Friday, September 30, 2005

HUD Rubbed Head

A Bush Cabinet officer predicted this week that New Orleans likely will never again be a majority black city, and several black officials are outraged. Alphonso R. Jackson, secretary of housing and urban development, during a visit with hurricane victims in Houston, said New Orleans would not reach its pre-Katrina population of "500,000 people for a long time," and "it's not going to be as black as it was for a long time, if ever again." Other notable quotable from the Alphonso :

"But I do know this: that the two and a half years that I've been at HUD, I am absolutely convinced that some of the best workers in the world are in Federal Government."

"So I had to learn, in the final analysis, that the Congress had a lot of say so into what we do in running HUD on a day-to-day basis."

"You can't rise as a class. You have to rise individually. It's what many of the civil rights-era people don't understand."

"We believe that, by the time that we leave office, it will be institutionalized, and these programs will be addressing the needs and curing the problem that we set out to do."

"In 1965, I marched for equality."

"I was soon drawn to the Republican Party because I realized that it truly, not just rhetorically, believed in equality."

Lawd, lawd, can I get my head rubs too?
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Tricky Czar

William Bennett, long-time moral zealot and peddler of rightwing hypocrisy, recently said "[Y]ou could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down". He goes on to say "That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. So these far-out, these far-reaching, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky."

He believes these "far-reaching, extensive extrapolations" would be 1) impossible, 2) ridiculous, 3) morally reprehensible, and 4) tricky. I get the feeling Bennett could maneuver around those thorny impossibilities if given the opportunity. He was Reagan's Secretary of Education and more folks became dumber. He was the country's first Drug Czar, long-time cheerleader for the War on Drugs and stiff penalties (which as we know puts more Black men in prison and Florida Bushes in rehab).

Bennett wrote The Death of Outrage, a tale of evil-doings when Clinton & Monica Blow the Oval Office, but the book missed real crime and sneaky demeanors and fed the pundits and newsrooms while the bipartisan boys on Capitol Hill continued to loot the treasury. A must read for all conservative little folks in the Budweiser circle-jerk who yell - Republicans impeached Nixon too! - and - Clinton's crimes are worse! Bennett gave conservatives the talking points for wearing the impeachment of Nixon as a self-awarded "Moral Fitness Badge."

Bennett has written and/or lectured on everything from gays, wife-swapping, drugs, morality, and seems to favor the Old Testament. Of course, when it was reported his own "addiction" was to gambling (losing 1+ million in 2 months at the casinos) he claimed he "just plays the machines for 3 hours to relax." And he's not "playing with the milk money." Would that be if you can afford it – indulge it, according to the Book of Bennett?

In 1989 on Larry King, in agreement with a caller who suggested beheading drug dealers, Bennett stated "it was morally plausible – but legally difficult." It's no surprise Bennett would make the statement : aborting Black babies would lower crime rates. In his moral warped high-mindness he would see it plausibly as deterring future drug dealers. Unless he had some other use in mind for those aborted fetuses. You never know what these guys are hiding behind their Bible.

Turns Down Job

Rep. David Dreier, 53, decides against Tom Delay spot because it would only have been "temporary" said a spokesperson for Dave D. Had nothing to do with Mr. Dreier being gay. Dreier is described as a member of the "libertarian" wing of the Republican party, rather than the "Christian conservative" wing. That means he's not as sexually twisted as the Christian wing.

Dave's well-paid, constant companion, roommate and appropriately titled "chief of staff" in D.C. is Brad W. Smith. Dave may be one of the more emotionally sane members of D.C.'s gay republican elite; having your cake and eating him too will do that sometimes.

An odd, or perhaps the more fitting term queer theory, that I ponder occasionally is too many "conservative" Republican males are repressed gays. Living in fear of being outed, afraid of Arnie "girlie men" zingers, and all the public and private godamnation they hear, they take that yīn yáng rage and bugger the world with whatever weapons available. Imagine, it could be the way to peace on earth really is good fill between men.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where's My Glasses

Television alone is reason enough to lose hope. Three years ago I climbed to the roof and knocked the satellite to the ground. But "news" comes through the rabbit ears. Banality, brutality, tripe, anger, with big doses of fashion models who walk the walk of broken hips that healed crooked, or celebrity gossip and tits-a-lation, it's all there. Suicide and homicide bombers. Burning buses. Tyra's boobs are real and Demi got married somewhere between the smiling war mom gently carried from her protest under arrest. Play that bias again, and again, news that fit to please one muther then the other. Big ratings for the pundit darlings speaking from their assholes because their mouths know better and nothing is heard but the din.

Every winter children die in tenement fires and old folks are found frozen to their kitchen chair. It's called unfortunate. Imagine the coming winter with the cost of energy. Moms drown their children and we say they're depressed. Mass murder in school by children and we say the kiddie perps were victims; bullied. Pedophiles destroying lives and we install a turnstile system for them. But it's 3 strikes and life for selling crack in the ghetto instead of cocaine on Carolwood Drive.

After a century of research and billions of dollars we still cut, burn, or poison to treat most cancer but can cure a limp pecker. We have millions without healthcare but anyone can get Xanax or Oxycodone. You might die in the ER waiting for $100,000 surgery for that silent aneurysm giving you a headache, but you probably could scrape up $2000 or so for breast implants.

Bullwhips up the arse or feces smeared on canvas is art but photos of naked bodies in a pyramid is torture. Depends on the arse, the artist, and the patrons. Millions will rush to watch beheadings online but recoil at our own troops handiwork traded for porn. We censor politics that make us look like dirty players but can't censor anything someone might use to get their rocks off. Freedom you know. We 'Raq and Roll. Give the people a golden shower and tell them its raining sunshine. We're a nation stretched out on the couch with a remote in one hand and our crotch in the other, wanting more. Debase us, kill us, prove guvmint loves us.

America shakes a finger at Chavez as we watch our own drown in poverty shitsoup, and demonize them for not having spoons. We snipe at China for censorship while our own press, poofed-up or flat-ironed hair-heads, read news the government hands them. Military dictator we screech at Castro, while asking for a greater military role for homeland storms or "catastrophic" events. Put troops and mercs in the street to kill thieves so my SUV and plasma screen is safe under 20 feet of water and I be free.

Corrupted courts, cops, and lawyers and folks say it's always been this way. Corrupted elections, billions stolen from the treasury. Neighbors gouge neighbors for an extra dime. Just business as usual, or at least for the last 35 years. Greed is good if you don't get caught. Give me an S&L loan or a reconstruction contract please.

Americans cry for "under God" to be included in the pledge and condemn other nations for inserting god in their politics. US religious leaders issue fatwahs and we shrug while moving tax dollars to a faith-based system. Lord can I get a million dollar grant to teach these 12 disadvantaged po' folks that marriage is good and give them a voucher for some groceries? Let's put Jim and Tammy Faye Holyroller in charge.

