Saturday, May 14, 2005

Who Would Jesus Sue?

"The Christian Legal Society sued UC Hastings College of the Law on Friday for refusing to recognize a student chapter on its campus because the organization bars gays, lesbians and non-Christians as members." PBU20 topic "Evangelical Law Schools...moving us towards theocracy?"

Why does anyone care if Bible bumpers want to ban gays, lesbians, and non-Christians from their club? Let them be recognized on campus. Why would gays and non-Christians want to become members in a Jesus mosh of straight folks? It's Whining for Mass Distraction. It's a morsel for the progressive dogs to growl about, lead the protest pack. Yap, yap, yap. It's an opportunity for Christians to cry persecution, while filing frivolous law suits like the liberal trial lawyers they wail about at club meetings. It's not a prelude of theocracy to come. It's not an omen. It's hypocrisy and killing time on both sides.

The pompous politicians fear going too far. Folks might go cult-max and demand the pols live a life of more humility, take vows of frugality on our dime, or sign their wealth over to the state/cult. Neither Dem or Rep want too much God in government, just enough to keep the bible-belters looking up to an invisible sky father or with eyes clenched shut in prayer, while the real man picks their pocket. They want us dumb, not fanatical. Today's "moral mob" will go little further, if any, than the "moral majority" of Falwell 1979. I haven't seen an upswing in American morality or more godly government. No blurring of the lines between church and State.

Just the opposite. Porn stars are respectable actors, or think they are, with fan clubs. I hear bastard and "son-of-a-bitch" on everything but Sunday morning worship networks. The only lines I've seen blurred are Paris Hilton's ass when she bent over on the Simple Life or the Girls Gone Wild commercials. The numbers racket is legal lottery and gambling is everywhere. Loan sharking is called credit card. Kindergarten Geodon junkies are FDA approved but they better not get caught with an aspirin. A 13 y/o can still get an abortion. Sin City. Lap dances. Age and gravity now prevent Madonna from masturbating on stage but she and Britney can swap spit prime time. Janet can't flop a tittie without the public feigning distress, but Laura First Lady, with a smirk her man must envy, can give us the mental image of her tinhorn husband jerking off a horse (a joke so old it died of overuse before even I was born). And who do you think Jeff Gannon was giving a reach-around in the White House? This is the most ungodly bunch ever to drop their underwear in the Truman bathroom.

Actually, maybe we've come full circle. We're back to a nation ruled by deists, agnostics, and atheists, holding up "the Good Book" convincing the common folks to continuously war for "freedom" while the learned politicians kick their slaves in the ass, smoke huge "cigars" (or poke fun with them), and claim In God We Trust. They trust the god scam, it always works.

Truth is, pious folks are a lunatic fringe group, used by politician and church. It's a psych-op that alarms the progressive while stimulating the rightwing organs (pun intended). No sir, there is no theo in this ocracy. Americans, vain, carnal, and overly fond of our genitalia, not to mention the money to be made indulging same, will never allow religion to seriously dictate politics.


Deleted said...

It's a shuck, a tarbaby thrown out to see who is dumb enough to wrestle with it. But it's also the leading edge of the corporatized, divide and conquer, security state strategy. Which itself is the commodification of governance. The thumpers don't give a damn about the Bible. They would be just as happy with the Little Red Book, or any book. They're protecting the market share of their fleecers, and hoping for a little something in return. That something is the legal opportunity to hurt people.

How do fight colonial shock troops, Kate-A?

Kate-A said...

I use the power of the purse at every opportunity. I'm a believer in economic boycotts, as that's that only "hurt" they understand. However, my current observation of the mass indifference leads me to plan for exile. Watching from afar, with rum in a coconut, swaying in a hammock on the veranda, has a lot of appeal.

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