Monday, May 30, 2005


Lots of speculation regarding the Franklin affair and AIPAC. Everyone left of center is again chit-chatting this may be the story that will break the dam of truth, with enough water to drown this sordid Bush regime. This time the scandal is Israeli spies. Ain't gonna happen folks. Mossad trumps FBI/CIA any day, anywhere, any time. The FBI/CIA has been purged. No one in the FBI is a threat to anyone, other than perhaps we the people. Afterall, 20 hijackers lived, trained, partied, moved around for years, and pulled off a sophisticated op right under their nose (if you believe that way).

I've heard/read the same gleeful hope "this is the one" so many times over the past 5 years, beginning with Enron. The Valerie Plame affair. The Halliburton in Iraq scandals. The Iraq Lies For War. Staged toppling of SH statue, staged Jessica rescue, staged this and staged that. The yellow cake bogus uranium 16 words scandal. The Abu Ghraib torture. Pimping Armstrong Williams. No WMD at all. The 9/11 Commission report. Jeff Gannon affair. Faked Osama tapes. Osama bin LongDead along with other dead masterminds resurrected for this year's evil doer. CIA spending the names of old Reagan era assets, too smug to even give "the base" a proper jihadish moniker. And it all rolls past on the TV ticker unnoticed by an illiterate public more interested in WWE smackdown and Texas Hold 'Em.

Of course Lawrence Franklin (mid level Pentagon analyst), and Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman (AIPAC staffers) may be slapped, whacked, or sacrificed, but only to pretend the investigation was genuine. Or could be it began in earnest and now has to have a scripted ending so we'll never know how deep, how many, how much was going on. Wolfowitz, Feith, Perle, Bolten, Chertoff, Abrams, Eliot Cohen, Kissinger, and a few hundred other Zionists hawks around Bush will remain free, safe and pulling the string on the Boy president per orders dictated by Ariel Sharon & hardliners.

If the FBI did their job we'd be holding trial for those 5 Israelis who were seen jumping for joy filming the WTC towers with their camcorders. Instead we deported them pronto. Bush and cronies would be facing trial for war crimes, corruption, treason.

But AIPAC will assure everyone such tactics by their staffers is unheard of, unknown of, and they've taken measures to ensure it can't possibly happen again, if it happened this time. The classified information Franklin passed on will be watered down until the perps look like prankish school boys caught tossing cherry bombs in the girl's toilet. The boys are being persecuted for political reasons the story will say. Spin-cycled until the republicans can claim it was a witch hunt instigated by anti-semitic liberals and not worth the millions spent on investigation. Neocons will take the praise if any praise available and appear to be making America safer, even from spies of best friends like Israel. It's another distraction folks, similar to the Los Alamos/China/Clinton. Sexed-up power struggles and retaliations from DC insiders.

If I'm wrong, the alternative is much worse – the neo-bankers are ready to divvy up lucre from yet another staged Armagheddon.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Another Ex-Spurt

Larry D. Thompson, confirmed as Deputy Attorney General to Ashcroft May 10, 2001. He spent most of his career at a law firm in Atlanta but did 4 years under Reagan as Southeastern Attorney General (Drug Enforcement Task Force). In 1986 he returned to the Atlantic law firm as a full partner, until Bill Clinton hired him in 1995 as independent counsel to investigate corruption in HUD. Congressional investigators in 1989 had reported that Secretary Pierce (HUD 1981-1989) and his aides may have illegally steered billions of government money toward projects developed by influential Republicans. Under Thompson's investigation of the Reagan era HUD fraud, taxpayers spent $29 million to convict 16 lower level HUDsters and to report that the "painstaking process failed to yield a single instance of criminal wrongdoing in any of Secretary Pierce's actions or policies." Jesus, why do we keep giving conmen millions to investigate themselves and tell us everybody is good.

Thompson was now guaranteed a spot in the big time. Another Black carefully groomed and promoted by the rightwing to give the neocons the smell of diversity. Another "see! a Black conservative/republican" for freeper types to point to with pride or proof of something. In the book Strange Justice Thompson was said to be involved in the plot to weaken Anita Hill's testimony against his old buddy Clarence Thomas. He helped dream up the theory that Hill suffered from sexual delusions and phobias and thought all men sexually harassed her. He also served on the board of directors of Providian (1997 to 2001), the credit card company charged with fraud and forced to pay 400 million in fines. By "coincidence" of course Thompson sold over $4 million in shares just before Bush appointed him Deputy AG and just before Providian stock plummeted.

Judicial Watch, filed suit against Thompson for Providian fraud in 2002. The Justice Department dismissed the lawsuit as frivolous. Thompson was not questioned about Providian during his confirmation hearings. And, as per the way it works Thompson was appointed by Bush to head the task force on corporate fraud, including operations at DOJ in the investigation of Enron.

Thompson worked in the Bush flunkihood which set up "rendering" prisoners to foreign countries for torture, worked on legalities of Bush's military tribunals, rubbed elbows with Michael Chertoff, held hands with Alberto Gonzales who got the AG job many felt would go to Larry D. He also testified before the 911 Commission where he confirmed Ashcroft's memory of things by claiming "I do not recall the conversation…" Now that's a new one. In August 2003 he left the deputy AG office. Since leaving he has defended the Patriot Act, tightening of FOI laws, etc.

In August '03 he took a lucrative position to head the government relations department of PepsiCo. A little ironic that Pepsi in the 1930s was successful because the company sold cola in recycled beer bottles, which were bigger bottles and cheaper and became known as the soft drink of the lower classes. In the US Pepsi was viewed as the drink of Blacks. I can remember when snooty whites wouldn't drink Pepsi for this reason even in the 1950s.

October 2003 he became a Brookings Institute "senior fellow." Brookings, described as "bipartisan" and funded by the usual suspects, GE, Dupont, ExxonMobil, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. His focus at the Institute "will be on corporate and white collar crime, anti-terrorism, drug enforcement, and violent crime, particularly as it relates to low income and minority communities."

Larry D. writes pieces for Brookings, such as Federal Prison Industries: Fair to business, vital to society. A brief that basically says H.R.1829 is unfair because it would require that Federal Prison Industries (slave/cheap labor) compete for contracts. He claims that inmates today are returned to the community as skilled laborers ready to work. Someone should tell the man the reality of recidivism, and the job market. The usual claim of it's good for us, good for them. Good for everybody. I guess that's how he focuses on minority communities for Brookings.

Larry D.'s son, Larry D. Jr. was scheduled for a 2004-2005 clerkship on the court working for Justice Clarence Thomas, but that has been delayed for some reason. Rumor was dad might be nominated for SC seat and it might appear awkward if Junior were clerking there or something to that effect. Who knows.

Larry D. in scholarly form promoting the party line, from a speech in Celebration of Black History Month at Fort Valley, Georgia:

"On 9-11, over 3,000 of our fellow citizens were killed SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WERE AMERICANS. There was no discrimination between rich and poor; black or white; Christian or Jew. Sometimes we ask the question: WHY DID THESE EVIL PEOPLE ATTACK US? I believe the answer is clear. THEY FEARED OUR FREEDOM. They feared the fact that we are a nation of INDIVIDUALS - NOT MINDLESS FANATICS." (His caps not mine.)

Lol. It's CLEAR proof, I tell you PROOF, that WE ARE a nation of MINDLESS fanatics to tolerate 'they hate us because we're free' from another corrupt yes-man in the circle-jerk of thanks-tank/bored director payoff for ex-government spurts.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

First Ladies

I barely remember Mamie Eisenhower and wasn't interested in First Ladies at the time anyway. But Jackie Kennedy, while charming most of the world was not a favorite of mine. I never understood why she was considered beautiful. She was okay, but nothing to rave about. I suppose after the likes of Eleanor, Bess, and Mamie any woman without osteoporosis, facial hair, and liver spots would look gorgeous. She didn't have a personality that made me want to sip French wine and chat. I couldn't see her discussing Cointelpro or the Bay of Pigs, and since I shop locally we'd have no buying tactics to share. Like many of the women in the 1960s, Jackie's airy whispery voice grated on my ear. I've never understood why the feminine voice at such a breathless first grade girl pitch was considered sexy. I remember how the fickle public was quick to turn away when Jackie at 38 married the old coot Onassis but just as quickly forgave Jackie with the new O. Most admirable for her fortitude in tragedy, but basically most talented at shopping and jetsetting. Remembered for refurbishing the WH during her brief stay, and for the blood stained pink suit in Dallas. Who can blame her for seeking the protection and security of Onassis when they were killing Kennedys here.