Politics and politicians so staged and scripted it's as boring and predicable as a Stephen King novel. I can't recall the last genuine political moment caught on tape. Regardless which side of the aisle is in power the opposition has it's script ready to keep cable news occupied with no change in the landscape. Blowjobs and shirt buttons. Nanner-nannergates that ebb and flow never going anywhere important enough to make a difference, sailing in the Sea of Stupid on a boat named Fool's Reality.

As friends continue to urge me to leave this sinking ship I keep thinking maybe things can change ... it wasn't always this way, or this bad … maybe there's hope yet, and maybe ... maybe it's not really as bad as it looks … if I can just find that pair of rose-colored glasses.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Sixteen Minutes & Commercials

Dubai, 26 Sept. (AKI) - The al-Qaeda movement has for the first time broadcast a television news bulletin, via the Internet. While the Islamist terror group has made ample use of the web for propaganda, this is the first time it has produced something that resembles a traditional television news bulletin - with some striking differences; the newsreader has his face covered and a Koran and rifle at his side. The presenter of the 16-minute "bulletin" entitled Sout al-Khalifa (the Voice of the Caliphate) announced that they would be broadcast weekly.

The first programme opened with the headlines: Gaza has been freed, a great victory; From Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi declares a war of revenge of the Sunnis; Hurricane Katrina, the start of a divine retribution.

The news content of the al-Qaeda bulletin is even interrupted for an advertising break, which announces the imminent release via the internet of a film entitled Total Jihad. The bulletin concludes with news of Hurricane Katrina, defined as "divine punishment on America" which the presenter says has caused some 900 victims.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tell Me Another One

"They" are rerunning the "abuse" mantra. Abuse of Iraqi prisoners 'was sport'. Anything short of death allowed. Another phony 'see how moral America is, we don't do this.'

We're to believe American media's concern about prisoners in Iraq when we rape, torture, abuse, murder our own citizen prisoners? Tell me another one.

For An Effective Protest

An Orange County editorial offers an opinion on how to have an effective protest :

"Most of all, we hope that they reflect not just a radical fringe group of knee-jerk Bush-haters, but the growing number of ordinary Americans - around 60 percent according to most polls - who have come to see the war in Iraq as a mistake."

"Ms. Sheehan's statements have sometimes gone beyond understandable anger about the war to embrace a range of radical causes. We think that is a mistake. Ordinary Americans who love their country and don't see it as the source of most of the evil in the world but are upset about the Iraq war need to see a reflection of themselves, of a broader Middle America, in this weekend's events. Otherwise they are likely to dismiss the protests as the work of people who will leap at any opportunity to "blame America first."

"Some signs are less than hopeful. The Washington organizers might have asked for a speaker from Pat Buchanan's American Conservative magazine, which has opposed the war steadfastly from the beginning. But the speakers we saw listed on the United for Peace and Justice Web site were all from the left side of the spectrum. When the anti-war movement, to borrow a phrase, starts to look like America, the politicians will start to pay attention."

How does the writer know Buchanan or other conservatives weren't invited to speak? I'm not sure what radical causes or left-sided spectrum the writer is whining about, or what the movement needs to "start to look like America" in his eyes. The few minutes I caught of the rally yesterday on Cspan had a lesbian singing, a Black guy speaking on the victims of Katrina, and an American Iraqi for peaceful solutions. Are those the "radical fringe group of Bush-haters" he speaks of? Maybe the writer thinks straight, white Christians, upset with Iraq War, and who only request an end to this particular venture without assigning blame, would look more like his "Middle America,' the America he thinks politicians pay attention to.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

War Business Boom

(New building to change Dubai skyline) Dubai's phenomenal building boom has been given a further boost with the announcement of new projects worth $21.7 billion in just the last ten days … as the emirate seeks to capitalize on the oil wealth it knows won't last forever, Dubai has become a building site, and not even the sea has escaped, with the building of the luxury Palm and World manmade island developments on reclaimed land. Many new initiatives were announced at the three-day Cityscape property exhibition in Dubai, which ended on Monday, including a two billion dirham golf development, which investors said they hope will turn Dubai into the "world golf capital". The two golf course development features 1,000 homes and themed Fire, Earth, Water and Wind courses designed by golfing champion Greg Norman. The announcement of the new ventures comes as many projects announced in 2001 and 2002 reach completion. According to Gulf News, more than 12,000 families have moved into new homes as freehold owners, which it describes as being unimaginable four years ago. The emirate is expected to experience a housing supply excess by 2010.

Jordan's Royal Metropolis Underscoring its commitment to contribute to the infrastructure development of Jordan, Gulf Finance House B.S.C. (GFH), one of the leading Islamic investment banks in the region, Monday said that Jordan Gate, the first phase of the US$1 billion Royal Metropolis, was a beginning and the bank would like to enhance its investments in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Simultaneously, preparations are also on to commence work on Royal Village – a luxury gated residential community on 470,000 square metres in Marj Al-Hammam along the main highway to the Dead Sea, which is a salient component of the second phase of Royal Metropolis.

The Middle East’s premier international property investment and development event, Cityscape 2005, has been inaugurated by General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Minister of Defence, UAE. First day visitors included political delegations, business leaders and VIP guests from North America, Europe and the Far East, confirming Cityscape’s emergence as a major international event for industry professionals. Former US Presidential candidate and President and CEO of Forbes Inc, Steve Forbes, was a VIP guest of Saudi Arabia’s Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company at Cityscape 2005. “Dubai has now joined the ranks of Hong Kong, Shanghai and other rapidly growing areas. It is demonstrating enormous growth. The changes take one’s breath away,” said Forbes.

Employee compensation across all Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries is rising at a rapid pace, fueled by the increased cost of living, limited supply of available talent, and GCC citizens’ growing expectation of a share in their countries’ windfall oil revenues, according to a study just released by, one of the region’s leading online recruiting agencies.

Emaar Malls announced. The Company has decided to incorporate a fully owned subsidiary, Emaar Malls, which will develop world class shopping malls in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, India and Pakistan. The Company is already fast developing the world's largest shopping destination - the 12 million square feet Dubai Mall - in the Burj Dubai Development in the heart of Downtown Dubai. In addition to good quality housing, people are increasingly looking for a fantastic shopping experience, rivaling that of developed countries. We aim to create this for them. "The GDP of the countries in the catchments are in excess of $1.7 trillion and the retail sector will be one of the key drivers of growth and development in this region. International studies by renowned consultants such as McKinsey have clearly demonstrated that the retail industry is one of the largest worldwide and growing at a rate of 15 per cent annually. Over 45 per cent of the GDP of any economy is driven by the retail sector," Mr. Alabbar said.

Falcon City of Wonders, a mega project to be set up within Dubailand, has signed an agreement with leading German design firm Kling Consult to carry out the concept design for 345 villas that form part of the first phase of the project. The agreement was signed between Salem Al Moosa, Chairman and CEO of Falcon City of Wonders, and Falah Al Salman, Associate Director, Kling Consult, in the presence of Mahmoud Rayyan, Project General Manager, Falcon City of Wonders at Cityscape 2005, being held at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.

