Friday, April 28, 2006

Recycled News

April 28, 2006 US war costs 'could hit $811bn. So says BBC and others.

July 23, 2005 "BushCo doesn't get any flack from anyone over the cost of his War of Terror on AfghanIraq, which stands at $300+ billion, and predicted additional costs of $450 billion over the coming decade."

No public or political fuss over the cost a year ago when these figures were out there.

The "left" leaders and shakers have been too busy making headlines with t-shirts, nappyhappy hairdos, Charlie Restraining-Order Sheen, and a fried brain has-been Young musician.

Sigh ... Red Rover Red Rover...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dummy Dennis

Kucinich, pandering to the lowly classes, has a message regarding H. R. 2070, his proposal to help ease the high cost of gassing up for us little folks. If you trot on over and check his link to you find a dozen other "related bills" with similar proposals, some by Republicans. A few believe excess oil profits should help fund energy assistance to the poor – heating and a.c. etc.

I'd rather outlaw offshoring and force a decent wage on folks to cover their own cost of living. I'd rather fine and/or confiscate from slum landlords to upgrade housing to more energy efficient habitats. I'd rather ban the 16-year-old guppies who must drive a car to Central High because they're too special to ride a bus. I'd rather invest in affordable public transit for commuters but lets watch how those mass transit funds are played around with. Or how 'bout this Dennis: You introduce a bill where no one pays income taxes at all on yearly income below $75,000? The savings would gas up all the Dodge trucks in my town for a few weeks. Earl and Bubba, now that they're drawing disability on a bad back, always have a new pick-up; for fishing and hunting, but in their words "the old lady works and pays taxes." I guess that means they're entitled.

Having lived in places where driving was banned on certain days why not propose that? Sure folks will have to plan and organize their motoring but they'll adapt. One such method was using the last or first number of the license plates to drive on certain week days (weekends were for all). The fines were so heavy few would risk driving on their non-drive days. And, being a politician you'll like this part, the fines brought in much needed REVENUE which the cities could use in other programs. It is astonishing what folks can do when they have to – but Americans feel they don't have to. And with pols like Dennis willing to rob oil thugs to give to the poorer hoods – why should Americans have to.

I wouldn't mind seeing oil executives punished at all Dennis, but obviously you have not been paying attention in DC. If oil companies are taxed on excess profits they will 1) Recoup the monies elsewhere through other means, likely through the House and Senate passing a lavish "incentive" package for them of some sort. 2) Drop production levels in which case prices rise even more (supply/demand). 3) Oil, and companies thereof, will be first in line for those "grants" which their windfalls fund.

Where are the political voices telling us to conserve? I have cut my energy consumption by ½ since 2001. Imagine if everyone could and would. Kucinich & friends do no more than encourage the peasants that, especially if someone else pays for it, it's okay to keep wasting resources; keep consuming like there's no tomorow. An unusual way to help big oil. You're a real political pro Dennis.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pass the Ammo

There are folks who for months have found glee in reciting Bush's plummeting poll numbers and more recently applaud the fact that individual States are now calling for impeachment proceedings – but, I find all this good "bad news and new lows for Bush" a bit concerning.

Impeachment changes nothing but the name and face of the High Command Liar, and polls are only an invention of the elite to manufacture public opinion, not gauge it.

The rulers anticipate the masses reaction; hell they manufacture Joe Blow's reaction and he follows, on cue. The Bush fall from popular grace is a perfect example of how manipulated Joe can be. High prices at the pump is all it takes for most of Bush's best friends among the peasantry to abandon him. As more "Bush lied" spreads across mass mentality even the fanatic racist "kill 'em all" backers go silent and follow the herd; yep, all Bush's fault. Just git rid of Bush and clean up his world 'o mess and everything will be okie-dokey.

And too, there is always the fact that millions would live and die believing all the misery and horror is unavoidable because of that old standby – religion. God told us He would end times very unpleasantly for most of us, and if He uses the elite controlled nukes to do it – so be it Bubba, praise the lord and pass the ammo.

As long as Bush retained his place in the cockles of Joe Blow's heart, as long as Bush peacocked and strutted as the admired leader of the free world – we the peons were semi-safe from the global elite's perverse greed and divine-sized egos.

Recall 3 to 4 years ago the high profile neocon names around Bush were the main targets for anti-Bush bloggers. Those names (Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton, Ledeen, Fleischer, Zakheim, etc.) began dropping off the bashing radar the same time (May '05) that we the people, the media, and congress were empowered to publicly and patriotically jump on GW himself. After that long "unpatriotic" hush protecting Dubya was removed, anyone and everyone sang and tap danced the "truth." Some of it may be choreographed.

In a military tribunal the above guy-cabal would easily be acquitted of any criminal charges. The "inner circle" is, or has, quietly and conveniently put sufficient desk space between themselves and the madman Dubya.

Cheney is no longer written up in the left blogosphere as the man running the country. And Rove, "Bush's brain," relieved himself of his domestic policy portfolio on April 19, 2006, to concentrate on '06 election strategy (sure, wink wink). Bush the twisted and deficient manboy has deservedly been left naked and hanging in the wind (and apparently even peed on by Rove).

