Monday, November 09, 2009

Romancing the Daddy

Eleven Americans were on their way to Colonel Mouammar Kadhafi’s “house,” actually a large walled military compound not far from the city center. Headed by former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the U.S. delegates were among 400 guests of the Universal Association of Green Book Supporters, holding their First World Congress in late October. Colonel Khadafi, leader of Libya since the revolution of 1969 and chief promulgator of the Green Book, had agreed to speak to us.

McKinney had addressed the Green Book World Congress the night before. "Colonel Khadafi should be highly commended," said the Green Party’s 2008 presidential candidate, "for honoring our ancestors - the framers of true democracy - by reaching out from Africa to the entire world. We would like to thank him for this opportunity to discuss his thoughts as presented in the Green Book."

-------- My instinctual dislike and distrust of McKinney continues to hold true.

The Green Book (Arabic الكتاب الأخضر) is a book written by Muammar al-Khadafi (known as "the leader"), first published in 1975, outlining his views on democracy and his political philosophy. Socialism Khadafi style.

The green book is the usual rant about the evils of capitalism and white people, who of course own everything. Supposedly ... "Libyans who have been phased into the redistribution program begin with a "portfolio" worth about $20,000 and receive about $1,000 in revenue a month." Libya's wealth is mainly from oil revenues. I have found nothing that says this portfolio has occurred, but that "the leader" proposed the redistribution February 2009 to congress, who have yet to decide on it. In January of this year Khadafi mentioned nationalizing the oil companies. That's right folks, although the leader nationalized a few way back when, about one-half or more of oil production is still pretty much owned and operated by evil capitalist corporations.

In exchange for this redistribution portfolio, if it exists, you cannot criticize Islam or the government. Homosexuality is illegal. Most women are still second class citizens. Travel visas are restricted. Many Libyans seem to carry a big shoulder chip (40 years of listening to the leader's b.s.). There is no nightlife, a few restaurants with poor service, lots of pickpockets and thieves, filthy streets, few beaches worth visiting, no architecture, no theatre or musical exhibitions, no venturing out in the evening, no place for women or children - unless you join one of the expat circles (usually employees of an evil corporation working to upgrade the country). You may have to wait a year for high speed internet - but ... it's a "developing country" and Khadafi, with his little green book, is working on those problems. However, if you are a Westerner with a little money and the appropriate attitude, Libyan life can be more accommodating.

Khadafi, after 40 years of "democratic" rule, has appointed his son, heir-in-waiting Sayf al-Islam, as "General Coordinator" with expanded powers that give him the authority to oversee the government and the parliament - to modernize the country. Though the son denies there is any plan of succession. (But after 40 years of dad squandering the national wealth from his walled military compound, gotta keep squander in the family.)

Here is the transcript of McKinney's Libyan speech. "We hold that the Green Book principles of popular sovereignty are eminently suited to the task of halting and rolling back the impoverishment of the U.S. state ... In economics, we hold that the wage system is bondage that should be replaced by shared responsibilities and rewards - true partnership and equal distribution... We see and confirm that the "multi-party" systems instituted and spread by western governments have indeed become a means to plunder and usurp the people's autonomy and authority."

Correct me Bubba, but are they now saying a dictatorship is really a "popular sovereignty"? Oh America, welcome to the new world coming at you. I could write a book on why Western women have intellectual love affairs with dictators. Maybe, when I am out of US bondage and get my equal distribution portfolio, I'll have more leisure time to write ...


Anonymous said...

Castro used to be (maybe still is) a magnet.

McKinney's foreign adventures are about as effective as Sheehan's. Like the mega-preacher, the disenfranchised at home are blind spot for those with visions of self-interest.


Kate-A said...

Cuba still a magnet - really no longer needs Castro, just the image of paradise island with free healthcare, education, etc. I know someone who has made a semi-lucrative career living off revolutionary style governments, Cuba, Nica, etc. As you say, self-interest. And big ego.

I think people like my acquaintance, Sheehan, McK, etc. are under the delusion they will be in a better position after the revolution. They're generally harmless but really sad to watch.

What puzzles me is the fact that the "oppressed" groups they claim they're fighting for usually don't have a clue as to who they are. Ask any Joe or Tyrone here in Podunk who McK or Sheehan are and you'd get a blank stare, or maybe an "oh, that's that woman who was a politician, or the mother of that soldier..." Not that Podunkers are particularly ignorant - they just don't give a sh*t about politics.

Since I know Podunk is representative of most of the Americans in "bondage" - makes me wonder - who is really supporting our big-hearted "radicals" trying-to-save mankind, hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Do you happen to have any "tptb" talk laying around? I find it so interesting. That is was I am in the mood for and you do it so well.

Kate-A said...

the new post on minority is a bit on PTB. Thanks.

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