Lady Bird. Always memorable for keeping America beautiful. She joined the Keep America Beautiful group, a nonprofit organization formed in 1953 to educate Americans on cleanliness standards. She helped convince good citizens that driving down the highway in a big fin Buick tossing out pop bottles, plastic cups, floorboard trash, dirty diapers, and emptying ashtrays had to stop. Anyone from that era remembers the public service commercial of an actor in native American costume with a tear rolling down his cheek as he surveyed a landscape of garbage. Public trash cans were installed overnight across the nation. Litter bugs faced heavy fines. Sort of a national code of conduct reminding us not to shit in our own living room.

Pat Nixon and Betty Ford. Best remembered for their drug and alcohol abuse, with Betty's clinic for other upper crusty folks who couldn't attend plain old court ordered AA meetings after a hard day's work. Thanks to Pat and Betty's openess, prescription addiction and alcoholism became a useful "disease," with revolving door rehab centers sprouting like mushrooms on horse manure. Got an addiction problem? It's not a character defect or problem of will, it's a disease. Baffling how this "disease" goes undiagnosed, the sufferer buzzing along high as a March kite for decades, most often only announcing their "disease" when caught at it, soiling themselves at dinner, waking up in vomit, or hitting bottom once too often with no one left to pick them up. One of those diseases manifested from boredom and self-absorption until a person no longer has resources to indulge the habit. Those "not sick as long as I can get away with it" diseases. Thanks to Pat and Betty's famous addictions we entered the era of addiction diseases; sex, gambling, food, shopping, public swearing, anything we got caught at was an uncontrollable hereditary tic. Not-my-fault genetics. (If you're a poor nonwhite drunk junkie, then it's still character, will, and choices of course.)

But Nancy had the simplest cure-all. Just Say No. She was targeting youth and illegal drugs and should have included saying no to government endorsed slowdown, make-me-pay-attention drugs, but she didn't. Perhaps it wasn't in the astrology chart or relayed by her psychic. Practicing the occult was okay for the rightwing's hero Ronnie although no one has assured us it was Ron and Nancy's following the concept of planetary synchronization of Magi astrology that whupped the evil empire of communism. Oh well. That may be why the Reagans rarely attended church; too busy consulting soothsayers like Ms. Cleo and the ouija board for mystical insight. The star-based faith of the Reagans, after guiding the nation for 8 years, has fallen a little out of fad, now no more than telephotainment by charlatans. But the worst thing I saw from Nancy is her performance at Ronnie's coffin. Her feeble hand patting the box as she peeked up every few seconds into the camera, to ascertain her prostrated sorrow was being captured for world history. It was then that I understood fully why I always wanted to slap the phony bitch.

Next, Babs Mom Bush. More suitable as captain of the guard in a supermax male prison, selling contraband and the "new fish" to hardened cons who live in fear of Babs the Ball-Breaker. Having birthed 4 criminals George, Jeb, Neil, Marvin would make her eligible for the Ma Barker Gangster award. During her tenancy in the WH she was often mistaken as GHW's mother rather than his wife. Babs remarked on ABC's Good Morning America on March 18, 2003, regarding the buildup to Iraq War and it's coverage - "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths," she said. "Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" The beautiful mind, and the receptacle for the seed that gave us Boy George, and most likely to foist another thug son on us, should have her hooves checked; they may be cloven.

Hillary. What can I say. Probably the first highly intelligent female to ever hold the title of First Lady. I believe it very likely she moved into the WH with the belief she could change things for we the people. She learned very quickly politics isn't really the voice of the people, that's just the rhetoric of it. Having her idealistic bubble popped in middle-age hardened her into a politician equal to and surpassing many male counterparts on the hill. She now can out lie, outmaneuver, and out kiss AIPAC's ass better than anyone. She may "stand by her man" but at this point in the game she'd stand by or on anyone to get where she's going, which is just another entry in the history book, now that she genuinely understands making progressive change isn't how government works. All that callus in process just for another footnote. Well, at least she isn't breathy voice, eternally shopping, drunken, or heaving a big dominatrix bosom over a mob of sons for us.

Ms. Laura Fake Bush. Another phony lady with MSM telling us she's a class act. But she's really a bourgeoise social climber who saw opportunity to join in the Bush dynasty before it was a dynasty, just oil men. She entered the WH as the mousy frumpy soured Cinderella but looks much better these days now that image consultants have had their way with her. She put down her marguerita and can be seen traveling at our expense for photo-ops at tourist attractions in the Middle East. As the puppetmeisters are aware that George turns the stomach of the majority, Ms. Laura for the second presidential term has been primped, slimmed, polished, and presented as a real lady. Tentatively put forth as an emissary for Mr. Bush who is often busy with his other wife, Ms. Rice, who unfortunately chased away the image makers who would undo her do, a flat helmet hairstyle worn in the 1960s as I too had one, see above photo. Laura does her mother-in-law proud though, for once she leaves the WH, her girth will widen, her color fade, and her matronly bosom will loom over Boy George just like Mama Babs used to do. George will owe Pickles big time for the 8 years she pretended to be his lassie act.

I haven't forgotten Rosalynn Carter, but saved her for last. She's probably the only first lady in modern times to be honest, humane, and humble. Soft-spoken without being breathless, upfront without being a bulldozer. She was modest, not pretentious. If there was a lady in the WH during our time, Rosalynn is the only viable candidate. And apparently, sober.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thank You

Congratulations J. for giving 12 years to MI. Thank you, thank you, thank you for signing out of the United States military today. Have a safe trip and come home soon.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Roid Rage

Big, bald, bad, buffed and badged. Steroids are listed by the Drug Enforcement Agency as a Schedule III substance, like morphine, opium, barbiturates and other prescription drugs.

James Batsel IV was a police officer in Riverdale, a suburb of Atlanta. In 1993, he joined a group of police officers who, in addition to bulking up on steroids, burglarized stores and nightclubs in the Atlanta area. During one of those burglaries, Batsel shot and killed a nightclub owner. In his defense, Batsel blamed the murder on the steroids he was using.

Michael Tweedy, a former police officer in Petersburg, Va., was sentenced in April for repeatedly stomping a man in the head while he lay on the ground choking on his own blood. In court testimony, steroid use was cited as a contributing factor to his violent behavior.

(No donut sprinkles defense?)

There is a scientific explanation for the violent behavior exhibited by steroid abusers, says Linn Goldberg, a professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Science University and an expert on steroid abuse.

"Your dopamine receptors are changed," he said, referring to the chemical in the brain that transmit nerve signals. "They help guard against a lack of impulse control."

Steroid abusers lack the same level of control that non-users have. "They have uncontrolled aggressive feelings. Their judgment is impaired," Goldberg said.

"The problem with steroids is that they make you feel you are invulnerable, so you become more aggressive and you're more likely to use aggression as well," he added.

Other side effects of steroid abuse include depression, mania, suicide risks, erratic mood swings, shrunken testicles, cancerous tumors, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and stunted growth.

But the fact that violent mood swings can occur among police officers who carry a gun concerns many, including Goldberg. "It's very scary to me," he said.

Why use steroids? "Fear" say psych experts. That wouldn't explain why the cops in my podunk village of 17,000 use steroids. Unless fear of Rhode's being out of free donuts is justifiable. The last murder here was the murder/suicide of a town doctor. Seems the doc was boinking a patient's wife and possibly supplying both with narcotics. Rule of cop-thumb here is give any potential serious call 15 minutes and then arrive to clean up. Or if the call comes from the west side, the "bad" part of town (Black) send 8 cars to arrest Tyrone for public intoxication.

Maybe in big cities or other areas of the country a guy needs extra muscle (and disappearing penis) to take down "an 86-year-old woman has been sent to jail after police said she called 911 dispatchers 20 times in a little more than a half-hour to complain about a pizza parlor." When an officer arrived at her apartment, the 5-foot-tall, 98-pound woman attacked him…scratched him, kicked and bit his hand…

And there's all those 5 y/o children to subdue.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dirty Business

David Limbaugh did his part last week to bash the "liberal media bias," "Democrat obstructionism, terrorist-sympathizing," etc. The average reader who believes Townhall columnists eats this stuff up. If it's true that a few of the writers are supposedly erudite, then they are impressive in their ability to write down for their readership of dumb-as-dirt* folks (*not having the capability to process data). I know a few heartlanders who love to quote, copy/paste, link and go hog-wild pointing to TH type writers as living proof of the Conservative Gospel according to so-&-so said (Limbaugh, Colter, Will, Thomas, Elder, etc.).

