Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Smelling the Coffee this Week With a Head Cold

Most Americans know the country is not going to change paths. They know this because they know the uprising necessary for remodeling the US economic and political system is not going to happen. Few are willing to hurt their own wallet to change anything.

Americans are content to repeat and carry whatever torch they see lit last, i.e. stopping Alito nomination or exposing the truth of 9/11 will make a difference. Alito was just sworn in (told you he would be).

Of course we heard the same thing during the Bork nomination. A poll in 1987 during Bork's nomination process showed 2 out of 3 Americans couldn't even name Bork as Reagan's nominee. I must point out that the defeat of Bork did nothing for the middle and working class wage slaves as their lot in life continues downhill, nor have huge numbers of the masses gotten any smarter since 1987.

As for 9/11, well - we need look no further than Pearl Harbor, JFK murder, Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Mena, etc. to see how truth "will out." Some citizens questioned the official Abe and John Wilkes Booth story but we know how history tells that, and how many still care.

Truth will out – a proverb for the masses. Folks repeat the phrase and know it isn't true. They know, even when and if bits of truth "will out," it has never changed their enslaved lives to US empire. America's lower classes have repeated the same adage for at least my lifetime and my parents' lifetimes, who heard the same from their parents, so pretty much since day one of America. In political history truth never wills out; truth is buried along with the perpetrators, buried among the official "versions" and in the graves of a few of the generation it mattered to. Most Americans do not want (never have wanted) the truth. This country was built and is still maintained on killing non-whites (usually) and slavery (cheap labor today).

We will never know the truth of 9/11. Just knowing we've been had again should be sufficient, but it isn't. Because not enough know or want to know they're being had.

MSNBC has a good example of b.s. for those politically left of center. Palace Revolt, shades of JFK Camelot rhetoric? A hack piece generating the idea that a few "quietly determined lawyers" waged a quiet battle to "rein in" the BushCo power in the war on terror, and it "cost them." The article focuses on one Jack Goldsmith who left Bush's Washington, to work as a lowly professor at Harvard Law School. Oh the inhumanity of it all, the cost to Mr. Goldsmith. This type of news is for those who read and have some thinking ability – it projects a little "hope" where there is none. It perpetuates the myth that the flunkies of the ruling elite "care" about you, me, and the country and willingly sacrifice their guvmint jobs and careers in pursuit of doing the right thing. Amazingly, those suits "doing the right thing" doesn't make a dent in the government's armor these days (or dent the right-thingers wallet). But the altruism is astounding huh?

Anyone who still believes America's "left" is any different than America's "right" is a sorry dupe indeed. Look at Cindy this past week, hugging and hobnobbing with Chavez. Anyone think her trips abroad and speechifying from the podium of "socialists" is attracting Bubba and Earline or Dick and Jane to her cause?

One of my biggest chuckles comes from the Aussies, Brits, and other Anglo internationalistas who like to point out the horrors and flaws of the USA, completely overlooking their own country's role in the whole world mess. Have you ever met a German who wasn't a leeeetle bit into group supremacy; a Frenchman who wasn't totally self-regarding, a Brit always eventually stupidly defending their monarch, or an Aussie drinking his Crown Lager drawn on the welfare state? Yessirree, Americans should succeed at governing, like the European and Aussie utopias.

Maybe those down-under and fussy Euro-folks think they have the solutions. We just need ugly silly royalty to support, racial problems, immigration woes, a going bankrupt government, dumb as dirt citizens, and plenty of welfare and lager. But wait, don't we have that already?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Republican Mental Images

"Experts" say the Straussian neocon republicans won because . . . conservatives can sum up their core values in a few sentences, i.e. free market values, family values, strong defense, etc. whilst democrats flounder and flip pandering to gays, abortion, singing kumbaa-yaa for peace and more welfare programs for the slothful, etc. Whatever the PR, the republicans are better liars. Republicans sanction at least 4 of the 7 deadly sins : pride, avarice, anger, envy (while attributing those sins to the democrats). Republicans simply wordplay their sins into integrity, freedom, strength, humility, higher expectations, etc.