It is possible, even likely, that if Bush goes down as the insane dupe of an evil neocon cabal then the blame for a world of atrocity will be placed at his cloven hoof alone. Nuclear holocaust, population reduction by mass murder, WWIII … written in history as instigated by GW and his group of bad boys whose names will escape us, or number a small group of characters with 3 or 4 upfront doers (AIPAC chiefs, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc). We have been here, done that before (1930 to '45).

The wetwork clean-up necessitated by the fall guy Bush would take decades and alter global peonage dynamics, but particularly the "American way of life." Of course all cleaning would be under the direction and guidance of the rescuing good-guy elites, pretending they are as shocked and awed as the rest of us, as they sit in their global villas sorting out the pie pieces, taking on the responsibility of assuring the mangled masses that life will eventually return to tolerable. They will praise our sacrifices and talk of appreciating our efforts.

Fascism will become a warm fuzzy, marketed as corporate philanthropy, necessitated by the BushCo Fiasco. Talking heads will gently explain to us how there is no other way out of the situation we find ourselves in. Government control will be packaged as a reluctant but essential activity in these exceptional times of grief and chaos.

Our grandchildren will not remember the world any other way.

As stated here at KAB, the ruling elite have a plan and I see nothing to contradict the idea they are not on target. We the people are not creating obstacles for anyone. You can sign petitions, camp out in Crawford, vote Democrat, send notes to thank a couple of "leftwinger" pols – but you are not an obstacle. The same historical clans are controlling the show. As long as we continue to give blood and money, they will spend it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Retired Generals

Attack of the Generals, flap flap flap, six, count 'em, six retired generals to date are asking for the head of Donnie Rumsfeld. In this Nation article General Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf was credited as having "conquered Iraq almost single-handedly in 1991." Huh? We're still waging war on a nation we conquered and carcassed 12 years previously? Maybe Norman received more credit than deserved.

NATION: "The generals might not have broken tradition and silence if there had been a civilian political party with the onions to attack Rumsfeld. Instead, all that could be heard from the bunch of tapioca-eaters in Congress, collectively known as the Democrats, was the murmur of demurral. Make an exception for Representative John Murtha and Senator Russ Feingold, who don't lack onions but do lack followers. Somebody had to do something, and soldiers are doers. So this time, at least, forgive the generals. Let's hope the Democrats can give us a plausible imitation of impassioned, fighting politicians. Then the generals can go back to their war games."

Onions? Tapioca? Murtha and Feingold have onions? Maybe they lack followers because even Joe Stupid is smart enough to know a tossed salad when he sees one. I seldom read The Nation anymore but did they always have morons writing like this?

At least one of these retired generals, John Batiste, admits waiting until retirement to publicly speak out. Wouldn't wanna lose any benefits. Batiste is not against war. He's just against Rummy running it. As he said to Lehrer "I'm not indicting the president one bit. I'm just saying that I came back from Germany to my country and I found that the people were not mobilized, not sacrificing for this incredible effort. If it's the country's main effort, let's all get behind it."

The generals just want we the people to "get behind it." More sacrifice. Do more than trash-up the bumper with decals and stickers. Mobilize : to assemble and make ready for war duty.

They want to see a WWII type sacrifice – enlist now, put Rosie Riveter to work, ration supplies, give all for the Homeland effort. The generals want a Secretary of Defense the public will get behind since Donald hasn't whipped the public up for more gung-ho hooya militarism. Get your khaki in gear. "Let's all get behind it."

The way the "left" yaks it up you'd think these generals want to join hands, sing harmony and give the world a soft drink. Go ahead. Fire Rumsfeld. Give the generals a Defense Mobilizer, one more suited to this incredible effort.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Al-Qaida Chief

Latest bin Laden tape from Al-Jazeercia television has another message from Chief Osama bin Dead-Longtime.

Chief Osama says the West is supporting what he calls a : "Zionist crusader war against Muslims."

You see? Even Ol'samma is telling we the people it's that insane gang of Anglo Christo-Zionist Westerners making war on the world. (Known officially in the US as that crazy BushCo neocon cabal.)

How many Western Zionists and/or supporters can you name and prove are members of a Zionist crusade against Muslims? Hurry – we need to commence the purge of these crazy crusaders.

Chief Osama is doing the West another favor – giving Christians and Jews overall a pass and placing blame on Zionista crusaders. Ain't that mighty white of him.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Big thank you to 'amj'

(Robert Cray) Video

When you're used up, where do you go
Mother dry your eyes, there's no need to cry
I'm not a boy, it's what I signed up for

When you're used up, where do you go
I can't take the heat, and I hardly sleep anymore
What'd we come here for

Standing out here in the desert
Trying to protect an oil line
I'd really like to do my job but
This ain't the country that I had in mind
They call this a war on terror
I see a lot of civilians dying
Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters
Not to mention some friends of mine
Some friends of mine

Was supposed to leave last week
Promises they don't keep anymore
Got to fight the rich man's war

When you're used up, where do you go
Late in 2004
Comes a knock at the door
It's no surprise
Mother dry your eyes

Mother don't you cry, no, no
Someone told you a lie
Yes they did, why
Mother don't you cry, oh no
Mother don't you cry

When you're used up, where do you go

More Music

Pink performs Dear Mr President Live in NYC. A controversial song from her new album.


