Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Minority

The news is horrific these days, especially for women and children. Some cases more disturbing than others, for instance the little girl Shaniya sold for sex by her mother. It disturbs me more, some stories do, as she physically reminds me of my own granddaughters ages 5 and 7.

Of course, such depravity is not new to man, but when did America's current slide into depravity begin, and how? We know where the talking heads and experts point their fingers. Medical/pharma profession say it is depression/mental health, liberals claim it is poverty/capitalism, religion says it is the turning from God/tithing, educational system says it is education, family service departments claim it's lack of sufficient funds and resources. Throw more money, throw more money - into the abyss of going nowhere and correcting nothing. And the media - which creates celebrities from the dumbest among us, give a subtle okay nod for the weak-minded to be addicts, freaks, fools - it might bring fame and fortune, even your own series, a book, or a movie detailing another wasted life.

Tracking back to the beginning of the most recent cultural slide it began with removing individual responsibility while at the same time promoting individual hedonism. A bad philosophical mix; not the first time in history and probably not the last, but it always ends in collapse.

Enter the governments willing to contribute funds to sustain the hedonistic orgy, as they always have historically, under the mantle of compassion and fairness, etc., and the result is what we have today: A nation ruled for and by vultures, perverts, deadbeats, incompetents, cowards, and their powerful apologists and excuse-makers.

American society today gives new meaning to what used to be the 7 deadly sins. Sloth, envy, pride, gluttony, greed, wrath, lust - gussied up today as leisure time, self-love, self-esteem, righteous indignation, and the all-time favorite - sexual liberation. Aren't we modern?

Despite the effort of a few good people - most American women, children, and minorities today are emotionally, psychologically, and economically worse off than ever, save those few of us who escaped the 1960s unscathed by progressive ideology set in concrete. All the "movements" of the '60s have been twisted, quite easily, to convince the masses to enslave themselves to self-defeating ideals and choices. Remember, the best slave thinks he's free. And yes, I think it's been engineered by the PTB - but it would not have worked had the people not gotten onboard.

Descriptions and reasons for America's demise has been said better by others, and in lengthy detail, from both a liberal and conservative perspective. But basically, both "sides" have been taking the country in the same direction for 50 years. The PTB have diluted the culture with an overabundance of immigration that demands accommodation rather than assimilation, overcrowded the workplace with disposable labor; offshored and outsourced your future; polluted the American spirit with a mishmash of anything goes "diversity"; educated the nation's children with violence, sex, drugs, and sleaze - and made you accept it all like the meek sheep you are - convinced that tolerating it makes you generous, caring, a good person. A culture without real values, and loyalty to those values, is readily controlled - catering to a corrupt mind is easy.

Fifty years ago the lives of miserable people would only have been viewed in dusty textbooks on aberrant lifestyles, or sold under the counter in plain brown wrappers - today such lives are mainstream news and entertainment, emmy winning drama. Years ago, where folks would turn away in horror and guard their children from exposure - they now want every salacious detail, prime time, kids in the room or not. What used to be life in the gutter is now a potential money-maker, often prefaced with "only human" or "terrible childhood."

To a more or lesser degree, America has become a nation of Charlie Mansons. Crude, cruel, doped and dumbed, promiscuous, irresponsible, dysfunctional, murderous - walking dead pretending to be a "family." Some folks murder the body, some murder the mind.

The higher up the food chain you go the more respectable you can make your 7 sins appear. We've had more physician/pharma diagnosing designer "diseases" in the last 50 years than throughout history - for the sole purpose of putting lipstick on the personal failures of the middle and upper classes - as they stampeded to join the predominantly social dysfunction of the lower classes, who appeared to be having more fun and not paying the piper. The "redistribution" and egalitarian society my friends had nothing to do with uplifting the poor - it has everything to do with lowering the middle classes, who also willingly got onboard with the engineering.

The mother of Shaniya is pregnant with her 4th child. We know her lifestyle, her choices; we know who and what funds her leisure time and excesses. Her counterparts could be Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Andrea Yates, or even Nadya Octomom. These are people whose feelings are about #1 and nothing else. And there are no familial or social boundaries to thwart them. Unfortunately, they are out breeding us. They are not mentally ill - they are sociopaths and psychopaths. They are not victims of society, they prey on society. They have no values and are of no value. Taxpayer funds should not have to sustain them for even a day. Cold, I know, but it's reality.

