Saturday, June 30, 2007

Al the Doorman

Googling "Gore in 2008" will give you 6,130,000 hits. WSJ ran that one by the public in May 2006 and more recently Alternet, and FoxNews ,which gave Gore standings in the primaries although Gore hasn't announced, in fact denies, any presidential run.

Beats the helloutta me how anyone would consider Al Gore for anything more than a doorman. In a stiff spiffy uniform. With cap and gloves.

He's the same chickenshit phony he's always been, now raking in big bucks marketing the convenient and equally phony global warming scare science, as he continues the same lavish energy lifestyle.

He's the same 2000 putz who thought a public passionate liplock on Tipper would win the hearts and groins of the liberal base, and pundits gushed that with the kiss Gore stepped out of Clinton's shadow. Huh? I never knew there was a full-mouthed contest between the guys.

He's the same Gore who aided and abetted Clinton through 2 terms of crime, corruption, cronyism, shafting and nafta-ing and making it easy for multinational corporations to pose as the vanguard of China's Communist Party - and then he wanted to distance himself because of a slob on a knob?

He's the same Al who as vice president gave AIPAC their mandatory blowjobs and assured Jews that Israel is the other testicle in America's scrotum.

He's the same chickenshit man who when against the ropes in Election 2000 backed down from Bushco because he didn't want to create a constitutional crisis. The coward who stepped aside to let Bush lay waste to the world and crisis-up the constitution.

Hold that door open Al. Thanks.


The American "left" still running the Sy Hersh mantra that Bush and Cheney's wet dream is to attack Iran. Sy Hersh:

"Still, the Pentagon is continuing intensive planning for a possible bombing attack on Iran, a process that began last year, at the direction of the President. In recent months, the former intelligence official told me, a special planning group has been established in the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, charged with creating a contingency bombing plan for Iran that can be implemented, upon orders from the President, within twenty-four hours."

Nothing unusual here as all administrations establish policy planning groups to do what-ifs and world-o-war crafting, although the wet dream target may be different. Reagan's what-if nuking it out with Russia, Clinton's Kosovo, etc.

The "left" in the '80s was running with the phrase that Reagan was planning nuclear war with Russia and the "right" reported that Clinton planned to use a dramatic escalation of military force to settle other countries' domestic conflicts. Reagan did not use his what-if Russia plans; preferring smaller dirty interventions. As did Slick Willy Bill (Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti).

Highly unlikely BushCo will bite off more war to choke his poll numbers on; he's mucked up enough wet dreams already. Besides, the Iranian clerics and Ahmadinejad are doing a fair job of hanging themselves with domestic failures.

Hersh is good for keeping the sheople chuckling nervously over the Boy Blunder camped out in the capitol; reminding folks there's a scary bunch of drunken putzes and corrupted puppets running the Whites House who might wage more war any moment now.

You would think after a few hundred years of this perversity Americans wouldn't be so surprised at government.

Boys & Girls

Meet the new bosses. Last June, Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga … proprietor of the wildly successful liberal blog Daily Kos, sent an email to an invitation-only listserv known as Townhouse. Consisting of some 300 liberal bloggers, journalists, activists, and consultants, the list was an outgrowth of weekly strategy sessions held at a D.C. bar—a forum for brainstorming on issues and tactics, and a means of creating a "unified message," as Moulitsas later put it.

In the message … Moulitsas asked list members to "ignore" a blog item by the New York Times' Chris Suellentrop that revealed that Jerome Armstrong—founder of the popular liberal blog MyDD and a close friend and business associate of Moulitsas—had once been implicated in a stock-touting scheme. Suellentrop noted parallels between stock-hyping and bloggers' touting of candidates such as Howard Dean, who had hired both Armstrong and Moulitsas as consultants during his 2004 presidential campaign. Moulitsas … told Townhouse members that these revelations were "a nonstory." "So far," he wrote, "this story isn't making the jump to the traditional media, and we shouldn't do anything to help make that happen." He urged participants to "starve it of oxygen."

The irony is this: Moulitsas' reaction echoes the very control-the-message philosophy the blogosphere once rose up to fight. Indeed, challenging the methods of an entrenched political elite was the subject of Crashing the Gate."

--- Harumpf. Honest bloggers have been warning and pointing at Markos (including yours truly), and his crew and followers for at least a couple of years now. But, according to Alexa, more trafficked than DK is the Huffingtonpost.

Like DK, Ms. Huff is a former republican, and commentator, who rose up to become a progressive. Her ex-hubby, an oil and banking heir, announced he was gay in 1998, after the couple split. Not that her ex, or their oil and banking portfolio have anything to do with whether Ms. Huff is a genuine progressive...

… psssst, wanna buy a genuine Rolex …

But the above brand of liberal/progressive blogger sites are leading the pack (or herd), with a large collection of little pipsters longing to belong to the dailies and diaries, part of the clique of being linked. Pitiful.

On the way to the bank and flogging BushCo they rally for DemCo. Crashing the gates to let the other cheek on the corporate ass rule for a while. Hooyah.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lessons From Katrina

How to Destroy an African American City in Thirty Three Steps. By Bill Quigley.

