Friday, June 29, 2007

Lessons From Katrina

How to Destroy an African American City in Thirty Three Steps. By Bill Quigley.

(Bill is a human rights lawyer and professor at Loyola University New Orleans. Bill recently returned from India where he … toured hundreds of miles of coastal communities devastated by the Tsunami. They met with Indian community members to discuss common challenges and strategies to rebuild their communities. In August, the Indian people will be visiting the gulf coast. The trips were sponsored by ActionAid International and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.)

Hmmm, actually, it reads more like 33 complaints as "lessons" should be something learned and most of Katrina's victims haven't learned a damn thing, else it wouldn't be so quiet in the 'hood.

Bill's "steps" to destroying a Black city include : DELAY, government ineptitude, blame the victims, delay responding, refuse international help, spread rumors, make assistance arbitrary, reduce or delay or do away with facilities for the poor (predominantly Black), make the city unfriendly to the poor (predominantly Black), make sure corporations get billions in contracts, accuse others of "playing the race card" if they complain, etc. Oh, and use "African-American spokespersons where possible."

Not mentioned, and lest we forget, there's the 34th step:

34. Ensure there are "white activists" to speak up for Black folks where possible, to search for strategies and solutions; activists who can tool around on the typical FFF (fascist foundation funds) discussing common poor folk disasters; travel on fortunes founded, blended, and sheltered long ago and still spawning .

Remember, philanthropy is cheap – cheaper to give everyone in town a free pair of new shoes than to change the system that keeps 'em barefooted. The goodwill PR is priceless.

Cheaper to reward "activists" (predominantly white) with plane tickets and nickels to lament the welfare of the poor (predominantly Black) and blame puppethead politicians - much cheaper and more winnable than fighting the commoners who would, if led, dismantle a system that intentionally keeps most of the world in misery.

Above all else, white activists must never remind, tell, or mention to the poor (predominantly Black) to get off their dead ass and onto their dying feet and TCB (take care of business), as both elite owned government and corporate funded do-gooders always fail, by design.

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