Friday, June 15, 2007

Overseer on the Plantation

Obama rips absentee fathers.

Obama: "There are a lot of men out there who need to stop acting like boys; who need to realize that responsibility does not end at conception; who need to know that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child but the courage to raise one," Obama said in prepared remarks. Obama, who grew up without a father in his home, stressed the impact absentee fathers have in contributing to poverty, particularly among African-Americans.

"Too many black men simply cannot afford to raise a family—and too many have made the sad choice not to," Obama said. "A fatherless household takes its toll. Children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and nine times more likely to drop out of school." Obama's criticism of absent fathers in the black community—he said more than half of African-American children grow up in homes without fathers—reprises a theme he has touched on several times as a senator, first in a Father's Day talk at a South Side speech two years ago. It has not been a focus so far on the presidential campaign trail.

Today, it provided emotional ballast for a speech delivered at an African-American church outlining a vision for bolstering low-income families that balances new government aid with a call for parents to take greater responsibility for their children's fate. He said the government needed to provide support as the global economy put new stress on low-income families.

Obama called for a significant expansion of the earned-income tax credit that provides government aid to working poor families and changes in the minimum wage law to index the pay rate to inflation. He also supported increases in job training programs and transitional employment programs for people who have difficulty finding work.

He backed increased funding for child-support enforcement and federal rules requiring states to turn over to families all child support funds they collect. And he advocated more funds for visiting nurse programs that train new parents, particularly in low-income areas.

-----Where do I begin. Another political puppet wants to throw more money to the slaves. First paragraph " a lot of men out there who need to stop acting like boys" …so Obama thinks impregnating and abandoning half-dozen babies is a behavior that "boys" do? Must be the old days when the master told his "boy" Toby to git down to Eliza's cabin and make strong babies for the field.

Obama grew up in a fatherless household? I read he was raised by his grandparents and then a stepfather. Sounds like father figures to me. But perhaps he means a biological father – like those households made fatherless in the current War for Oil. And just look how successful fatherless child Obama turned out. He didn't need no daddy.

Obama goes on to claim we need more government aid, more programs, more enforcement and federal rules for child support. GovDaddy will parent the poor, even though G-Daddy has failed miserably the last 40 years. As for the visiting nurse programs to train new parents, Obama is clueless or can b.s. straight-faced (or both). These "training" programs are not mandatory; wouldn't wanna trample on anyone's rights, and Tamika isn't gonna volunteer for a snoopy government agency lady coming around to show her how to change a diaper and burp the baby, or if she does it's just long enough to get the freebie carseat.

How long has Big Daddy Guv been providing job training programs? Well, at least since 1962 with the Manpower Development and Training Act. Billions of dollars and dozens of agencies and yet daddies got dumber and dumber and poorer and more unemployable.

I'll tell you of a couple of folks here in the 'hood. There's "Nuttybuddy". (Most Black folks in the 'hood have names like that.) Nuttybuddy is around 32 y/o. He's in prison more often than out, but has managed to produce 25 children (I shit you not) with almost as many different women. Occasionally, he's had 3 pregnant at a time. He's a busy man when paroled.

His crimes have included grand theft, robbery, drugs, murder, and of course nonsupport. His first child was conceived when he was 15, so Nuttybuddy is a granddaddy now. His first child, "Poo", a daughter, is 17 y/o, unmarried and expecting her second. There are so many similar stories of BigDaddy's here-to-help plantation programs. In my rural town of 16,000, Nutty and Poo are typical of about 75 percent of the 3000 Blacks, but there are Nuttys and Poos all across America, or everywhere I've been. And Obama, overseer, says send more money to help and train plantation Nuttys and Poos.

Don't let Obama seriously push values that promote better social behavior. No sir, just put mo' money into social programs for subsistence living; no ideals and dreams allowed. We's returned to the plantation to make babies in shanty projects for the massah's drug rings and prison industry, and live offin' the masters' cure-all promised land programs. Obama says let us have "significant expansion" of the predeominantly single parent reward program - EIC. Named "earned income credit" because it sounds better than "handout to prevent a rebellion, you dumb slaves."

Don't let Obama demand something as radical as free college education for all Black Americans – 300 or so years of forced servitude should be worth that. But not to worry, won't cost the taxpayer much, now that so many Black Americans accept the notion that being educated is "actin' white."

Obama won't interfere with the white owned music industry promoting nut clutchers and junkatrunk booty girls selling black face minstrel video entertainment to white folks who think Black folks are oversexed and immoral anyway. Keep jivin' and dancin' and sexin' up the plantation. All the while say we keepin' it real. A Black man I once politely rejected said "dat da white in ya gurl, let the nigga out." Left me speechless as he implied only whites fuss over morals.

God forbid leading Blacks be militant. Let them be adulterous preachers who push for more plantation handouts and talk of disparities and how the bossman owes you something just because you're hea'. And with your support this or that caucus or rainbow group will get mo' money for you from the massah, and don't forget to "take more responsibility for your children's fate". No matter how many you have or with whom.

So the slaves will cheer Obama as he wants to throw more money at failed agencies and failed programs to maintain the chains. Let us give thanks to the bleeding hearts who, after taking out MX and MLK, came forth with Jesse "Accomplice" Jackson, AFDC, crack, and gangsta rap. But let us call a spade a spade, know whutam sayin'?

(Note: There are also many white Nuttybuddys and Poos on Plantation, USA, although they more often marry before daddy is absentee.)


Jimmy said...

Check in at our blog at The Child Support Web in a few days for a detailed look at the Bayh-Obama bill.

Kate-A said...

Thanks jimmy.

The 2007 Act is the 2006 Bill which simply "extends and tinkers" with last year's Act.

BigGov can at times force deadbeat dads to pay court ordered support; that's been going on at least since Reagan strengthened child support enforcement laws. Every politician promises to create jobs from thin air programs so some dads can be employed and pay up.

Although I'm not against all "social programs" it is not more funding that is needed, as most of these Acts monies are pilfered, wasted, with a fraction spent to collect that which is already easily collectible through garnishments, liens, etc.

Legislate and throw more money. But government cannot legislate fathers to love and teach their children. Social program pamphlets and a few counseling sessions cannot motivate absentee dads to emotionally and physically be there and invest a lifetime in their own children.

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