Limbaugh's column bashes the May 17 press briefing and the reporters who questioned McClellan on the "nuclear option" and on the flagrant Newsweak Koran Backdown. David either has more trouble staying on topic than I do or his post-it note for last Friday said simply "bash media/praise Bush."

In the brief column of approximately 850 words, Davy claims the reporters are condescending anti-Bush, anti-troops, anti-constitution, anti-Republican party, arrogant, and elitists. Whew doggie, did he miss anything? Limbaugh also queries if the reporters are IQ challenged, since they ask and/or write too silly for words, unadulterated nonsense, and listening to these press goons convinces Limbaugh of the liberal media bias. Limbaugh cites the Abraham Fortas situation as some sort of proof of something but he didn't go into details, and for good reason. John Dean explains the Fortas filibuster. Dean, who was there, states "The key event occurred in 1968. That year, Republicans blocked the nomination of Associate Justice Abe Fortas to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. And they did so with a filibuster."

Not exactly the "bipartisan" effort Limbaugh claims. This Old Abe wasn't honest. More than once he accepted questionable funds from shady characters, i.e. Louis Wolfson who was convicted and did time for Federal Securities violation.

Fortas had helped LBJ with legalities during Johnson's run for the senate. It seems, (this worth a chuckle) that Johnson's opponent got a federal judge to remove Johnson's name off the general election ballot for the senate in 1948, and Abe came to the rescue. Fortas convinced Hugo Black, SCOTUS judge to reverse the ruling. There were charges of corruption because 200 Johnson votes had been cast in alphabetical order. Johnson nominating Fortas for Chief Justice was to pay back an IOU for convincing Hugo those 200 votes were a strange anomaly, nothing to see, move along, etc. Abe eventually, under the microscope and threat of impeachment, resigned from the court. (Would that I could see what Fortas had on Hugo.)

Dean cites a NY Times editorial of that era as… "It observed that "[b]ehind the developing filibuster are strong undertones of politics, spitefulness and racism (Fortas, like Limbaugh, was Jewish). . . . The real leaders of the filibuster are those old guard Southerners, Senator Eastland of Mississippi and Senator Thurmond of South Carolina. . . . These Southern bigots must be pleased indeed that the more respected Senators are serving as their cats'-paw in the case against Mr. Fortas."

Limbaugh, ranting at the "dinosaurs" of old media liberal bias calls on these "elitists" to "dismount their high horses" and "talk about the wonderful things going on in Afghanistan and Iraq because of President Bush's vision" and to see the noble generosity of the current Iraq regime. One has to be as dumb as dirt to not gag on the manna coming from the likes of Limbaugh and TH's visionary propagandists.

If you are a must-read dumb-as-dirter, check out: Every weekday publishes what many in the media and Washington consider "must-reading". Sign up for the daily JWR update. It's free. Just click here. David Limbaugh, a columnist and attorney practicing in Cape Girardeau, Mo., is the author of, most recently, "Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity". (Click HERE to purchase. Sales help fund JWR.) (Price slashed from $27.95 to a piddling $11.18)

Saturday, May 21, 2005


PBU21 topic this week is the nuclear option. Maybe I've reached the age where I don't mind the little things, but the concern for the "nuclear option" is a waste of time. Swatting at gnats when we should be arresting vermin. Demanding their impeachment and trial for war crimes. Holding political feet to the fire for an illegal war, high crimes, false demeanors, and looting the nation. Instead, the powers that be "filibuster" us. Distract, distract, distract.

Why the concern with republicans forcing a vote to a simple majority to appoint conservative nominees? Where was the concern when Nixon appointed Renquist, Ford appointed Stevens, Reagan appointed O'Connor, Scalia, and Kennedy, and Bush 1 appointed Souter and Thomas? Jesus, the republicans have been packing the bench for 20 years without nary a whine from the democrats. Why stop them now? Granted, a couple of these judges are moderate to middling conservatives but recall that 7 of these clowns willingly handed the 2000 election to BushCo. Could a full bench load of rightwingers do any worse? The same clamorous politicians were voting in favor of Rice, Negreponte, Goss, Gonzales, Chertoff, and the rest of Bush muscle men. The time to worry about our "democracy" is long past, at least by 5 years. Democrats complaining Republicans are trying to circumvent the rules is a war late and a few billion dollars short. As I said a few months ago, we've gotten the government we deserve. And so have Democrats.

I'm bothered more by the term "nuclear option." Politicians and MSM using militaristic jargon to describe this senate scenario, as recently written in the WaPo: "when the nuclear option is deployed." Using "ground zero" to describe the WTC site, and other blast-us-to-hell lingo. I sometimes wonder if we're being prepped for the use of nukes. With a blivet* as CIC perhaps we should look to the first definition of filibuster /filibustero ; freebooter, an American engaged in fomenting insurrections in Latin America in the mid-19th century. Come home to roost karma. The free booty is what the corporopoliticos take while stirring political nit storms which the media prattles and bloggers chatter on, as if the current nit is the worst indignation our republic/democracy has suffered.

*Blivet: small, useless, unnecessary or superfluous;10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag; self-important and full of himself; Devil’s pitchfork. Definition depending on time, place, and generation.

By Way of Deception

A warning to car drivers. “A few days ago, an American manned check point confiscated the driver license of a driver and told him to report to an American military camp near Baghdad airport for interrogation and in order to retrieve his license. The next day, the driver did visit the camp and he was allowed in the camp with his car. He was admitted to a room for an interrogation that lasted half an hour. At the end of the session, the American interrogator told him: ‘OK, there is nothing against you, but you do know that Iraq is now sovereign and is in charge of its own affairs. Hence, we have forwarded your papers and license to al-Kadhimia police station for processing. Therefore, go there with this clearance to reclaim your license. At the police station, ask for Lt. Hussain Mohammed who is waiting for you now. Go there now quickly, before he leaves his shift work”.

The driver did leave in a hurry, but was soon alarmed with a feeling that his car was driving as if carrying a heavy load, and he also became suspicious of a low flying helicopter that kept hovering overhead, as if trailing him. He stopped the car and inspected it carefully. He found nearly 100 kilograms of explosives hidden in the back seat and along the two back doors.

The only feasible explanation for this incidence is that the car was indeed booby trapped by the Americans and intended for the al-Khadimiya Shiite district of Baghdad. The helicopter was monitoring his movement and witnessing the anticipated “hideous attack by foreign elements”.

The same scenario was repeated in Mosul, in the north of Iraq. A car was confiscated along with the driver’s license. He did follow up on the matter and finally reclaimed his car but was told to go to a police station to reclaim his license. Fortunately for him, the car broke down on the way to the police station. The inspecting car mechanic discovered that the spare tire was fully laden with explosives."

Friday, May 20, 2005

Bush Probes Saddam Underwear

The Sun quoted U.S. military sources as saying they had handed over the pictures "in the hope of dealing a body blow to the resistance in Iraq."

Well, F-me. Why didn't I think of underwear as a body blow in the War On Terror. Must be why I don't make the big bucks.

Donna Diva Brazile

Race Tension Vexes Contest For Senate In Maryland or so reads the headline at Forward.

Racial tensions are simmering in Maryland's Democratic senatorial primary race, in which a nationally known black leader, former congressman Kweisi Mfume, is squaring off against a white congressman, Ben Cardin, who is Jewish. (Simmering, what a word.)

In a widely noted March 28 column in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, Brazile wrote that Mfume "is more than another Senate candidate" — he's "a symbol of how Democrats intend to treat qualified black candidates."… "This is a great opportunity to remind them that African-American voters aren't going to sit by idly and let one of their own be thrown to the curb," Brazile said Tuesday, adding, "Republicans have no problem putting an African American on a ticket. They think it helps them to reach out to the center. Democrats sometimes get risk averse."

Ah yes, Brazile, Donna the Diva is In (so says a sign outside her office). Al Gore's 2000 campaign manager. Donna the rightwing mole in the Democratic party. Lyndon Larouche, what a character, best describes Brazile : "…so that damned fool Gore, who didn't understand anything, instead of taking a clear victory in Arkansas, which would have given him a clear electoral vote majority, went to Florida and wasted his time, trying to get support from Joe Lieberman's Cuban fascist supporters. And guess what happened? Who did it? Donna Brazile! Typical of these types."

