems reasonable … we can work together."

Many think of the UN as a meeting of humanity singing koombaya and making agreements to not destroy the planet. But the UN's sole purpose is to legitimize the acts of the major powers – China, Russia, and the US with the UK and France tagging along (they might come in useful, and besides they're "family"). Germany and Japan currently seek permanent membership status but, for appearance's sake, are still smacked around as post WWII stepchildren and probably will be for another generation. The song might better be "Then it's hi! hi! hee!In the field artillery, Shout out your numbers loud and strong, For where'er you go, You will always know That the Caissons go rolling along."

There is no international UN reluctance to unanimously extend the Iraq war mandate, and we'll be out of Iraq as soon as the Iraqi government requests it. At any rate, the council members are all committed to Iraqi's political transition. In layman's terms : Determined to get a slice of the geopolitical pie hi! hi! hee! with artillery.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Colin Powell's Blot

In his first extensive interview since his resignation early this year, Powell told ABC News that his reputation has suffered because his assurances about Iraq’s supposed stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons proved false.

“It’s a blot,” Powell said. “I’m the one who presented it on behalf of the United States to the world, and [it] will always be a part of my record. It was painful. It’s painful now.”

Powell has blamed the "intelligence community" for the error of his way, but he defended George Tenet who helped him prepare his UN Security Council speech which asserted the US had "unequivocal proof" of Iraq's WMD.

In his The February 2003 speech Powell assured the world that : Saddam had biological warheads, that Saddam was determined to obtain nuclear weapons and had never abandoned his nuclear program. That Saddam had trucks, trailers, rail cars, mobile bio labs. That Saddam had attempted covertly, from 11 countries, to obtain aluminum tubes which are used as centrifuges for enriching uranium.

"We know that Iraq has at least seven of these mobile, biological agent factories." Powell stated : "First, you will recall that it took UNSCOM four long and frustrating years to pry, to pry an admission out of Iraq that it had biological weapons. Second, when Iraq finally admitted having these weapons in 1995, the quantities were vast. Less than a teaspoon of dry anthrax, a little bit -- about this amount [Powell holds up a vial of white powder]. This is just about the amount of a teaspoon. Less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an envelope shut down the United States Senate in the fall of 2001."

Reportedly Powell said of the Security Council speech before delivering it : "That's bullshit." But he gave it anyway.

Long ago Powell was presented to the public as a seasoned soldier, guided by wisdom and calm, a myth of a man shaped by republican groomers to prove how inclusive republicans can be, yessiree …… at some point on the climb up Powell believed his own PR packaging. The self-serving Powell has always been a white house kneegro, and is now an accomplice to treason, lies, war crimes, theft, which he says is a "blot" because his reputation has suffered. He chatters today he didn't knows nothing about them claims being untrue. Does he have unequivocal proof of that too?

Torture 101

I'm not certain how US torture is being run in the current crusade to export democracy but I know how it was done during the days of El Salvador war and the Contra war. Let the locals do it.

In Honduras, in support of the freedom loving Contras, the camps were run by a few US guys - big, bald, and buffed god-like "advisers" and "trainers" who usually spent more time in Tegucigalpa enjoying the night life, the Caribbean beach, or surfing the best beaches in Salvador. The gringo advisers advised, especially if representatives from the US flew down for inspection or "fact finding" tours, which wasn't often.

The American special forces and operatives could sit in on interrogations, and participate if sadism was their predilection, but physically forcing information from the captured was usually left to the local boys. This method of camp and seek provided American pols the "how could we know" option and, and if needed, the American military the "we're investigating" defense.

There are always neighboring "locals" eager to join in the "fight for freedom." Poverty recruited all manner of willing hands. Guatemalans, Columbians, Argentinians, Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorans. Free hots and a cot, camp hookers, American beer, dollars for dirty work, what's not to love about the spread of freedom?

Knowing that information collected by torture is not reliable, information is not particularly the goal – terror is; resistance can lose it's appeal when eunuchs limp back to the village without their tongue and eyesight. I suspect the US could easily put Saddam's Mukhabarat or other Middle East castrators and cattle prodders on the payroll. There are many men who enjoy their work for the remuneration, not necessarily the politics of it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dossier Dufuses & Other Sideshows

Here we go round in circles. Stories of torture, napalm, Niger, stolen elections, 9/11 truths recycled. Why? Every one of these stories was "leaked" or written on shortly after the event. Each had devotees digging and detailing as much information as possible.Yet here we are reading more or less the same stories as if new news. I know, it's to keep the stories "out front." Just as some have kept the truths of past generations out front. The history which morphed into tinfoil and produced best sellers. Or if FOIA validates the tin at a later date, it doesn't matter, as the generation who considered it a hot topic are dead or too old to care. Why do you think so much "truth" is "classified" for decades? National security or CYA a generation of government and the ruling elite they serve?

