Monday, November 23, 2009

Tinfoil Rambling

Sometimes I shake my head at the ragbag of "folk heroes" that US liberals/radicals polish up for followers. Most recent I've read include Joe Hill and Lynne Stewart. I spent a few hours researching Hill and his brief IWW career, and court case, to conclude he was most likely guilty as accused, but made into a much needed martyr of the IWW. According to wiki: IWW today it is actively organizing and numbers about 2,000 members worldwide, of whom fewer than half (approximately 900) are in good standing that is, have paid their dues for the prior two months. Gotta wonder, when a club has been around 100 years and isn't doing any better than that ...

Supporters of Hill believe it was by coincidence that Joe was shot the same time as a local grocer and son were murdered in a robbery attempt, with another son wounding one of the 2 perps. Joe's friend and traveling buddy also coincidentally disappeared from sight the night of the attempted robbery and killings. Joe decided he would rather hang from the gallows than give up the name of his alleged alibi, a married lady he was in bed with at the time of the shooting. The insinuation is her hubby caught them and shot Joe. Joe refused to name her as in 1914 it would have ruined her reputation. Apparently, the feelings were not reciprocal as the lady never came forward to save his neck. If her hubby caught them I guess he too decided to protect his wife's reputation by keeping quiet. Or - maybe Joe was lying about his alibi, a good one - one that portrayed him as chivalrous. Then, as now, a famous politician and social celeb called for mercy on Joe, but he was hanged, or "murdered by the capitalist class" if you prefer it that way.

Lynne Stewart was the attorney for the blind Sheikh of the 1993 WTC bombing and convicted of, among other things, conspiracy to defraud the United States, providing and concealing material support, and making false statements; she was passing messages from her client terrorist to his terrorist friends. She could have received 20-30 years but was given 28 months. Stewart states she came to view the Sheikh as a "fighter for national liberation of oppressed people." Stewart is a self-proclaimed political radical who told the jury she has advocated a violent "revolution of the people that overthrows institutions." Unbeknownst to the people, the replacement institutions will be far worse than anything they have now - but don't let reality get in the way of rhetoric. And of course what "institutions" does she speak of ? The IRS? The institution of marriage? Or the prison she is heading to for a few months?

The liberal/radical seem to have various types of heroes and/or martyrs. One type, like Joe Hill, is lowborn, from the pool of the "oppressed and poor" folks - elevated to icon status. Their careers are usually short-lived as they meet an untimely end, never through any fault of their own but as a direct result of "standing up to the evil ruling class", or so it is told by the makers of common folk history.

Another type of "radical" or progressive hero is a member of the affluent/ruling class or so close to it they can taste it, e.g. Daniel Elsberg, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, or more recent Michael Moore, Sibel Edmunds, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, even Obama for some. And the up and comings like Cindy Sheehan, etc. A few imported icons, Che, Chavez, Fidel.

(On a side note, the World Socialist Web Site last week published a verbose 2-part article in defense of pedophile Roman Polanski, more or less declaring the poor man is an artiste and victim of a vindictive witch hunt. Talk about polishing a turd... And people wonder why our children are prematurely adult and our adults permanently childish?)

Note that today's "radicals" do not come close to martyrdom. These folks are safe - whether their chatter is subtle or radical - they are window dressing, so common folk think they have a few higher-ups on their side. These progressive/radical icons work against the lower classes while appearing to advocate for them - some so dense they may not realize what they're doing. In reality, they exploit the lower classes by encouraging their impulsivity and anti-social behavior. Such folks advocate the belief that government should provide all things and solve all problems. From the other side of their mouth they rant about government oppression and "institutions."

And rather than inform their followers with truth, that the underclass in the US are not victims of oppression, they encourage them to become willing barbarians in destroying what they do have. I guess to make way for their new and improved government institutions.

If affluent/ruling class "heroes" are assassinated, they, like the poor folk hero Joe Hill - are victims of the ruling class, or so it seems as told by the tellers of folk history, e.g. JFK, RFK, or Wellstoned ... Remember, if you have the slightest political profile and/or lean a tad to the left - your death is conspiracy fodder - your car, train, plane, boat was sabotaged, your heart attack or cancer was injected via a CIA needle, you were "suicided," or that lone nut shooter was really backed up by several hundred or thousand agencies, departments, professionals, and lay people who at best were willing participants or coerced into keeping quiet, and/or at worst became part of the ruling class body count, a body count that mysteriously never has any proof - conjecture is not evidence. For instance, if you were anywhere near Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, and you eventually died - you were murdered because you knew or saw something.