Donna Diva stated pious sentiments in a Slate article just before the 2004 elections. She says "The people from my native South are not necessarily more racist or less tolerant than other parts of the country. In fact, I find white Southerners to be more candid about their feelings on race and religion. Some of them honestly believe that by discriminating they are doing God's work, and instead of pulling out of the South, Democrats should re-engage them." (Haha. Yes, my fellow heartlanders, some of you are honestly in the name of God racist, or "discriminating." Sounds like a palate for fine food and wine too. And how does one re-engage "them discriminating" crackerbillies for the Democratic party? See below.)

Brazile goes on: "In this coming season, Democrats must resist going back to using terms like affirmative action, pro choice, union, and "the movement" to describe what we're for. These words are limited and often open to negative interpretation from the right." (Let me see, if I understand…to counter the right one must resist by NOT using words like affirmative action, choice, union, etc. Because the rightwing has made them dirty words? Maybe we should tag Blacks working stealthily for the rightwing as – blingers. Well, all I can say, using a colloquial term from the heartland, "ain't that enough to give ya the shits." A term that, to the best of my interpretation, means an enormous visceral aggravation.)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Malcolm X 05/19/1925 - 02/21/65

Daily Reckoning

An informative, easy to read economics blog, Daily Reckoning.

By Justice Litle

Last week, improved trade numbers gave hope that the
protectionist crowd might back off a bit. No such luck.

Since last week's figures, Washington has turned up the
heat even further. On Friday, "safeguards" were imposed on
Chinese textile imports (trousers, shirts, underwear).

On Tuesday, the Treasury Department, as part of a biannual
report to Congress, threatened to accuse China of
manipulating its currency if the yuan is not allowed to
rise. The Financial Times notes that Beijing has been "put
on notice," and the Treasury Department expects a
revaluation "within six months." continue reading

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Teeth gnashing and condemnation of BushCo in regard to controlling and/or muzzling the press. Tsk-tsk. But from my view the press/MSM reports as they always have, what they're told (by one side or the other). How can anyone think the state of American news media is any different now than it was 10, 20, 30, 40, 50+ years ago? The press has always been an arm of the ruling power. Name one event that the press "broke" (without approval) that changed history and made the world a better place? Pentagon Papers (did that end and punish a secret government that ruled by conspiracy?) Watergate (did Nixon die an honored respected statesman?) Iran-Contra? I never had sex with that woman? Hahahaha, you're kidding right?

"America's image abroad" is put forth as a serious concern, as if it matters. America has never suffered anxiety over image abroad. The halls of power are run by the same global group of Anglos with a token or two brown princes. Who's left to worry about? The poor and powerless? Those we hope will protest violently so we can shoot 'em down, smoke 'em out? You think a few more American troop deaths mean any more than the 56,000 they sent to die a generation ago?

Where is MSM on Negroponte, Bolton, Chertoff, Rice, Goss, all of BushCo choices? Waiting for the media to "out" these thugs? Look in their eyes. They're empty, coarse, corrupt, murdering; we've finally perfected a generation of political vipers that would gladly depopulate the world for the pleasure of their 15 minutes. Ask millions of Asians, Latin Americans, Africans who've died over the last century looking upon the US "image" at the end of a gun, bomb, embargo, or indifference.

Take one example: there was little outrage regarding MSM coverage of Clinton's intervention in Haiti (and still little in the media over BushCo intervention). Under democrats or republicans Disney keeps making big profits for shareholders because Haitians keep dying and dying and dying to make cartoon trinkets at 11 cents an hour. Haiti's production of baseballs, textiles, cheap electronics, toys, sugar, bauxite and sisal are all controlled by American corporations. No politician has ever told the truth of what goes on in Haiti. It's the big plantation for many of their backers, yassuh boss it's fundraiser time. When the Haitians attempt democracy, whichever party is in the WH, will put down the rebellion with a few US troops, polish up the paragraph of "freedom" and send Haitians a bill for the service.

Major General Smedley D. Butler said it…."I was a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism… conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses." Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Thailand, Iraq, Iran, wherever muscle is needed. Think MSM has tried to enlighten the masses with truth?

Abroad, someone told me they could tell Americans by their walk, "because you swagger when you walk, all Americans walk that way." As Americans we can't help swaggering, around the globe, even unimportant, over-extended credit card American tourists swagger because of an asinine belief that "us" is omnipotent, and always correct. Vietnam, almost a mistake, was ignored for a nearly a decade afterwards, until Ronnie the Communicator with the help of MSM sold us we were right after all to fight the evil empire of communism, regardless how many died. What a relief, Amerikuh almost had a mistake on its record.

The WaPo, owner of Newsweek, the rag to look bad this month, did what all MSM does, it put it out and pulled it back and asked BushCo "was it good for you?" The only difference with BushCo and past regimes is Bush isn't giving us a kiss first, but most Americans won't remember anyway.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Following Tim Ryan (D-OH)

As stated previously in The Great Dem Hope: "Tim Ryan raised my hopes. He's the Democrat from OH who a few months back gave the passionate speech about why young people fear Bush is lying about a draft. The young Mr. Ryan last week received a prime subcommittee seat. Appointed to the Readiness Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee that will enable him to keep watch on the upcoming base closures as he lobbies to keep open the Youngstown Air Reserve Station, pork for home. Certainly that tit will expect a tat and change Ryan's tone."

Friday the 13th : Youngstown dodges the closings. "Representative Ryan stated "Ladies and gentlemen of the Mahoning Valley, we did it,” Ryan told an ethusiastic crowd, “we are not on the list." Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld released the recommendation list this morning. The BRAC Commission will now review the list and submit its findings to President Bush by Sept. 8. During a Pentagon briefing yesterday….Ryan also said the air base is actually earmarked by the Pentagon to gain capacity. “We’re not exactly sure how many, whether that means planes or personnel, but the bottom line is we are not on the list,” he said."

Checking Mr. Ryan's voting record shows in 2003 he earned a 50% with the Arab American Institute but their rating dropped to 0% in 2004. He scored in the –negative for such groups as " Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel" and "U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation."

The ultraconservative John Birch Society rated Ryan as 50% (equal to or higher than many republican scores) in tune to their issues in Spring '04 but dropped to 22% in Fall '04. The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) a grassroots, nationwide organization affiliated with the Republican Party (GOP) rated Ryan 50% with them on civil right issues and 30% on government reform issues.

The NRA rates him 92%. The Cato Institute (rightwing think tank) rated him at 33. These ratings are by special interest groups, therefore biased, but at the same time if he pleases their interests he will score higher.

He voted NO on the bankruptcy bill but voted YES on making repeal of the estate tax permanent. Campaign contributions were 69.4% PAC contributions, broken down 43 business PACs and 53 labor PACs, the remainder single interest issue groups.

Ryan voted YES on the REAL ID Act of 2005. YES on continuing military recruitment on college campuses. In Dec. '04 (after election) voted YES on supporting new position of Director of National Intelligence (Negroponte's new job). Although in Oct. '04 (before election) voted NO on adopting the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission which included the new position of DNI. In '03 voted YES on emergency $78B for war in Iraq & Afghanistan. In March '04 voted YES on "approving removal of Saddam and affirming that the United States and the world have been made safer with the removal of Saddam Hussein and his regime from power in Iraq."

His statement Friday " the air base is actually earmarked by the Pentagon to gain capacity" may depend on how hard Mr. Ryan's lips remain planted on the conservative please-o-meter, and for how long, at least until September when Rumsfeld makes the final base closing recommendations to Bush.

I know the State representative, in fighting for Youngstown, is simply doing his job for his constituents. However, conclusion at KAB: Mr. Ryan is not passionate about peace in Iraq or Israel/Palestine as he blows off Arab and Jewish groups seeking resolution. He satisfies big business PACs probably more than a progressive should. Ditto for the Republican Liberty Caucus, Cato, and John Birchers. Obviously the '04 election a couple of months away had something to do with that impassioned speech, pandering for the youth vote. And for all his "this administration lied" statements in the speech, he voted to keep campus recruiting tied to monetary threats for facilities that don't comply. But the surest nod is the blowjob he gave with approving and affirming"the United States and the world have been made safer with the removal of Saddam Hussein." Almost reads like a loyalty oath to BushCo. Smiling and shaking my head here folks, Ryan not only blows, but swallows.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Who Would Jesus Sue?