Manama, Bahrain has decided to drop its ban on the import of Israeli goods, as part of the free trade agreement it has signed with the United States. The move was confirmed, following media reports, by the kingdom's foreign minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Mubarak al-Khalifa, who told the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai al-Aam in New York: "A free-trade agreement has been signed by Bahrain and the United States, and the free-trade agreements do not allow the implementation of boycotts."

Damascus, Syria - In the wake of last week's fall in the value of the Syrian pound, President Bashar al-Assad has scrapped restrictions on the amount of hard currency money the country's private banks are allowed to sell. The president's decision ends more than 35 years of strict state control on the amount of hard currency Syrians are allowed to purchase. While the decision has been officially motivated as necessary to halt the pound's fall, some analyst believe it marks the beginning of the removal of foreign exchange controls in Syria as part of the government's move towards the introduction of a market economy.

Arcapita Bank B.S.C., a leading Bahrain-based investment firm, announced today that it and its co-investors have acquired a majority equity interest in Falcon Gas Storage Company Inc., (“Falcon”), one of the largest independent owners of natural gas storage capacity in the United States. The total value of the transaction was approximately $100 million.

Alsunut Development Company, Sudan’s leading real estate development company, announced at Cityscape the international launch for their US$4 billion business and residential community in the centre of Khartoum, Sudan. The ‘Almogran’ master planned development is set to be a hub for activity in East Africa’s modern business market and a catalyst for further enterprise in this oil rich, dynamic region of Africa. Located where the Blue Nile meets with the White Nile, Almogran, has two phases being developed in parallel, the first is a 160 acre, state-of-the-art, Central Business District and the second is a 1,420 acre, residential and leisure estate featuring an 18 hole golf course. Construction on stage one has already commenced and is estimated to be complete within 5 years.

Kuwait Projects Company (KIPCO), the major diversified investment holding group of the Middle East and North Africa region, sealed the successful closure of its recent US$ 175 million syndicated term loan facility in a ceremony with leading European banks mandated as lead managers. The ceremony in Dubai concluded formalities with mandated lead managers Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein of Germany, HSBC Bank plc of the UK, and Austria’s Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich Aktiengesellschaft. Also present were representatives of prominent international and regional banks involved as arrangers in the syndication, including Emirates Bank, National Bank of Dubai, BNP Paribas, and the State Bank of India.

The Western press is full of tales of economic doom and gloom, and yet the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is experiencing an economic boom despite the shadow of a looming war in Iraq. What are the forces driving this boom? The level of investment now pouring into new projects in the Gulf is an astonishing contrast to the downturn in investment evident in the West where collapsing stock markets and business confidence have taken their toll. And remarkably, the GCC boom has only just started to roll.

October 2003 - A staggering US$4 billion in oil revenues and other Iraqi funds earmarked for the reconstruction of the country has disappeared into opaque bank accounts administered by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), the US-controlled body that rules Iraq. By the end of the year, if nothing changes in the way this cash is accounted for, that figure will double.

August 2004 - At least $8.8 billion in Iraqi funds that was given to Iraqi ministries by the former U.S.-led authority there cannot be accounted for, according to a draft U.S. audit set for release soon. The audit by the Coalition Provisional Authority’s own inspector general blasts the CPA for “not providing adequate stewardship” of at least $8.8 billion from the Development Fund for Iraq that was given to Iraqi ministries. The audit was first reported on a Web site earlier this month by David Hackworth, a journalist and retired colonel. A U.S. official confirmed that the contents of the leaked audit cited by Hackworth were accurate.

February 2005 - Dennis Kucinich : "Was the $9 billion stolen? Did it go to pay bribes? Do we have another Iran-Contra on our hands? We will not know until top U.S. officials under penalty of perjury are called before the grand jury to answer questions about the missing $9 billion. The administration's response has been, Hey, it's Iraq, it's chaos, it's war. I say, Hey, you can't account for $9 billion spent over 9 months. That is $30 million a day. And you want Congress to appropriate another $80 billion for Iraq? I do not think so. Investigate Iraq-gate and the unaccounted- for $9 billion."

September 2005 - At least $1 billion has been plundered from the coffers of Iraq's defense ministry, seriously affecting the government's ability to combat the insurgency, the Independent newspaper reported Monday, citing the Iraqi finance minister. "It is possibly one of the largest thefts in history," the center-left paper quoted finance minister Ali Allawi as saying.

"You smell that? Do you smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for twelve hours. When it was all over I walked up. We didn't find one of 'em, not one stinkin' dink body. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like... victory. Someday this war's gonna end ..."

Friday, September 23, 2005

Mark Dayton's Minipax

The senator from Minnesota announced in February of this year he will not seek reelection. Dayton was first elected in 2000 after a lengthy career in public life in Minnesota's liberal Democratic politics. Dayton served as an aide to former Sen. Walter F. Mondale, and was state auditor for four years in the 1990s. He says now the "money chase" or fundraising is distasteful, which surely it is to anyone with a conscience but I'm not buying that reason. More likely he recognizes his stand on issues may get him wellstoned.

The senator voted against the Iraq War resolution in October 2002 which authorized Bush to use military force, if necessary, to disarm Iraq. He was also the senator who closed his Capital Hill office in October 2004 citing fear of "a possible terrorist attack that could harm his staff or visitors." At confirmation hearings for Condi Rice he accused her and other Bush officials of "lying to Congress, lying to our committees, lying to the American people" in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

For a moment I thought Dayton might possibly be the closest thing I could find to an honest politician. Imagine that. Then the senator does this : before leaving the congressional sewer he proposed this week the Department of Peace. Another noble sounding idea which will do little more than create a departmental beauracracy to extract funds from the public trough. The idea coincides with the 44th anniversary of JF Kennedy's creation of the Peace Corp. How much peace has the Peace Corp created?

"... from the roof of Victory Mansions you could see all four of them simultaneously. They were the homes of the four Ministries between which the entire apparatus of government was divided. The Ministry of Truth, which concerned itself with news, entertainment, education, and the fine arts. The Ministry of Peace, which concerned itself with war. The Ministry of Love, which maintained law and order. And the Ministry of Plenty, which was responsible for economic affairs. Their names, in Newspeak: Minitrue, Minipax, Miniluv, and Miniplenty."

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Presidential Library Open 24 Hours

Thanks The Specious Report

Picture That

NEW YORK An editorial cartoon in the Independent Florida Alligator has angered University of Florida students, administrators, and others who called the drawing racially insensitive.

Marlette, who is white, said he wasn't making a racist statement, and that the term "Nigga" is commonly used in rap lyrics. Marlette said "I can picture a black woman saying that to a black man."