It has been interesting to watch friends, family, and acquaintances over the past decade. Some who were once liberal turned to the republican party in 2000 because, after burning out in their own jaded mid-life decadence and boredom, they "wanted more" from a president than blowjobs and interns. Or, as often happens when big dogs get too old to run, they sniff and pass judgment from the front porch.

These well-educated, well-traveled, affluent, decadent and aging boomers suddenly decided that America needed higher moral standards and more values. It was not because Republicans are better for big business; Clinton was as profitable to America, Inc. as any conservative. It was not because Clinton handed out welfare to the masses; Clinton in fact nipped and snipped social programs. My affluent friends have done just as well economically under every administration, regardless the party. No - it was the marketing and offering of redemption (Bush), to my once liberalish, somewhat amoral, sometimes apolitical, aging tired-ass friends who decided as their sexual energy was on the wane, it was important their president get laid less too; or in BushCo marketing terminology "bringing back honor and integrity" or how to get angry at low lives (even if your own life was/is much lower).

George Bush (the boy) was the perfect redeemer for boomers losing their vigor. Bush too had been wild, bawdy, godless, immoral, extravagant. He too, it was claimed, had matured and put away the (decades of) youthful things; booze, drugs, controlled the sensual urges, found humility. Or so he was marketed. The redeemed Bush appealed to the balding, wrinkling John Affluent power player. Barking from the porch about integrity, honesty, values, etc. my friends could pride themselves on being like Bush - reformed, moral, wise, sober and clean. Humbled by success; ready to clean up America and the world's mess. Ready for bufu loads of the integrity they fudged on and/or bypassed on their way to the top.

John A., fighting high BP and hemorrhoids, was as jealous of Clinton's prowess and chutzpah as he was convinced that Bush would bring integrity to the WH. (And chances of war under Bush were so good John's avarice bought oil and armament stock early on.) John, like many newly discovered puritan males in 2000, knew Bush was marketing greed, pride, anger, envy as "politics with honor." The 2000 Bush campaign was a corrupted sort of new-age saviorship promising to release John of all his past guilt and excesses.

Some John Affluents I know align themselves with republicans for no other reason than conservative marketing affirmed for them : the weak, stupid, and poor are democrat; the strong, savvy, and affluent are republican. They reason associating with the republican party lifts their status a notch. Americans, being supersensitive on appearance / status and numb to truth, will say and do whatever it takes to lift themselves up a rung on the social ladder. It matters not if the reasoning is valid; in some minds, claiming republican affiliation signifies a higher social status. Some believe a republican / conservative connection gives one more "class."

On the surface an intelligent conversation can be had with John but going deeper you realize John is not concerned about who takes the WH next; Hillary or a neocon or a third party. He's my generation. I have watched him contort facts for decades around his wants and needs, truth be damned. He will howl on cue about integrity, but doesn't care what integrity really means, only whether or not he appears to have it. Comfortable on the porch, carpetbagging more real estate and stock. Convinced by self and republican PR that he is not a greedy envious pissed-off hypocrite. Although not finding Bush as likeable now as six years ago, John A. will stay with the republican rhetoric as it provides what he needs : The mental image that he has class, status, and virtue.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Government demanding search records from Google, Yahoo, etc. Billions of searches annually will be impossible to track. Tracking an individual's search history is useless as any good revolutionary will not seek methods online and any smart pervert will use someone else's p.c. The entire idea of government compelling Google to turn over records is to scare babies and provide armchair radicals something to shill about. The guvmint doesn't care what Jane & Joe Blow googles. It's a psyop to fall for.

Government control of the internet. They already have it; otherwise we the people would never have been given access to the net. Government shutting down access to internet. Not going to happen. Too many industries making too many billions online.