"The Christian Legal Society sued UC Hastings College of the Law on Friday for refusing to recognize a student chapter on its campus because the organization bars gays, lesbians and non-Christians as members." PBU20 topic "Evangelical Law Schools...moving us towards theocracy?"

Why does anyone care if Bible bumpers want to ban gays, lesbians, and non-Christians from their club? Let them be recognized on campus. Why would gays and non-Christians want to become members in a Jesus mosh of straight folks? It's Whining for Mass Distraction. It's a morsel for the progressive dogs to growl about, lead the protest pack. Yap, yap, yap. It's an opportunity for Christians to cry persecution, while filing frivolous law suits like the liberal trial lawyers they wail about at club meetings. It's not a prelude of theocracy to come. It's not an omen. It's hypocrisy and killing time on both sides.

The pompous politicians fear going too far. Folks might go cult-max and demand the pols live a life of more humility, take vows of frugality on our dime, or sign their wealth over to the state/cult. Neither Dem or Rep want too much God in government, just enough to keep the bible-belters looking up to an invisible sky father or with eyes clenched shut in prayer, while the real man picks their pocket. They want us dumb, not fanatical. Today's "moral mob" will go little further, if any, than the "moral majority" of Falwell 1979. I haven't seen an upswing in American morality or more godly government. No blurring of the lines between church and State.

Just the opposite. Porn stars are respectable actors, or think they are, with fan clubs. I hear bastard and "son-of-a-bitch" on everything but Sunday morning worship networks. The only lines I've seen blurred are Paris Hilton's ass when she bent over on the Simple Life or the Girls Gone Wild commercials. The numbers racket is legal lottery and gambling is everywhere. Loan sharking is called credit card. Kindergarten Geodon junkies are FDA approved but they better not get caught with an aspirin. A 13 y/o can still get an abortion. Sin City. Lap dances. Age and gravity now prevent Madonna from masturbating on stage but she and Britney can swap spit prime time. Janet can't flop a tittie without the public feigning distress, but Laura First Lady, with a smirk her man must envy, can give us the mental image of her tinhorn husband jerking off a horse (a joke so old it died of overuse before even I was born). And who do you think Jeff Gannon was giving a reach-around in the White House? This is the most ungodly bunch ever to drop their underwear in the Truman bathroom.

Actually, maybe we've come full circle. We're back to a nation ruled by deists, agnostics, and atheists, holding up "the Good Book" convincing the common folks to continuously war for "freedom" while the learned politicians kick their slaves in the ass, smoke huge "cigars" (or poke fun with them), and claim In God We Trust. They trust the god scam, it always works.

Truth is, pious folks are a lunatic fringe group, used by politician and church. It's a psych-op that alarms the progressive while stimulating the rightwing organs (pun intended). No sir, there is no theo in this ocracy. Americans, vain, carnal, and overly fond of our genitalia, not to mention the money to be made indulging same, will never allow religion to seriously dictate politics.

4th Reich Riddle

Skull & Bones, just a harmless male club founded for the elite children of Wall Street bankers. A Yale brotherhood circa 1832 by William Russell. Russell studied in Germany and came home to Yale with the idea that occult secret clubs were fun. A craze, a European fad of the time. Typical frat boy kind of networking thing. where young men make 14 new friends their senior year.

The first Bush bonesman, Grandpa Prescott, with his Thyssen-controlled ventures, his industrial banking buddies. Up to his swastika in aiding and abetting, and profiteering with the evil-doer Hitler. At the same time friendly with Amercan Jewish bankers and financiers, all guiding lights and loans to finance the next world war, heady with profits from the first WW. CYA so well.

Poppy GHW Bush, CIA sneak, thief, liar, and cult capo, guardian of the family skeletons. Director hitman, so loves his covert world he would, I'm sure, sacrifice a son if need be. Bush 41, Bush 43, Clinton, Rice kneeling acolytes at the corpse of the Pope. Prince Charlie, Mugabe, Katsav and Khatami and Assad, just being polite. Hush woman, respect, I tell you, respect.

George Bush the Younger, like his daddy and granddaddy, a skull and boner, cocooned by more Judeo-Christo and Zionist "neocons" than you can shake a menorah at; men like Henry Kissinger or the younger PNACers such as Rabbi Dov S. Zakheim. Bad girl, that talk is anti-whatever.

All that hollow-cost money and treasure hoarded in Swiss banks, Israeli banks, and the Holy See recently divided among the thieves, together again until the next double-cross. So when did Nazi supporters bed down with Zionist neocons? Maybe….they've always been screwing over one another? Disciples of wandering Das Leihkapital, always looking for mo' money. Time to spin the Vatican's Wheal of Fortune and play Jewpardy, again.

Alex, I'll take Collusion & Usury for $500. Doo doo doo doo…..Who are Nazis, Zionists, and Neocons?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Kosovo etal.


CowboySan Diego-based singer / songwriter, Peggy Watson.

In the Name of God From Berlin, Germany singer/songwriters, Brooks [an American] and Stockhausen.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Heartland HUBZones

To participate in the HUBZone Empowerment Contracting Program a firm must: Be small. Located in an "historically underutilized business zone" (HUBZone). Be owned and controlled by one or more U.S. Citizens (I rememeber many years ago doing business in a foreign country I had to have a "national" act as a front, have we come to that in the US?) At least 35% of its employees reside in a HUBZone.

A "HUBZone" is an area that is located in one or more of the following: A "non-metropolitan county" that is: not located in a metropolitan statistical area…and in which the median household income is less than 80 percent of the non-metropolitan State median household income…has an unemployment rate that is not less than 140 percent of the statewide average unemployment rate for the State in which the county is located; Lands within the external boundaries of an Indian reservation.

Written into law in 1997, the current version (adopted June 11, 1998) is championed by Senator John F. Kerry. The law requires that 3% of all federal contract funding be directed towards a HUBZone certified business by 2003 when the program is fully implemented.

The HUBZone program is based on the economic needs of everyone in a community…To obtain and maintain HUBZone status, a company’s principle headquarters must be located in a designated HUBZone area, and 35% of its employees must live in those areas. With projected goals of 25,000 new jobs and $6 billion in federal contracts funds allocated by 2004, the HUBZone program will create unprecedented growth in communities that have been neglected in business development.

A map to see if your firm qualifies. The heartland so qualifies. A job is a job.

Government and Military Contracts Save New Madrid Employer: New Madrid, MO -- Most of our casualties in Iraq come from explosions or mortar rounds. But a New Madrid company is developing cutting-edge ways to keep our military safe.

Kontek used to make concrete and steel buildings for telecommunication companies. But the bottom fell out of that industry in 2001. And Kontek lost millions, until managers turned to the government and business took off in a different direction.

About 50 employees at Kontek still work with steel and concrete. Only now they build barriers and buildings to withstand explosions (pouring concrete is "cutting edge"?)... "These fragments explode from the mortar three times faster than a bullet," explains Merrill. "This is what kills people." An explosives test at the University of Missouri - Rolla last month shows trucks crashing into barriers and buildings exploding. Merrill says his products all passed. "It's to exciting to go from making something so mundane, to doing something with such impact," he adds.

Merrill says federal law makers from Missouri helped secure $2.4 million in grant money from the defense department, and credits them with continuing to establish contacts with the military. "Because we are working with the defense department, the military pretty much tells us what they're looking for, what they need, and we try to develop something for them," Merrill explains. Kontek's business is booming... In four years the company went from the verge of closing, to a record year last year.

"We have quite an impact in the New Madrid economy," he says. "Also in other ways. It's broader than that. We buy a lot of stuff." Merrill is confident a couple of their new products will generate more military contracts. Kontek products already sit at 12 nuclear power plants and eight air force bases.

"And we're still in the first inning with this!" he says.

Another article on Kontak: With the help of Emerson (Joanne, R-MO), Kontek strengthened its ties with the University of Missouri engineering schools at Rolla and Columbia, which both did blast mitigation work and research on different types of concrete barriers. That research combine with Kontek facilities and Emerson's political connections has brought Kontek back to the forefront of a new and expanding industry. Kontek is currently under contract to install concrete barriers for perimeter security at 12 nuclear facilities throughout the country. Furthermore, through research done in cooperation with the universities, Kontek has patents pending on several designs of concrete delay and blast resistant barriers. Kontek is back on top.

With billions going to IT contracts (where some of us watch the rest of us) and billions for armament abroad and billions for homeland "security," I'm reminded of another little weasel, backed by bankers and industry, who geared his nation's economy toward war and defense of the fatherland. What a ball game, US vs "Them" and this is just the "first inning."