Playing the "race card" has become a common accusation these days – and an obvious attempt at silencing critics. Judging Marlette from above comments he doesn't seem to be that clever; maybe he's just imitating groupthink. Contrary to popular notion not all Blacks use "nigga" at home or listen to rap music, or like watermelon. And although I don't find any political humor in the cartoon, it's almost funny to "picture" Condi saying "nigga please" to any man.

On second thought, maybe Marlette is a genius, as he not only paints Kanye a sweating, gold chained, bug-eyed, bling bling Black male, he also stereotyped the Secretary of State as a Sapphire (scowling, angry, overbearing, emasculating black woman w/chip on shoulder) sarcastically saying to a Black man "nigga please" - if he criticized her homeboy Bush.

GB Doesn't Care About Black People


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Not Behind the Plow

Good news from Army Times for all you high school dropouts : "Army recruiters now have a wider pool to find future soldiers in. The Army is reaching out to a slice of America’s youth long ineligible to serve: non-high school graduates who don’t have a General Equivalency Diploma." You too can join and the Army will pay for tutoring to get that good enough diploma (GED).

If an individual has been out of high school for at least six months, can pass a physical exam and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, he or she may be eligible for help getting a GED.

My grandfather served in WWI. That's a picture of him (left) and his brother as young men in their 20s in some fairly shabby uniforms, and his dog tags. He was self-educated, more or less, with a "formal" 6th grade education. Grampa was a busy family man; producing sons who served in 3 wars, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. When I was 6 my grampa proudly taught me to sing "you're in the army now, you're not behind the plow, you'll never get rich you son of a bitch, you're in the army now." I sang it often and loud as he gave me permission to use the SOB dirty word.

Grampa (and his sons) also told me for each of their wars to wear the uniform all you needed to pass the physical was breathe. The ASVAB testing began in the 1960s and we know how many functionally illiterate still managed to sneak through and serve in Vietnam. But before the ASVAB, in WWI, the military used the Army Alpha test which was 212 multiple choice, true/false questions. When the Army learned many couldn't read and write they developed the Army Beta test, which used only pictures. So don't worry about being illiterate or IQ challenged; when in need of cannon fodder the powers that be are very accommodating. Some believe our military is now so high tech that only smart men and boys can serve, but our leaders understand it doesn't take a genius to carry an M16. And if they don't teach you to at least write your name, you may still be eligible : just scratch an X on the line the man points to.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rags of Power

Tony Blair is said to have relished sending troops into action when British forces joined the US in Iraq airstrikes in 1998. So says the diaries of a former aide. The British government forced some change of wording in the book, the "relishing" now reads Blair had "mixed emotions." Boys like Blair (and Bush) feel "it is part of coming of age as a leader." Or as some in the press refer to Tony's action “his first blooding" as prime minister. Remember Bush's fist pumping "feels good" on the eve of war.

The ruling elite have truly dredged the bottom of their gene pool for leaders, being unable to find at least two Anglo male figureheads who have a semblance of being men. Not an Ike or JFK among the elite foot soldiers for the new world odor? They give us Blair and Bush. Two limp wristed forever frat boys with flaccid egos. Sadomasochists in suits with coddled tempers.

The two boys of the "free world" were so close when they first targeted Iraq that movies were made depicting their alliance, their hearts beating as one on the war drum.

Females have menarche, males have bloodletting. Bush and Blair have now passed the swagger ritual for real men in their circle of power. And it would explain why both pout, shout, kill; being on the bloody rag all these years with "mixed emotions."

Friday, September 16, 2005

Papa Simeus

Dumas Simeus, Haitian businessman, seeks office of President of Haiti. Or, seeks office as overseer of the plantation for the US. Mr. Simeus, now 65, left Haiti 44 years ago but believes as a successful businessman in the food industry, with connections in Texas and Florida, he can run Haiti like a good business should be run. Haven't we heard that argument before?

Simeus founded Haiti's first investment bank, PromoCapital. Promo bank is headquartered in Petionville, Haiti with representatives in D.C. and Aventura, Florida. PromoCapital investors are the Haitian elite and business class; a ruling sack of tastefully designed thugs who have never been regarded highly for their ethics or their concern for the public good of Haiti. Remember proxy US dictators - Papa Doc Duvalier and his son Baby Doc (known as Uncle Sam's Hammer and Sickle respectively) held their fellow Haitians in bondage for decades. Another fine example of US democracy at the end of a gun, or rubber necklace.

Simeus' assets were frozen briefly in the early '90s as suspect of being a coup backer in the 1991 overthrow of President Aristide. He, and most of the other individuals connected to PromoCapital are suspected of backing the more recent coup and violence. But hell, let's not use suspected and alleged, we know they are the coup backers.

Roger Noriega, Bush's Asst. Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, has spent his career more than eager and willing to do what's necessary to further US elite interests in Latin America. In the 1980s Noriega was directly in charge of channeling aid to the Contras-sometimes laundering the aid through an operative of Colombia's Medellin drug cartel residing in Miami. Likely Noriega was somewhere behind the 2004 coup of Aristide since the "freedom fighters" were trained next door in the Dominican Republic with CIA.

The HERO act (Haiti Economic Recovery Opportunity Act of 2004), being pushed by Mr. Simeus and the consortium of Haitian elite, is of course promising to bring peace and prosperity and democracy to Haiti but actually nothing more than the usual legislation to aid wealthy investors in their control of a third world economy, a.k.a. making the economic rape of other countries legal, a.k.a. raping and looting by the elite : or rich folks who "find" things all over the world.

And for all those neoliberals who believe Democrats are helping the cause of democracy and the plight of the poor note who co-sponsored the HERO act : Rep. John F. Conyers, Jr., along with Reps. Clay Shaw (R-FL, Clay Shaw…hmmm), Charlie Rangel (D-NY), Philip Crane (R-IL), Kendrick Meek (D-FL), Porter Goss (R-FL), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Mark Foley (R-FL), Maxine Waters (D-CA), Donna Christensen (D-VI), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), and Diane Watson (D-CA).

Bankers and businessmen and politicians ... I can smell the corporate rewards and campaign contributions from here.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

#1 Son

Top of the world ma.

Son second from left.

Lifesaver magazine.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Who Belied

Who Belied

Townhack Linda Chavez writes "They're At It Again", claiming Jackson, Sharpton, and Waters, the "race men" are "are at it again, turning the tragedy of New Orleans into a morality tale about racism in America."

Chavez states : "Even the pictures that emerged as victims were being rescued belied any hint of racism. Most of the National Guardsmen and other military personnel saving lives were white, while most of those being saved were black, not surprising given the demographics of the respective groups. Blacks made up 68 percent of New Orleans' population, but only about 20 percent of all military personnel and an even smaller proportion of National Guard troops."