The imminent collapse of the US economy. Not until China, Japan, Europe, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Canada, etc. decide their US investment can withstand the loss. Life will become more austere for many Americans, the stockmarket may wobble and weave, but "collapse" of the economy is another tactic to scare babies. But do go ahead with hoarding supplies and paying off debt; it will eventually put less in the elite pocket.

Hiding, or ceasing publication of the M3 report this March. The M3 report is published by the government to track production, savings, accounts and spending in the US economy. It is used to track inflation and the printing of US dollars to keep up with US debt. Some "experts" claim the M3 is very important, others not. The feds claim the cost of producing the information outweighs its usefulness. If you feel you absolutely must have the M3 report – take the M1 and M2 because the M3 is basically a compilation of M1 and 2. If you believe the feds are hiding the M3 due to imminent economic collapse then better sell all stocks, build a bomb shelter, and wait for falling skies. If you're like 99.9 percent of Americans you never heard of the M3 until your favorite blogger yelled loudly the M3 cessation portends economic doom of immense proportion.

War with Iran. Unlikely. Iranian leaders maintain religious, secular, social, and economic control over their population which is what the US desires at home and abroad; a la Saudi, Israel, Syria, China, etc. Phony democracies, oligarchies, royal choke holds, republics that repress thinkers, religious fruitcakes preferred. Iraq was closer to democracy under Saddam Hussein than it ever will be under US puppets. (Contrary to popular b.s. Israel is not a democracy but a racist tribe living off US welfare, and faring very well.) If war with Iran comes – there is nothing anyone can do about it (just as Iraq was unstoppable by millions of peons). Iran may act as replacement for USSR's red menace. Wars and rumors of wars has been used for years as the "big scare" factor in politics and religion. For thousands of years each generation predicts "the end" is near.

We the people pay and die for wars, but we do not start nor stop them. Vietnam ended because the ruling elite had made their monies and, after a dozen+ years, were ready to leave the venture. Social unrest over VN was a welcomed excuse for the money changers (if not covertly directed by them). The "movements" of the 60s thus ended as quickly as they began, with the elite scoring biggest in the categories of women to work (for less), public dole increased (submissive and controlled public), and a gluttony of new consumerism / debt for techno-toy entertainment, marketing wannabe rich and famous (the FU, I got mine era).

Other raspberries: Bird flu, pfffattt. Alito pfffattt. Flight TWA, Abramoff, bin Laden latest release, pfffattt. Election 2000, election 2004 thefts, will not be undone. "Moderate" politicians from any side of the aisle– har har har. General Ivashov, George Galloway, and all other foreign phonies as the US has more than enough progressive posers of its own.

Bush administration impeachment and/or war crime charges. Unlikely, and it would change nothing. It will not change US direction. A worldly order is here. An orderliness where folks support the belief that things are the way they are because that's "just the way the world is." Doing something about the order, if you disagree with any of it, will take more than contacting representatives, more than holding a sign, or attending a protest once a year, or sending a few dollars to a favored cause. It will take overthrowing the entire government (throwing out ALL current pols and revising the system) – and no segment of America is in enough pain, or has enough power, for such a disobedient act; big daddy government has seen to that.

Which reminds me of a news blip interview with a waitress during the recent NY transit strike. She didn't support her fellow worker peons striking "because they made a lot more money" than she did and had better benefits. Of course her mentality and sense of fairness do support a 4-eyed schlep earning billions for an idea, or millions for a CEO bonus, or a song, or an appearance – but not a bus driver earning a little more. Because she's a good American pissant, and that's just the way the world is. Big Daddy has seen to that.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Groundhog Days

After a few days offline, a few comments on the first items to catch my attention. Beginning with Sibel Edmonds. Will everyone please stop giving Ms. E. the attention she seeks so she'll stop parroting previous decades? On the air at PrisonPlanet (Alex Jones) Edmonds said what the "left" has said for 3 or 4 decades. Nothing new, but presented as "revelations." Such as : "Edmonds has also previously gone on record with revelations of government run drug shipping and other organized crime operations." No! Imagine my shock. According to Edmonds we "… the American public have not heard who the real culprit is behind 9/11. There is money laundering, and certain narcotic and weapons procurements involved." Heard the same thing during Vietnam's Golden Triangle, Air America, etc., and let's not forget Clinton/Poppy Bush drug running Mena, etc. I can't seem to 'rev' this 'elation' of gun and drug running. The "real culprit" of course being (like Ms. Sibel) the big teaser.

