Monday, January 31, 2005

Voting for ....Food

Sounds like a game show, the Bushco Wheel of Misfortune, vote if you want to eat, Inking Fingers Reality Show. Some Just Voted for Food. Last night as I listened to the on and on repetitive drone of news of the Iraq election, the hype, the spin, the thrill of it all was too much. The same media with no conscience over our own phony US elections. Who the hell are they trying to convince the Iraq election was a success? Often these days the news reminds me of the 60s. Then too the news repeated over and over the same clips, the same emotional messages, until the government felt comfortably sure a nation of sheep was bleating Oswald did it, Oswald did it, case closed. Bush Won, Bush Won. Iraq a success, Iraq a cloz z z z z z.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Yushchenko"I know what kind of country I live in, and who’s in charge of the government," says Yushchenko. "But I didn’t think they’d be cynical enough to poison me." Huh? How well did he know the country he lives in and who's in charge?

Dioxin is not immediately fatal, even at high doses although it increases the chances of a person dying prematurely. Believe me, if the old KGB wanted to get Mr. Y. they would've got him with something besides a dose of Agent Orange in his crawdaddies and beer. I don't buy the argument that they didn't want to kill Yush, just disfigure him. Making him literally the ugly Ukranian would be unique maybe in the field of political campaign strategy.

Yushchenko symptoms stumped the doctors in Ukraine but finally Austrian physicians sent Amsterdam labs blood samples who then diagnosed dioxin poisoning. Initial news reports stated a tiny dose of dioxin, current stories claim the second highest known recorded level. Talk about spin.

As a child in the rural south I saw more than a few men wearing Yushchenko's face. My daddy explained they were "wood alcohol" drunkards. Seems methyl alcohol could be added to moonshine, but the "distiller" had to be very careful of the amount or one would end indeed "blind drunk" if not dead. These drunks too had had symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain, weakness, chloracne, pancreatitis, liver damage. Someone once said we wear the face we deserve by age 50. I'm not saying Mr. Yushchenko is a drunk, but damn, he certainly sports the face of someone with too many years of drinking bad bootleg liquor.

Iraq Election "Resounding Success"

Because Bush said so and CNN says so (remember when freepers called CNN Clinton Network News). Above article claims a 72 percent turnout but according to Reuters Iraq Electoral Commission has backtracked on that figure, now guesstimating 60 percent. Apparently the Shiite/Shias are the dominating party. Am I the only one who remembers the 1980s bumper sticker that said "No Shiite" with the extra "i" and the "e" having a line drawn through them? I suppose that's when Rummy was selling Saddam all those WMDs. United Iraqi Alliance, is endorsed by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani who issued a fatwa that said it was a religious duty to vote. But the party claims to be secular dominated and not to worry about a theocracy or clergy rule, you know the spiel. The Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani will not be voting b/c of his Iranian nationality. An Iranian Shiite, the biggest influence on the Iraq election, no shit.

AP news Bush Seeks Fresh Start With Black Leaders

According to the above article Bush reached out to Black religious leaders through school vouchers, the president's support of the ban on gay marriage, and Bush has made an effort to steer more dollars to faith-based groups, all pleasing to said religious leaders. This week he is opening the White House to Black leaders, clergymen, legislators. This should be interesting to watch. Is that the aura of Arm$trong circling the trough? "Fresh Start....wasn't there a douche product by that name?

Who, I Ask

are the politicos pimping for to change the "natural born citizen" president clause? Orin Hatch started this I believe, and I've read Ahnuld himself is behind it. Democratic representative Vic Snyder (AR) has proposed a similar measure (but when did anything decent come out of Arkansas). Everything I've read that seeks to justify repealing the law concludes that we're shutting out a lot of talent. Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw. As if we don't have more than enough "natural born citizen" hogs at the trough we need to open the door for imports. As if we're so short on natural born American talent we need to outsource the president's job too. (That might be...nevermind.) Recent non natural born talents have included Kissinger and Albright. Negroponte and other foreign born Bush appointments. All this talent not allowed to sit in the president's chair, tsk tsk tsk.

Of course it's not Arnold S. who would run for president; he's the bait. He's the celebrity musclehead who will draw in Bubba Budweisers to think it's a plain talking "good idear, yuk yuk, yea the terminator." While Hatch and Synder give the pseudointellects the same talking points in better English with bits of legalese.

Who's really waiting in the wings to be our first foreign born president? Why do I see a leettle man vith a leettle mustache vocalizing "fire" more often than Pete Seger or Bush's 2nd inaugural address.

Bottom Line

The NYT states "The chief executive of Halliburton said on Friday that the company would withdraw all employees from Iran and end its business activities there after its Iranian energy exploration contracts came under criticism this month." With Halliburton pulling out of Iran, can Shock and Awe be far behind? Time for the next "Pearl Harbor" to drive enlistees to the recruiting station?

Have the neocons "misunderestimated" American willingness to participate physically in their wars? Enlistment is down even with the enlistment carrots, bonuses, etc. according to Col. Hackworth. The warmakers will need to use the stick at the end of that carrot. All 3 of my sons tell me there will not be a draft. But then again, my oldest (with almost 16 yrs in the Corp) repeatedly told me we would not invade Iraq without UN approval, as his butt sat on the Iraq/Kuwait border in Novemeber/December '02 and Jan/Feb '03. He understands better now how BushCons operate.

The draft is coming. The era we've entered is similar to the '60s, minus the peaceniks and flowers, with a population much dumber, and the power elite openly pumping their fists for the bottom line, at our expense as usual. The poverty draft and "stop loss" tactics will not provide the necessary fodder, and the guvmint doesn't have the funds to raise a sufficient mercenary army. Take your draftables and run.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Told You So

Halliburton Food For Oil Scandal but of course the rightwingers will go after Volcker or "out" someone/something to distract. How about Cheney's puffy parka at Auschwitz. There's always Jacko or J-Lo.

The Iraq Pie

War, chaos, and eventually cutting Iraq into smaller pieces, along with Iran, Syria, etc. etc. with Israel as overseer of another US plantation, or maybe vice-versa - US as overseer for Israel. And all the fodder lost and all the innocents killed, just collateral damage in another game of GEFOPP, or the global-elite-fighting-over-power-pogrom.

The majority of serfs, peons, and pissants never catch on to how or why the game is played. In exchange the American serfs will be given the Bush austerity of little to no safety nets, draconian laws, higher prices, lower wages, shitjobs, and/or the draft, with yellow ribbons and lots of flags for the symbol minded.

A national mood of "kill 'em all" because our "bring 'em on" cowboy w/o a horse makes the beer gut-fat, disability checked, remote controlled American male feel like he's getting a hummer, that's hummer not humvee. Bush gives 'em a woody for war. All that "moral values" crowd that supposedly elected Bush again.

And who does the more/moral crowd attack at home (when not bashing democrats, who are in reality neocon-lite)? Sponge Bob Squarepants. The nation is in hell in a handbasket and we're "outing" Sponge Bob and Barney. I loooove you, you loooove me, we're a dysfunctional family.

Friday, January 28, 2005


If BushCo is out there : I can be bought to promote your agenda/propaganda and much cheaper (initially) than Williams. Contact me.

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