Well, math was never my favorite subject but I get bent out of shape when airheads blow percentages from a rickety soapbox. It seems to me Chavez is implying Blacks aren't serving in the military in all that great a number, "only about 20 percent of all military" are Black. But "most ... military personnel saving lives were white" while those being saved were Black. Apparently sufficient duh proof for Ms. Chavez that there is no racism in America.

Let me see ... there are aproximately 1.2 million US troops ... if 20 percent are Black that's roughly 240,000 Black troops ... and that would be about 0.8 percent of the total Black American population in uniform, given there are 32 million Black Americans. Assuming the remaining 960,000 troops are white and America's white population is 218,000,000 (minus Hispanics, Asians, others) then "only about" 0.4 percent of the white population is in uniform (deducting 100,000 or so of our fair-skinned brothers of non-white others in uniform).

So 0.8 percent of Black Americans are serving in uniform and 0.4 percent of white Americans are military. Is that right? Math never was my best subject.

De Camptown Doo Dah! Doo Dah!

FEMA allocates $5 billion for trailers to house Katrina victims.

"We are going to spare no effort to get them the help that they need," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said last week when asked about the spending total and the increasing deficit. "The president has made it clear, in meetings he's been having, that we are going to show the true compassion of America in all that we do."

Mr. King and others who voted against the $51.8 billion bill said the issue is not how much is being spent, but how. Speaking by telephone from Louisiana, where he had spent the night at a Red Cross shelter in Baton Rouge, Mr. King said the trailer houses are a perfect example.

The first bill called for 200,000 trailers, at a cost of $3.3 billion. Then, even after learning that only 30,000 trailers could be delivered now, the administration requested money for 100,000 more in the second bill, for a total cost of $4.9 billion. They will be located "some place about 100 miles north of New Orleans" in a temporary trailer-house city that eventually will be bulldozed, Mr. King said.

Things are working out very well for them, all concentrated in hundreds of thousands of trailers. Suggested name for the camp (thanks to Dean Nugent, LA coroner's office) might be "Cockroach Strip" , with contracts later going to Israeli experts for the eventual bulldozing.

Bush On Vacation


Bush says he may need more power.

Bush’s backing for the congressional inquiry raised the possibility that lawmakers might expand presidential authority to:

• Order mandatory civilian evacuations.

• Dispatch U.S.-based armed forces for emergency search-and-rescue operations.

• Grant wider leeway for active-duty U.S. military personnel to carry out law enforcement operations.

Damn! The man really knows what to make when life hands him a lemon. Ask for more power.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fanning White Folks

MoveAmericaForward , one supremacist voice of conservative (white) America has an ad telling like minded folks how they can fight the "anti-war extremists" (like Cindy Sheehan) who are now "exploiting" Katrina.

Sheehan : " The horrific events that have unfolded in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, in the wake of the deadly hurricane Katrina are stark reminders of just how lop-sided our nation's priorities are. Resources that could have been used to save lives are instead tied up in a war that continues to kill Iraqis and U.S. servicepeople. Our nation is at a crossroads: will we continue to squander resources and take lives in a war that never should have happened, or will we commit ourselves to the re-building of the Gulf Coast and the lives torn asunder by Katrina?"

WaPo headlines read : Storm's Devastation Fans Antiwar Flame . Seems to be a lot of shit hitting the fans these days.

Reality is both sides are detracting from what went on in New Orleans. We have the "resources" to handle both war and hurricane. But ain't it convenient that both factions ignore racism and poverty. Although the anti-war crowd does like to compare themselves to Black figures, i.e. Rosa Parks, Emmet Till's momma, and even comparing Casey Sheehan's death with Martin Luther King's. Someone please tell the "left" to stop standing on the backs of long-suffering down-trodden and murdered Black images.

A recent poll showed that the majority of Black America viewed the government response to drowning Blacks in New Orleans as racism. While the same poll showed the majority of whites did not, preferring instead to blame it on "squandered resources" and an incompetent administration. This country has always squandered money and blood on foreign adventures, nothing new here folks.

But this is the usual preference : to pretend America's problems revolve around a particular figurehead president. A preference to play musical president chairs rather than change the fakery of an Anglo social structure and a political system of death and destruction that has worked well for America, particularly white America. I don't think you'll be seeing a lot of Blacks in those mostly white marches and rallies or pointing a finger at just one side exploiting. Been there, done that, didn't change much.

Duct & Cover

FEMA director, Mike Brown, resigned Monday and was replaced temporarily by the highest-ranking permanent professional in FEMA, R. David Paulison, a former fire chief in Miami-Dade County in Florida.

R. David Paulison thank goodness has so much more sense. I hope he gives us more methods as useful as his previous "duct tape and plastic" supplies for survival. "Americans have apparently heeded the U.S. government's advice to prepare for terror attacks, emptying hardware store shelves of duct tape."

Don't forget to seal yourself in real tight now. (You might want to use those extra batteries for something more fun than tuning to the local radio for how screwed you are in the event of a terrorist attack.)

Monday, September 12, 2005

And the Survey Says

The Most Likely Fall Guy Is ... From Fox News : "Staunch supporters of the Bush administration's policy in Iraq have become more vocal and public with their concern over the way things are going there, prompting observers to suggest that even Republicans are getting nervous."

"I have been struck that so many of the intellectual, neo-conservative supporters of the war have been quite critical of the Bush administration's management, or mismanagement, of the post-war situation in Iraq, both politically and militarily," Diamond (Hoover Institute) told

"Andrew Bacevich, a Vietnam veteran and professor of international relations at Boston University, said he sees a marked shift."

"I think there are definite cracks" in the president's Republican support, said Peter Beinart, editor of The New Republic magazine, which has supported the invasion of Iraq from the beginning.

In July, Rep. Wayne Gilchrest, R-Md., a Vietnam War veteran who has supported the war in Iraq, became the fourth Republican to sign on to a bipartisan resolution urging the president to lay out a clear exit strategy, and has said publicly he's concerned about the effect of public opinion on congressional Republicans in 2006.

All the recent "marked shifts" and "definite cracks" and "getting nervous" is for show. Bush supporters question war "tactics" not the war, and the "questions" are only to assure the faint-hearted among their constituents that victory of some sort is on the way, and Bush political supporters "question" now b/c elections are coming up. Bush takes the fall, congress dickers a few years over the war while murdering for profit, and the Newcons continue on, etc. You didn't really think "the war on terror" would go any differently did ya? If not so tragic for we the people and the world, it would be funny watching the pResident Chimp take a fall.

Welfare State & Katrina

Robert Tracinski authored A Hurricane Exposes the Man-Made Disaster of the Welfare State, an article making the rounds which basically blames the victims. Mr. Tracinski blames the chaos in NOLA on people not behaving the way you would expect them to behave and they're not behaving because they are products of the "welfare state."