OBL back and live from somewhere on tape. William Blum, an icon of the "left" saw his book sales for Rogue State jump from 205,763 to number 86 at Amazon. Why? Because Osama (CIA operator) mentioned the book in his latest "statement." I have had Blum's Rogue State for a few years and it's not worth the paper it is printed on. No depth, nothing new, just a rehashed synopsis of US imperialism and third world rape which any good leftist has kept a tally of for decades. Save your money, unless you prefer curling up with a book that briefly lists countries the US has screwed (other than our own), which you should already know.

I see Alito and Abramoff are still at the top of most liberal cause lists.

What a waste of time. As for the judge, we (you and me, the unwashed) are going to get who we're given. You can pressure your pols for or against but in the end we will get the man/woman whom our "betters" believe best suit their needs; unless you're under the silly notion that activists (a tiny portion of US society) have the power to make a difference. (Real activists who make a difference don't live long: MLK, X, Evers, Hampton, etc.)

Abramoff. A once upon a time powerful lobbyist who pled guilty to fraud, tax evasion, and bribing public officials. This is new? The majority of Joe Blows couldn't tell you who Abramoff is or care who he is. The "left" will make the usual foreboding predictions and use the same old hammer of how important this case is to exposing the current administration; because of Abramoff's "ties" with said administration, his access to the White House, his fundraising for Bush, and/or the Jewish ties, etc.

If you think highlighting this administration's corruption and/or collusion with Jewish groups is going to change anything for the better then perhaps you cannot or do not remember the Reagan, Bush I, and Clinton years. Government spying on everyone, constitution in peril, minions and treason were the oft used terms then too. God I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day but without the usefulness of acquiring new knowledge as Murray did.

Which brings me the question. Ever wonder after the last 3 or 4 decades, with all the "left" icons of knowledge and enlightenment (Chomsky, Cole, Blum, Bowles, Chalmers) dozens of 'em, and all the "whistleblowers" and high profile activists (dozens of 'em) the left has had no impact on anything for the masses? Like higher paying jobs, rising standard of living, education, healthcare, etc.?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Open Thread

Will be off line 01/16 to 01/20.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I won't miss the volume and din but will miss the late night talks, letting #3 son sleep until noon, making huge homemade meals, and watching hairy-legged young one clear dishes without breaking anything. No one was eager for the visit to end but there are "places to go and people to see." It may take a few weeks for the scent of youth hormone and cologne to leave this old house but that's okay.

I don't know why other mother's sons join the military. Perhaps college, although mine could have went to college without the military. I tried very hard to stop my sons from enlisting. My sons were not driven by poverty nor a desire to prove machismo. For my 3 it was tradition. Considered an accomplishment through the generations by many American families; a rite of passage into the ranks of the elders; to better understand what the old men speak of. Military service was once a duty even the ruling elite felt obligated to perform: Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Bush I, Dole, etc. Almost a political prerequisite for acceptance by the public.

We went to dinner one evening with #3 in dress uniform (family photo-op). To my dismay (for him) no one, not one person in the restaurant spoke to my son. We received stares, long stares. An uncomfortable air. Here in the Bible belt, military belt, heartland – it was unnatural for no one to say 'hey, how's it going over there' or 'where ya stationed'. When this part of the country turns away from those in uniform – it's more than a problem. It's an ominous signal. The American populace was fine, high-fiving and cheering, when the gang and supporting members were told they're heroes; tagging their turf with yellows ribbons and flags. When the media finally pointed out how craven and thuggish the public gang – they began to turn. On one another. Under the lamp, grilled, some plead guilty to ignorance, some to entrapment, tricked, some to an epiphanous moment where they found a conscious. Like convicts who find Jesus in jail, American John Q. Thugs now see the horror of their crime.