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Remember When

I remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon, and during vacation road trips it could be 20 cents a gallon because of "gas wars." A time when "filling stations" cleaned windshields, checked the dipstick, put air in a tire and lowered the pump price just to get your business from the filling station across the street or around the corner or down the road. I remember when bread was 20 cents a loaf, and free on Tuesday, if you waited outside the bread factory as the workers always brought out overruns on Tuesday. Dozens and dozens of loaves of unsliced fresh baked bread. Folks would take a stick of real butter and wait in line to fill the biggest brown paper bag they could find. I remember when a bottle of cold Coke was 6 cents. We bitched and cussed for months when the price eventually went to 8 cents a bottle. And a candy bar or bag of peanuts was 5 cents, but peanuts tasted better with Pepsi. Saturday matinee was 25 cents. I had to sneak out of the house in my bell-bottom hip huggers, or sneak a mini skirt under a regular skirt. Back then I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of jeans but wearing a sweatshirt that said "69 Breakfast of Champions" was cool.

I remember when JFK was murdered at around high noon in the land of oil. I remember endless days of constant replay - Oswald, Jacob Rubenstein, basement, riderless horse, caisson, John John salutes, Oswald, Ruby, basement, horse, caisson, John John, Oswald, Ruby, basement, horse, caisson, John John, Oswald…over and over grinding into the mind until a person had a headache. And at the time I was more interested in boys and blue eye shadow but I remember the adults in the family in low voices talking about Oswald being a patsy, cover-ups. Most folks avoided the subject of how it could happen in America. It had to be a lone crazed gunman. The media icons avoided any inquiry or question. Case closed.

I remember being hit with a brick in a Civil Rights march. Sometimes it was rotten produce and bloated fish. I remember the white men/boys standing on corners talking loud about how it was "them uppity Northern niggas coming down here makin' trouble." As if heartland niggas had never thought of civil rights. I was a high school sophomore the first year schools were integrated. For all the blustering the white men did over the upheaval in their world there were no problems that September. Everyone had their clique as they always have in high school. The boys were thinking of going to or getting out of Vietnam. Thinking of travel to exotic places or taking on a cause, the Peace Corp, going to college or shotgun weddings.

I remember there was more terror in the 60s than any time since. Who would be assassinated next. The nightly news was death and mayhem and body counts, theirs, ours. It was cities burning. Riots and protests and dead students. Americans open fire on Americans. It was high school and college friends coming home in coffins or with missing limbs or minds. Orderly chaos that ended with the awful '70s, what a relief. Gas lines of gas guzzling cars, layoffs, wage and price controls, Watergate, and watching Gerald Ford to see if he tripped again. The awful songs of Karen Carpenter. The even more awful Love Story with Ryan O'Neal. A time when movie characters smoked dope in "funky" scenes wearing god-awful leisure suits propositioning flat-chested women with long stringy hair, and the Odd Couple were two straight guys. New Orleans jazz. Kung fu, Foxy Brown, Blacula. Block parties. Playing spades. Tube tops.

I remember one of LBJ's speeches. From Jan.1969 LBJ : "Urban unrest, poverty, pressures on welfare, education of our people, law enforcement and law and order, the continuing crisis in the Middle East, the conflict in Vietnam, the dangers of nuclear war, the great difficulties of dealing with the Communist powers, all have this much in common: They and their causes--the causes that gave rise to them--all of these have existed with us for many years. Several Presidents have already sought to try to deal with them. One or more Presidents will try to resolve them or try to contain them in the years that are ahead of us.

This much is certain: No one man or group of men made these commitments alone. Congress and the executive branch, with their checks and balances, reasoned together and finally wrote them into the law of the land. They now have all the moral force that the American political system can summon when it acts as one.

The quest for peace tonight continues in Vietnam, and in the Paris talks.

The North Vietnamese know that they cannot achieve their aggressive purposes by force. There may be hard fighting before a settlement is reached; but, I can assure you, it will yield no victory to the Communist cause.

I cannot speak to you tonight about Vietnam without paying a very personal tribute to the men who have carried the battle out there for all of us. I have been honored to be their Commander in Chief. The Nation owes them its unstinting support while the battle continues--and its enduring gratitude when their service is done.

Finally, the quest for stable peace in the Middle East goes on in many capitals tonight. America fully supports the unanimous resolution of the U.N. Security Council which points the way.

There must be a settlement of the armed hostility that exists in that region of the world today. It is a threat not only to Israel and to all the Arab States, but it is a threat to every one of us and to the entire world as well.

President-elect Nixon, in the days ahead, is going to need your understanding, just as I did. And he is entitled to have it. I hope every Member will remember that the burdens he will bear as our President, will be borne for all of us. Each of us should try not to increase these burdens for the sake of narrow personal or partisan advantage."

How sad. It only takes one generation and the blood and death costs seem of little relevance other than perhaps an extra hollow-day off work, a ceremonial observance in a city or two, a commemorative stamp. I can see GWB mouthing LBJ's speech in January 2009. He need only change the zone of war and a couple of words in this 40 year old farewell and it would sound as presidentially appropriate, as urgent, as superficial. I remember the old adage: "The more things change, the more they remain the same." Everything but the bread and peanuts.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shit For Brains

May 5 broadcast, Rush"Fry Brain" Limbaugh: "You Democrats are aborting yourselves, so bammo! Let's open the floodgates, bring in some illegals, and make sure first and foremost they vote."

How does Rush know women who undergo abortion are Democrats? And how do illegals register to vote since registration requires one be a US citizen?

Sunday, May 08, 2005

One Tab Over the Line

ADHD. Also known as "drug the damn kid because he's never been taught to behave." I came of age in an era when a large family was considered a blessing. My high school sweetheart was the oldest of 12 (good Catholic mother). Several aunts were blessed with 7, 8, 9 children. And miraculously, none had "ADHD." There were no such disorders in the dark ages of the '50s and '60s. If a child behaved poorly, it was a reflection of the parent. Imagine, holding parents responsible for the behavior of their offspring. Not for 2 or 3 kids, but half-dozen, a dozen.

My aunts and uncles could cut a tree switch, strip the leaves, and whip ass in under 3 minutes. Luckily my parents were much older and wiser and I never felt the willow or hickory switch but just witnessing the discipline my cousins received would uncurl my hair and make me behave. Although I managed to raise mine without the use of corporal punishment, my children have informed me there were times they would have preferred an ass kicking rather than sitting through my lectures on acceptable behavior. I have 6 children, 5 living, ages 21 through 35. They knew at a young age the definition of "obnoxious" and "unacceptable." It never occurred to me to drug them as we navigated childhood. My God, I thought they were normal.

Today's epidemic of "disorders" is the pharmaceutical companies giving the medical profession creative license to find acronyms for their products. Designer drugs, the guiding principle of drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. In the latter half of the last century we created more "disorders" than Doan's has liver pills. Excuses for a decaying society. Character deviance is a chemical imbalance, hormonal, glandular, or brain abnormality. The experts will assure us, we're not exhibiting more deviant behavior, simply "more aware" in our "informed" society. Here, take a pill to prevent bloodshed in the family room with American Idol or Jerry Springer caterwauling in the background.

When this, let's call it BAKWIPP (bad ass kids with intensely poor parenting) phenomenon began in the '70s early '80s, it was white, suburban, male children. Originally, there was stigma attached to having a kid so poorly behaved he needed to be drugged for the sake of society. Mommies (and daddies) wanted little boys to stop terrorizing the household and classroom and a pill could do it. Can't think straight, can't be put to bed, can't concentrate, anger management problems, disruptive. Daydreaming, can't focus, won't do chores, won't listen to mom/dad. We used to call it childhood and thought it a parent's job to teach Johnny he couldn't have life exclusively his way, at his whim, all the time, everywhere.

Through the 1980s "bad ass kid" syndrome was mostly contained in white suburbia but as teachers and parents noticed how pleasant it was to deal with, or even be in the vicinity of kids on dope, the demand for Ritalin hit a new high (pun unintended). Parents, usually mothers, took children as young as 2 years old begging doctors "he's just uncontrollable, he needs something." In the '90s female offspring, previously rarely diagnosed, began suffering "bad ass kid" syndrome in record numbers. The disorder was suddenly attacking little girls. And in the last few years the "disorder" has spread through the nonwhite communities and to the adult community. An unprecedented outbreak of…no self-discipline.

