Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Canadian U.N. drug adviser jailed for possession.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A Canadian U.N. official who advised the Afghan government on eradicating opium poppy crops was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison for smuggling and drug possession.

Bert Tatham, 35, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was arrested April 23 during a one-hour stopover at the Dubai International Airport, after being caught with a half a gram of hashish, and two poppy bulbs. He pleaded innocent.

Tatham's attorney, Saeed Al-Gailani, argued at the arraignment last week that his client inadvertently carried a small amount of drugs because part of his job was to collect "tons of drugs every day" in Afghanistan.

"His trousers must have mistakenly picked up the tiny quantity of hashish," al-Gailani said.

As for the poppy bulbs, al-Gailani said Tatham was taking them to Canada "for experiments and education."

----Yep, possible, one time walkin' through the 'hood Bubba's trousers picked up a gram of weed and a couple of rocks by mistake. ;)

After a more thorough search, authorities reportedly found 0.6 grams of hashish in his clothes and traces of drugs in his urine.

He (Tatham) also suggests he may have unknowingly ingested narcotics in local foods or inhaled "fumes" while burning seized drugs.

----Yep, possible. Everytime Bubba's pee tests dirty he sez he doesn't know how it got there unless somebody put it in his food.

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