(Bill is a human rights lawyer and professor at Loyola University New Orleans. Bill recently returned from India where he … toured hundreds of miles of coastal communities devastated by the Tsunami. They met with Indian community members to discuss common challenges and strategies to rebuild their communities. In August, the Indian people will be visiting the gulf coast. The trips were sponsored by ActionAid International and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.)

Hmmm, actually, it reads more like 33 complaints as "lessons" should be something learned and most of Katrina's victims haven't learned a damn thing, else it wouldn't be so quiet in the 'hood.

Bill's "steps" to destroying a Black city include : DELAY, government ineptitude, blame the victims, delay responding, refuse international help, spread rumors, make assistance arbitrary, reduce or delay or do away with facilities for the poor (predominantly Black), make the city unfriendly to the poor (predominantly Black), make sure corporations get billions in contracts, accuse others of "playing the race card" if they complain, etc. Oh, and use "African-American spokespersons where possible."

Not mentioned, and lest we forget, there's the 34th step:

34. Ensure there are "white activists" to speak up for Black folks where possible, to search for strategies and solutions; activists who can tool around on the typical FFF (fascist foundation funds) discussing common poor folk disasters; travel on fortunes founded, blended, and sheltered long ago and still spawning .

Remember, philanthropy is cheap – cheaper to give everyone in town a free pair of new shoes than to change the system that keeps 'em barefooted. The goodwill PR is priceless.

Cheaper to reward "activists" (predominantly white) with plane tickets and nickels to lament the welfare of the poor (predominantly Black) and blame puppethead politicians - much cheaper and more winnable than fighting the commoners who would, if led, dismantle a system that intentionally keeps most of the world in misery.

Above all else, white activists must never remind, tell, or mention to the poor (predominantly Black) to get off their dead ass and onto their dying feet and TCB (take care of business), as both elite owned government and corporate funded do-gooders always fail, by design.

Dance With Me Old Friends

Los Bukis - Yo Te Necesito

Ana Gabriel - Y Aqui Estoy

Ana Gabriel - Eres Todo En Mi (Chayanne/Vanessa Williams)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Free Meds For Everyone & Gay Marriage - After Successful Iraq War

New poll finds that young Americans are leaning left.

Young Americans are more likely than the general public to favor a government-run universal health care insurance system, an open-door policy on immigration and the legalization of gay marriage, according to a New York Times/CBS News/MTV poll. The poll also found that they are more likely to say the war in Iraq is heading to a successful conclusion.

More than half of Americans ages 17 to 29 — 54 percent — say they intend to vote for a Democrat for president in 2008.

Among this age group, Bush's job approval rating after the attacks of Sept. 11 was more than 80 percent. Over the course of the next three years, it drifted downward leading into the presidential election of 2004, when 4 of 10 young Americans said they approved how Bush was handling his job.

----Hmmmm. Government-run health care. Why not, BigDaddy has been so brilliant with other programs for the public good … education, Medicaid/Medicare, Social Security, student loans, veterans, foster children services, public hospitals, drug abuse programs, mental health programs, youth programs, Job Corps, job creation programs, Federal Emergency Management, FDA, EPA….

Open borders. Why not, it's worked well for the last 25+ years. BigDaddy should call it Bring 'Em In - Amnesty Every Decade.

Gay marriage. Why not. And how about polygamy, shouldn't that be legal too? What woman couldn't use a couple of extra "honey-do's" around the house?

Favored "leftists" Hillary and/or Obama will decide, sometime before, during, or after the triumphant conclusion of the Iraq War.

If the above poll represents today's youth moving left - we're doomed I tell ya – doomed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Elaine Brown

Activist and author Elaine Brown, the first and only woman to lead the Black Panther Party speaks on issues of race with reference to her ... all » new book New Age Racism.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

Smoke In Your Eyes Only

CIA to Air Decades of Dirty Laundry.

…. "skeletons" listed in the summary included:

· The confinement by the CIA of a Russian defector, suspected by the CIA as a possible "fake," in Maryland and Virginia safe houses for two years, beginning in 1964. Colby speculated that this might be "a violation of the kidnapping laws."

· The "very productive" 1963 wiretapping of two columnists -- Robert Allen and Paul Scott -- whose conversations included talks with 12 senators and six congressmen.

· Break-ins by the CIA's office of security at the homes of one current and one former CIA official suspected of retaining classified documents.

· CIA-funded testing of American citizens, "including reactions to certain drugs."

The CIA documents scheduled for release next week, Hayden said yesterday, "provide a glimpse of a very different time and a very different agency."

----Soooo, lemme see. The CIA is airing info which informed folks have known for years anyway? Information leaked or written years ago by "ex-CIA" authors often with titles such as "My 20 Years Inside the CIA… " gotta get that pension and government permission before rattling the bones. (The 2 or 3 year "confinement" of Yuri Nosenko, Russian defector in 1964, was made into an HBO movie in the '80s and some theorists connected the man's confinement to the JFK assassination.)

Doesn't it make ya just damn proud Bubba to be an Amerikun because our government sooner or later gives us the dirty laundry?

The new boss giving us a peek inside the Company is SOP; CIA does this every 10 years or so and claims ya need to know this : "it was a very different time and a very different agency."