If you research the data carefully there is NONE that supports the theory that these disorders are a "chemical imbalance." Reliable studies will state ADHD "appears related to two neurotransmitters - dopamine and norepinephrine." And sentences such as "It is presumed that brain chemistry is out of balance and that specific chemicals called neurotransmitters may be lacking in individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder." Since most children "outgrow" the syndrome, how is it a chemical imbalance? It's not. Chemical imbalance is to assuage parental guilt for doping his own child. Now parents with adult ADHD are producing children with ADHD, is it genetic? No, just "presumably" it "appears" the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

Some causes of ADHD, or why the kid is inattentive, mean, bouncing off walls and unlovable:
* lack of sleep – put the damn kids to bed every night at the same time. Too many kids in front of an electronic toy, or allowed to run rabid through the house until they drop from exhaustion.
* poor nutrition – fast food, artificial dyes, caffeine, sugar, and grease are not brain food.
* immaturity and slow psychological development – teach your children to grow up, to think, to develop patience, kindness, self-respect. Give them boundaries and punishment when they cross the line.
* low motivation – give children goals, demand they attempt to reach them, praise them when they do, comfort when they don't.
* boredom – challenge the kid with a book and a bicycle.
* lazy parenting – time to grow up yourself. Stop watching Oprah and the feelie goody needy inner child babble, the inner kid grows up when you do.

But dope is so much easier. We have Ritalin, Desoxyn, Strattera, and Concerta. Focalin (dexmethylphenidate, a modified version of Ritalin, a CNS stimulant, addictive with longterm use). A meth head doesn't just live in the trailer park now. Adderall, an amphetamine, snorted, smoked or injected, produces a quick buzz. Dexedrine, aka Nazi crank, a German patent, taken by Luftwaffe pilots during WWII. Ritalin, not strictly an amphetamine, but very similar in chemical structure and effect was supposedly Hitler's drug of choice. But today in America the prescription quality pills taken as prescribed make a longer-lasting mellow little fellow. The PR agents of pharmaceutical companies disarm parents and the public by separating the image of street users from the clean, clinical, safe use of their prescription drugs. And they have other meds to counteract any side effects, i.e. hypertensive drugs when the little tot develops high blood pressure.

At least in the '60s we knew dope was dope. A pill head, pot head, acid head was a pill head, pot head, acid head. Dr. Leary taught all about therapeutic and spiritual benefits of drugs. "Turn on, tune in, drop out." These days the AMA and FDA teach the "benefits." How amazing that we are encouraged to fine tune a false sense of well-being in ourselves and our children, simply because it comes in a prescription rather than a pipe, bong, reefer, line or needle. Mother's little helpers because big daddy government says it okay to dope me, drug me, proves you love me.

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Great Dem Hope Revisited

Kucinich, likely the only progressive voice in the country writes An Open Letter To Howard Dean. I hate to say I told you so but I told you so.

Movin' On Up

Running into articles this week where "conservatives" (particularly Walter E. over at Townhall) are singing "economic mobility" is everywhere in our society. But I've a bitch with the stats Walter E. uses to back up his hearty belief in the rags to riches for everyone. Walter's first paragraph thumps Richard Gephardt and Michael Moore on the head. Must have been the two liberals on this week's post-it note.

He begins citing "… 80 percent of today's American millionaires are first-generation rich" from the book "The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy." The authors claim in their study of millionaires that " Fewer than 25 percent received "an act of kindness" from a relative greater than $10,000, and 91 percent never received, as a gift, as much as $1 from the ownership of a family business."

Okay. So GWB is self-made? If one's daddy is the president does that constitute "an act of kindness?" Does that study exclude or include Forbes billionaires? Are we talking folks with a net wealth of $1,000,000 or are we including everyone with multimillions up to billions? Must be excluding Forbes 400 because the 91 percent sure doesn't qualify there. Many of those wealthy had a hand or two hands up or inherited. Does that study include the millionaire Enron employee who was worth 3 million in stock just before the shit hit the fan and now he's worth 33,000? "…and 91 percent never received, as a gift, as much as $1 from the ownership of a family business." So that excludes monies loaned from family? That would exclude that briefcase full we received from my in-laws business as it was a "loan" not a gift. We did repay it.

The book also states that "Fewer than 20 percent inherited 10 percent or more of their wealth." Hmm. So approximately 1.6 million of these millionaires inherited 10 percent or LESS of their wealth. So if I'm worth 200,000,000 and inherited under 10 percent of that, that means my uncle left me a measly 19,000,000 or so? Or if I'm worth 2,000,000 that means my daddy willed me just under 200,000 in a starter kit with some networking, and I'd fall into that category? Not exactly bootstraps and rags.

Walter cites a study from 1892 of the 4,047 American millionaires, which reports that 84 percent were nouveau riche. Wasn't that the "Gilded Age" of America? When fortunes were made by the mining bonanza kings, railroad barons, merchant princes, bankers, organizers of the great trusts, the utility tycoons, and the politicians in their pockets?

He states: "According to IRS tax data, 85.8 percent of tax filers in the bottom fifth in 1979 had moved on to a higher quintile, and often to the top quintile, by 1988." Gee, where did poverty go? How come the Gini index has been the same for decades? Laffer-ing all the way to the bank again? It must be all those Siliconaires in the Valley that sprung up between 1979-88, the young upwardly mobile Reaganites who were suddenly rich. There were so many of them suffering that psychology books were written to explain the drawbacks of being afflicted with the "sudden wealth syndome."

Or maybe the study includes Medicaid Millionaires . You know those doctors, hospitals, clinics (founded by men like Thomas Frist in TN) who became rich defrauding government healthcare in the '80s. Are we excluding/including new millionaires of the foreign wealthy who prefer California and Florida sunshine? Russian nouveau business tycoons, Columbian…ahem…pharmaceutical distributors, the rightwing Generals absconding with fortunes from Central America who now live in the US? How many of these first generation rich are first generation American?

Walter E. also doesn't tell us much about Farrah Gray, other than he's a Black youth from the ghetto who became a Reallionaire at age 17. Farrah Gray began traveling the world at age 6 with an older brother, his mentor. He's published a book telling us how to get rich too in 9 steps. But even with Mr. Gray's story I find conflicting information. In early blurbs Farrah credits his loving parents, grandparents, and brothers for his unique abilities and outlook on life. Later reports state he grew up on public assistance in the Chicago ghetto, with his mother, a single parent, etc. He may deserve all he's obtained but he didn't get there alone. And the more I read about Gray the more I see the infomercial man in the weird suit, or Tom Bosely telling folks they can make a fortune selling ceramics at flea markets.

Walter E. concludes his "Only In America" article asking : "What are we to make of people who preach pessimism and doom to people -- telling them that they're poor because others are rich…What are we to make of politicians, media pundits and college professors who preach the politics of envy -- telling people lies that the rich became rich off the backs of the poor?"

Walter seems to have his post-it note always near with "lawyers, politicians, media people, leftist organizations, college professors and others who often contribute little or nothing to human progress" see below. The rightwing invented the meme "politics of envy." It's their way of preaching anyone who criticizes the status quo must be an envious lying leftist noncontributing good for nothing. The same guys would tell you, if you complained about the insertion of that cattle prod, that it's only painful because you envy electricity.

Millions of non-wealthy Americans know or have contact with someone who is wealthy, or at least affluent, through work, family, or acquaintances. In hometowns across the heartland the poor and middle class understand how the pecking order operates and don't waste a lot of time on envy. Many still believe in rags to riches, and most hold no malice. Most would be content with just a good wage, nice little house, a new bedroom set, even college for the kids without debt. A steak dinner when they want one or a car that starts every morning in the winter. But we also have phrases like "It's not who you know but who you blow" or "It's who you meet and eat." And honestly, they don't believe the rich get rich off the backs of the poor. It's another part of their anatomy they feel is getting reamed.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Article 1 Section 8

Tue May 3,11:11 PM ET
-WASHINGTON The U.S. military may not be able to win any new wars as quickly as planned because the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have strained its manpower and resources, the nation's top military officer told Congress in a classified report. Among the most likely conflicts the Pentagon foresees in the near term are with North Korea and Iran, the two remaining members of President Bush's "axis of evil."

