Friday, November 07, 2008


How superficial of me, but note the colors of the Family Obama on the night of the acceptance speech.

My first thought was - hmmm, red and black, the colors of Marxist/Leninist rebels everywhere, hmmm.

My second thought was - EGADS, Michelle's dress looks like the hourglass on the belly of a black widow spider. Again, hmmm...


Anonymous said...

The dress is not attractive on Michelle or on the model who wore it and she was much skinnier.
(Somebody did a side by side comparison of the two. Still thumbs down to both)

Kate-A said...

It's an ugly dress on anyone. Michelle needs to downplay her build from the waist down and she seems to stress it instead. Either that or she has yet to learn the art of walking in heels as she seems to clomp, rather than glide.

I'm so old I remember mandatory classes in junior high school on how ladies were to sit, stand, walk gracefully. Maybe the trend now is to clomp along like those runway models, who seem to have painfully dislocated pelvis joints.

I think Palin was the best dressed female pol I've seen in a long time. Expensive.

But the KAB award for the worst dressed still goes to Oprah. As my Daddy would say - her taste is all in her mouth.

Anonymous said...

From what I can see her body type is along the lines of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. She could probably stand a personal trainer to fine tune everything.

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