America knew then and knows now. Knows how ill-advised and ugly war is. All the MSM bravado and kickass attitude of a year or two ago is gone. It never really was the property of John Q. Thugs and like thieves the public spent fast and free enjoying a moment of victory doled out by propagandists. Now replaced by a sullen passive guilty population of gangsters unable to resist whatever national direction the boss offers them. Looking for plea bargains.

The local Wal-Mart has removed their "wall of honor" of area soldiers. A year ago there were at least 150 mostly young faces from every county for miles around on a wall at the Wal-Mart entrance. All that remains are pieces of dirty scotch tape and thumb tack holes. The media now gives the opposition side more voice, and more Americans feel cuckolded, married to a system there's no way out of or safe in. Uncomfortable in the presence of anything that reminds them how often they've screwed and been screwed; how many times they've had to fake it and sing proud to be American while the kingpins rob them blind and tell them it's for everyone's benefit.

There are few flags, few decals; can't remember the last time I saw a yellow ribbon. Cindy Sheehan's most recent article spoke of apathy but it smells like cowardice to me; a gang of thugs aware they do not control their own government or collective destiny (never really did), no faith in the system but it's all they know. Not apathy; but trepidation. John Q. Thug waiting for a clue. What to do when a vote doesn't count, when pols do as they're instructed by corrupt unknown masters, when every "war on" is another get rich scheme for those in control. Millions of J.Q. Thug familes waiting. Waiting, waiting. Waiting and reading and spreading the latest scare graffiti called news and/or mass mailed political urban legends presented as fact. Waiting for the next guy to do something, or at best, for the next guy to show what is courage and do something besides wait.

Another item in the past few days stuck with me. From Unknown News. The writer expresses sentiment seen more these days in regard to American troops, stating "the unpleasant truth about "American heroes", is that American soldiers are hired killers … No more, no less. The epitome of soldierdom is unquestioning obedience. Can’t have soldiers questioning orders to “light up” some brown skinned family, can we?"

The author comments that "in light of Vietnam, it is nigh unfathomable that any half-witted American can take the “call of duty” seriously." But I wonder, when and/or if the day ever came when "the people" need soldiers to choose between a useless failed government or their fellow Americans, who will these "half-witted" side with? For those folks who believe American soldiers are half-witted hired killers, no more, no less – the answer should be troublesome.

While I agree in premise with the proposal that soldiers are hired killers, (so are cops along with most government personnel and it's supporters, you the taxpayer) it's offensive to label the same soldiers "deluded dupes." Few are deluded about what they're signing on to do. And they are more than hired killers. They are friends, neighbors, children, coworkers, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, family.

I'm sick of the mantra that this war is "based on lies." All wars are staged - and based on lies, always have been. Deal with it. Maybe some believe what we see today is a whole new world of deceit by government - but it's not. Simply the evil of the ruling class laughing with an "in your face" stance at a generation raised on blood and puke teevee.

The author asks "when do we get the wisdom and charity part?" Maybe it's when gang member John Q. Thug stops screaming about what the US is doing in foreign nations and screams when the US "lights up little brown people" stateside. The way Howard Morgan was lit up, a Black man (ex cop) shot 25 times by police and survived. The ruling class knows if America's John Thugs aren't outraged by "incidents" of racism at home – then racism abroad is plenty acceptable. Light 'em if you got 'em.

