Sunday, November 30, 2008

Herd Manimals

"As police brass dissect what happened when a stampede of shoppers outside a Valley Stream Wal-Mart left a seasonal worker dead, they may lean on the stores themselves to better plan for events like Black Friday, a Nassau police spokesman said yesterday.

Nassau police say the stampede outside the discount chain store was foreseeable given the huge crowds that gather for post-Thanksgiving sales."

--- Another tragic example of mass stupid. This is not the first time stampeding shoppers have killed and it won't be the last. And for Wal-mart junk?!

Ya know ... sometimes I can understand why the ruling class looks down with such contempt at we the people.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rocket Science

Shu Quan-Sheng ... accused of illegally exporting technical data related to the design and manufacture of a liquid hydrogen tank, and illegally helping foreign operatives design, develop, build and test the tank and fueling systems for a launch facility.

"At no time during this period did Shu have the required licenses or written approvals with respect to brokering, export of defense articles, or proposals to provide defense services to the People's Republic of China," the Department of Justice said.

The complaint alleges that Shu offered bribes to government officials with China's 101 Institute to induce the award of the hydrogen liquefier project to the French company Shu represented. A 2003 agreement with the French company said AMAC International would get 10 percent to 15 percent commission if the deal went off successfully.

To ensure that the French partner got the $4 million liquefier contract and his own company its commission, Shu offered payments to Chinese officials to induce them to choose his partners in France.

USA-SPACE/CHINA:US man admits illegal space data exports to China.

Shu Quan-Sheng, 68, a native of China who is a naturalized U.S. citizen, entered the guilty plea in federal court in Norfolk, Virginia.

Shu is the president, secretary and treasurer of AMAC International, a high-tech company in Newport News, Virginia, that has offices in Beijing.

Shu admitted that from 2003 through October of 2007 he violated the U.S. arms export control law by providing China with assistance in the design and development of a cryogenic fueling system for space launch vehicles. He admitted that in 2003 he violated the same law by exporting to China military technical data from a document about designing and making a liquid hydrogen tank and various pumps, valves, filters and instruments.

Shu also pleaded guilty to offering bribes of nearly $190,000 to Chinese government officials to win the award last year of a $4 million contract for a hydrogen liquefier project for a French company Shu represented, the department said.

---- Shu came to the US in 1990. Mission accomplished?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Black Coffee

Nana Mouskouri - La Paloma

Nana - Amazing Grace

Nana - Black Coffee


One morning, as J. Edgar Hoover "assiduously scoured the newspapers for signs of dissent and subversion, he noticed a report about the latest article written by Norman Mailer for Esquire magazine."

The FBI monitored Mailer's "writings, meetings, speeches, movements, acquaintances and even Christmas card list, posing as a friend, calling up his father and knocking on his door in the guise of deliverymen."

Their reports were than [sic] stamped "CLASSIFIED", "SECRET" and "SUBV. CONTROL", the latter an apparent reference to suspected subversives.

"The fascinating insight into the tactics of Hoover's FBI has been made public in newly-declassified US government files. The documents were released to the Washington Post under a Freedom of Information Act request lodged following the writer's death a year ago. The FBI's first Mailer memo, dated June 29 1962, contained enough incriminatory material to fuel the investigative instincts of Hoover, a fervent anti-Communist and veteran of the post-war "Red Scare" McCarthyite witchhunts. It noted that the writer "admitted being a 'Leftist'" and called the FBI "a secret police organization" that should be abolished. One informant said Mailer was "a concealed Communist", although others disputed that assertion."

----- A couple of things to recognize here. One, the FBI, like so many other Federal employees, waste time and tax dollars performing "look busy" work to justify their inflated salaries and egos, and two, the WaPo getting Mailer's FBI files is not "fascinating insight" into anything. And just to be petty, I know the Brits use spelling variations, but I had to correct their word "assiduously" as it was misspelled in the original article. Do new agencies not have spellcheckers or proofreaders with an eye?