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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sometimes I Wonder ...

*To the Kreisleiter Party Member Michael Gerstner Weissenburg/Bavaria
Subject: Your letter of 24 Feb 1941
Alarm of the population of Absberg.
The Reich Office [Reichsstelle], Berlin, informs me that the transfer of the sick from the Ottilienheim was not carried out by Berlin, but by Munich. Therefore, I have now turned to Munich. In the meantime, I have found from the Regierungspraesident that we also raised a complaint against the ways and means of the treatment of the sick. I therefore hope, that such cross mistakes will not occur in the future.
Heil Hitler
S 297/11
[Initial: Semmler]

*Only with IBM's technologic assistance was Hitler able to achieve the staggering numbers of the Holocaust. Edwin Black has now uncovered one of the last great mysteries of Germany's war against the Jews -- how did Hitler get the names?

*Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. was chairman of the board of IBM Corporation from April 1993 until his retirement in December 2002. He served as chief executive officer of IBM from 1993 until March 2002. In January 2003 he assumed the position of chairman of The Carlyle Group, a global private equity firm located in Washington, DC. (Hey Louie, any relation to German Mike?)

*Former president George H.W. Bush only recently resigned as a board member of the finance giant the Carlyle Group, heavily associated with military and security contracts. The Carlyle Group was 43rd among federal contractors in 2002, with $676.5 million in contracts. In 2003, the Carlyle Group moved up to 11th place, with $2.1 billion in contracts, partly from the war on terrorism and partly from Iraq. Insiders at the company also cashed in millions of dollars' worth of options in 2003.

*IBM and Scripps Research Institute to Collaborate on Pandemic Research. "This is a very exciting and timely collaboration between two of the finest institutions in our state." —Governor Jeb Bush

*In recognition of his efforts on behalf of public education, as well as his business accomplishments, Mr. (Louis) Gerstner was awarded the designation of honorary Knight of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in June 2001.

America has quite the Knighted-hoods : GHW Bush, Reagan, Caspar Weinberger, Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, Rudolph Giuliani, Bernard Kerik, Greenspan, Spielberg, Wesley Clark … pandemic even.

And the Loot Goes On

"Mississippi's two U.S. senators included $700 million in an emergency war spending bill to relocate a Gulf Coast rail line that has already been rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina at a cost of at least $250 million.

Republican Sens. Trent Lott and Thad Cochran, who have the backing of their state's economic development agencies and tourism industry, say the CSX freight line must be moved to save it from the next hurricane and to protect Mississippi's growing coastal population from rail accidents. But critics of the measure call it a gift to coastal developers and the casino industry that would be paid for with money carved out of tight Katrina relief funds and piggybacked onto funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lott cited his father's death "on a narrow, two-lane road" as a reason for his safety concerns.

"There's nothing wrong with this if Mississippi wants to do it. Mississippi wanted to do it before the hurricane," Coburn said. "But why is it a federal responsibility? Why should our grandchildren pay for it?"

The $700 million in the emergency spending bill is just short of the price CSX set for selling its right of way, buying into the Norfolk Southern line, making capacity improvements on the main line and bolstering a short line railway to bypassed areas. The high price was inevitable, Appropriations Committee aides said. CSX just spent as much as $300 million in insurance payouts and its own money to rebuild the track that Lott and Cochran now want to destroy."

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran is calling for an extra $4.6 billion on top of President Bush's request of $19 billion. That would include $700 million to acquire the land from CSX, which will move its traffic to other lines inland.

CSX's domestic lines was sold in December 2002 to the Carlyle Group.

Mo' money for Bush Family Evil Empire.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Red Rover

Why has "progressive" not progressed in America? Inclusiveness. Yep Bubba. I think it's because progressives think they can and must include just about everyone – because they have big hearts and everyone can be assimilated into the "movement" if the approach is right.

This tentative treatment of all potential converts to progressionism gave rise to political correctness. Wouldn't want to offend any possible rank and filer.

Or, it could be progressives are too cowardly to weed out the stupid among their own ranks. But when a movement's talking point is inclusiveness I suppose stupid is included, right Bubba? But maybe that's not cowardly … just stupid.

It is impolite to call Joe Stupid, stupid. Joe could be a possible progressive if he is shown the truth, using the gentle and kinder approach. Liberals (recently re-termed 'progressives') believe most Americans will join as soon as said Americans realize it's in their own best interest - for their own good - therefore best to not insult, berate, belittle, laugh at or piss off Joe Stupids.

The liberal/left gets little traction because it waits for Joe Stupid to "wake up" and join the cause. But Joe likes – needs – someone to tell him his opinion, his predilections, his desires. Have progressives not noticed Joe's love life, family life, consumerism, habits, manners, mores, etc. all imitate the televised screen? Sports, soaps, comedians, drama, pay-per-porn, evangelical perverts for dollars, information pundits – all misused and spun to fit the logic of stupid people.