Sure it was boss. Give the man a CohĂ­ba.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Bananas/Same Plantation

Mayor Bloomberg defects from GOP.

Preparing for a future presidential run, and knowing the public holds its nose to vote, Mike smells the coffee.

New serious contenders/political parties begin to gradually enter the Republic.

Candidates, many former democrat or republican party members, will now be known as Independent, Know-Nothing Party, Freethinkers Party, Unity Party, Anarchists United, Retro Whigs, Thinking People's Party, the I Am Not A Corporatecrat Party, Reaganistas, Clintonistas, Hispanicals Party, Gay Parader Party, Bubba-O-bama Party, Citizens for Partying Party, Big Tunas Party, Earth Mothers Party, Casino Reservation Party, Pol a Pot Party, the Real UFOs Party, New & Improved Toothpaste Party, and many many others. All most appropriate with a party for every impotent banana in the Republic.

(I plan to check out the Old Babes Party myself.)


DES MOINES - Cecilia Beaman is a 57-year-old grandmother, a principal at Pacific Middle School in Des Moines, and as of Sunday is also a suspected terrorist.

"This is not right," she told us. It's not right!"

This past weekend she and several other chaperones took 37 middle school students to a Heritage Festival band competition in California. The trip included two days at Disneyland. During the stay she made sandwiches for the kids and was careful to pack the knives she used to prepare those sandwiches in her checked luggage.

But Beaman says she couldn't find a third knife. It was a 5 1/2 inch bread knife with a rounded tip and a serrated edge. She thought she might have lost or misplaced it during the trip.

On the trip home, screeners with the Transportation Security Administration at Los Angeles International Airport found it deep in the outside pocket of a carry-on cooler. Beaman apologized and told them it was a mistake.

"You've committed a felony," Beaman says a security screener announced. "And you're considered a terrorist."

Beaman says she was told her name would go on a terrorist watch-list and that she would have to pay a $500 fine.

"I'm a 57-year-old woman who is taking care of 37 kids," she told them. "I'm not gonna commit a terrorist act." Beaman says they took information from her Washington drivers license and confiscated and photographed the knife according to standard operating procedure.

You can find a complete list of banned items, range of fines levied for violations, and information on how to plead your case with the TSA at

----It has nothing to do with unfairness. It's more REVENUE for Big DaddyGov's TSA/DHS programs and to keep the planes running on time. As Kip Hawley would say "The money has to come from somewhere."

Apparently, rather than plastic utensils, some folks haul their personal kitchen knives across country to make sandwiches. But here are the hard questions: Why is this Des Moines, Iowa middle school principal using a Washington drivers license? Hmmmmmmmm? And, why is this 2005 story being trotted out again (as if current news) by a shitload of pop-lib sites today? There has to be more frightening government domestic abuse to chat up than this 2 y/o story.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Canadian U.N. drug adviser jailed for possession.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A Canadian U.N. official who advised the Afghan government on eradicating opium poppy crops was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison for smuggling and drug possession.

Bert Tatham, 35, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was arrested April 23 during a one-hour stopover at the Dubai International Airport, after being caught with a half a gram of hashish, and two poppy bulbs. He pleaded innocent.

Tatham's attorney, Saeed Al-Gailani, argued at the arraignment last week that his client inadvertently carried a small amount of drugs because part of his job was to collect "tons of drugs every day" in Afghanistan.

"His trousers must have mistakenly picked up the tiny quantity of hashish," al-Gailani said.

As for the poppy bulbs, al-Gailani said Tatham was taking them to Canada "for experiments and education."

----Yep, possible, one time walkin' through the 'hood Bubba's trousers picked up a gram of weed and a couple of rocks by mistake. ;)

After a more thorough search, authorities reportedly found 0.6 grams of hashish in his clothes and traces of drugs in his urine.

He (Tatham) also suggests he may have unknowingly ingested narcotics in local foods or inhaled "fumes" while burning seized drugs.

----Yep, possible. Everytime Bubba's pee tests dirty he sez he doesn't know how it got there unless somebody put it in his food.

Me Love You Long Time In the Laboratory For $5000

Pay the poor for good behavior?

"New York Mayor Bloomberg wants to reduce poverty through cash incentives. It just could work.

What if poor parents were paid to talk with their kid's teacher? Or to visit a dentist, or get job training? New York's mayor believes such incentives can reduce the nearly 20 percent poverty rate in his city. Kudos to him for taking a new crack at an old problem.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's hope is not just a wispy dream. Similar incentive programs in other countries have a proven track record and broad political support. In Mexico, such an approach has helped to raise school attendance, improve nutrition, and reduce extreme poverty. The World Bank enthusiastically backs the idea, which is being practiced in about 30 countries.

The mayor, a Republican, is not above importing policy, as long as it works (he plans to copy London's tax on downtown driving to fight global warming).

The city will start the privately funded, anti-poverty experiment in September, measuring it against a control group of nonparticipants. Those in the pilot plan can earn up to $5,000 a year by meeting criteria related to health, education, and work. That amounts to a 25 percent raise for a family of four living below the poverty line of about $20,000. If the plan succeeds, the mayor wants to commit public funds to expand it.