As with JFK and RFK, the conspiracies surrounding MX and MLK assassination no longer work for me. Why would the American ruling class feel threatened by either of these men? What demands were these men making that the ruling class was not already in the process of doing? If any part of the ruling class backed these murders it was that faction who feared MX and MLK would have fought against the Handout & Dumbdown Slave Plantation that liberalism created.

Do I have heroes? Sure. My family and friends over the years. Decent, hardworking, honest, fun loving, fair-minded, self-sacrificing, loving and loyal people. And all the nameless who stood up to me or for me, to do or say the right thing when it needed to be said or done - the random acts of good people.

Heroes don't have to be perfect, they need to be genuine - not created by press releases and image handlers or self-serving organizations. Most of our "heroes" shine only because they've been wrapped in a lot of tinfoil.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Socialist Sandals

Former U.S. official, wife admit to 30 years of spying for Cuba. A former State Dept official and his wife admitted in federal court Friday that they spied for Cuba over the past three decades, receiving coded instructions over a shortwave radio and passing along information to intelligence operatives in "dead drops" and "hand-to-hand" passes.

Walter K. Myers, 72, pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit espionage and wire fraud. His wife, Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers, 71, pleaded guilty to conspiring to gather and transmit national defense information.

Assistant U.S. Attorney G. Michael Harvey said in court that Walter Myers was working in the State Department's Foreign Service Institute in 1978 when he went on a two-week trip to Cuba. He had been invited by a Cuban government official, an intelligence operative, who wanted to assess whether Myers would make a good spy, Harvey said. In a diary of the trip, court papers show, Myers called Cuban leader Fidel Castro "brilliant and charismatic."

Under the plea deal, the couple agreed to forfeit $1.7 million, the total of Myers's salary over the years, in cash and property to the U.S. government. That includes a prized 37-foot Malo sailboat. Sounds like a good plea deal for the Myers.

I guess none dare call it treason anymore, it's wire fraud.

According to court documents, Myers had been put on a watch list by his State Department boss in 1995, meaning he was under suspicion. The FBI investigation didn't start until 2006, after his boss raised fresh suspicions when he returned from a trip to China. ... One key question to be answered will be whether the Cubans were using Myers to produce information for other countries, such as Russia, Venezuela, Iran or China. I wonder how much Fidel received reselling the information ...

Prosecutors said in the year prior to his 2007 retirement, Myers downloaded the crown jewels on Cuba - 200 "sensitive or classified intelligence reports." "He had access to everything on the computers," the flabbergasted U.S. official told the Daily News, adding that the scope of what he passed to Cuba's spy service is unknown." ... Myers boasted to an FBI operative posing as a new Cuban handler that he had gotten "lots of medals" from the Communist regime."

Your tax dollars at work, and now federal pension dollars. Somewhere in Hollywood a wannabe artist must be scripting a sympathetic docudrama as we speak. Maybe Michael Moore can show how the Myers helped the "cause" of freedom and justice everywhere.

Some say the bulk of information Myers passed to Cuba was US classified economic data. Apparently someone somewhere made good use of that ...

The Myers spent a lifetime enjoying the benefits of American capitalism - money, luxuries, prestige - yet their loyalty is for "lots of medals" from a despotic island dictator where the majority are unemployed/underemployed and living in shanties. Those freedom and justice folks won't be satisified until the whole world is wearing their sandals ... although you know, with the right ribbon and a couple of grommets ... I might be able to make a buck ...

Friday, November 20, 2009

American Anthem

Sung by Norah Jones.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Unspun Hero

It's that time again, more book peddling on JFK tinfoil for the 46th anniversary.

This guy, Abraham Bolden, The Echo from Dealey Plaza, published 2008, is an account of Bolden's time as a member of the White House Secret Service. (All 3 months of his WH duty.) His name caught my eye today while prowling around at BAR. I guess Bolden falls into the usual "Mafia" and government did it theory.