Joe is as stupid as that which he views, as stupid as the music he grinds and crotch grabs to, as stupid as the video games he plays, the rigged sports he bets on, and the artificial talk shows he chooses to guide his emotional life. Joe is an imitator. Monkey see monkey do.

And all the while Joe Stupid is programmed to believe he thinks for himself because - by God he has the remote control and it's the other people who are sheeple.

If somehow Joe avoids the mass marketing of stupid – he can still manage to be stupid by imitating his surroundings – the behavior of those who did not avoid stupid. Kind of like the hundredth monkey phenomenon. Joe has his own televised mini-mental screen where he writes, produces, directs and stars himself. He always looks good, is funny, wise, intelligent, sexy and sought after.

Joe is not in the minority. He is mainstream majority America. He is Black, white, brown, male, female, working, unemployed, drawing a government check, married, single, childless or with a pack of kids, urbanite, country bumpkin, gay, straight, "educated," dropout, young, old, middle-age, law abiding or criminal. But always stupid.

Conservatism attracts more stupid simply because the word 'conservative' carries a notion of proper gentility, of a person who prefers to keep life tidy; a safe and secure state of being, i.e. moral, thrifty, refined, responsible, a real Scout. Joe needs to be told he's all that.

Regardless how immoral, trash-nasty, self-absorbed liar and stupid he is in real life, Conservatism gives Joe the bent principles to claim he's everything he's not - and permission to play stupid about it.

Progressives on the other hand prefer waiting for Joe to recognize that which he is too stupid to see – reality-self. This is where progressives are conservative – they dally, stall, wait – in an attempt to include, awaken and embrace more Joes. A sort of political game of playing Red Rover Red Rover send Joe Stupid right over.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Open Thread

I'm having the usual spring fever. Clearing the old, the dead, preparing for new life in the garden/yard makes me giddy as a girl nominated for homecoming queen. Doesn't Spring hope eternal?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kuzy Niche

Dennis Kucinich, the best little leftist from Cleveland, has earned his place on The Phony Pols list.

For a while I considered Kucinich one of the chosen - a "left" voice planted for the sake of appearance; so democrats can gnatter they have party diversity within the party. As in moderate dems, the far left dems, and far right dems - "factions" - something for everyone.

Kucinich is in a cozy niche where it's okay to be damn near socialist because it matters for naught; has no effect on the grand scheme of the Potomac. He's the serial marriage vegan politician tofu progressive man who happened to be at the right place at the right time – when a Democrat pol slot opened up for someone who the public would buy as left of "left."

You can discover how Dennis found love and romance with the latest Mrs. Kucinich. Elizabeth Harper, a Brit with waist length red hair, a pretty lass. The article states there are 3 decades age difference between the pair; Dennis is older than Elizabeth's 56 y/o father. What ever happened to buying sports cars and a toupee? But, nothing wrong with age differences (I'd take Banderas if that beeatch Melanie would get out of my way). And 3 decades isn't as bad as Anna Nicole bedding that old codger with one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel.

Not that Kucinich's banana peel is worth much as he is said to be one of the least wealthy members of congress, with a net worth of between $2,000 to $32,000. Well …. I'm not one to put down those less fortunate but ... geeeeeeze. The man is 60 years old and hasn't done better financially than that? Come on Denny, which sibling has all your wealth in their name?

I don't have a problem with him being on his third wife but in politics it's usually best to keep a minimum of 1 ex. Nor do I mind that he eats bean curd, but give me a T-bone at least once a month (preferably from a cow raised on the Pampas in Argentina).

According to Wiki Kucinich voted for a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning and voted for the resolution calling for an investigation into the Clinton and Monica peckerdillo. He has since criticized the flag-burning amendment and voted against the impeachment of President Clinton. Dennis, if the pecker was worth peeking at why was it not impeachment worthy? How much did that pointless petering cost the taxpayer?

"His voting record has also leaned strongly toward an anti-abortion stance, although he is quick to note that he has never supported a constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion altogether. In 2003, however, he began describing himself as pro-choice and said he had shifted away from his earlier position on the issue."

Nothing wrong with altering our views on political issues as we mature (but shit he's 60 already).

Reading the latest from his website, a piece entitled What Happened to the Soul of the Democratic Party? I kept thinking of circus hawkers, and is he serious? (I'm not certain dems ever had a soul Dennis, it may have been blown away with Kennedy's brain in '63 when the dems rolled over for that too.)

In Soul of the Democratic Party Kucinich appeals to everyone. He mentions MLK for us colored folks. He mentions Roosevelt and JFK for moderate to middlin' folks and liberal folks. Dennis quotes Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) as being right when he said that "one person with courage makes a majority."

Dropping Jackson's name must be for the liberal bigoted folks since Old Andy, a prideful and jealous hayseed from Tennessee often brawled and once killed a man who insulted his wife. He forged and helped father the new Democrat party technique of political campaigning, aimed at the newly enfranchised masses – parades, barbecues, buttons, cigars, etc. Jackson was so courageous he lived the American dream – worked hard, prospered, and bought himself slaves and built a mansion, the Hermitage.

