Saturday, June 02, 2007

What To Do Now White Folks

Act Now to Stop the War and End Racism a.k.a. ANSWER has the answer:

"The US cannot achieve military victory in Iraq."

"…mobilize 1 million people."

"… the ANSWER Coalition is not unilaterally setting a date for this potentially million-strong march and rally. However, we recommend holding it sometime in November of 2007, or on March 22, 2008--the fifth anniversary of the war."

"The aim is not just one more demonstration but the largest antiwar demonstration in US history. A mobilization of one million people marching on Washington DC would be the best possible trigger for an avalanche of grassroots organizing throughout the country and among service members and their families and veterans."

----- First of all, I find the statement "that the US cannot achieve military victory in Iraq" bothersome. Come on people, the US could achieve "victory" within a week if they wanted to. Somebody doesn't want to. Why is that? Mass casualties? duh, that never stopped the US before.

The ANSWER coalition was formed a couple of days after the 9/11 attacks (how convenient) by IAC (International Action Center) which was founded by Ramsey Clark. Clark is a good ol' Dallas boy from way back, serving under Kennedy and then LBJ. More recently – a lawyer for Saddam. Wow, all those decades of experience in human/civil rights and Clark couldn't keep Saddam (or look-alike) from swinging toot sweet. He also defended Slobodan Milosevic (or look-alike), alleged war criminal, who was found dead in his cell.

Also in the ANSWER mix are, or were, PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation, formed in 2004) and the Workers World Party (Communists). Apparently there has been some in-fighting in the coalition and departures, i.e. UFJP (United For Justice and Peace). ANSWER criticized UFJP for its willingness to embrace "moderate" pols like John Murtha and Ron Paul. Rightly so if you ask me as those two old hounds won't make any changes "for the people" - well at least not the changes their fans are counting on, i.e. peace, brotherhood, good jobs …

Will someone on the "left" tell me the plan if the left "wins" their fight to stop the war in Iraq ? What then? Will the good ol' boys, left and right, say to the taxpayer that Iraq reparations also equal the multi-billions the war would have amounted to (surprise surprise) and Joe Blow will still have to suck it up. The "neocons" dunnit but same price tag for Joe, same global totalitarian coffers – slightly different language in the payment plan.

Aren't those dates for the 1 million mobilized ANSWERs, November '07 or March '08, the worst time of year? DC can be cold and wet those months, people preparing for Thanksgiving, Xmas, Easter.

Alas, a summer of revolution isn't planned.

The '06 elections are over, Cindy went home and put Camp Casey up for sale. The big peace groupies are going to regroup and do peace later. Looks like a calm summer. Yep, a politically quiet summer. Not gonna be asskicking any politicians out of town; T-shirts and petitions are encouraged though. Don't forget - it's up to you, and well-funded international organizers to tell you what to do, little grassrooting grasshoppers .

As soon as the "mobilization" of one million (peace troops) march on Washington as recommended, sometime in the distant future, it will "trigger" an avalanche. Is that a sprinkling of military terminology? Yessirr. That's as militant as it gets these days.

In 1965 George Wallace refused to grant MLK a permit for the march from Selma to Montgomery; we marched anyway. Today's leftist peace "leaders" recommend months to years for what to do now, map and plan how to be spontaneous, and wait for permission from the same government they hold in contempt. Heeheehee. White folks sho' is funny.


abi said...

Will someone on the "left" tell me the plan if the left "wins" their fight to stop the war in Iraq ?

That assumes that the Democratic leadership is actually trying to end the fighting. I don't think they are. Even the Dems' sham timetable posturing allowed for thousands of troops to remain in Iraq. And if Osama bin Forgotten is to be believed, our military presence in the Middle East was one of the reasons for 9/11 (either that, or they hate us for our freedoms - I forget which).

Kate-A said...

We know the dems are not ending anything. Neither is the "left." The dem/left, right/rep are one in the same. All one big happy portfolio.

There's no profit in peace.

I think it was OBL who said it was our military presence in the ME and Dubya who said it's our freedom. They have different handlers. :)

Shutter said...

The Dems talk peace and fund WAR. Sho' we got to tek action hun... but we gotta do it at the rite time , no wot I mean hun?

There was a dude at Oxford related to the WW1 poet John Cornford he invented the "Principle of Unripe Time".(
in Microcosmographica Academica - a must read.

Sho' we gotta dooooo sumptin' hun?

But now's not the right time ? Time's sho' not ripe . Unnerstand ?

See? Now pass me that rye, 'n clean the porch.

Time is mighty like the medlar fruit hun. Often goes rotten before it gets ripe.

Kate-A said...

Thanks for the link.

TPTB surely operate on the principle of unripe time and wedgies - how to appear superficially reasonable while being dangerously cowardly.

Love the terminology this guy uses.

We seem to have ample numbers of prevaricating last ditch "safe siders" in the theater, rotting in a timely manner - or rottin' on time... squaring off their jobs.

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