Tracinski says : "But what about criminals and welfare parasites? Do they worry about saving their houses and property? They don't, because they don't own anything. Do they worry about what is going to happen to their businesses or how they are going to make a living? They never worried about those things before. Do they worry about crime and looting? But living off of stolen wealth is a way of life for them...People living in piles of their own trash, while petulantly complaining that other people aren't doing enough to take care of them and then shooting at those who come to rescue them—this is not just a description of the chaos at the Superdome. It is a perfect summary of the 40-year history of the welfare state and its public housing projects...The welfare state—and the brutish, uncivilized mentality it sustains and encourages—is the man-made disaster that explains the moral ugliness that has swamped New Orleans. And that is the story that no one is reporting."

Trancinski believes capitalism is the only moral system and holds the usual neocon view that it's racism only when it involves Jews (nor does he ever mention the welfare state of Israel and the brutish mentality that encourages). He used to write on Clinton's policies being disasters, etc. And of course wouldn't ya know it, Larry Elders over at Townhacks also writes of the "welfare state" in connection to Katrina stating : "Some demand a commission to investigate the failures and breakdowns in Hurricane Katrina. Fine. Let's hope they put together a commission to investigate another hurricane -- that wrought by the welfare state and the irresponsible use of the race card." Larry, keep hacking and you too will get that Armstrong Williams reward. I wonder if Larry is listed in the Rent-A-Negro directory. Larry may not be "wrought" but he is bought.

Almost forgot, Star Parker also weighed in on the issue : "The charges of racism-inspired foot-dragging isn't just nonsense. It's pernicious nonsense." All the Townhack folks deny racism except of course in connection to Jews, and they often mention American Black leaders hugging Chavez and Mugabe these days as proof of some evil or another.

Laura Judy Type

"I also want to encourage anybody who was affected by Hurricane Corina to make sure their children are in school." –First Lady Laura Bush, twice referred to a "Hurricane Corina" while speaking to children and parents in South Haven, Mississippi, Sept. 8, 2005.

After days of nonstop news focus on Katrina this ignorant heifer calls it hurricane Corina. Has she been busy at the spa with mudpacks and massages and not keeping up with news on the little people? I'm not surprised with Laura's obvious lack of information because she is the "Judy type."

The "Judy" is two-faced, insensitive, and easily entertained by her own "beautiful" mind. I once knew a "Judy type" and can spot them several States away. The "Judy" is a prudish stickler, who as a young female passed herself off as a "good girl" but by her own definition that meant she didn't screw a guy (or mark) the first month, and only after they are seen as a couple will she go beyond the groping and petting; presenting him the honor of intercourse while she thinks of tomorrow's errands and the new shoes in her closet, but faking passion and innocence so well the male struts off pretty sure he needs her since she was a "good girl" until he overcame her with his stud-like conquest. If he dumps "Judy" his life is in peril at stop signs.

Every male is a potential mate for the "Judy," after his current or future earnings and family background pass inspection. She's not particularly bright or intelligent but is a good "test taker" and does well at repeating ideas from books, and she does read a great deal due to lack of dates. The notion that a man is a companion, lover, friend is distasteful to her but she'll pretend otherwise because she read somewhere she should think that way about men. She pretends a lot of good human qualities she has read about.

Once married to the "Judy type" female, a man has to be a popular bully but privately weak; a man who doesn't put up a fight when the "Judy" tucks his balls in her purse, although she will allow him the public image as man of the house. Some folks may call it "whipped" as if that's a good thing but it's braggadocio. It works well for the image of both as it hides the sexual and human dysfunction of the couple. The "Judy" is never smarter than her man, but more wily at terrorizing him in his home. She keeps him in fear of what she might tell others about him.

She really doesn't want children but will have at least one pregnancy for the sake of appearance, and inheritance. Children are tiresome for her, both physically and emotionally, and interfere with her beautiful mind where she dwells on self. The "Judy" seeks to soften her hardness by professing deep concern for children; seeking positions and outlets where she doesn't really have to deal long-term with kids on a personal level but can talk about them as if she does (church and work well). Her own children will shame her and she'll cut them off at the knees, or the bank, whichever works best.

She will prefer a mother-in-law with whom to share laughs as they deride the men folk, and shop lavishly, usually with privilege they feel their vagina has earned them the right to. The "Judy" believes she's literally sitting on a labial goldmine and materially overvalues that which she dislikes most and understands even less (sex). The Judy pretends to be a lady in public but is crude and coarse privately; telling raucous stories, dirty jokes, farting, belching, making men blush. She enjoys the discomfort her contradictory behavior causes the men in her circle.

The "Judy type" is a born frump but with time and professional help she becomes a better-dressed and coifed frump. For all the importance she places on sex as a reward and privilege she is never sexy, and nothing sensual about her. Even at a young age she looked like someone's dumpy dowdy mom. She has a hard look somewhere on her face because she was born bitter over her plainness.

"Judy type" usually marries later in life (31 for Laura) as the clock is ticking, having run most mentally healthy men off with her demands and domineering whine and/or threats. Her choices are fewer by this stage in the game and she often marries her counterpart, the bachelor playboy, after a hasty courtship (3 months for George & Laura). She often finds one so brain damaged from his own hedonism that she has no difficulty in putting the ring through his nose as he slips one on her finger. But it's not a pretty marriage. Fights, petulance, retaliation by two selfish middle-age children who, as they exasperate everyone else, are bound together forever as one another's only friend, and not even good friends.

The "Judy" I knew has done well for herself monetarily, but she's a lonely old woman always in search of friends, with surface relationships and shallow concerns. Living in seclusion, pretending she's very important in the grand scheme of things although her family rarely visit and then only a formality. She attends church regularly, yet I watched her in a courtroom swear to God on a Bible and then lie through her teeth with every breath. The "Judy" has no shame, no conscience, no substance. She can only pretend what she has read about love. She still believes everyone wants to be like her because her mind thinks it, sitting straight, regal, on a self-made pedestal. I kid you not.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hacienda Politics

September 9th AP story reads : "U.S. and Latin American officials stepped up pressure Friday against legislative efforts to oust Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos, whose anti-corruption campaign has driven lawmakers of his own party into alliance with rivals. New U.S. Ambassador Paul Trivelli presented his credentials to the government on Friday and warned that Bolanos' removal "would be a disaster for Nicaragua." In Washington, the Organization of American States urged "an immediate halt" to actions that could worsen Nicaragua's political crisis. Bolanos is defying constitutional amendments passed by a legislature dominated by his rivals that would strip him of much of his authority."

Bolaños ran a scare campaign in 2001, connecting the FSLN opposition, Daniel Ortega, to terrorists. Bolaños' new front man, Trivelli, is said to approach his job with more subtly than his predecessor, meaning Trivelli is more adept at putting a pleasant ambassadorial spin on the repression and US terror in Central America. Reading the above AP story you'd think it's the bad guys trying to get rid of a good guy president. But what's really going on is Bolaños is as corrupt as his compadre Aleman (former prez) : Currently Aleman faces money-laundering charges in Miami. A mere $740,000 deposited in a Miami bank account is chump change for Senor Aleman who stole upwards of $100 million from the Nicaraguan treasury during his presidency. Note too that Panama is mentioned (in case you're still wondering why US drug lords had to get rid of Ortega and Noriega). Although labeled a liberal Arnoldo was another fat-cat proxy dictator for the US government, as is President Bolaños.