In the quest to find the Soul of the Democratic Party Kucinich refers 3 times to things Christian - to an earlier speech he gave, Prayer for America, the Book of Matthew on vision, Matthew in the Beatitudes. His appeal to the god-fearing and god-loving folks. I guess a 3x married Catholic would spend a lot of time on his knees but it seems to me pols are name dropping more God and Bible in their rhetoric since Dubya made politics and religion a trendy mix.

Dennis then reminds dear reader that he organized a "bipartisan coalition towards ending the war in Iraq." Yes and …… that legislation went where? HJ 55 . More reminders on his list : his efforts which opened up investigations, pushed for inquiries, and brought a resolution of Inquiry, (that last one for global warming for environmentalists voters). But rather than see his stances as good I see it as a boast of how to waste time on investigations, inquiries, resolutions, probes, while GenghUS Con slaughters on.

He ends with the usual request for dollars and a final reminder that if returned to the House, he will, as he has since 1996, encourage Democrats to take a stand … and he will "offer real alternatives to the prevailing thirst for empire and plutocracy." Tell me Dennis - how will you stop 230 years of prevailing thirst.

If Kucinich really wants to know what happened to the soul of the democractic party, tell him the party never had one. They just play one on TV.

And hey Dennis, where do you stand on the 9/11/01 official story? Was it really 19 guys with boxcutters?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Three or four years ago my browser's "favorites" had so many bookmarks I had to create folders to manage them. Eventually most were dragged and dropped into the Rare Use folder. It was easy to spot the too far out for me crowd – Prison Planet, Jeff Rense, Sender Berl & Sons; places to visit when there was nothing else to read on a long winter night.

But other sites, WhatReallyHappened, DailyKos, BuzzFlash, SmirkingChimp, AntiWar, RawStory, Huffington Post, InformationClearingHouse, etc., hundreds of them, took a little longer to be exiled into the Rare Use folder. I'm better served for news at Ice Rocket or my local paper, Yokels & Redneck Daily News.

Today, in the sparsely populated world of wanting more than revelations of Libby or the crisis headline or the meme of the day, my favorites bookmark has dwindled to a tiny half dozen. The others having become insufferable, no more than an occasional skim over the headlines, to see what anti-neocon anti-Bush shills have on the menu.

I definitely pass up the comments at the sites, as they sound, you know, like middle school, where everyone is trying to impress everyone else that they are like so cool and whatever the discussion is they are so on it. And if you're not hot to trot for it, then you know, it's because you just don't get it.

My seldom used bookmarks, are predominantly sites which are now fond of touting poll numbers where not long ago polls were bogus (when polls supported the enemy Bush). The sites that keep the masses informed of Plame, latest leaks (little pee on yous), the goodness heroics of some Dem candidate or another, and other useless political trivia. Baffles me why anyone loiters in such places - but each to his/her own.

Some misguiding sites deliver news and opinions on how "we" can and must clean up the Democratic party. All silk sow ears and swines with purses of pearls or something like that. These sites are indicative of the "base" who consider themselves progressive, liberal, democratic, paleosomething, independent, carrying the banner for all mankind, etc. One site even has a "warm fuzzies" page, proof of being the highest trafficked weblog. If not for spring and the odor of my first lawn mowing, I might despair - as the aforementioned "warm fuzzies" prove how emotionally and intellectually pubescent the public.

Proof enough for me that "we" are going nowhere but the status quo, cheered on by weblogs and blog stars who are crashing gates and telling us what happened, as if any of we the serfdom have more than a passing clue to formulate but a few good guesses. Our news is too controlled to be otherwise.

And the sites which buzz about war on Iran – as I've stated more than once – war with Iran is not likely to happen. Look at a map of Iran, the oil fields, pipelines, the corporatocracy invested there, whose in whose pocket, yada yada.

And (yawn) those websites promoting impeachment, as if that will do us any good. We were so much better off after Richard Nixon, right? As if getting rid of Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney and others will put us on the yellow brick road to utopia. I can overlook the young for such misguided pollyanna-ism but the old bloggers of Oz should know better. We need more than Toto and a democrat in the rose garden.

And finally Lord, please don't let either of the Cindys get arrested or harassed this week as it will clog the cable and blog arteries for days on end. By the way, whatever happened to the prophecy of Iranian oil bourse to crash the US dollar? Haven't seen that one around lately.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Open Says Me

Open thread if anyone has anything on any subject. I plan on being in the garden as much as possible this weekend. Although I may be rained out as more storms are threatening our area (TN/MO). The last one roared through a few days ago but missed us by 14 miles, and tonight thunder rumbles.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Much Ado Hairdo

Cynthia McKinney apologizes for "misunderstanding" that recently took place. "What McKinney called a "misunderstanding" on Thursday she had labeled "racial profiling" and "inappropriate touching" a day earlier. For nearly a week, she and her lawyers had insisted that she had been assaulted and had done nothing wrong. She is black and the police officer is white.

As I blogged below, it was all a charade. Of course it may well be "racial profiling" but I was embarrassed by her week long performance on television. The type of incident she describes happens, as she said, every day to millions of Blacks across America.

