Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love & Lying

Had enough of Casey Anthony yet? What a disgusting circus. Folks sleeping on the sidewalk to get court passes, trampling, fighting, screeching like howler monkeys when someone cuts in line.

And the best guess "expert" pundits hyping and sometimes obviously lying about the day's court proceedings and what it all means. Asking why is the public so fascinated with the case. Half the interest in it is the media telling folks they should be interested, the media creating drama where there really is none, and media speculating on what it means for all of us. Or at least what it means to those who have nothing better to do than witness the possibility of yet another female getting away with murdering her own.

Fathers who murder, or murdering someone else's children can get you the death penalty or life behind bars - but a woman killing her own has psychological babblers to schmooze the act as some sort of blues or depression or temporary insanity and not the cold-blooded calculating heifer who stabbed, shot, beheaded, suffocated, drowned, tortured, starved, or beat her child to death. Most such heifers eventually walk away to breed another day.

Somewhere in all the media ratings a 2-year-old was murdered, and began decomposing in her mama's trunk before being dumped in the neighborhood swamp. Meanwhile a few blocks away mama, grandma and grandpa wore her innocent face on tee shirts and collected funds to "find little Caylee" all the while knowing she was dead.

How is it allegedly loving grandparents like the Anthonys never met their granddaughter's nanny, who supposedly babysat Caylee for a couple of years? How is it they had no clue their daughter didn't really have a job? They knew, they just chose to pretend tart mom had a life, was the responsible career single mom rather than the high school dropout party girl she was. And they continue to pretend. Pretend their daughter didn't really murder her child. Pretend the stench from the car trunk was a slice of abandoned pizza. Cindy spraying Febreze in the trunk pretending her grandbaby had been kidnapped.

So far, grandma Anthony and uncle Lee have lied under oath to aid mama's case. Daddy George may do the same if the trial continues. And this "falling on the sword" by grandma and uncle is deemed "love" by the big-mouth pundits - Nancy Grace, Jane Velez, and all the others. Nancy names Casey Anthony "tot mom." But tart mom is more applicable.

Folks, lying is not loving. Lying is the sociopathology of this family. Fortunate for the rest of mankind their first murder victim was their own grandchild, not a friend, lover, neighbor, coworker, or total stranger. What's frightening, and perhaps why so many middle class whites are "fascinated" with the case, is the Anthonys remind them of them. Phony people, pretending to be the Cleaver family, but once the front door closes, it's an armed camp, each going to their corner with teeth and fist clenched, dreaming up new ways to torment one another. Angry narcissists incapable of bonding. Everything is for the sake of appearance. Although the suburban family image they had has been blown away Cindy and George are recreating themselves as loving victims, standing by their daughter, claiming now they only want the truth.

The truth. Truth is the whole family is pathological liars (ask George's first wife). Truth is George and Cindy devoted their time doing paid interviews to promote the "kidnapping" lies of their daughter, and soliciting funds for The Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, while her body skeletonized a few blocks from their home. They didn't want the truth then and they don't want it now. They want their perfect image back, or what they perceived as perfect, an image free of fault or defect.

The experts have coined a term to explain/excuse the boozing, screwing, and tattooing Casey did after she murdered her child - it's called "ugly coping."

Yep. Ugly coping. More b.s. from the psychiatric community, who also do a lot of pretending. Pretending they know human nature. Pretending we all react or "cope differently." Truth is, people who can love and feel and think, pretty much react the same in similar situations. Some liars can simulate something close to the correct reaction, but real people can see the difference.

Sadly, the photos of Caylee's last few months of life show a little girl with faint circles around her dull sad eyes. Not the sparkling lively eyes an almost 3-year-old should have, she already knew she was an emotional and physical weapon her family used on one another.

In a post below I said "Each generation getting slicker and meaner and more mentally deficient." The Anthony family is a fine example of that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oscar Winners

I watched several videos of the Oscar Grant shooting and read the stories a couple of years ago when the incident took place. Grant was involved in a fight on a transit train.

I do believe the BART cop, Johannes Mehserle, intended to use his taser, not a pistol. The look on Mehserle's face at the sound of the gunshot shows his shock at what he had done. Most videos uploaded online or played on the evening news did not show Mehserle's shock, simply because it did not fit the agenda of those making a case for racism and police brutality, or making political brownie points.

What irritates me is that Oscar Grant was an Oakland gangbanger with a thug sheet for drugs and violence, some baby's daddy, the stereotypical dependent on the same "system" that activists have convinced so many to disrespect - as a dead "victim" he is worth millions to his family and their attorneys, a martyr for the cause, support for a politician pimping votes.

Of course Grant's young daughter and her momma will need some support, not that he was contributing much support anyway. Of course BART should be held responsible for not training their rent-a-cops better - but who is responsible for not training Oscar Grant better?

While the Grant and Mehserle families grieve over the tragedy, the lawyers line up for lawsuits, the Grants go shopping, "justice seeking" pols pander the black vote, and the taxpayers bend over. Squawking about the "system" calms down, all the way to the bank.

It's a sad, sad day when you're more valuable dead than you are alive.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Anthony Weiner. What a schmuck. Self-centered, egotistical, lascivious. Immoral, vulgar, dishonest. Licentious, liar. Disloyal, unfaithful, shallow. A weasel. Representative of modern man?

Or, if you believe some pundits and experts, he's a victim of social networking and technology. I had to laugh at the t.v. bimbo who was desperately trying to excuse Weiner's behavior with babble tech victimology. There is no excuse for a 45-year-old man who is either dumb enough or arrogant enough to think a code of honor doesn't apply to him.

Technology does not turn men into liars and toads. Upbringing and personal choices do.

But what the hay, since Slick Willie set the bar at knee level in the oval office - what's a little lewd twittering between strangers. Seems whatever a politician does, someone can spin it to make him/her a victim of facebooks and tweets, or a victim of the opposition party.

In my day, high tech was a Polaroid camera. Instant pics. Still, most of us had enough sense not to pose for lewd photos.

You could also order anything back then that's around today - it just took a few days longer to get it and it arrived in plain brown wrapper. "Swingers" advertised in print rather than the internet. Everyone had an uncle who had a magazine glorifying the beauty of a nudist colony. Aunt Myrtle's vibrators were for sore neck and back muscles.

We had the same "sex aids" decades ago, although today they're advertised on network television as "yours and mine" gel. A dab of Ben-Gay would have the same effect and cost less. There's a cable channel dedicating hours to the modern miracles of dildotic engineering. And is it really worth it - having to hide a pillowcase full of battery operated loveware from the kids... although today's parents seem to hide nothing from the kids.

But maybe the babble heads have a point - social networking is so much harder today - what with folks being distracted by IM'ing, and crotch shots and muscles in the mirror pics for anyone and everyone on their worldwide friend's list.

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