Maybe it's when people stop pissing on the boots they may need to one day stand down and force a change in government. Perhaps charity these days is the left using the term "killing an entire family" rather than "baby killers." Maybe it's when folks recognize the real half-wits are those who mouth the same old styled memes, which this time around gives them even less clout. Unquestioning obedience isn't just for soldierdom. It's the epitome of John Q. Thug. It's most of America, the one nobody wants to admit to.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Busy Busy

Still here but busy busy busy due to #3 son home until 01/12/06. :)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Winston Churchill Revised

Winnie, one of the Anglo-elite's favorite historical characters, is lauded as "The master statesman who stood alone against fascism and renewed the world's faith in the superiority of democracy." Had he not been designated frontman for WWII by the Brit's ruling class he would likely have spent his days gaining weight, indulging dangerously in his hat fetish, and clearing brush in the English countryside; living off family trusts, enjoying life as a gentleman, a pedigree of lesser nobility.

Churchill was grandson of New Yorker Leonard Jerome, an American stock market speculator, entrepreneur (brought organized horseracing to NY), railroad man, lawyer, and majority shareholder in the New York Times. Grandpa Jerome once used gattling guns against striking employees and (for conspiracy fans) was a close friend of August Belmont, (nee Schoenberg), the American representative of the Rothschild banking family. Jerome's daughter Jennie married Lord Randolph Churchill, giving Winston his aristocratic British blood.

Before WWII Winston Churchill was a soldier, Anglo-Boer war journalist, a politician with many enemies, an MP (equivalent to our congresspersons). After Anglo bankers and corporations completed financing their next enemy (1930s Hitler), Churchill was selected prime minister, 1940-45. Like GWB, he could also be blamed if history insisted. Strangely, as appreciative as the world was, Churchill lost the prime ministership two months after Germany's surrender. But history was kind to Churchill. I suppose at the time it was a great honor to have "Fat Man," the bomb named after Winston, dropped on Nagasaki.

GW echoed Churchill in his 2004 SOTU as he called on a nation that has come "through tragedy, and trial, and war" not to "falter and leave our work unfinished." Rumsfeld raised the ghost of Churchill many times in the run up to the Iraq War, telling an audience of marines in California August 2002 that : "Leadership in the right direction finds followers and supporters." He said it was more important to do the right thing than to have everyone in agreement with you, "even though at the outset it may seem lonesome." Rummy told his audience about the skepticism faced by Winston Churchill in the years before WWII, how there was not " ... unanimity. There were all kinds of diplomats running around, holding meetings with Hitler. There were people saying, 'Don't do anything, he'll stop. He won't do anything terrible." Recently, conservative pundits dragged out Churchill's dirty word "appeasers" to swear at anti-war folks.

There was a lot of Winstonese going around in 2002 to March 2003. Churchill is credited with being "the first to recognize that Hitler was a danger." Oh my. You'd think the American businessmen and bankers investing in and supplying Hitler's machine would have noticed first. Eventually GWB may be credited with recognizing Saddam was a danger, with renewing "the world's faith in the superiority of democracy."

In June 1954, Churchill stated to journalists in the United States that "I am a Zionist, let me make that clear. I was one of the original ones after the Balfour Declaration and I have worked faithfully for it." The JewishPost wrote Churchill was "perhaps the last romantic Zionist Gentile. Or perhaps the last romantic Zionist." American pols today aren't making it as clear but they do seem to be romancing it faithfully.

Churchill was Ghandi's jailer during WWII. but racist bigot isn't the Churchill evoked by American conservatives when imitating the Fat Man. Churchill once called Ghandi a nauseating, seditious lawyer posing as a "... fakir (imposter) striding half-naked up the steps of the Viceregal Palace."

While the ruling class is occasionally forced to allow little brown subjects a genuine hero, the biggest phony creations are from their own. Remember – the winners write the history. Churchill is a good example, or the more recent worship of Reagan, who did nothing more than survive the ruling elites dead president psyop.

But Churchill, a foppish Brit was the potential fall guy if the war's hideousness and aftermath did not go well. It's understandable why the Churchill ghost was raised so often in the run up to Iraq war; it's elitespeak for the tentative promise of history's glory if the conquest goes as planned. If the ruling class has their way, and they usually do, I think we need look no further than Churchill to see how kind history will be to our own foppish GWB in 50 years. Wouldn't that make you wanna chew brass tacks?

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