It's no shock that a mayor is reaching for this kind of innovation. Cities and states are America's problem-solving laboratories. What is surprising, and refreshingly so, is new national attention to poverty."

" The rewards have been used in other countries, including Brazil and Mexico, and have drawn widespread praise for changing behavior among the poor. Mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled to Mexico this spring to study the healthy lifestyle payments, also known as conditional cash transfers.

Among the possible rewards in New York's program are $25 for attending parent-teacher conferences, $25 per month for a child who maintains a 95 percent school attendance record, $400 for graduating high school, $100 for each family member who sees the dentist every six months and $150 a month for adults who work full time.

But some critics have raised questions about cash reward programs, saying they promote the misguided idea that poor people could be successful if they just made better choices.

"It just reinforces the impression that if everybody would just work hard enough and change their personal behavior we could solve poverty in this country, and that's not reflected in the facts," said Margy Waller, co-founder of Inclusion, a research and policy group in Washington.

Waller, who served as a domestic policy adviser in the Clinton administration, said it would be more effective to focus on labor issues, such as making sure wage laws are enforced and improving benefits for working people."

Stumbled Upon

You'll Feel Like a Soldier

Monday, June 18, 2007

It All Makes Sense Now! American Voters Are Insane

States Face Decisions on Who Is Mentally Fit to Vote

CRANSTON, R.I. — Behind the barbed wire and thick walls of the state mental hospital here are two patients who have not been allowed to live in the outside world for 20 years. Both were found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

Still, they have voted in elections nearly every two years, casting ballots by mail. Now, however, election officials are taking steps that could ban them from voting, arguing that state law denies the vote to people with such serious psychiatric impairments.

The issue is drawing attention for two major reasons: increasing efforts by the mentally ill and their advocates to secure voting rights, and mounting concern by psychiatrists and others who work with the elderly about the rights and risks of voting by people with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Rhode Island’s case concerns William Sarmento, institutionalized after he claimed Satan had ordered him to kill two boys, ages 6 and 9, and John A. Sarro, charged in the throat-slashing of a man in a bar restroom, and later with killing another psychiatric patient.

Mr. DeLorenzo said he was “ready to remove them from the voting list,” but because the House election had been so close, the American Civil Liberties Union intervened, saying more notice was required for a hearing.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day Dad

Nothing New Here

U.S. National Guard lacking equipment due to Iraq war.

The headline above has been chanted since Katrina. Meant to make BushCo look bad and perhaps scare folks, that if another natural or manmade disaster occurs there's not enough Guard or equipment to take care of the homeland. Shortly after Katrina the talking point was that NOLA guard troops were in Iraq, not in New Orleans, although at the time 8,000 of Louisiana's 11,000 NG were home.

The above piece goes on to state : "National Guard units in 31 U.S. states have 60 percent or less of their authorized quota of equipment due to the Iraq war, the USA Today newspaper reported Friday. Eighteen of the 31 states report having half or fewer of the vehicles, aircraft, radios, weapons and other items they are authorized to have for home-front uses, a 50-state review by the newspaper found."

According to the history of the NG: " Army National Guard has participated in every war or conflict the US has fought. The militia stood their ground at Lexington Green in 1775 when the opening shots of the War of Independence were fired. They fought the British and their Indian allies from the Great Lakes to New Orleans during the War of 1812, and provided 70% of the troops that fought in the Mexican War.

The majority of the troops that fought in the Philippines during the Spanish American War were National Guardsmen, and the greatest number of combat divisions to fight the Germans during World War I came from the Guard - including six out of the eight that the German General Staff rated as "Excellent" or "Superior."

The Guard doubled the size of the Regular Army when it was mobilized in 1940, more then a year before Pearl Harbor, and contributed 19 divisions to that war, as well as numerous other units, to include Guard aviation squadrons. Over 138,000 Guardsmen were mobilized for Korea, followed by numerous smaller mobilizations for the Berlin Crisis, Vietnam, and numerous strikes and riots at home. Over 63,000 Army Guardsmen were called to serve in Desert Storm, and in the decade since then, Guardsmen have seen a greater role then ever before conducting peacekeeping in Somalia, Haiti, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Bosnia, and Kosovo."

And equipment shortage is not new : "Not just National Guard manpower was needed, either. Some 67 percent of the Army National Guard's equipment was also mobilized for war. According to The Korean War: An Encyclopedia, edited by Stanley Sandler:

"The Army National Guard gave up motor vehicles, tanks, and other ground weapons, plus light aircraft. Besides 156 M-26 tanks, some 592 M-4 medium tanks were withdrawn from National Guard inventories. The impact is suggested by the fact that, a year into the war, the Army National Guard had on hand only 33 percent of its authorized equipment. Likewise, the Air National Guard was stripped of its F-74 jet fighter aircraft, and even such items as life vests, life rafts, and spare parts for F-51 aircraft were withdrawn for use by the active forces."

And, no surprise, in this GAO Actions Needed to Identify National Guard Domestic Equipment Requirements and Readiness report, shortages are at least in part due to the usual State and Federal bureaucracy and incompetency.

Looks like SOP to me.