But first let me get this silly comment out of the way - BAR : "The American Mafia owes its very existence to the CIA, which protected and promoted the illegal drug trafficking responsible for so much loss of life and destruction of entire communities."

Oh my, someone is spinning - blame the Italians. The Mafia, costa nostra, syndicate, outfit, the mob - was around and doing well looooong before the CIA was established in 1947. ... hahaha "its very existence" .... (Factoid: White folks at one time called Italians/Sicilians "spaghetti niggers.")

Isn't that in opposition to the "left" argument that the Mafia owes its very existence to bootlegging, which is also their argument for why we should legalize drugs? The same drugs that are responsible for loss of life and destruction of entire communities?

Bolden seemed like a decent fellow. He graduated cum laude from Lincoln University, spent a year working for Pinkerton, then became an Illinois State Trooper, a job he held for four years. His record was exemplary and Ike Eisenhower appointed Bolden to the Secret Service in 1959, where he was assigned to investigate Chicago counterfeiting rings.

In 1961, JFK offered Bolden a job in the White House security detail. He accepted, and became the first black Secret Service agent. After 3 months on the job Bolden became disillusioned because white agents used the "n" word and because he was housed separately when the agents traveled through southern states. He complained to his supervisor about those issues and about the unprofessional attitude of other agents who often drank heavily. He was transferred back to Chicago where he returned to counterfeiting cases, until he was convicted of soliciting a bribe from a counterfeiter in 1964.

(I know a retired SS agent who served from 1958 to 1978, protecting presidents, heads of state, foreign dignitaries, etc. He too had stories of the agents drinking and carousing, off duty of course, of the kinky appetites of the men they protected, and that most of them were definitely not worth taking a bullet for, but he convinced me it was an extreme stress job and taken seriously at all times.)

Here's where the tinfoil thickens: The left-wingers are pushing the scenario that Bolden "had heard" of a JFK assassination plot scheduled for November 2 by Cuban nationals in Chicago. But the files for this incident were "lost," conveniently, for Bolden. Famous book selling "investigative" journalist Edwin Black says 2 Cuban men were arrested but later released. Arrested but released, doesn't that sound like the dancing Israelis? Get some new material people. Famous journalists saying something doesn't make it fact, well ... unless your tin is too tight. When Bolden attempted to tell the Warren Commission about what he had "heard" - he was arrested, "framed." You really think the Warren Commission would have taken Bolden's hearsay assertions as a reason to declare anything differently about the JFK assassination?

Here's my favorite "spin" the Left has put on Bolden, which he too has adopted 45 years later: Joseph Spagnoli, the gangster who pointed the finger at Bolden .... drum roll ... "later confessed he lied to the jury to convict Bolden at the request, allegedly, of Prosecutor Richard Sikes."

Whew! And I thought the spin was going to be a new angle - not the same old "recanted" or confessed to lying mantra.

All you need do is read a few boringly official transcripts - isn't the internet great? This is just one, there are others.

First what was defendant Bolden accused of and later convicted of: "On the morning of May 11, the defendant went to the home of Frank Jones. Jones was then under indictment for counterfeiting and had twice been arrested by the defendant. Agent Bolden told Jones a number of facts about the Spagnoli case, including the whereabouts of Sandra Hafford. Hafford, an erstwhile friend of Spagnoli, she had testified against Spag before the grand jury, and was being held in protective custody by the Secret Service in a downtown Chicago hotel. The defendant (Bolden) produced several onionskin papers stapled together and a small, typewritten piece of paper containing an excerpt from the summary report of the Spagnoli investigation. He asked Jones to go to Spagnoli's home, give Spagnoli the piece of paper, and tell him that he could have the entire file for $50,000. The defendant said that the money would be split between Jones and him." ($50,000 is $344,000 in 2008 dollars, not bad for some onionskin.)

But, let's take a peek at this one and see what ol' Spagnoli's confessed lies were.

"At his own trial, Spagnoli testified that he had committed perjury in certain respects as a Government witness in the defendant's (Bolden) trial. He testified that his livelihood was gambling and that he had falsely testified during the defendant's trial that his mother supported him. He stated that this perjury was suborned by Government counsel in order to make him look better in the eyes of the jury. Spagnoli also testified that he had lied during the defendant's trial in reference to the date on which his call to Agent Martineau was placed, and possibly with reference to other dates. Spagnoli was thereafter found guilty and received a fifteen year sentence."