As MSM has recently given the public Mr. Libby to chew on – the "truthseekers" feel they've scored 1 point. With the possibility of even more minions to come, and new names, i.e. Wurmser and Addington – high paid sacrificial goats, more points are possible. It's a safe bet though, that even if Bush and Cheney are tarred and feathered, nothing will change. A few heads mounted on poles at the edge of town will keep the masses happy. Always has.

It's all diversion, performed for the benefit of a small percentage of politically minded masses, which, from Pew polling, numbers approximately 20 million online surfing for political news in America, and that's being generous. That includes all news seekers; right, left, and in between. Don't anticipate the global elite being blogged out of existence with truth or internetted to death anytime soon.

MSM has noticed bloggers – it's part of the show. It provides hope, entertainment, and keeps us busy. You think the USSR fell because of the masses madly faxing truth? No. Same for the Berlin Wall. The fall of the evil empire was planned and pretty much on time, as is the third worlding of the USA and the economic rise of China and India.

The government (henchman for ruling elite) are always prepared for that small portion of the population clamoring for truth. They're no more concerned over internet truthseekers than they were of … oh say … the Jim Garrisons, the Roswell and area 51 seekers, USS Liberty, the MLK seekers, or Pan Am or Contras or any other official history. Even angry masses in the street waving sticks and throwing stones don't upset the ruling elite. They are prepared for that too and the masses know it; which is the underlying reason the people are reluctant to change a corrupt system. It would be a face-off. The ruling elite historically win as they have the government armies and no hesitation in the use of same to maintain control. The "government" takes the blame. It's easier to simply switch the faces in government, legislate a couple of feel good protection laws. The masses think major change was accomplished through their effort, the people won; and the next sideshow begins.

We have been informed that the government keeps an "enemies list." Sure they do, for those few who might pose a personal threat. The threats on these "enemies lists" are not to the system but one power player to another power player. Office politics and promotions. To know who might be useful, who to advance, who to censure, who is up and coming on the ladders of leadership (leadership being the buffers between the true elite and the masses). Their "enemies list" is keeping tabs on themselves and who and how they serve the ruling elite.

Believe me, government agencies are pretty clueless when it comes to what you and I say and do unless we step on their turf, that turf being the circle of corruption they operate in. For example, when Manuel Noriega or Pablo Escobar or even Saddam Hussein, infringe on the profits or frustrate the plans of the ruling elite. You might say some minions just get too big for their britches and think they're equals. Remember Nixon and the Clinton FBI dossiers on others. Nothing new or novel here.

Think the Wilson and Plame sideshow is the truth? All part of the circus, and completely devoid of imagination. The elite of yore would have given us at least a Mata Hari trial with intrigue. We get Fitzmas and the jaded jowled Joe Wilson and wife with as yet no espionage laws broken. Just lying and obstructing. Staid, stale, and a symptom of the ever deteriorating minds of the elite.

But you, me, and the guy on the next blog can keyboard to our hearts content and it is not a threat to the status quo. If you or me or the other little guy became a serious threat (which is rare and a silly form of flattery to think so) – money would take care of it. Nor are there many of us in a position worthy of an FBI dossier. The long arm of the government to keep any information on the masses is for one reason and one reason only – money. To make sure you pay every dime you may owe to the government and the corporations it serves (the corporations also servants of global ruling elite). Any "dossiers" on the masses is nothing more than a debtors data base.

The elite think in terms of a project for the century and several generations. Without the grind of paying next month's rent or paying off the Visa card, it's easy to think far beyond a fuzzy maybe next year life. Where the most forward thinking members of the masses map out newborn Johnny's college fund or join a Christmas club, minions for the ruling elite are planning the potential power brokers into the next century and beyond. The masses think of today, next week, next month, next year; the true elite think of eternal worldwide familial rule.

Giving a name or face to "them" will have not change the status quo and actually adds more performers to the circus. The "neocons" did it, AIPAC did it, the "dancing Israelis" did it, the reptilians did it, knights templar, illuminati, Masons, Arabs, etc. The "current regime" did it. We could erase all these dancing, illuminated, knighted reptilian regimes and nothing would change; although the laughter of the true ruling elite might be heard more clearly.