Also, I think it's been a while since I have read Red Scare, McCarthyite, witchhunts, Leftist, secret police, informant, and Communist all within three short sentences. That's to remind you, coming soon, not to be afraid of such labels - it will be the old FBI up to its tricks again.

All I remember of Mailer in his heyday is I couldn't finish any of his material, and feminists at the time referred to Norman as a chauvinist pig. Apparently he had his fans, otherwise how could he become such a noted, award-winning writer. (Son of a well-known connected Jersey Jewish family, Harvard man, etc. had nothing to do with it.)

According to the article above in 1973 Hoover "feared" the release of Mailer's biography about Marilyn Monroe - Norman was accusing the FBI of cover-up in Monroe's overdosing death. Conspiracy surrounding Marilyn's death was a sales market bonanza for at least a decade. Like so many "artists," she was worth much more dead than she ever was alive. She was the prototype, albeit older, for a Spears or Angelina type tabloid queen, of which Mailer attempted to cash in on as so many did at the time, and still do.

Guys like Mailer, Capote (Clutter family) , Schiller (Jon-Benet), etc., with pen in beak, circle like vultures over high-profiles. Schiller, good friend of Mailer, does have some beautiful photography of Marilyn Monroe. (Fortunately, he didn't smear feces on the virgin Mary or stick a bullwhip up her butt and call it art.) Made wealthy, they have convinced the public that "true crime" ragmag writing is an art form. They helped secure an insatiable, vicarious national appetite for sleaze; with marketing to convince us such writings are a study in psychological profiles or investigative reporting, or an educational analysis of social man.


It's high gloss on the style of writing that my junior high teacher kept hidden in his desk drawer - erotic magazine covers showing a busty female in the clutches of a muscled intruder with titles like Real Detective or True Crime. Fetish anyone? Mailer and ilk are the National Enquirer for "educated" folk. As for profiles in psychology - that's all the monkey-see monkey-do American needs - lots of exposure to the perps and victims of the depraved among us.

You really think the FBI believes their own files - or are they laughing at the public faith that FOIA has "information" anywhere in it? They must get their writers from the same muddy-the-water comedy pool the public gets theirs.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Famed Nordic System

Gender parity.

Another article in what has been at least a decade of endless spiels by high profile and unknown shitheads alike, on the wonders and magnificence of living in one of those semi-socialist, "free" healthcare, sex and drug liberated and wealth parity communes known as Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and other Euro-topias.

THE LADY STATES: In the streets of Oslo, fathers are as likely as mothers to be pushing the pram, and they're just as likely to be picking up their kids from nursery and school as their wives ... It's worth noting that Norway is not the only Nordic nation that is top of the class. Finland is second, Sweden third, while Iceland is fourth. Culture may play a part, but more important is the fact that these countries have created societies – the famed Nordic welfare system – that allow women to be more active in the public sphere, be it in the workplace or in politics ... Coming back to visit Britain I am amazed at how working mothers are increasingly demonized in public debate for daring to combine paid work and childcare. It's like children happen to women but not to men. If it's so terrible to be a parent and go to work at the same time, why aren't men getting the same flak?

----- Hon, a man's flak begins at home.

Quick, I must hide this from the old ball and chain because he mopped floors, cooked meals and raised kids for years and worked - he might think he's been nordicized, or gender pared. (I even convinced him to sit to pee so the bathroom stays cleaner longer.)

What a vapid article. The lady is amazed that women in Britain are publicly demonized for daring to combine work and childcare. And I guess 2 income households are by choice and not an economic necessity in Norway? How many American women would prefer to be stay-at-home moms, baking cookies and wiping baby butts and noses, because daddy brings home plenty of bacon?

But gender equality aside, this article reminds me that for at least a decade or more I have been brainwashed with information praising the wondrous accomplishments of Euro-Nordic semi-socialist nations.