I wonder if I'm "profiling" when I find myself summing up white guys with mullets as trailer trash, white men with big bellies as drunks with bloated livers, and hairy white men in old beat up trucks as probable serial killers. Oh, and those bland looking white men in vans could be pedophiles. And I swear, standing in a store here in the heartland, most white people all look alike.

If McKinney wants to make profiling a major issue present real victims who suffered more than a smack down to their pride or hairdo. Remember Martin Anderson the 14 y/o beaten to death in a Florida boot camp, Amadou Diallo shot 41 times, or Abner Louima tortured and maimed with a plunger, 5 y/o girls handcuffed for temper tantrums, Rodney King, and thousands of others across the country who physically are murdered or maimed or humiliated. Because, gotta tell ya – we cannot legislate respect for one another – but we can send to prison those who physically abuse and torture anyone because of the color of their skin, or use their authority to humiliate and terrorize children. And that's all I have to say about that Forrest.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Truth Slayers and Sayers

Ever wonder if the sudden blip coverage of high profile 9/11 doubters is part of the overall game? Something to occupy the public while the empire marches on. Or, per Thomas Jefferson's term, as the "empire of liberty" marches on.

After reading Max Boot and Thomas Donnelly (principal author PNAC Rebuilding America's Defenses) I do believe US Empire is on track. Boot states : "America should not be afraid to fight the savage wars of peace if necessary to enlarge the empire of liberty. It has been done before." Boot goes on to detail the histories of US wars large and small and savage.

In earlier times killing for empire was acceptable but then the masses sprouted an unruly conscience (grown from centuries of history's dung no doubt). In the last century that conscience pestered the ruling elite, but the elite held the methods and means of containment. Information.

Communications and living standards exposed most Americans to information – here comes TV and news marketing. The success of the JFK assassination gave the ruling elite an A+ in "truth mangement." Add to the most trusted names in news the experts from numerous front foundations and NGOs to assure the public their information is unbiased, fair and balanced, analyzed by people who will keep TPTB honest and in check. Enter the experts, bureaucrats, and media heroes. The guardians of truth.

We may be too young to personally remember that radio once held the masses captive – so much so that Orson Wells convinced and panicked a region with "play news" of Martians landing in the US. Of course today we the people are much too savvy and smart to fall for something like that (right?). And the Wells drama was not a serious or staged attempt to fool the listeners (so Wells claimed). Imagine the uses powerful people, with serious agendas, could do with controlled communications.

Ever wonder why nearly 5 years after 9/11 all these honorable experts are coming forward? There may have been little time to voice doubts between the 9/11/01 attack on the US and the US 10/7/01 attack on Afghanistan, but where was the doubt before the US launched a wider war in Iraq on 03/19/03? Where were the johnny-come-doubting-911 during those 18 months before the US intitated another war? Why was there a delayed 9/11 truth epiphany in the "reliable people" community until after Operation Oil began?

Not given air time you say? These are high level officials, professors, experts, scholars, celebrities, physicists, engineers, ex-CIA and military, with a wide assortment of contacts available to them, many with their own organizations and foundations as a platform to speak from. A blog from these guys presenting inconsistency and government complicity would have spread quickly online, and possibly stopped another war, saved lives. How many of these reliable experts (Alex Jones doesn't count) were personally blogging the 9/11 truth before March 2003 or even blogging in 2004?

Was it the "orgy of patriotism" that kept voices still? Thousands dead and trillions stolen, and these qualified folks (apparently unfamiliar with Reichstag methods), now carry the torch of truth? Tell me why that evil neoncon cabal lost control over the official version of 9/11 as they were doing so well with it for 5 years. Have they lost control?

Is it so hard to believe that the "cabal" which pulled off 9/11 and muzzled the media for 5 years can and does control what the masses focus on? Why do they direct our focus to 9/11 now? How big do you really think the audience is for 9/11 truth?

The alternative press has been around as long as any media, and McNews has always highlighted the "conspiracy theories" although solely for entertainment value. Remember the worldwide coverage of Jim Garrison's JFK trial. In the end it only sealed the official story tighter. It did not harm Garrison, appeased nonbelievers for years, and was filed in the history bin. Dozens of expert authors built mini-empires on JFK theories, many wrote 7 or 8 books over the years on nothing but JFK's assassination. We still revisit the JFK official story and theories, but harmlessly, like tourists strolling through a museum of artifacts. Was it Russia, Cuba, the mafia, CIA, Oswald, right-wing radicals in Louisiana swamps, the Bush Family, Zionists, Republicans. We know at least a few old men around the country know the truth of JFK – and none will ever tell.

The US government will never be exposed as the perpetrators who blew off a sitting president's head in broad daylight at high noon, or of killing 3000 New Yorkers. But like battered spouses the victims (we the people) believe the abusers love them and won't do it again, until the next time and the next time and the next time. It's a syndrome - Americans themselves coverup so no one knows how abusive this marriage really is between the weak and the powerful. And lordy there is so much money to be made giving support and counsel to those who do know better.

But do keep seeking truth and opening investigations into 9/11. I personally have no desire to focus on that aspect of the game. I'm here just to rant and ask questions - and judging by the responses – to piss off both sides of the aisle.