Soooooo, is there something new to see here or should I just move along and tell Bubba and Earl we ain't protected at home because that golldamn Bush has all our NG troops and equipment fighting his war in Iraq. Bubba and Earl will think I'm so informed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Overseer on the Plantation

Obama rips absentee fathers.

Obama: "There are a lot of men out there who need to stop acting like boys; who need to realize that responsibility does not end at conception; who need to know that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child but the courage to raise one," Obama said in prepared remarks. Obama, who grew up without a father in his home, stressed the impact absentee fathers have in contributing to poverty, particularly among African-Americans.

"Too many black men simply cannot afford to raise a family—and too many have made the sad choice not to," Obama said. "A fatherless household takes its toll. Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and nine times more likely to drop out of school." Obama's criticism of absent fathers in the black community—he said more than half of African-American children grow up in homes without fathers—reprises a theme he has touched on several times as a senator, first in a Father's Day talk at a South Side speech two years ago. It has not been a focus so far on the presidential campaign trail.

Today, it provided emotional ballast for a speech delivered at an African-American church outlining a vision for bolstering low-income families that balances new government aid with a call for parents to take greater responsibility for their children's fate. He said the government needed to provide support as the global economy put new stress on low-income families.

Obama called for a significant expansion of the earned-income tax credit that provides government aid to working poor families and changes in the minimum wage law to index the pay rate to inflation. He also supported increases in job training programs and transitional employment programs for people who have difficulty finding work.

He backed increased funding for child-support enforcement and federal rules requiring states to turn over to families all child support funds they collect. And he advocated more funds for visiting nurse programs that train new parents, particularly in low-income areas.

-----Where do I begin. Another political puppet wants to throw more money to the slaves. First paragraph " a lot of men out there who need to stop acting like boys" …so Obama thinks impregnating and abandoning half-dozen babies is a behavior that "boys" do? Must be the old days when the master told his "boy" Toby to git down to Eliza's cabin and make strong babies for the field.

Obama grew up in a fatherless household? I read he was raised by his grandparents and then a stepfather. Sounds like father figures to me. But perhaps he means a biological father – like those households made fatherless in the current War for Oil. And just look how successful fatherless child Obama turned out. He didn't need no daddy.

Obama goes on to claim we need more government aid, more programs, more enforcement and federal rules for child support. GovDaddy will parent the poor, even though G-Daddy has failed miserably the last 40 years. As for the visiting nurse programs to train new parents, Obama is clueless or can b.s. straight-faced (or both). These "training" programs are not mandatory; wouldn't wanna trample on anyone's rights, and Tamika isn't gonna volunteer for a snoopy government agency lady coming around to show her how to change a diaper and burp the baby, or if she does it's just long enough to get the freebie carseat.

How long has Big Daddy Guv been providing job training programs? Well, at least since 1962 with the Manpower Development and Training Act. Billions of dollars and dozens of agencies and yet daddies got dumber and dumber and poorer and more unemployable.

I'll tell you of a couple of folks here in the 'hood. There's "Nuttybuddy". (Most Black folks in the 'hood have names like that.) Nuttybuddy is around 32 y/o. He's in prison more often than out, but has managed to produce 25 children (I shit you not) with almost as many different women. Occasionally, he's had 3 pregnant at a time. He's a busy man when paroled.

His crimes have included grand theft, robbery, drugs, murder, and of course nonsupport. His first child was conceived when he was 15, so Nuttybuddy is a granddaddy now. His first child, "Poo", a daughter, is 17 y/o, unmarried and expecting her second. There are so many similar stories of BigDaddy's here-to-help plantation programs. In my rural town of 16,000, Nutty and Poo are typical of about 75 percent of the 3000 Blacks, but there are Nuttys and Poos all across America, or everywhere I've been. And Obama, overseer, says send more money to help and train plantation Nuttys and Poos.

Don't let Obama seriously push values that promote better social behavior. No sir, just put mo' money into social programs for subsistence living; no ideals and dreams allowed. We's returned to the plantation to make babies in shanty projects for the massah's drug rings and prison industry, and live offin' the masters' cure-all promised land programs. Obama says let us have "significant expansion" of the predeominantly single parent reward program - EIC. Named "earned income credit" because it sounds better than "handout to prevent a rebellion, you dumb slaves."

Don't let Obama demand something as radical as free college education for all Black Americans – 300 or so years of forced servitude should be worth that. But not to worry, won't cost the taxpayer much, now that so many Black Americans accept the notion that being educated is "actin' white."

Obama won't interfere with the white owned music industry promoting nut clutchers and junkatrunk booty girls selling black face minstrel video entertainment to white folks who think Black folks are oversexed and immoral anyway. Keep jivin' and dancin' and sexin' up the plantation. All the while say we keepin' it real. A Black man I once politely rejected said "dat da white in ya gurl, let the nigga out." Left me speechless as he implied only whites fuss over morals.

God forbid leading Blacks be militant. Let them be adulterous preachers who push for more plantation handouts and talk of disparities and how the bossman owes you something just because you're hea'. And with your support this or that caucus or rainbow group will get mo' money for you from the massah, and don't forget to "take more responsibility for your children's fate". No matter how many you have or with whom.