Bolaños was VP under Aleman and after elected initiated the corruption charges against Aleman out of anger that Aleman had left nothing to steal. Now Bolanos too is up to his poncho in corruption charges. Of course they all "deny any wrongdoing." Since the ousting of the Sandinistas, the US backed "political contras" have served the US well. Returning to the tactics of Somoza, i.e. illiteracy, malnutrition, cheap labor, protecting the drug trade. And partying in Maryland and Miami with their US backers, or hosting same in San Juan del Sur.

Aleman was recently convicted of fraud in Nicaragua and sentenced to 20 years but he does time on his estate in Managua "under strict house arrest." Meaning he has to say please for permission to globe trot. Under Nicaragua law Aleman is immune for much of his looting. Daniel Ortega, former Sandinista president, is working to deprive Aleman and the current President Enrique Bolaños, of their immunity to open the way for judicial actions against them during their time in office. "Actions" as in real prison cells with other common criminals.

A couple of years after the Contra War ended during a visit to Managua I was conversing with a group of D.C. experts who's mission was to advise Nicaragua on setting up a "system." One gentleman was outlining the Social Security system and another explaining taxation methods similar to the US. Taxation is new for most Nicaraguans. Taxing folks where 80 percent of the population makes less than $1 a day; why do I see vampires here. The two experts went on and on until out of air and waited for a response; this being the pause where I'm supposed to say what a wonderful thing they're doing for the little brown people. My not praising the foisting of an IRS and SSA on the little people could only mean I was a "marxist sandinista" sympathizer.

The "disaster" Ambassador Trivelli speaks of is that the ruling elite of Managua don't want to return as Miamistas living off US citizens rather than their own. While the US has been occupied elsewhere average Nicaraguans are looking at removing the US boot, again. And at least for now trying to do so legislatively. I heard a phrase once describing Latin Americans, can't remember the gringo who said it : "Every time they get out of their hammocks they start a revolution." A symptomatic slur of how the US thinks about Latin American democracy. And Ambassador Trivelli, Senor Rico Suave, will spin a people's movement as political terrorism and get all the guns he needs from D.C.

Back of the Bus

Friday, September 09, 2005

What I Know & When I Knew It

For nearly 5 interminable years the mainstream media says next to nothing about election irregularities (fraud), not one election but many. The MSM told us of Clintons looting, destroying government property, trashing the White House. The same media that nixed pretty much anything Clark, Kay, Blix, and Ritter ever said gave us visions of a mushroom cloud around Condi's tired hairdo and new shoes. The same media told us of hijackers who carried magic passports resistant to fiery infernos. They gave us Colin Powell reciting lies to the UN. Gave us "let's roll" stories and ground zero heroes, gave us staged Bush photo-ops with bullhorns, on flight deck, the ranch cowboy silhouetted in one pose after another. The media that has more theme music than Shaft and can blend sob scenes to tear your heart out, raising flag poles, lowering flags to half mast. And who can forget the Bush glowing halo or backdrop of Jesus. The MSM backed the WMD and Iraq War without question. The MSM played home on the range for years, uttered nary a disparaging word against this government or its policies.

I'm a regular Jane Doe, with no inside high level sources, no spooks and spies or agencies reporting to me, no investigative tools or budget, but I knew there were no WMD and that Saddam was no threat. I knew Bush was lying every time he opened his mouth. I knew Bush was a pathological liar after the first Gore debate. And I knew the moment I saw the first plane hit that 9/11 was an inside job, and required the elite owned press for the coverup.

The mainstream media not only gave Bush a pass but has actively promoted the lies of government. From day 1 Bush's sociopath personality, obvious during the first campaign, has been ignored. From the first debates with his gloating smirk of deathrow inmates to his consistent inappropriate responses to any and all situations, the press gave him a pass. In truth, the media made George. The press took a foul mouth windbagging blueblood drunkard and made him just like one of you, a foul mouth windbagging zealous Joe Crusader.

In 1999 the WaPo wrote a 7 part ridiculous series extolling the life that made George W. the man he is today. The press doing their job, carrying the banner for the future boy king, as they were told. (The article humbly tells us Boy George's daddy, in 1948, earned a wee $375 a month, but didn't tell us that's equivalent to $3100 a month today, a salary millions of Americans would appreciate now, all the way to the bank.) The major outlets spent years grooming the image of Bush for Joe Crusader appeal, blue shirted, downhome boy "on the wagon" in a pickup truck, clearing brush on a phony new ranch.

In the past several weeks some on the left claim the press is waking up, the press is finally doing it's job, the media is finally asking the tough questions. Suddenly the press has testicles. Sure. Almost overnight the press tell us polls have turned against Bush. We've reached a "tipping point." This near instant "tipping point" began to emerge around May, picked up speed with the Sheehan coverage, and Katrina definitely put Bush down the Zogby. Another term coined for the peons, "tipping point" and almost as useful as urban legends of "cow tipping."

The press has always and continues to promote the agenda the elite orders it to promote. Whether it’s the Pentagon Papers or Deep Throat it is planned, staged, reported, manipulated, and we the people think its news, call it truth, and bleat how free we are because another schmuck did something magnanimous when he actually was following orders from the powers that be. But here we are again, with the MSM becoming a friend once more, maybe, because it questions Bush policy. After years of press coverage portraying Bush as the man who could speak no wrong and do no wrong, the press is "doing its job." Sure they are. And I'm going "cow tipping" tonight.


Thursday, September 08, 2005


"The occupants of the camp cannot leave the camp for any reason. If they leave the camp they may never return. They will be issued FEMA identification cards and "a sum of money" and they will remain within the camp for the next 5 months."

Maybe those tinfoil stories of FEMA concentration camps need looking at again.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ray the Cable Guy

Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans. Nagin was a member of the Republican party (supported GW) and only switched to Democrat in 2002 when he filed to run as candidate for NO mayor. His campaign was self-financed, after a career as a manager at Cox Communications (cable company).

On September 1st Nagin made the impassioned plea : ... "Don't tell me 40,000 people are coming here. They're not here. It's too doggone late. Now get off your asses and do something, and let's fix the biggest goddamn crisis in the history of this country."

Four days later (Sept.5) and a reminder as to who owns his loyalty, Ray the cable guy recovered his budding political career when he placed blame at Governor Blanco's feet. Nagin stated : "Look, I've gotten promises to -- I can't stand anymore promises. I don't want to hear anymore promises. I want to see stuff done. And that's why I'm so happy that the president came down here, because I think they were feeding him a line of bull also. And they were telling him things weren't as bad as it was." The "they" in this case being Governor Blanco who, with more political savvy, knew the correct thing to say, like hey Ray why didn't you use all those empty school buses to evacuate?