Here is what I notice, (and to my shame once parroted) each time the praise has come from:

A native nordic, blonde person, who lives in a country where the famed nordic welfare system allows women to be more active at work and in politics. Well of course the system is manageable when your nordic nation is little more than a gated white community of 4.5 million, which is still called a Kingdom and more or less uniracial, not to mention heavily dependent on offshore drilling, fishery, and international trade, along with restricted immigration.

The second type of praiser of the nordic welfare system are non-nordic natives who think the US can mimic the system and that the US, with dozens of opposing cultures, religions, ideologies, can all just get along in our kingdom of 300+ million and growing. These praisers are usually white Americans who have vacationed or worked abroad and are gushy about how wonderful it was over there. They are also in that group that voted Obama because they "wanted to be part of history," or what I call the "ox and moron" logic - have you ever witnessed firsthand how dumb oxen can behave? Believe me, the old phrase "dumb as an ox" is true. I've heard some ignorant excuses in my life from those voting for a particular candidate but being "part of history" has to be the dumbest yet.

The third type of famed Nordic welfare pushers are the most devious. They would lead us to believe as soon as we can equalize everyone - gender, race, intellect, income, ideology - we will all live in Valhalla and commune with the Gods. Corruption will disappear, greed will be wiped from human nature, life will be fun on the State playground. Their goal is to supply everyone a crust of bread, a house of straw/mud, and minds that cannot process much of anything beyond cable TV, and they will call it world unity or parity or something warm-fuzzyish.

But yes, for at least a decade it seems I stumble every day on at least one article written in giddy glee on the benefits of a euro-nordic-style welfare socialist state. No one ever explains where the funding for 6 billion earthlings on welfare will come from, but I suppose the corporate kingdom will figure that one out - just as soon as they finish emptying the US coffers to bail us out of yet another crisis.

And then most folks are gonna grasp the true meaning of parity, peon parity.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rewriting Ronnie

I'm real tired of hearing Ronald Reagan, a petty third rate political actor trained to read lines, has become the hero of those who consider themselves "real Christian conservatives." Talk about lipstick on a pig.

Even Boy Bush will have spin meisters to put a lot of gloss on his pig and Bush will never be known as the revulsion-inducing putz he is, but as just another president in a long line of American presidents / figureheads. A couple or three presidents are remembered as heroes, but most are simply forgotten in the dustbin of national history. What to think of each president, or not think, will be taught in those textbooks funded by the government and preapproved by those who control our fine institutions of public education.

Reagan was no hero, or affable right-winger. He was more a Boy Bush lite, or perhaps Boy Bush is Reagan on steroids. In any case, those "conservatives" and "Reagan democrats," defenders of beloved Ronnie's memory, are as deluded as any other American political sheep herd.

Reagan practiced and prolonged a mean, petty, murderous vindictiveness toward the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, El Salvador's FMLN, in his weekend war on Grenada to prop up that US colony, etc.

Had John Hinckley been a better shot, I'm certain the US would have had their war on in the Middle East much sooner. Perhaps Reagan was somewhat uncooperative with the powers that be, especially after the anesthesia wore off - that may make him a hero, sort of. On the other hand his role may have been only to set the economic destruction ball rolling. Perhaps Poppy Bush and friends jumped the gun (no pun).

It was Ronnie who praised, applauded, and slobbered over Poland's trade unionist leader Lech Walesa and urged American union "Solidarity" with young Lech - while in Latin America and at home the corporate thugs were busting unions as quickly as possible, by brainwashing Joe the Assembler that his labor costs were too high and the company could not afford his union wage and benefits. Reagan was the ball that started the jobs rolling out and overseas. You see folks, Polish unions were honest, American unions corrupt, Central American unionists were corrupt commies.