As much as I resist giving voice to it - there truly are a lot of useless feeders in the US. Whether they murder their children or not - their children are doomed 99% of the time, and we do not as a society intervene because the idea of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness has been perverted to the notion that people have "rights" to do whatever they feel like doing. What they often feel like doing is illegal and immoral. And when we must punish, for most of them, they are sent to the first "home" they have ever known, where there is a clean bed, regular meals, rules, discipline, structure, which is why so many, especially males, return "home" to prison, again and again.

Not long ago the maintenance of dysfunctional feeders who avoided legal problems, was left to the family, the church community - which kept their numbers few and far between. Today, with the new age politically correct view, no one has a say-so regarding anyone's lifestyle or choices - but we are all responsible for the outcome and cleanup. In the new age religion of Love & Other Free Stuff - I have no right to prevent you from destroying your mind, your body, your children, your community, or me - yet I am financially, morally, and physically obligated for the mess and/or horror your choices dump on the trail. And the trail is knee deep.

Nancy Grace referred to the mother and cohort of the Davis girl as "animals" on her newscast yesterday, but she's wrong. Animals have more reason and heart.

Our family pets are all "rescue" animals. Last year I rescued a pair of Quaker parrots, they squawk more than I like but it gets my attention. These birds, like so many others in the bird family, mate for life. If one dies the other grieves for months and may or may not eventually bond with another bird. They share in everything. They mate and raise their hatchlings, equally. They are diligent, caring, responsible, courageous, loyal, dutiful, faithful, brave, resilient, sharing, and dedicated. That's called a value system, a value system builds character. Many humans, especially pols, use the "values" phrase occasionally but can't seem to practice it because they don't understand the concept and/or they can't muster the energy to live it - values/character require hard work. America has become a nation where folks tweak their values to justify their efforts and vice versa, resulting as expected in few values and little effort.

The scope and growth and size of this segment of society is both intensely sad and so unnecessary, if we honestly cared about one another. The new minority in America is not based on color, creed, gender, or religion - the new minority are those folks who want a society with rules and values, and yes "personal responsibility." But they need to squawk louder, as the human vultures have overrun the nest - and time is running short.


Anonymous said...

"As much as I resist giving voice to it - there truly are a lot of useless feeders in the US."

I wonder what tptb has in mind for this segment of people. In fact, for us all.

Your article is so interesting and rings so true. Yes, we do need to squawk louder. Otherwise, is there anywhere else to go? Please say yes!

Kate-A said...

Hmmm. I think we will see "centers of authority" controlling things, as there seems to be no stopping the new order - probably EU, China, and their new lap dog the US. Our indebtedness and dependence on others (China, Japan, Saudi) will come due and payable - if it hasn't already after watching the Bow 'n Scraper in Chief greeting the emperor and king this year.

The US government will go through the usual upheaval that empires experience when they become 3rd rate, some changes already in progress - i.e. lower standard of living for the masses, brain drain, internal cacophony of clashing cultures, then eventual rationing, substandard assistance for the masses, crack down on unrest, etc. Something similar to Brazil comes to mind (a pseudopopulist gov with extremes of income distribution and high crime because of a large unemployed labor pool - oh wait, are we there yet?).

I would recommend not being economically dependent on the government trough. The public trough is where tarnished empires/3rd rate governments look first to trim costs. Not just the "useless feeders" but there may be a lot of affluent government employees scaling down their lifestyles - all for the "common good" of course.

Or, "they" could always wage world war to reduce populations and "redistribute" global wealth and resources ... or all of the above.

But think positive - I could be totally wrong.

Kate-A said...

To answer the question "is there anywhere else to go" I would say - not really. Unless you have some means and/or education to work as an expat in a similar country elsewhere living a similar lifestyle - that's what "social justice" and an "egalitarian" world are all about. Or if you're a laid back mellow yellow fellow you could live on very little in a hut in Latin America maybe, toking and joking with the locals.

But for average honest decent hardworking Joe Blow Bootstrap, the US really was the last beacon of opportunity on a hill, yada yada - it's why so many came here.

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