Tue May 3, 6:11 PM ET
-WASHINGTON (Reuters) The U.S. military's operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have constrained its ability to tackle other potential conflicts, making any future war more likely to be longer and bloodier, according to America's top general. In an annual classified report required by Congress, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said stress on manpower and equipment could limit the ability to win other possible wars as quickly as the Pentagon had previously forecast, defense officials said on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 4 May , 2005 12:26:00
ELEANOR HALL: The United States' most senior military officer, General Richard Myers, has reported to the US Congress that the deployment of US troops to Iraq and Afghanistan will make it more difficult for the US military to fight other potential conflicts and to deal with the threat of terrorism. In a classified report to Congress, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff has concluded that while the US military would be likely to win any future conflicts, it might not be able to do so as quickly as planned and may have to sustain higher casualties.

Increasing U.S. Ground Forces PNAC January letter:

The United States military is too small for the responsibilities we are asking it to assume…The administration has unfortunately resisted increasing our ground forces to the size needed to meet today's (and tomorrow's) missions and challenges…

So we write to ask you and your colleagues in the legislative branch to take the steps necessary to increase substantially the size of the active duty Army and Marine Corps…

There is abundant evidence that the demands of the ongoing missions in the greater Middle East, along with…commitments elsewhere in the world, are close to exhausting current U.S. ground forces. Yet after almost two years in Iraq and almost three years in Afghanistan, it should be evident that our engagement in the greater Middle East is truly, in Condoleezza Rice's term, a "generational commitment." The only way to fulfill the military aspect of this commitment is by increasing the size of the force available to our civilian leadership.

In sum: We can afford the military we need…We do insist that we act responsibly to create the military we need to fight the war on terror and fulfill our other responsibilities around the world.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution places the power and the duty to raise and support the military forces of the United States in the hands of the Congress. That is why we, the undersigned, a bipartisan group with diverse policy views, have come together to call upon you to act. You will be serving your country well if you insist on providing the military manpower we need to meet America's obligations, and to help ensure success in carrying out our foreign policy objectives in a dangerous, but also hopeful, world.


Shills for a Greater Israel

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Got Mine Really

U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, sworn in Feb. 7 and charged with providing U.S. businesses with better trading opportunities, spoke Monday in Washington with staff writer Lauren Markoe and other reporters. Here are edited excerpts from their discussion:

QUESTION: DR. CAFTA — the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement — seems to be in trouble in Congress. What’s the administration’s strategy?
ANSWER: “To get the facts out. On the economic side, we are currently importing from Central America and the Dominican Republic pretty much duty free. Our exports to Central America pay duties. So what CAFTA does is it levels the playing field.”
Really says: To obscure facts. We pay duty export fees but operate in those countries tax free for decades sometimes, local politicoligarchies are well paid to pass labor and environmental laws that benefit our corporations, generally the host country pays to build our factories, provide slave labor. I mean if .60 cents an hour isn't "pretty much" slavery, what is, hahaha.

QUESTION: Do you have a timeline for bringing CAFTA before Congress?
ANSWER: “I don’t believe in timelines.”
Really says: It's just a matter of time before those reluctant to our agenda accept a stack of cash or are shown compromising photos.

QUESTION: NAFTA — the North American Free Trade Agreement — hasn’t lived up to its promises. Why shouldn’t people be skeptical about CAFTA?
ANSWER: “Since NAFTA was put in place, our economy has grown 38 percent. Mexico’s economy has grown 31 percent. Canada’s economy has grown 31 percent.”
Really says: Did I say "economy"? I meant CEO salaries and bonuses have grown that much, hahaha. Who gives a shit that NAFTA drove jobs out of the US. I got mine.

QUESTION: What are we doing to enforce the trade treaties we have already signed, specifically the massive influx of Chinese textiles to the United States?
ANSWER: “We self-initiated a review of textiles, three categories of textiles ... Any time we see our trading partners not living up to the agreements, we have to be willing to use the tools we negotiated to enforce the agreements.”
Really says: We really don't give a shit about influx from China, without those cheap China textiles where would Wal-Mart be? And where do you think the Chinese buy most of their raw materials to make that junk? Actually, what was initiated, was a "safeguard review" (aka let-us-dick-around-longer but appear to be looking at it), to review the textile categories of U.S.-made cotton knit tops, cotton trousers and underwear. Who wears this stuff, hahaha.

QUESTION: What are we doing about China undervaluing its currency?
ANSWER: “If I talk about the currency, somebody from the Treasury is going to appear right in this room and take me away.”
Really says: Are you outta your mind? If we punish China do you know how much that would hurt? U.S. exports to China totaled $34.7 billion last year, growing by 114% from 2000 to 2004. US corporations own half of all China's export oriented factories. We sell them the materials they make Wal-Mart shit with. They bought 1/3 of US cotton last year.

QUESTION: Are you worried about the trade deficit?
ANSWER: “Our economy grew last year at 4.4 percent. So we have a very attractive economy ... If the trade deficit is the only number we were trying to solve, we could do things to get the trade deficit down. I don’t believe the solution to the trade deficit is to go back and make ourselves less attractive, put up barriers ... we have to continue focusing on opening markets, expanding, opening trade.
Really says: I made over 7+ million in salary in 2003 in the private sector, you really think I'm worried about it? Imagine what I'll make now after I leave government. But doesn't the word "attractive" sound positively soothing, hahaha?

Monday, May 02, 2005

Pressure Is Not An Option

PBU18 topic this week is the idea that pressure on Blair (with UK election May 5) also puts pressure on Bush with the result of hopefully convincing more netizens of the need to bring the troops home. I don't feel pressure on either of the men will bring the troops home. Neither listened to the huge protests before the war, neither listening now. I think the majority of Americans would agree we need to bring the troops home, but most will go along with the voices of "authority" who changed a couple of words in their rhetoric, i.e. the "threat" is not a communist takeover but Muslim extremists. It's a different world. We've been "attacked." Another Pearl Harbor, with more demons now, more evil with "terror cells" in at least 60 countries. Bush is a war president. Trust us (even though from day 1 around the world many called 9/11 an inside job).

In September 2002, in the run-up to a new session of parliament, Blair produced the first dossier. He insisted that Saddam had WMDs which could be activated in 45 minutes and would threaten other countries. (Condi's mushroom cloud.) Barely 2 years ago, when Blair was confronted with the lies of WMD, American progressives were certain that Blair's trouble would ooze across the ocean and create problems for Bush. Blair was in hot water over the "sexed up dossier" hence Bush would be too. Didn't happen.

The second dossier in 2003 showed Blair/UK cooking up a mess of intelligence material with analysis from a research student's paper found on the internet. It was ridiculed around the world. Blair, as did buddy BushCo, linked Saddam to Al-Qaida and claimed that intelligence data (forged) proved that Iraq was trying to obtain uranium from Africa to develop nuclear weapons. And the yellow cake stink on Bush/Blair lasted no longer than a fart in a whirlwind.

July 8, 2003 when questioned, Blair stated "For me, the jury is not out at all... I have absolutely no doubt at all that we will find evidence of weapons of mass destruction programmes." It was deemed Blair had not misled parliament to war in Iraq. Bush too has been cleared of any wrong doing. Not guilty of lying us to war. Intel failure. Everyone innocent, everyone misled by someone else, no one to blame. Clinton's fault for "gutting the CIA." Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction program actvities". Program activities? The imminent threat that launched a war thuds to read like the junior/senior prom program handout.

There is no such option as "putting pressure" on Blair or Bush, however much we the people like to think we have the power to pressure. Nor do we have leaders today who might pressure for us. It's not the voter, here or the UK, that any politician is worried about. Would Kerry, had he been selected, be bringing troops home or just talking about it? Would replacing Blair generate much change in British policy toward Iraq? How many fingers can you count Democrats on who are demanding loud and clear we leave Iraq? Not asking for a guesstimate of a draw down, but demanding an exit. Not barking about a lack of withdrawal strategy but demanding we leave in the very near future? How many voted against war to begin with? How many now claim they were "misled." We can change the face of the PM or the Prez, swap back and forth one party to the other, and battle whatever evil they name for us. The reality is we are going to be in Iraq for a very long time on those 14 "enduring" military bases we're building. This "venture" is for the long haul. We were told as much in the beginning by Blair and Bush; it's the only thing they haven't lied about.

Maybe followers prefer figureheads like Bush and Blair, who don't have enough sense to be ashamed at pissing away the opportunity to change the world for the better, all because talking heads assure people that men like Bush and Blair make the world safe from those evil-doers out to get us because of our freedom, our way of life. In Latin American republics, the peasants live in reality, they know their big banana is a despot working for a foreign power, and political pressure is called a revolution. We should be as astute.

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