Lech Walesa. I remember his mug on the nightly news during the '80s. Car mechanic and shipyard electrician who rose to become president, win a Nobel Peace prize, honorary degree from Harvard ... what ever happened to Lech? Reports say documents came to light in June 2008 alleging Walesa had been a collaborator of the communist secret police, "Bolek", way before the formation of "Solidarity." This suggests a degree of calculation on his part as well as the Polish government, in the context of all the events of the formation of Solidarity and subsequent to it. I gotta wonder, did Babs and Poppy Cia Bush know all this when they were hugging Lech in Warsaw back then.

Although I have limited support for most social programs, Reagan cut such aid not to the bone but to the marrow. He closed mental health facilities dumping tens of thousands on the street - but not to worry - also on his watch the tough on crime folks found a big opportunity in the American prison industry, which would criminalize and privatize the housing of many of the nation's mental incompetents and social misfits.

It was Ron who was adored by the Yuppie generation (young upwardly mobile/urban professionals). Many, if not most, made their money in the fast lane of sales, wheeling and dealing in real estate investment, computers, technology, pharma for the whole family stupefied with cable entertainment, and mad ad men - because the only thing that meant anything was Status. Flaunt it if you got it, fake it 'til you make it. It was the era when I scratched my head and asked "How did Deadbeat Dyrone get a MasterCard with his credit?"

Oops, did you say S&L bailout? Iran Contra? He tripled the deficit? The Ron who never met a defense program he didn't love. Grandpa Ron the Affable. His love of big weapons bred bigger waste and corruption to help us along to where we are today - and now folks pay homage to rouged cheek Paw-Paw Reagan.

The '80s under Reagan was one long decade when the national anthem was Gordon Greko's Greed is Good; doesn't matter how you make it, just make it (it being money).

There was nothing conservative or spiritual about Ronald Reagan.

And, honestly, with all the astrology readings going on under the Nancy administration ... I thought astrology was forbidden to Christians, at least since St. Augustine devoted a section of the City of God to ridicule astrology.

Republicans today piss and moan that "conservatives have turned away from Reagan's brand of conservatism" - that's one of those social programming memes that is supposed to mean something but is actually empty rhetoric for empty heads - because today's political conservatives or liberals are just like and are continuing Reagan's brand: Overspending, corrupt, corporate and/or self-serving policy pushers of a New State, and like Reagan, they too will retire to the ranch when the shit hits the really big fan.

(Although, looking back I think the seriously slow US decline took a firm foothold around 1960.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Shirts & Such

Recap of Obama/Biden Universal Voluntary Public Service:

Barack Obama will enable all Americans to serve.
Integrate service into learning.
Invest in the nonprofit sector.
Expand Corporation for National and Community Service.
Engage Retiring Americans in Service on a Large Scale.
Expand Service-Learning in Our Nation's Schools.
Expand YouthBuild Program.
Require 100 Hours of Service in College.
Promote College Serve-Study.

Known in Italy years ago as camicie nere, camisas doradas in Mexico, plĂ­nio salgado in Brazil, or blueshirts if a member of the Canadian National Socialist Unity Party. Had the ideas above come from a conservative American political party they would have been immediately designated by the "left" as brownshirts.

When such groups are founded by "progressives/liberals" they are imperiously referred to as America or Community or Job or Peace "corps." These orgs accomplish little to nothing overall yet the funding keeps on coming and coming and growing and growing. But whatever color shirt you wear - most likely it will be made in China (which, if you haven't figured it out by now, has become the political/economic role model for the US).

On another note - the news this a.m. is Obama will likely use executive signing orders to overturn certain Bush policies, such as stem cell research, etc. etc. Now, remember, Bush "ruled by executive order" and according to America's "left" it was dictatorship - but when Obama does the same it will henceforth be known as "setting his stamp" on American policy.

And by the way - Neither Congress nor any administration has ever prohibited private funding of embryonic research. Bush vetoed federal funding of research, federal and funding being the keywords here. That's right folks, the so-called supporters of stemcell research want YOU to provide tax funding for the research. The policy question is not really whether it's morally right or wrong - but who pays - private corporations or federal guvmint funding. And we know how efficient the government is with tax funded enterprises.