But maybe it was all the stress because on the 3rd Mayor Ray told CNN the "CIA would wipe him out" after his criticism of President Bush and the Federal Government in response to Hurricane Katrina.

Let's fund a study, kiss kiss makeup, and declare it was a "communications gap." Yea, that'll work.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Clinton: Government failed Katrina victims.

"Our government failed those people in the beginning, and I take it now there is no dispute about it," Clinton said. "One hundred percent of the people recognize that -- that it was a failure."

...And that means a lot coming from a man who failed 800,000 Rwandans on his watch?

"Clinton suggested that once the emergency is over a commission should be formed to examine what happened."

You know, some considered it an insult when it was said Clinton was the first Black president; a gentile slur because he played the sax, talked trash, and was a lying, promiscuous cheat and womanizer. Not funny or a compliment at all.

Fact or Fiction

There were two babies who had their throats slit. The seven-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in the Superdome. And the corpses laid out amid the excrement in the convention centre.

In a week filled with dreadful scenes of desperation and anger from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina some stories stood out.

But as time goes on many remain unsubstantiated and may yet prove to be apocryphal.

New Orleans police have been unable to confirm the tale of the raped child, or indeed any of the reports of rapes, in the Superdome and convention centre.

"Katrina's winds have left behind an information vacuum. And that vacuum has been filled by rumour.

"There is nothing to correct wild reports that armed gangs have taken over the convention centre," wrote Associated Press writer, Allen Breed.

"You can report them but you at least have to say they are unsubstantiated and not pass them off as fact," said one Baltimore-based journalist.

"But nobody is doing that."

Either way these rumours have had an effect.

Reports of the complete degradation and violent criminals running rampant in the Superdome suggested a crisis that both hastened the relief effort and demonised those who were stranded.

By the end of last week the media in Baton Rouge reported that evacuees from New Orleans were carjacking and that guns and knives were being seized in local shelters where riots were erupting.

The local mayor responded accordingly.

"We do not want to inherit the looting and all the other foolishness that went on in New Orleans," Kip Holden was told the Baton Rouge Advocate.

"We do not want to inherit that breed that seeks to prey on other people."

The trouble, wrote Howard Witt of the Chicago Tribune is that "scarcely any of it was true - the police confiscated a single knife from a refugee in one Baton Rouge shelter".

"There were no riots in Baton Rouge. There were no armed hordes."

Similarly when the first convoy of national guardsmen went into New Orleans approached the convention centre they were ordered to "lock and load".

But when they arrived they were confronted not by armed mobs but a nurse wearing a T-shirt that read "I love New Orleans".

"She ran down a broken escalator, then held her hands in the air when she saw the guns," wrote the LA Times.

"We have sick kids up here!" she shouted.

"We have dehydrated kids! One kid with sickle cell!"

Monday, September 05, 2005

Eyes of the Storm

The contractors story. I won't waste time on the story of five contractors shot on a bridge because the story has already disappeared down the memory hole and altered to read that five gunmen were shot as they were shooting at the good guys.

I won't dwell on talk of another commission to study Katrina because I have previously blogged my feelings about commissions. Commissions are funded to funnel more funds to the elite pocket and cover up truth while pretending to serve the people. Thinking folks know the truth and the remainder want a taxpayer paid bedtime story; the same folks who think the same meager footage shown over and over day after day for a week is disaster news reporting.

I didn't see the footage of thugs looting 5 plasma screen televisions that Bill O'Reilly alluded to on one of his programs. O'Reilly didn't see them either but the sound bytes are put out there. The looting I've seen has been for survival, food, water, diapers, dry clothing. There was the footage of two NOLA cops looting in Wal-Mart but the fact that cops are criminals with gun and badge is hardly new.

I won't mention that as the water recedes looting will definitely be a problem, with plunder sold on the periphery to white boys in pickup trucks with Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi plates. I won't think about turning well-armed just back from Iraq troops on looters at Enron, Halliburton, KBR.

Lets not think about Halliburton getting NOLA reconstruction contracts even before the bodies began to pop up like corks in the toxic waters. Or the stars and pols who pop up for photo-ops and publicity, even if their presence hampers more than helps because of the attendant security and cameramen.

I won't ask where the liberal democratic champions such as McKinney, Kennedy, Hillary, and Conyers were the first week of the Katrina disaster. They weren't countering the immediate deluge of racism to demonize the victims. From day 1 the news led with stories to tell us tens of thousands of barely surviving, traumatized, shell-shocked half drown people were more interested in looting than living. Or the Huffington post of Randall Robinson claiming that after 3-1/2 days folks were cannibalizing corpses. Which side of hell are these two moles paid by? Pretty heavy duty demonizing; one can't feel too sorry for looting, raping, murdering, human corpse eating Black Americans.

And although the propaganda will paint various pictures over the coming months, hype to ellicit warm fuzzies and heroes for a day, the truth is, the drowning of New Orleans put a plain face on racial cleansing in America, which began before the Civil War and continued after the Civil Rights movement. Katrina shows clearly there are no strong militant Black leaders around these days. No Black leaders issuing serious plans for unity and change. Black power was neutralized long before Katrina. Believe it and weep.

I have read the story that the mass orgies of NOLA looting, raping, murdering thugs are due to the welfare state. Remember, however, that poor welfare whites don't loot, they "find things." But then I've long called for abolishing the welfare system because I believe Black America would adapt easier and quicker if funds were stopped. It's poor white America that the politicians are afraid of. A few million former Black recipients can be controlled, already have been to a large degree with the prison system and political system. Several million whites losing handouts would burn down D.C., if the government cuts the phony disability checks and prescriptions for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), which eventually the government will.

And whacha gonna do when they come for you poor white boy? How are you going to blame America's problems on the next guy when you are the next guy?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Headlines & Priorities

New Orleans Gets More Troops to Stop Katrina Looting.
Troops Deployed to Stop Looters.
New Orleans Mayor Orders Looting Crackdown.
Looters Take Advantage of New Orleans Mess.
New Orleans Coverage: Looting or Finding?
New Orleans Fights To Stop Looting.
CBS News | Gov. Asks For Help To Stop Looters. - New Orleans Police Ordered to Halt Looting.
WorldNetDaily: Looters Turn New Orleans into 'Downtown Baghdad'.
NPR : In New Orleans, Floods and Looting Spread.
World Watches the Looting of New Orleans – GOPUSA.
Looting in New Orleans.

Google Icon. Appropriate.

Certainly in these first 4 or 5 days the looting has been for food, water, necessities. And even that which isn't - what good will Wal-Mart junk or electronics be to anyone after sitting weeks or months in an environment of fetid, diseased water. The headlines are, as usual, to turn the eyes from the guilty: the politicians and agencies who pretend to spend billions in programs to benefit us.

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