Oh, the liar, the liar. He preferred the jury think his mama supported him rather than his gambling, and on further reading, his dates may have been off by a day, the 12th instead of the 11th - what a liar. That's it folks. The tinfoil's spinning of "confessed he lied to the jury" is so you will assume he lied about Bolden soliciting a bribe.

My questions : Bolden claims the SS did not take guarding JFK seriously. You really believe Bobby and others didn't vet their men any better than that? After the Kennedy boys had just had Diem assassinated - you think they weren't worried about the loyalty of their own detail? As MX said, chickens come home to roost ... but the roosters were not Kennedy's secret service.

If there was a documented plot against JFK in Chicago that November, so what? We know there was supposedly one in Miami that year. There were and are numerous plots against presidents - most by misfits looking for a name, Squeaky Fromm, John Hinckley, or loudmouth barflies - sometimes they succeed.

Why would the government bother to frame a low level still "newbie" agent like Bolden? Because he was allegedly going to tell the Warren Commission about his hearsay of a Chicago plot for which there was no record? What threat did Bolden pose to the mob or the government? None.

Was Bolden just another corrupt petty official in Chi-town - or our latest unsung hero? There must be 344,000 ways to package that distraction.

Newsweak Squawk

Sarah Palin: Newsweek running shorts cover is sexist. Sarah Palin, the former vice-presidential candidate, has denounced as "sexist " and "degrading" a Newsweek cover that depicts her in a coquettish pose in gym kit.

Mrs Palin, who is making front pages across the United States this week as she promotes her blockbuster memoir "Going Rogue", told more than one million supporters on Facebook that the image and the treatment of her were depressingly predictable.

David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network commented that the cover was "biased and sexist at the same time", contrasting Mrs Palin's treatment with the favourable Newsweek portrayal of Hillary Clinton when she was first lady. "Conservative women are portrayed as nuts and dopey," he concluded. "Liberal women are heroes for the next generation."

----- I really have to wonder about the mindset of those more concerned with image than substance. Michelle Obama has had a couple of not so flattering images on the front of Newsweek, as have many other folks. Who cares. But, when your reading audience is the checkout line at Wal-mart ...

Palin is so disappointing. She seems to be a 24/7 down-home folksy chirper who either cannot or does not know when to sound grownup. Is this Sarah or are her current advisers telling her to complain about the cover, and she thinks the complaint is a winner? Here's a clue Sarah - it's not about sexism - it's about sex. Sex sells everything, even pols, at least in the lower 48. You know you're sexy and trim on that cover (a MILF for those young republicans). You're like the pretty girl who laments how awful she looks, just so her friends will tell her how stunning she looks. High school.

All that energy, ability, and charisma and Palin can't come off as anything more than someone qualified to be a bubbly bright office receptionist, filing nails, chewing gum, checking the mirror. Here's another clue Sarah - don't pose in a coquettish gym kit, or make the cover contractually your choice.

Before the end of her short McCain campaign I had grown weary with her chirping chatter. She reminds me of a canary - tweet tweet tweet, even if she is squawking about serious subjects, she still tweets. Any good sense she has is lost in the tinnitus.

If we lived in an adults-in-charge world I'd say Palin has no political future but since we don't, the little coquette does.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Minority

The news is horrific these days, especially for women and children. Some cases more disturbing than others, for instance the little girl Shaniya sold for sex by her mother. It disturbs me more, some stories do, as she physically reminds me of my own granddaughters ages 5 and 7.

Of course, such depravity is not new to man, but when did America's current slide into depravity begin, and how? We know where the talking heads and experts point their fingers. Medical/pharma profession say it is depression/mental health, liberals claim it is poverty/capitalism, religion says it is the turning from God/tithing, educational system says it is education, family service departments claim it's lack of sufficient funds and resources. Throw more money, throw more money - into the abyss of going nowhere and correcting nothing. And the media - which creates celebrities from the dumbest among us, give a subtle okay nod for the weak-minded to be addicts, freaks, fools - it might bring fame and fortune, even your own series, a book, or a movie detailing another wasted life.