Have you taken a close look at Obama's Chief of Staff to be, Rahm Emanuel? Well, for all those on the "left" screaming about BushCo's administration being tied to Zionists - you can't get much closer to zion than with Emanuel.

Emanuel is said to have "mailed a rotten fish to a former coworker after the two parted ways." On the night after the 1996 election, "Emanuel was so angry at the president's (Clinton) enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting 'Dead! ... Dead! ... Dead!' and plunging the knife into the table after every name." His "take-no-prisoners attitude" earned him the nickname "Rahm-bo". People who worked with Emanuel at that time "insist the once hard-charging staffer has mellowed out."

Oh yessiree, we be all mellowed out with Barry's rule.

Excuse me hon, what neck size would you like your free red shirt? Oh, wait, you're so progressive you're giving the shirt off your back to the new administration, in hope of change? Bwaaa hahahahah.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wonderful Tonight

Clapton with Katie Kissoon doing backup vocals.

Mutt Like Me

While many seem to find Obama's "a mutt like me" remark humorous I find it anything but. Barry, is that how you talk in front of your daughters? Not helping the matter was OBH looking down often at his podium notes and following along with his finger.

Supporters claim the mutt remark shows OBH's warm sense of humor, claim it means nothing more than a mixed breed which BHO is, or they claim he was being politically savvy and used the moment to remind white folks that he too had a white mama - his first press conference and he's still reassuring part of the population that he's half white? Obama displayed a kinder and gentler self-contempt moment - and peeple think it's cute.

The remark says to me OBH is uncomfortable with at least one-half of his heritage. He should know there are plenty of others more than happy to use the adjective "mutt."

My advice Barry: Never refer to yourself as a mutt, mongrel, niggah, homeboy, Americoon, Bo-Bo, Bonky, Buckwheat or Burnt Cracker or burr head, etc. even if self-deprecation makes the dumber among us chuckle or guffaw.

The remark shows BHO is unaware of America's southern history where Blacks were referred to as mutts or "mongrels," whether mixed breed or not. Mutt is a derogatory term - not something that should be coming from the mouth of the next "leader of the free world."

If you think past presidents arrived at the White House clueless and/or with a lot of unresolved psychological baggage - you ain't seen nothing yet.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008


How superficial of me, but note the colors of the Family Obama on the night of the acceptance speech.

My first thought was - hmmm, red and black, the colors of Marxist/Leninist rebels everywhere, hmmm.

My second thought was - EGADS, Michelle's dress looks like the hourglass on the belly of a black widow spider. Again, hmmm...

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Let me see ... Election 2000 and election 2004 were stolen, rigged, etc. etc. according to the "left." But election 2008 is on the up and up ?

The agenda continues folks, regardless what face they put on it, acceptance speech as translated by someone:

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Saturday, November 01, 2008

You'll End Up In the Poorhouse

Those were words I heard as a child, usually connected to wanting something unaffordable or frivolous. As a child I put the threat of ending up in the poorhouse or on the poor farm in the same category of parental wisdom as "you'll put your eye out" - some vague scary possibility but not likely because I was "different" or too smart.

Being an amateur genealogist I have found in my searches that the history of poorhouses and fear of ending in a poorhouse was not quite the house of horrors I once believed. Yes there were abuses, just as there is today in public and private institutions. The quality of poorhouse care reflected the values and mores of the surrounding community. I'm quite certain the institutional abuses today outnumber those of the past simply because today there is less oversight and little community involvement, other than a faceless hierarchy of government paid administrators.

However, the main reason for the parental admonishment of ending in the poorhouse was the dread and fear of shame. Fear and shame were motivational, to protect family honor, to care for one's own, etc. that sort of thing - unlike today where we are taught we all so extraordinary we should never feel shame or the threat of shame, and we have the corrupting programs and social experts to prove no one should experience negative feelings such as shame - of course that belief interferes with feeling anything but that's another post.