And if, some snowball has a chance in hell, and Bush, Cheney, and the echelon do a perp walk, do be ready for worldwide restitution and a new government. Keep in mind, the Bolsheviks didn't do so well. And oh yes, ask the new guv to release all truth from the last century so we can be sure their hands and connections are clean.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hoo Baby It's Crazy Out There

Reading the MUJCA website yesterday I thought "the crazies are really coming out now." MUJCA stands for Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance, for 9/11 truth. The site is from Kevin Barrett, a professor from Madison, Wisconsin. He links to the usual, praises the usual Griffin, Sheen, Tarpley, Steven Jones - who also gives a letter of endorsement, includes such illuminaries as Catherine Austin Fitts, Captain Eric May; reccomends Loose Change,and pushes the current "truth" book list, with Barrett's own book a work "in progress."

- By the way, Loose Change, "began when a star-struck teenager met James Gandolfini, who suggested Dylan Avery make his own movies. Inspired by what he thought was an original story idea, Avery began writing about three conspiracy theorists who believed the government planned 9/11. (Original? even the dullest blokes at Dolly's Diner talked about an inside job). Avery's plot line was 9/11 was to panic Americans into exchanging freedom for safety, etc.. “It was completely fictional,” Avery says. Avery believed the 9/11 Commission’s report and thought he just had a good story. Fiction evolved into fact when “I began to research the facts for my story," says Avery. Fact truly was stranger than fiction, for Avery, and a documentary was born. "I was making the video for fun,” says Dylan, and “I released it on the Internet on a whim." He had no intention of screening it at theatres, of selling or distributing it. – Sure you didn't Dylan. Gandolfini was just advising you to peckerwood around with movie making while waiting to outgrow your star-struck teenhood. The young narrator recites history, rumor, theory, some facts, edits in Hunter Thompson and others, tells us the speed, height, and logistics of the 9/11 planes, and that no plane hit the pentagon, etc. Avery uses the Michael Moore School of emotional docudrama and should be titled Loose Truth. Or "Send Dylan All Your Loose Change."
- It is Hollywood folks. Hollywood. Whether Moore, Avery, or Oliver Stone, it's Hollywood. Movies based on factual "tidbits" will not move masses.

- MUJCA and friends believe a plane hitting the pentagon is preposterous, that 9/11 is a "gargantuan Satanic lie," and that the "truth revolution" has began, and the "source of this revolution is the courage and intelligence of the people."
- People so intelligent and courageous they believe every film that gives goose bumps, every expert's book, and every scholar who repeats the truth party line will bring a "truth revolution" to the streets. Warm fuzzy spielbergish pablum for those Americans wanting "revolution" but too lazy or too dumbed down to get off their duffs and do one. Give 'em emotionally ominous music scores, flickering screens, and something to discuss for a while.
- MUJCA "truth" is 9/11 was the "big lie … designed to sow hatred between the faiths." Not for oil, Halliburton, Bush cronies, Israel, profit or all the aforementioned? Back to the start a "crusade" theme? Actually, crusade was Bush the Reborn language in the early days of the War on Terror. I suppose MUJCA may be for those sheeple seeking "truth" with just a dash of an interfaith political inquisition.

MUJCA: "It is a revolution from below at every level, even in government itself. Dozens of honest agents and bureaucrats, stymied by their treasonous superiors, have spoken out. Colleen Rowley and the other Minneapolis FBI agents have made it abundantly clear that Dave Frasca, the mole and former head of the FBI’s Radical Fundamentalism Unit, intentionally blocked their most intensive efforts to call attention to the “hijacking plot” before it happened. Yet the traitor and mass-murderer Frasca, who stymied not only the Minneapolis agents, but also the Phoenix FBI agents and others, was promoted after 9/11! The many thousands of honest agents in the FBI, disgusted with their superiors’ complicity in high treason and mass murder, are a key part of our revolution from below, and will surely be dealing with the likes of Frasca one way or another.

It is a revolution from below in journalism as well as government. First it was the complete outsiders, the devil-may-care small-time bloggers, the folks at the very bottom of the journalistic food chain. (Note that some of these ultra-outsider bloggers, such as From the Wilderness and Global Research, have been outperforming the “real journalists” on key issues for years.) The outsider bloggers’ incessant agitation put 9/11 truth on the radar screen of the more respectable bloggers and the occasional honest academic. When the highly respected David Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor came out, compiling and validating the bloggers’ research, low-level people at C-Span began urging their company to report “the other side of the 9/11 story.” The result was the nationwide broadcast of Griffin’s landmark University of Wisconsin talk 9/11 and American Empire last year. Now it appears that the actual working journalists at CNN have followed their C-Span colleagues away from their billionaire bosses’ fantasy land and back toward reality-based journalism, by giving Charlie Sheen a national platform for truth-speaking."

- Hoo boy. Keep reading. Read the entire MUJCA site. What began reasonably went off the crazy bullshittermeter quicker than any "truth" site I have read to date.