Tracking back to the beginning of the most recent cultural slide it began with removing individual responsibility while at the same time promoting individual hedonism. A bad philosophical mix; not the first time in history and probably not the last, but it always ends in collapse.

Enter the governments willing to contribute funds to sustain the hedonistic orgy, as they always have historically, under the mantle of compassion and fairness, etc., and the result is what we have today: A nation ruled for and by vultures, perverts, deadbeats, incompetents, cowards, and their powerful apologists and excuse-makers.

American society today gives new meaning to what used to be the 7 deadly sins. Sloth, envy, pride, gluttony, greed, wrath, lust - gussied up today as leisure time, self-love, self-esteem, righteous indignation, and the all-time favorite - sexual liberation. Aren't we modern?

Despite the effort of a few good people - most American women, children, and minorities today are emotionally, psychologically, and economically worse off than ever, save those few of us who escaped the 1960s unscathed by progressive ideology set in concrete. All the "movements" of the '60s have been twisted, quite easily, to convince the masses to enslave themselves to self-defeating ideals and choices. Remember, the best slave thinks he's free. And yes, I think it's been engineered by the PTB - but it would not have worked had the people not gotten onboard.

Descriptions and reasons for America's demise has been said better by others, and in lengthy detail, from both a liberal and conservative perspective. But basically, both "sides" have been taking the country in the same direction for 50 years. The PTB have diluted the culture with an overabundance of immigration that demands accommodation rather than assimilation, overcrowded the workplace with disposable labor; offshored and outsourced your future; polluted the American spirit with a mishmash of anything goes "diversity"; educated the nation's children with violence, sex, drugs, and sleaze - and made you accept it all like the meek sheep you are - convinced that tolerating it makes you generous, caring, a good person. A culture without real values, and loyalty to those values, is readily controlled - catering to a corrupt mind is easy.

Fifty years ago the lives of miserable people would only have been viewed in dusty textbooks on aberrant lifestyles, or sold under the counter in plain brown wrappers - today such lives are mainstream news and entertainment, emmy winning drama. Years ago, where folks would turn away in horror and guard their children from exposure - they now want every salacious detail, prime time, kids in the room or not. What used to be life in the gutter is now a potential money-maker, often prefaced with "only human" or "terrible childhood."

To a more or lesser degree, America has become a nation of Charlie Mansons. Crude, cruel, doped and dumbed, promiscuous, irresponsible, dysfunctional, murderous - walking dead pretending to be a "family." Some folks murder the body, some murder the mind.

The higher up the food chain you go the more respectable you can make your 7 sins appear. We've had more physician/pharma diagnosing designer "diseases" in the last 50 years than throughout history - for the sole purpose of putting lipstick on the personal failures of the middle and upper classes - as they stampeded to join the predominantly social dysfunction of the lower classes, who appeared to be having more fun and not paying the piper. The "redistribution" and egalitarian society my friends had nothing to do with uplifting the poor - it has everything to do with lowering the middle classes, who also willingly got onboard with the engineering.

The mother of Shaniya is pregnant with her 4th child. We know her lifestyle, her choices; we know who and what funds her leisure time and excesses. Her counterparts could be Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Andrea Yates, or even Nadya Octomom. These are people whose feelings are about #1 and nothing else. And there are no familial or social boundaries to thwart them. Unfortunately, they are out breeding us. They are not mentally ill - they are sociopaths and psychopaths. They are not victims of society, they prey on society. They have no values and are of no value. Taxpayer funds should not have to sustain them for even a day. Cold, I know, but it's reality.

As much as I resist giving voice to it - there truly are a lot of useless feeders in the US. Whether they murder their children or not - their children are doomed 99% of the time, and we do not as a society intervene because the idea of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness has been perverted to the notion that people have "rights" to do whatever they feel like doing. What they often feel like doing is illegal and immoral. And when we must punish, for most of them, they are sent to the first "home" they have ever known, where there is a clean bed, regular meals, rules, discipline, structure, which is why so many, especially males, return "home" to prison, again and again.

Not long ago the maintenance of dysfunctional feeders who avoided legal problems, was left to the family, the church community - which kept their numbers few and far between. Today, with the new age politically correct view, no one has a say-so regarding anyone's lifestyle or choices - but we are all responsible for the outcome and cleanup. In the new age religion of Love & Other Free Stuff - I have no right to prevent you from destroying your mind, your body, your children, your community, or me - yet I am financially, morally, and physically obligated for the mess and/or horror your choices dump on the trail. And the trail is knee deep.