The last poorhouse/farm in my area was officially closed in the 1950s. County records and census usually offer a good deal of information on the inhabitants and workings of the poorhouse/farm, or alms house. States had "poor laws" that charged each county with providing care to local inhabitants who could not do for themselves and/or had no family legally bound to provide for them. Most states considered legally bound kindred as parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, wife, husband, or child. Imagine that, being obligated to provide food, shelter, and care for family members.

Superintendents were appointed to run the poor house/farm and assign workloads to "inmates," thus the farms were self-sustained. All residents who were capable were expected to work. I suppose if "progressives" approved of such places they would have been described as self-sustainable green communities.

In the above linked piece the writer states that "vast land resources" along with commerce and industry offered "most people a chance to obtain a livelihood" and avoid the poorhouse. That suggests to me the perception is the US no longer offers much chance at obtaining a livelihood. I guess Tito the Builder and Joe the Plumber haven't heard the chances of a livelihood ended a century ago. (Fact is, US workers sat on their fat behinds watching industry leave the country, busted up their own unions, and welcomed cheap labor competition over the border.)

Even if the US still had the "vast land resources," most of today's pioneers would be unable to puff and waddle across the plains and work sunup to sundown to maintain their livelihood. And I guess most American couch potatoes are looking toward China/India waving bye-bye and awaiting high paid job offers from the areas of commerce and industry.

Petty criminals were sometimes poorhouse inmates to work off fines. Some residents were the functioning but mentally handicapped/retarded. Some were widowed or abandoned women with children. Some were families left homeless by fire, some were elderly and ill with no one and no place to live out their final days (today called nursing homes).

Some were long-term residents, others brief. The farms held both black and white inmates, or paupers as most States referred to them. And from what I have uncovered locally there appears to have been less segregation on the county poor farm than anywhere else during this era. Poverty can be an equalizer.

There were fines and penalties on poorhouse superintendents who kept anyone who had been restored to health and able to provide for themselves, unlike today where caseload is job security. County hospitals and physicians were expected to donate a reasonable amount of time and care to poorhouse residents. Local undertakers and churches helped with burial of those who died but the bulk of financial support came from county taxation - a good reason for locals to ensure their communities were as prosperous as possible for all.

Poor houses/county farms are gone, replaced with Federal programs. We no longer have "paupers" but have people who are eligible for a host of State and Federal programs, and today so many are in need of something. There is no longer stigma attached to living on the dole - in fact, it's become a career for many. Needy has become okay, with a check, apply now. Charity has become a big business racket for founders and recipients.

You are no longer a burden your family will labor to love - your needs are now household income from Big Government. You are no longer incompetent, retarded or disabled, or plain lazy - you are underprivileged or somehow challenged, with limitations that your family and community will not and cannot deal with - but Big Government can. You are no longer a family throwaway - but a family member bringing in a check. You are no longer a pauper, alone in the world - you're one of many just waiting for someone to give you that thing called opportunity.

You have been convinced that Big Government will and should take care of Little You. You really no longer need family and neighbors (unless there's a mutually lucrative government grant or program available). You can even manufacture your own monthly check myalgias and BigPharma will manufacture treatment covered by BigInsurance which BigFoundations will research and BigCelebrities will fundraise and BigGovernment will subsidize all of them.

You have been convinced you no longer live in the land of hope and opportunities - but in the land of cruel oppression and social injustice - in need of a government check to cover every ache, pain, disadvantage, disability, or mental fart you suffer - courtesy of the same cruel land that won't give you opportunity.

Clueless people, you have willingly entered the poorhouse - you've just been convinced to sit there and be proud of it. Shame on you. Sometimes some folks really do get what they deserve.

(Note: I know some less than astute readers will email me claiming I'm advocating not caring for the unfortunate among us, blaming the victim, etc. Not true. These emailers will also be the creative freeloaders who are handout careerists, who justify their own petty corruption as okay since so much of the government and so many of the wealthy are corrupt.)

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