"The 9/11truth revolution from below will overthrow a good part of the American power structure. Billionaires will have their fortunes confiscated and spend the rest of their lives in prison. Most, perhaps all of the current administration will be tried and, presumably, either hanged or given some kind of truth-for-mercy deal. Its supporters throughout the judicial and legislative branches will be forced to resign. The CIA and other covert-op apparatuses will be broken into a million pieces and scattered to the four winds, finishing the job that JFK was unable to start. The media monopoly that enabled the 9/11 cover-up will be shattered into hundreds of fragments as the mother of all trust-busting eras commences. The uniformed military, and especially the Pentagon, will be purged of neocon moles, as the venerable institution of the firing squad is revived. Every last member of Skull and Bones, starting with the whole Bush crime family, will be hunted down, jailed, and forced to recite his entire sexual history to his cellmates while lying on the floor of the prison shower. And after the troops have pulled out, Rumsfeld, Perle and Feith will be air-dropped into Fallujah as a demonstration of how an undermanned invasion-of-three can be welcomed by adoring crowds strewing flowers at their feet.

Ultimately, though, the 9/11 truth revolution is not about vengeance—it’s about hope. The story of the triumph of the 9/11 truth movement, against such apparently insurmountable odds, is a story of ordinary people’s heroism, a veritable Frank Capra movie for the information age."

- Billionaires will not have their "fortunes confiscated" nor will "perhaps all of the current administration be tried … and hanged …" The CIA will not be "broken into a million pieces" (remember JFK supposedly said that). Nor will the "uniformed military … and Pentagon … be purged … as the firing squad is revived." Every member of Skull and Bones will not be jailed and reciting his sexual history. (WTF is that all about for Barrett? Kinky.)
- As expected the fruitcakes and money grubbers appear like midnight roaches in a ghetto kitchen. In the past one year, now that the green light go-ahead has been okayed by the ruling elite, every son and his mother will shill for "truth" book sales, DVDs, lectures, and 15 minutes. The MUJCA particular statement above falls into the JFK category of theorists who believed JFK survived and was on life support machines in a basement at NSA. None of MUJCA's cast of characters seem smart enough to be CIA, but certainly dumb enough to be manipulated by the CIA.
- Frank Capra made a lot of propaganda film too.
- I repeat, we know the truth, we just keep mucking around with it. Does Barrett and friends really believe we will take to the streets and confiscate billions and hang liars? Sounds like lawless anarchy to me. The only method is our wallet. As I've said before – stop funding the bastards. On an individual basis or with like-minded friends - stop funding the bastards.
- It's about outsmarting the ruling elite. But how? Well, if you fear mobs and/or that robbing billionaires and lynching pols might land you in front of the purge, you could, without even leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home, try these, and get back to me:
- 1. Become a tax protestor (stop funding the bastards).
- 2. Don't vote, scares them that you have caught on.
- 3. Eliminate your debts.
- 4. Turn off the damn TV and a good deal of the internet.
- 5. Boycott, strike (alone or in a group, without fanfare and coverage).
- 6. Quietly let the troops know you will support a stand-down.
- 7. Question why the truthseekers continue to fund "the American power structure."
- 8. The seven suggestions are or will be considered sedition and treason – but the alternative is keep paying, voting, spending, watching, shopping for "truth" - and bury our dead. A real "movement" will not be painless, which is why there probably won't be one.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


This week's tabloid politics is the Cynthia McKinney scuffle with police, or as McKinney herself refers to it, the "being Black while in congress" escapade. Quick rundown : McKinney seldom wears her congressional identifying pin because she "forgets." She recently changed her hairstyle. White police officers pick on her.

"Do I have to contact the police every time I change my hairstyle? How do we account for the fact that when I wore my braids every day for 11 years, I still faced this problem, primarily from certain white police officers," the statement says.

She had a racial profiling problem for 11 years and only now bitching about it?

Typically I stay away from Black heroes like McKinney, simply because political fan clubs are so vicious, but this incident smells like another politician with too much self-importance and too little sense. McKinney should know that breathing while Black demands she wear her identification prominently. And the sister has to know that life is simpler (and safer) if there is at least some sort of nodding acquaintance with those "certain white officers" who apparently she runs into on a regular basis. She cannot be this naïve about her personal security even and especially "being in Congress while black." Didn't she learn in childhood that a little extra caution is generally mandatory in a white world?

Remember that McKinney had a brief fall from grace before being reseated in congress, which I blogged on last August.

Lets look at what Ms. McK has been doing since her return:
HR 2297 - Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area Act (passed). The Robert Woodruff (Coca-Cola king) Foundation, Inc., a recipient of funds, will thank you.
HR 3998 - African-American Farmer Relief and Anti-Discrimination Act. More "Anti" legislation that doesn't do diddly for anyone.
HR 4139 - Gulf Coast Hurricane Emergency Environmental Protection Act.
HR 4210 - Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection Act (To provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur.)
HR 4279 - The Frank F. Church Federal Building Act (To redesignate the Federal building located at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest in the District of Columbia as the "Frank F. Church Federal Building".)

Poor Cynthia, relegated to sponsoring toadeater legislation and tabloid scuffling. The only victim here is McKinney's pride, which is likely what she willingly dumped in exchange for re-election.

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