So the slaves will cheer Obama as he wants to throw more money at failed agencies and failed programs to maintain the chains. Let us give thanks to the bleeding hearts who, after taking out MX and MLK, came forth with Jesse "Accomplice" Jackson, AFDC, crack, and gangsta rap. But let us call a spade a spade, know whutam sayin'?

(Note: There are also many white Nuttybuddys and Poos on Plantation, USA, although they more often marry before daddy is absentee.)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hoodwinkers Calendar

"It’s official. Mark your calendars. The crash of the U.S. economy has begun. It was announced the morning of Wednesday, June 13, 2007, by economic writers Steven Pearlstein and Robert Samuelson in the pages of the Washington Post, one of the foremost house organs of the U.S. monetary elite."

Or so says Richard C. Cook in this article from GlobalReasearch.

What is likely to happen? now that the "crash" has begun? Richard suggests four possible scenarios:

GR/COOK : Acceptance by the U.S. population of diminished prosperity and a declining role in the world. Grin and bear it. Live with your parents into your 40s instead of your 30s. Work two or three part-time jobs on the side, if you can find them. Die young if you lose your health care. Declare bankruptcy if you can, or just walk away from your debts until they bring back debtor’s prison like they’ve done in Dubai. Meanwhile, China buys more and more U.S. properties, homes, and businesses, as economists close to the Federal Reserve have suggested. If you’re an enterprising illegal immigrant, have fun continuing to jack up the underground economy, avoid business licenses and taxes, and rent out group houses to your friends.

-----Are ya scared yet? You're gonna be poor, broke, have nothing, a middle-age loser at home with momma. For the past 30 years millions of Americans have been working 2 or 3 deadend part-time jobs and declaring bankruptcy 2 or 3 times and often live with momma. The US has had a "debtors" prison for decades, poor blacks, and browns, and some whites. If China buys more US homes, properties, and businesses – they'll have to buy it from the Saudi, India, Russians, Japanese, and Europeans – who bought the US decades ago.

As for those illegal immigrants having fun – many are. Twenty million propping up the "underground economy" creating boomtowns for some areas, issuing construction permits by the truck load as investors build more rental housing for folks who like to live in friendly groups and send dinero back home. An estimated 1 trillion dollars, according to some economists, in untaxed underground immigrants - buying/selling beans, burritos, and bright red shirts to one another?

GR/COOK : Times of economic crisis produce international tension and politicians tend to go to war rather than face the economic music. The classic example is the worldwide depression of the 1930s leading to World War II. Conditions in the coming years could be as bad as they were then. We could have a really big war if the U.S. decides once and for all to haul off and let China, or whomever, have it in the chops. If they don’t want our dollars or our debt any more, how about a few nukes?

-----Eeek, does that put your butt in a knot? The Really Big One is looming. If China doesn't want US dollars, if the world doesn't want US dollars – where then will the US haul its porkchops other than to hit the biggest kid on the block with one? I mean, China can back their currency with a billion+ people, and … and … Euros are backed by bluebloods and … and … oh god the US is gonna go nukular.

GR/COOK : Maybe we’ll finally have a revolution either from the right or the center involving martial law, suspension of the Bill of Rights, etc., combined with some kind of military or forced-labor dictatorship. We’re halfway there anyway. Forget about a revolution from the left. They wouldn’t want to make anyone mad at them for being too radical.

-----Oh bejeezus. Black folks have been there and back and halfway there again - you know with forced labor, jimmy crow law and dictators yadayada. Is it white people's turn? Third world white is comin' atcha. You're gonna be poor. Poor I tell ya. And jailed. And nailed. No shopping, no fancy cars, no trips, no name brands. You're gonna live on and become a Piggly Wiggly generic.

And of course, as the man says - "forget about a revolution" - the prissy limp left will not get mad enough to do anything radical for you. I think the man is saying forget about anyone getting mad enough to do anything for you, and you are waiting for someone do to something for you, are you not? Is that an underhanded insult or what?

GR/COOK : Could there ever be a real try at reform, maybe even an attempt just to get back to the New Deal? Since the causes of the crisis are monetary, so would be the solutions. The first step would be for the Federal Reserve System to be abolished as a bank of issue and a transformation of the nation’s credit system into a genuine public utility by the federal government. This way we could rebuild our manufacturing and public infrastructure and develop an income assurance policy that would benefit everyone.

Ah ha! There it is folks. Just to get back. A possibility, expectation, a maybe, the great white hope that you can "get back to the New Deal."

Go for a real try at the old new deal and make a deal. You can have factories again, fill your potholes, assure an income for every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and the trains will run on time. And all you have to do is …. hmmmm …… the author doesn't say. Oh well, you'll be told later, for the moment isn't that all you wanna hear – that you'll get something good and not have to lift a shittin' finger for it?

As for Global Reasearch – Director of the Center for Research on Globalization is Michel Chossudovsky, who can often be seen and heard running hard with the phrase "Bush administration planning a nuclear holocaust on Iran" and other chants to scare you. Typical for Chossudovsky and kind, they have "it" all figured out and offer just enough facts and a few intelligent theories to keep you coming back for the cocoa puffs. But GR/Chossudovsky is a pretender – ranting against the New World Order - hoodwinking you along into it.

