Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hoodwinkers Calendar

"It’s official. Mark your calendars. The crash of the U.S. economy has begun. It was announced the morning of Wednesday, June 13, 2007, by economic writers Steven Pearlstein and Robert Samuelson in the pages of the Washington Post, one of the foremost house organs of the U.S. monetary elite."

Or so says Richard C. Cook in this article from GlobalReasearch.

What is likely to happen? now that the "crash" has begun? Richard suggests four possible scenarios:

GR/COOK : Acceptance by the U.S. population of diminished prosperity and a declining role in the world. Grin and bear it. Live with your parents into your 40s instead of your 30s. Work two or three part-time jobs on the side, if you can find them. Die young if you lose your health care. Declare bankruptcy if you can, or just walk away from your debts until they bring back debtor’s prison like they’ve done in Dubai. Meanwhile, China buys more and more U.S. properties, homes, and businesses, as economists close to the Federal Reserve have suggested. If you’re an enterprising illegal immigrant, have fun continuing to jack up the underground economy, avoid business licenses and taxes, and rent out group houses to your friends.

-----Are ya scared yet? You're gonna be poor, broke, have nothing, a middle-age loser at home with momma. For the past 30 years millions of Americans have been working 2 or 3 deadend part-time jobs and declaring bankruptcy 2 or 3 times and often live with momma. The US has had a "debtors" prison for decades, poor blacks, and browns, and some whites. If China buys more US homes, properties, and businesses – they'll have to buy it from the Saudi, India, Russians, Japanese, and Europeans – who bought the US decades ago.

As for those illegal immigrants having fun – many are. Twenty million propping up the "underground economy" creating boomtowns for some areas, issuing construction permits by the truck load as investors build more rental housing for folks who like to live in friendly groups and send dinero back home. An estimated 1 trillion dollars, according to some economists, in untaxed underground immigrants - buying/selling beans, burritos, and bright red shirts to one another?

GR/COOK : Times of economic crisis produce international tension and politicians tend to go to war rather than face the economic music. The classic example is the worldwide depression of the 1930s leading to World War II. Conditions in the coming years could be as bad as they were then. We could have a really big war if the U.S. decides once and for all to haul off and let China, or whomever, have it in the chops. If they don’t want our dollars or our debt any more, how about a few nukes?

-----Eeek, does that put your butt in a knot? The Really Big One is looming. If China doesn't want US dollars, if the world doesn't want US dollars – where then will the US haul its porkchops other than to hit the biggest kid on the block with one? I mean, China can back their currency with a billion+ people, and … and … Euros are backed by bluebloods and … and … oh god the US is gonna go nukular.

GR/COOK : Maybe we’ll finally have a revolution either from the right or the center involving martial law, suspension of the Bill of Rights, etc., combined with some kind of military or forced-labor dictatorship. We’re halfway there anyway. Forget about a revolution from the left. They wouldn’t want to make anyone mad at them for being too radical.

-----Oh bejeezus. Black folks have been there and back and halfway there again - you know with forced labor, jimmy crow law and dictators yadayada. Is it white people's turn? Third world white is comin' atcha. You're gonna be poor. Poor I tell ya. And jailed. And nailed. No shopping, no fancy cars, no trips, no name brands. You're gonna live on and become a Piggly Wiggly generic.

And of course, as the man says - "forget about a revolution" - the prissy limp left will not get mad enough to do anything radical for you. I think the man is saying forget about anyone getting mad enough to do anything for you, and you are waiting for someone do to something for you, are you not? Is that an underhanded insult or what?

GR/COOK : Could there ever be a real try at reform, maybe even an attempt just to get back to the New Deal? Since the causes of the crisis are monetary, so would be the solutions. The first step would be for the Federal Reserve System to be abolished as a bank of issue and a transformation of the nation’s credit system into a genuine public utility by the federal government. This way we could rebuild our manufacturing and public infrastructure and develop an income assurance policy that would benefit everyone.

Ah ha! There it is folks. Just to get back. A possibility, expectation, a maybe, the great white hope that you can "get back to the New Deal."

Go for a real try at the old new deal and make a deal. You can have factories again, fill your potholes, assure an income for every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and the trains will run on time. And all you have to do is …. hmmmm …… the author doesn't say. Oh well, you'll be told later, for the moment isn't that all you wanna hear – that you'll get something good and not have to lift a shittin' finger for it?

As for Global Reasearch – Director of the Center for Research on Globalization is Michel Chossudovsky, who can often be seen and heard running hard with the phrase "Bush administration planning a nuclear holocaust on Iran" and other chants to scare you. Typical for Chossudovsky and kind, they have "it" all figured out and offer just enough facts and a few intelligent theories to keep you coming back for the cocoa puffs. But GR/Chossudovsky is a pretender – ranting against the New World Order - hoodwinking you along into it.

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