Friday, May 20, 2005

Donna Diva Brazile

Race Tension Vexes Contest For Senate In Maryland or so reads the headline at Forward.

Racial tensions are simmering in Maryland's Democratic senatorial primary race, in which a nationally known black leader, former congressman Kweisi Mfume, is squaring off against a white congressman, Ben Cardin, who is Jewish. (Simmering, what a word.)

In a widely noted March 28 column in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, Brazile wrote that Mfume "is more than another Senate candidate" — he's "a symbol of how Democrats intend to treat qualified black candidates."… "This is a great opportunity to remind them that African-American voters aren't going to sit by idly and let one of their own be thrown to the curb," Brazile said Tuesday, adding, "Republicans have no problem putting an African American on a ticket. They think it helps them to reach out to the center. Democrats sometimes get risk averse."

Ah yes, Brazile, Donna the Diva is In (so says a sign outside her office). Al Gore's 2000 campaign manager. Donna the rightwing mole in the Democratic party. Lyndon Larouche, what a character, best describes Brazile : "…so that damned fool Gore, who didn't understand anything, instead of taking a clear victory in Arkansas, which would have given him a clear electoral vote majority, went to Florida and wasted his time, trying to get support from Joe Lieberman's Cuban fascist supporters. And guess what happened? Who did it? Donna Brazile! Typical of these types."

Donna Diva stated pious sentiments in a Slate article just before the 2004 elections. She says "The people from my native South are not necessarily more racist or less tolerant than other parts of the country. In fact, I find white Southerners to be more candid about their feelings on race and religion. Some of them honestly believe that by discriminating they are doing God's work, and instead of pulling out of the South, Democrats should re-engage them." (Haha. Yes, my fellow heartlanders, some of you are honestly in the name of God racist, or "discriminating." Sounds like a palate for fine food and wine too. And how does one re-engage "them discriminating" crackerbillies for the Democratic party? See below.)

Brazile goes on: "In this coming season, Democrats must resist going back to using terms like affirmative action, pro choice, union, and "the movement" to describe what we're for. These words are limited and often open to negative interpretation from the right." (Let me see, if I understand…to counter the right one must resist by NOT using words like affirmative action, choice, union, etc. Because the rightwing has made them dirty words? Maybe we should tag Blacks working stealthily for the rightwing as – blingers. Well, all I can say, using a colloquial term from the heartland, "ain't that enough to give ya the shits." A term that, to the best of my interpretation, means an enormous visceral aggravation.)


imitationC said...

The listing made interesting reading until the compilation included
Donna Brazile... Gawd, in one nanosecond the list lost all
credibility. In the company of Waters and Schumer and Pelosi, this
girl shines as a dumbbell, lightweight thinking bureaucrat with the
logical skills of a rock. How in the world can any reflective,
informed person think this dimwit is memorable? She should top the


Kate-A said...

Agree she is shallow dimwit but Brazile is not a member of congress.

She's the run of the mill political pundit and strategist.

imitationC said...

Your are right, of course, I meant the Beltwayians in general, but see that you are in full agreement on her cerebral level. I was commenting on the Oprah listing of the 20 most significant African-American women... Brazile is on that listing. So is Cleopatra. Is Oprah firing on all eight lately?


Kate-A said...

Oprah has never used all 8. Even if she did, they would be used in searching for her inner self and other warm child fuzzies.


imitationC said...

Well said. Oprah is another topic, but clearly she is not a role model for conservatives, nor a plethora of other serious persons of all persuasians and shades of color.


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