Saturday, June 30, 2007

Al the Doorman

Googling "Gore in 2008" will give you 6,130,000 hits. WSJ ran that one by the public in May 2006 and more recently Alternet, and FoxNews ,which gave Gore standings in the primaries although Gore hasn't announced, in fact denies, any presidential run.

Beats the helloutta me how anyone would consider Al Gore for anything more than a doorman. In a stiff spiffy uniform. With cap and gloves.

He's the same chickenshit phony he's always been, now raking in big bucks marketing the convenient and equally phony global warming scare science, as he continues the same lavish energy lifestyle.

He's the same 2000 putz who thought a public passionate liplock on Tipper would win the hearts and groins of the liberal base, and pundits gushed that with the kiss Gore stepped out of Clinton's shadow. Huh? I never knew there was a full-mouthed contest between the guys.

He's the same Gore who aided and abetted Clinton through 2 terms of crime, corruption, cronyism, shafting and nafta-ing and making it easy for multinational corporations to pose as the vanguard of China's Communist Party - and then he wanted to distance himself because of a slob on a knob?

He's the same Al who as vice president gave AIPAC their mandatory blowjobs and assured Jews that Israel is the other testicle in America's scrotum.

He's the same chickenshit man who when against the ropes in Election 2000 backed down from Bushco because he didn't want to create a constitutional crisis. The coward who stepped aside to let Bush lay waste to the world and crisis-up the constitution.

Hold that door open Al. Thanks.

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