How to force the elite down from their temple of the gods ? In the US – one might stop filing that paperwork every April. Stop funding the liars (global elite) and oppressors (governments/corporations) who do their bidding. That would be bloodless. Send the message the people no longer will be ruled by the idea of divine right and military might. Of course, most people are more frightened by the tax man than a standing army.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Food Insecurity

Hunger in American households has risen by 43 percent over the last five years, according to an analysis of US Department of Agriculture (USDA) data released today. The analysis, completed by the Center on Hunger and Poverty at Brandeis University, shows that more than 7 million people have joined the ranks of the hungry since 1999.

The USDA report, Household Food Security in the United States, 2004, says that 38.2 million Americans live in households that suffer directly from hunger and food insecurity, including nearly 14 million children. That figure is up from 31 million Americans in 1999.


While over at the PNAC Café and Propaganda Center reading a few publications and reports, I had a thought.

At this point would finding massive amounts of WMD in Iraq rescue Bush and the cabal ?

As of April 2005 a 108 page PNAC report claimed it still too early to say Saddam did not have WMD and WMD might yet be discovered.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Royal Boars Gala

Never-will-be-king Charlie and wife Camilla, the Douches of Rotweiler, never-to-be-queen, are touring the US.

Married less than a year one might say this is still the "honeymoon phase" and as such they planned to tour the World Trade Center and New Orleans – to view the handiwork of America's ruling royals.

Last evening the royal foursome swapped wives at a dinner to honor Chuck and Cam; with George next to Cam and Chuck next to Laura at separate tables (standard upper crust seating arrangements).

Also attending the royal dinner were old Ma and Pa GWH Bush, Jenna, Bill Frist, Oscar de la Renta, Tom Browkaw, Merv Griffin (he's still alive?!), Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stoner), Mr. & Mrs. Dick Cheney, the two Cheney daughters, newly installed John Roberts, Nancy Reagan, and of course some of the colored help Condi Rice, Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore, and DC mayor Anthony Williams.

The four-course menu featured celery-and-shrimp soup, buffalo medallions (no, not testicles – it's tenderloin) and salad, with petits fours and chartreuse ice cream for dessert. Afterward, there was music by Yo-Yo Ma and dancing. (No, not a rap star, Yo-Yo is a French-Chinese-American cellist.)

Charlie's toast to the diners included reminiscing of younger days when he visited Nixon at the WH, remarks on how the US and UK fought those evil Nazis together (they should, since they constructed Hitler), and noted the passing of Rosa Parks.

Charlie's tribute praised Bush, commenting on shared history and tradition, language and culture and a commitment to democracy and liberty, and closed with "truly the burden of the world rests on your shoulders." No temper tantrums were reported and no guests fled the scene.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Cabal

The "cabal", accused of "highjacking" US foreign policy, might eventually be brought to light, now that one of its chief architects, I Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is facing a public trial - so says the MSM. Oh my! Hijacking architects! That's believable, don't you think, I mean really … we've known for years Bush knew nothing of foreign policy, that he was unstable, dyslexic, overall not too bright, perhaps even … ahem … brain damaged from youthful indiscretion. So Bush, just like many other Americans, was tricked. He too was duped by advisers of an evil cabal.

Does this mean we're not going to nuke Iran ?

Climb aboard! The MSM train that gangbanged us at the station for 4+ years is now on track, bringing truth to light – on the "Cheney Libby Rove WHIG" neocon cabal that misled the nation. The MSM has issued humble apologies and reams of inky newspeak to now report the horrors of a misguided "administration’s behavior and policies." (It was those "administration" guys, and not necessarily Bush, for heavens sake, the man had his trust exploited!) They tell us this is bigger than Watergate! Here comes the lengthy, tedious, legal circus. (I can't wait to see GW some day walking hand in hand with President Hillary requesting donations to help the latest victims of terror.)

Some bloggers now point to "neocon lefty Trotskyites in fascist disguise." Whew! It's not our Democrat and Republican party, it's infiltrating neo-trots. It was Bush's poor choice in "advisers" and we've all made poor choices haven't we? This era has been just an aberration in the nation; it's being fixed, be patient. Them wasn't us, it was a tiny little "cabal" and Fitzman smokes them out as we speak.