Nancy Grace referred to the mother and cohort of the Davis girl as "animals" on her newscast yesterday, but she's wrong. Animals have more reason and heart.

Our family pets are all "rescue" animals. Last year I rescued a pair of Quaker parrots, they squawk more than I like but it gets my attention. These birds, like so many others in the bird family, mate for life. If one dies the other grieves for months and may or may not eventually bond with another bird. They share in everything. They mate and raise their hatchlings, equally. They are diligent, caring, responsible, courageous, loyal, dutiful, faithful, brave, resilient, sharing, and dedicated. That's called a value system, a value system builds character. Many humans, especially pols, use the "values" phrase occasionally but can't seem to practice it because they don't understand the concept and/or they can't muster the energy to live it - values/character require hard work. America has become a nation where folks tweak their values to justify their efforts and vice versa, resulting as expected in few values and little effort.

The scope and growth and size of this segment of society is both intensely sad and so unnecessary, if we honestly cared about one another. The new minority in America is not based on color, creed, gender, or religion - the new minority are those folks who want a society with rules and values, and yes "personal responsibility." But they need to squawk louder, as the human vultures have overrun the nest - and time is running short.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rather Be ...

Red sky at night - sailors delight.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Jockeying in Iraq

Romancing the Daddy

Eleven Americans were on their way to Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi’s “house,” actually a large walled military compound not far from the city center. Headed by former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the U.S. delegates were among 400 guests of the Universal Association of Green Book Supporters, holding their First World Congress in late October. Colonel Khadafi, leader of Libya since the revolution of 1969 and chief promulgator of the Green Book, had agreed to speak to us.

McKinney had addressed the Green Book World Congress the night before. "Colonel Khadafi should be highly commended," said the Green Party’s 2008 presidential candidate, "for honoring our ancestors - the framers of true democracy - by reaching out from Africa to the entire world. We would like to thank him for this opportunity to discuss his thoughts as presented in the Green Book."

-------- My instinctual dislike and distrust of McKinney continues to hold true.

The Green Book (Arabic الكتاب الأخضر) is a book written by Muammar al-Khadafi (known as "the leader"), first published in 1975, outlining his views on democracy and his political philosophy. Socialism Khadafi style.

The green book is the usual rant about the evils of capitalism and white people, who of course own everything. Supposedly ... "Libyans who have been phased into the redistribution program begin with a "portfolio" worth about $20,000 and receive about $1,000 in revenue a month." Libya's wealth is mainly from oil revenues. I have found nothing that says this portfolio has occurred, but that "the leader" proposed the redistribution February 2009 to congress, who have yet to decide on it. In January of this year Khadafi mentioned nationalizing the oil companies. That's right folks, although the leader nationalized a few way back when, about one-half or more of oil production is still pretty much owned and operated by evil capitalist corporations.

In exchange for this redistribution portfolio, if it exists, you cannot criticize Islam or the government. Homosexuality is illegal. Most women are still second class citizens. Travel visas are restricted. Many Libyans seem to carry a big shoulder chip (40 years of listening to the leader's b.s.). There is no nightlife, a few restaurants with poor service, lots of pickpockets and thieves, filthy streets, few beaches worth visiting, no architecture, no theatre or musical exhibitions, no venturing out in the evening, no place for women or children - unless you join one of the expat circles (usually employees of an evil corporation working to upgrade the country). You may have to wait a year for high speed internet - but ... it's a "developing country" and Khadafi, with his little green book, is working on those problems. However, if you are a Westerner with a little money and the appropriate attitude, Libyan life can be more accommodating.

Khadafi, after 40 years of "democratic" rule, has appointed his son, heir-in-waiting Sayf al-Islam, as "General Coordinator" with expanded powers that give him the authority to oversee the government and the parliament - to modernize the country. Though the son denies there is any plan of succession. (But after 40 years of dad squandering the national wealth from his walled military compound, gotta keep squander in the family.)

