Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Bananas/Same Plantation

Mayor Bloomberg defects from GOP.

Preparing for a future presidential run, and knowing the public holds its nose to vote, Mike smells the coffee.

New serious contenders/political parties begin to gradually enter the Republic.

Candidates, many former democrat or republican party members, will now be known as Independent, Know-Nothing Party, Freethinkers Party, Unity Party, Anarchists United, Retro Whigs, Thinking People's Party, the I Am Not A Corporatecrat Party, Reaganistas, Clintonistas, Hispanicals Party, Gay Parader Party, Bubba-O-bama Party, Citizens for Partying Party, Big Tunas Party, Earth Mothers Party, Casino Reservation Party, Pol a Pot Party, the Real UFOs Party, New & Improved Toothpaste Party, and many many others. All most appropriate with a party for every impotent banana in the Republic.

(I plan to check out the Old Babes Party myself.)

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