Old Nazi Proximity

Former UN secretary-general Kurt Waldheim, who was elected Austrian president despite an international scandal about his secretive military service for the Nazis, died today. He was 88.

In February 1988, a government-appointed international commission of six historians investigating his wartime service said it found no proof that Mr. Waldheim himself committed war crimes.

But it also made clear that his record was far from unblemished. The panel declared that Mr Waldheim was in "direct proximity to criminal actions".

Its report said that Mr Waldheim knew about German army atrocities in the Balkans and never undertook any action to prevent or oppose them. They admitted later they dropped a reference to Mr Waldheim's "moral guilt" for fear of overstepping their mandate with a "judgmental" statement.

----"Fear of overstepping" i.e. how much you give me for not saying that?

In direct proximity to Kurt is Arnold S. whose daddy also was in direct proximity as a Nazi party member. But shucks, give 'em the benefit of the doubt – not all acorns fall from birds of a feather as the twig is bent to grow the tree, or something like that.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Night the Whites Went Out in Georgia

ATLANTA - A judge on Monday voided a 10-year sentence for a man accused of having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. Genarlow Wilson was instead given a 12-month misdemeanor sentence with credit for time already served.

The state is likely to appeal the ruling.

In 2003, Wilson was an honors student, standout athlete and homecoming king preparing for his SATs with an eye toward college. At a New Year's Eve party involving alcohol, marijuana and sex, someone videotaped the girl performing oral sex on Wilson.

The tape also shows Wilson and other male partygoers having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old girl. Prosecutors sought a rape conviction against him, arguing that the 17-year-old was semiconscious and not capable of consent. But a jury that watched the tape disagreed.

---Wilson has served 27 months and will likely remain doing so until Georgia State's appeal is heard. Helluva way to prevent Black folks from movin' on up.

And remember folks, ya have to be a Rob Lowe-ish type to video tape sex with an underage girl and get away with it. Rob never did time but did have to eventually mock and grin with a butt spanking from the Church Lady on SNL.

Fuzzy Dreamers

Ron Paul for President?

CommonerDreams: Paul provided a quick GOP history lesson for dummies, reminding his uncomfortable audience that “the conservative wing of the Republican Party always advocated a noninterventionist foreign policy.”

--Excuse me? Dr. Paul, could you name names of those historical wingers of conservative Republicans who always advocated a noninterventionist policy? Cause when I look at history from Plymouth Rock to Little Rock I see pretty much the same puddle of political puppets for the ruling class - scalping, lynching, burning, beating - at home and abroad.

CommonerDreams: Sounding like one of those “blame-America-first, wacko Leftists,” Paul said U.S. foreign policy was a “major contributing factor” to 9/11. “Have you ever read the reasons they attacked us? They attacked us because we’ve been over there; we’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years.”

--Excuse me, Mr. Ron, in the same sentence there you say "they" attacked us because we are over there and have been bombing Iraq for a decade. Does that imply Osama was sympathetic, perhaps even in cahoots, with Iraq/Saddam? Also, Mr. Paul, does that suggest you believe the official version of 9/11 – that 19 Arabs under the direction of bin Laden hijacked 4 planes and attacked under Norad's nose?

CommonerDreams: “Bin Laden attacked us in 1993, 1995, 1998 and 2000. Throughout that period, and again just after 9/11, he stated his motivations: the ‘infidel’ presence on the Arabian peninsula, the economic sanctions on Iraq that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children in the 1990s and our support for Israeli expansionism.”

--Well, I admit I heard the presence of infidels as bin Laden's motivation but economic sanctions on Iraq is news to me. Again, there's that vague simpatico connection to Saddam. Quite amazing that Osama Bin Longdead went from motor boats and trucks loaded with explosives to the sophistication of a 9/11 operation. Don't ya think?

CommonerDreams: ….the real conservatives stand up. And then maybe, just maybe, “progressives” and “conservatives” could get together to effect “regime change” in Washington.

--Dear boy, who are the "real conservatives"? Would that be guys like Ronnie Reagan who dealt horror through death squads and weekend wars, who never saw a social program he liked, blessed the destruction of the US jobs base, and spent 8 years giving Wall Street a monica? That real conservative?

Surely not Nixon who bombed and burned Asians and thought home grown protestors were commie backed and out to get him. Or maybe you refer to all the real conservatives who opposed Vietnam or Korea or Kosovo or Afghanistan and hundreds of other foreign ventures? Please, I beg you - enlighten me to this list of real people.

Or maybe Eisenhower's slick dicking around in Guatemala and subsequent 100,000s murdered, maimed, missing is the ideal real conservative.

Or maybe it's Lincoln, father of the republican "equal but separate" party, who's foreign policy consisted of preventing Euro intervention in the Civil War, and agreed to non-intervention when Maximillian of Austria moved into Mexico and declared himself emperor. That kind of foreign policy conservative?

The names elude me but there must be one or two polecat pols out there somewhere to trot forward and speak of history's really compassionate conservatives.