Here is the transcript of McKinney's Libyan speech. "We hold that the Green Book principles of popular sovereignty are eminently suited to the task of halting and rolling back the impoverishment of the U.S. state ... In economics, we hold that the wage system is bondage that should be replaced by shared responsibilities and rewards - true partnership and equal distribution... We see and confirm that the "multi-party" systems instituted and spread by western governments have indeed become a means to plunder and usurp the people's autonomy and authority."

Correct me Bubba, but are they now saying a dictatorship is really a "popular sovereignty"? Oh America, welcome to the new world coming at you. I could write a book on why Western women have intellectual love affairs with dictators. Maybe, when I am out of US bondage and get my equal distribution portfolio, I'll have more leisure time to write ...

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Motive Profile

"Experts" are yapping left and right trying to explain and/or find a "motive" or reason for Nidal Hasan's massacre at Ft. Hood, or the Florida shooting, and others. Stress, fatigue, mental illness, victim of racism, etc. etc.

The liberals/left rush to blame the usual suspects (after a cursory censure of the perp) - it's the military, the government, capitalism, the system, the war, etc.

And the oft heard excuse "they slipped through the cracks." Always of course the cracks in "the system." Family and friends never have a clue or any responsibility, never suspect they've spent years looking in the eyes of a sociopath. Family seems to be the first crack they slip through, but family is rarely accountable. Just once, I'd like to hear a family member state .. yea, he was always a creep and made the hair on my neck stand up.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading an article by the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine shooters. I approached the piece trying to be sympathetic, she might offer some insight. It was a lengthy article that revealed nothing but her own self-pitying excuses. She said her son was depressed, angry, suicidal, but he gave no indications - disconnect much lady? Any clues she might have on the making of a sociopath she kept safely hidden within her own dysfunction.

On DU yesterday I read comments about Hasan stating that Hasan "may be a hero, and this is the first domestic act of armed aggression against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq." I'm convinced beyond a doubt now that liberals are a scourge across the land, more dangerous than bible thumpers or rednecks could ever be.

There is no mystery here. Hasan, and those like him, are botched human beings. Self-centered, narcissistic, cowards without conscience, basically evil. Botched human beings have a sense of grandiosity, glibness, contempt, lack of empathy, and feel superior. They believe the world should cater to them. Anyone or anything which is not accommodating will be accused of racism, bigotry, harassment, bullying, persecution - and in our politically correct culture it works in their favor. The motive is simply the extreme results of a lifelong selfishness - the excessive and exclusive concern with self.

Botched beings do not "snap" - they just reach a point where twisting their environment to suit themselves is no longer working. The truly insane rarely harm others - botched people usually do, on a small or grand scale. Botched people are not born, they are made, and they are made from the cradle. Botched cannot be fixed, cannot be medicated or talked into a healthier state of mind.

Personally, I think Hasan's was an act of terrorism - when the government was no longer accommodative Hasan twisted religion to accommodate his narcissism and sense of superiority, and the coward did not want to die alone. He should face a military firing squad.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

American Boobs

More than 3/4 of the nation’s 17-24 y/o couldn’t serve in the military, even if they wanted to. They’re too fat, too sickly, too dumb, have too many kids, or have copped to using illegal drugs.

The armed services are willing to grant waivers for some of those conditions - asthma, or a little bit of weed. But the military’s biggest concern is how big and how weak its potential recruits have become.

“The major component of this is obesity,” Curt Gilroy, the Pentagon’s director of accessions, tells Army Times‘ William McMichael. “Kids are just not able to do push-ups… And they can’t do pull-ups. And they can’t run.” Twenty-three percent of 18- to 34-year-old are now obese, up from just six percent in 1987.

---- Khrushchev clarified his "bury you" comment in 1963, "I once said we will bury you and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you."

Apparently, Nik meant buried under our own weight. Literally. And not particularly the working class, but the dependent class.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Public Punishment

BEDFORD, Pa. (AP) -- In exchange for no jail time, a woman and her adult daughter have agreed to stand outside a Pennsylvania courthouse holding signs saying they stole a gift card from a 9-year-old girl on her birthday.

Fifty-six-year-old Evelyn Border and 35-year-old Tina Griekspoor stood outside the court for 4 1/2 hours Tuesday. They held signs that read: "I stole from a 9-year-old girl on her birthday! Don't steal or this could happen to you!"