It's Rove we're told, not Bush, but the rovian Brain that told Bush to do bad things. And maybe it will include Cheney, we know he's been portrayed as the Bush puppeteer (evil architect). MSM hasn't chewed a new one for Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Negreponte, Chertoff, etc. who I consider architects. But can't get them all I guess.

There's an "eagerness to blast the Bush administration for some aspects of false prewar propaganda - while the newspaper continues to dodge its own crucial role in promoting that propaganda." Yea, that's it, the media mucked up worse than the Bush administration. The administration was simply an "aspect" in the mess. Aspects, yep, and if only MSM "had done their job" and stopped these neocon trotskis from hijacking the government … why maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.

The Democrats today are demanding truth about the lies. Unable to exercise critical thinking when the time was critical, every one of them started thinking this week! Doesn't that make you feel 100 percent better? Yeehaw, the seesaw is going up for the Democrats; their turn to bring honesty and integrity back to government.

Oh the Machiavellian machinations of it all. Impossible to hang those architects, those "its", cabals, neo-trots, advisers, administrationists – or hang more than the one or two handed to us with a name and face. But we'll get to push a couple of them around and teach them not to mess with our government!

MSM says the administration is in trouble (at times carefully omitting the word Bush before administration) preferring to use this administration. Will Bush have his legacy salvaged, handed back, tarnished but intact?

The year 2025 Wikipedia - G.W. Bush, 43rd US president, was thrust into office by a nation eager to return integrity to politics. Initially a potentially promising young man, it became obvious in his second presidential term, that he was inadequate at diplomacy and unfamiliar on foreign policy. It's believed he intended no harm, and that Mr. Bush, surrounded by evil men known as the Cabal, inadvertently launched the still ongoing DUBYA (Duped U Big Yokels Again) Wars.

Hidden Torture

Dana Priest, who covers the intel community for the WaPo, has a four page online article -CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons.

Ms. P. and/or WaPo consider it "news" to repeat Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, Thailand, and other prison information we've had for months. She does give the wanna-talk-like-a-spy guys another term to use: "black sites." That's the term the insider sources gave Ms. Priest to refer to these secret prisons, or as the prisons are called in "classified official documents." These black sites are somewhere in a "Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe." Also the WaPo "is not publishing the names of the Eastern European countries involved in the covert program, at the request of senior U.S. officials."

Well geez, who were those Soviet era Eastern European countries? Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Albania? Some research and follow the money attitude might give a fledgling reporter a real scoop. One in six chance of getting it right just by closing your eyes and pointing, or better as the WaPo uses the plural so there's more than one.

Granted, there are hidden torture camps, and the term may be "black sites." But it took her four pages to say what I basically said in August – suspects are being tortured in secret places. However, as to "black sites" located in Soviet era countries; I think they're closer to home than that girlfriend.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Loose Nukes

Wayne Madsen reports October 25, 2005 :

"Brewster Jennings and the CIA Directorate of Operations Counter Proliferation Division (CPD) had established a program to purchase a range of nuclear weapons components, including Inter-continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) parts, nuclear warhead nose cones, and high grade plutonium and uranium bomb cores from Russian sources who were also selling to members of Russian Mafia networks who were, in turn, selling to the A. Q. Khan network in Pakistan and other WMD smuggling operations."

"The CIA's CPD agents were particularly worried about the materials for sale at the 70 square mile Russian nuclear weapons complex at Mayak, outside the town of Ozersk. In the late 1990s, black market high grade plutonium was being sold in buckets from warehouses in Mayak. For that reason, the CIA, using its Brewster Jennings NOC network as well as other contractors, purchased the black market materials from the nuclear "used car market," as a CIA source put it. The materials were transported to the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant in Colorado where they were dismantled and disabled."

Madsen doesn't state where he gets his info (maybe Mr. Reynolds and Wrap) but it's a stretch to believe buckets of materials were being sold like "used cars" with Libby and Cheney deep into the nuke black market, and outed Plame and Brewster because of interference in profits. Heroin and oil I can believe, but plutonium? (How do you disable a bucket?)

– Also, Rocky Flats : "Most of the plant was shut down in 1989, and the remaining metalworking operations closed in 1992, officials said. Rocky Flats was owned by the federal government and operated by Rockwell International Corp., which eventually was fined $18.5 million for environmental violations."

Here's a September 2005 article which discusses Russia's nukes, Ozersk, and also mentions the buckets of plutonium, not anyone selling them by the bucket - but it may be where Madsen got creative. Paul Longsworth, a deputy administrator of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, which helps Russia secure its nuclear sites, might be someone to google for more information.

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