My little fuzzy dreamers. You're going to get your "regime change" soon. Yesssir. Those progressives and conservatives are going to "get together" - although the insane and intolerable I-got-mine-system they operate within will remain the same.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Between the Lines

Bush too ill to attend. HEILIGENDAMM, Germany — President George W. Bush came down with a stomach ailment Friday at the Group of Eight summit in Germany and was resting in his room. (Read: liquored up again.)

After serving 3 days jail time Paris Hilton released. Citing sources close to Hilton's family, the syndicated TV show Entertainment Tonight reported on its website that the health problem was a rash that she developed on her body. (Read: get rich, get hives, get out of jail.)

More tortured news. "There is now enough evidence to state that secret detention facilities run by the CIA did exist in Europe from 2003-2005, in particular in Poland and Romania," Marty's report says. The facilities were "run directly and exclusively by the CIA." (Read: pony up some outrage, BushCo did it and will soon leave office, but you will not rid the world of CIA, doesn’t helplessness feel better?)

Rewriting the Ashcroft gallbladder saga. Taken to the hospital for an emergency gallbladder operation, he hallucinates under medication as he lies, near death, in intensive care. On the night after his operation, he has two visitors: White House chief of staff Andrew Card and presidential counsel Alberto Gonzales. As described in public testimony, they want Ashcroft to sign a document authorizing the government's top-secret eavesdropping program to go on. The attorney general, who thinks the program is illegal, refuses. (Read: how the "left" wing makes a hero of a rightwing asswipe having routine surgery.)

"There's a lot of people who don't like it when Russia and the United States argue, and it creates tensions," Bush said after his meeting with Putin in the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm, where leaders of eight major industrial nations are holding a summit. "It's much better to work together." Putin, who earlier had threatened to train Russian missiles on Europe if the U.S. proceeded with a missile shield on the continent, carried a conciliatory offer into his meeting with Bush. (Read: lets shake our big white gleaming phalli at one another and frighten the peons, nyuk nyuk nyuk, hee hee hee - hey Puti Poot pass the Stoli, see first story above.)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

What To Do Now White Folks

Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism a.k.a. ANSWER has the answer:

"The US cannot achieve military victory in Iraq."

"…mobilize 1 million people."

"… the ANSWER Coalition is not unilaterally setting a date for this potentially million-strong march and rally. However, we recommend holding it sometime in November of 2007, or on March 22, 2008--the fifth anniversary of the war."

"The aim is not just one more demonstration but the largest antiwar demonstration in US history. A mobilization of one million people marching on Washington DC would be the best possible trigger for an avalanche of grassroots organizing throughout the country and among service members and their families and veterans."

----- First of all, I find the statement "that the US cannot achieve military victory in Iraq" bothersome. Come on people, the US could achieve "victory" within a week if they wanted to. Somebody doesn't want to. Why is that? Mass casualties? duh, that never stopped the US before.

The ANSWER coalition was formed a couple of days after the 9/11 attacks (how convenient) by IAC (International Action Center) which was founded by Ramsey Clark. Clark is a good ol' Dallas boy from way back, serving under Kennedy and then LBJ. More recently – a lawyer for Saddam. Wow, all those decades of experience in human/civil rights and Clark couldn't keep Saddam (or look-alike) from swinging toot sweet. He also defended Slobodan Milosevic (or look-alike), alleged war criminal, who was found dead in his cell.

Also in the ANSWER mix are, or were, PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation, formed in 2004) and the Workers World Party (Communists). Apparently there has been some in-fighting in the coalition and departures, i.e. UFJP (United For Justice and Peace). ANSWER criticized UFJP for its willingness to embrace "moderate" pols like John Murtha and Ron Paul. Rightly so if you ask me as those two old hounds won't make any changes "for the people" - well at least not the changes their fans are counting on, i.e. peace, brotherhood, good jobs …

Will someone on the "left" tell me the plan if the left "wins" their fight to stop the war in Iraq ? What then? Will the good ol' boys, left and right, say to the taxpayer that Iraq reparations also equal the multi-billions the war would have amounted to (surprise surprise) and Joe Blow will still have to suck it up. The "neocons" dunnit but same price tag for Joe, same global totalitarian coffers – slightly different language in the payment plan.

Aren't those dates for the 1 million mobilized ANSWERs, November '07 or March '08, the worst time of year? DC can be cold and wet those months, people preparing for Thanksgiving, Xmas, Easter.

Alas, a summer of revolution isn't planned.

The '06 elections are over, Cindy went home and put Camp Casey up for sale. The big peace groupies are going to regroup and do peace later. Looks like a calm summer. Yep, a politically quiet summer. Not gonna be asskicking any politicians out of town; T-shirts and petitions are encouraged though. Don't forget - it's up to you, and well-funded international organizers to tell you what to do, little grassrooting grasshoppers .

As soon as the "mobilization" of one million (peace troops) march on Washington as recommended, sometime in the distant future, it will "trigger" an avalanche. Is that a sprinkling of military terminology? Yessirr. That's as militant as it gets these days.

In 1965 George Wallace refused to grant MLK a permit for the march from Selma to Montgomery; we marched anyway. Today's leftist peace "leaders" recommend months to years for what to do now, map and plan how to be spontaneous, and wait for permission from the same government they hold in contempt. Heeheehee. White folks sho' is funny.

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