Because the women agreed to hold the signs, Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins says he'll ask for probation instead of jail when they plead guilty to the theft. Higgins says they swiped a gift card that the girl set on a shelf while a Walmart employee helped her.

---- My daughter and I were discussing public punishment recently. With jails overloaded and people who cannot or will not pay fines for petty crimes ... maybe embarrassment is a viable option. Probably won't make a difference ... as some folks have no shame. These ladies are likely laughing and cutting out the newspaper pics of themselves. Reminds me of the Puritan days, stocks and pillory. Part of that evolutionary regression maybe?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Better Way Dumb

Someone posted this at PI, and over at Democratic Underground, a piece by Ms. Norberg-Hodge, or her book I believe, Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh, or humans are not greedy by nature.

Helena Norberg-Hodge, another one of those cultural gurus/ecovillagers who flit around the globe and report back to followers that there is a better way. "The Better Way" is typically a remote culture where half the citizens are illiterate and usually blood related - and often dependent on government subsidies and tourism. Affectionately known as cloth or basket weaving village folk, the go-to dark skin cultures where white gurus mingle at outdoor markets and let the natives touch their blond hair.

I stumble upon such pabulum every day, and don't have the heart or stomach to read all the comments anymore, they are maudlin reruns anyway, or inflammatory rhetoric, even if PI is more left/socialist and DU are Democrat party apologists, they all have fashionable warm fuzzies and rose eyeglasses. But here are a couple of comments, one from PI and one from DU:

Commenter: "Hurt and distressed people can be greedy. But I don't think that humans are inherently selfish and greedy. I believe that we are born to love and connect with each other in wonderful and caring ways." --Hmmm ... so, according to this logic, and the Left believes the super rich are greedy, then the rich are in a lot of pain and distress?

Commenter: "If anything, humans are cooperative and charitable by nature, or the human species would never have survived."

Born to love and connect, yes. But what the immediate village (family) teaches can be something else. Man is not cooperative and charitable by nature - it's nurture, example. Do progressive/socialists not have children? Of course they do, some of the most dangerously manipulative children I've met are parented by progressives. Some children are more easy going by nature - but all are greedy and self-centered to a degree.

Crediting the survival of the species on an innate cooperative, charitable nature is silliness. Does he/she not understand survival of the fittest? That one tribe survived over another by wit and strength? Or perhaps you're more comfortable calling it culture or community rather than tribal. The "community" or culture, establishes desired behavior for individuals and enforces it. Everyone has their role to benefit and ensure survival of the tribe/community/culture.

Some roles earn more respect and rewards, the best of food, animal hides, and spot by the fire, an early form of capitalism? Some roles require more self-sacrifice - an unworthy trait in certain scoffing circles today. Community members who fall outside established behavior rules are punished, usually severely - well, not so much today because we have been given a huge list of excuses to choose from when we behave badly. Divergent behavior from community norm is now called "diversity." Some bad behavior today, or divergence, is a "disease" and some is just "human nature." Depends on which community has it and which excuse you give preference, and since survival of the species is not threatened as a whole - you can diverge all you want.

For hundreds of thousands of years it has also been community against community for survival - for the best caves, hunting grounds, land, etc. Life was brutal, short, and not all that "loving." Not much different than it is for millions today - although today, ideologues are more eloquent in who or what to blame, i.e. capitalism. Personally, capitalism today seems more a socialist perversion of capital.

Millions of years of self-determination and honed survival instincts embedded in our DNA assured existence of the species - and now socialist dogma claims greed and self-preservation is not in our nature. We should all join hands in one big loving world commune, even if half the commune indulges in behavior you find abhorrent and ghastly - just cooperate, keep your eyes down and follow "The Better Way" herd.

What socialist dogma has accomplished in the last couple of hundred years is to replace the fleetest and smartest with the weakest and dumbest. The founding fathers, even with all their faults and wrongs they could think and reason, have now been replaced with the weakest and lamest links in the chain.

Socialism itself is a disease, replacing the behavioral rules of evolution where man learned to live within his culture to one of man destroying his culture. The irony is, had socialists left well enough alone, man would evolve to the community they envision. Trying to rush nature, they have only created weaker physical and mental mutants. We are witnessing the results - evolutionary degeneration. Survival of the dumbest. If you ask politely, I bet the better way leaders will let you touch their hair.

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