Friday, September 02, 2005

Headlines & Priorities

New Orleans Gets More Troops to Stop Katrina Looting.
Troops Deployed to Stop Looters.
New Orleans Mayor Orders Looting Crackdown.
Looters Take Advantage of New Orleans Mess.
New Orleans Coverage: Looting or Finding?
New Orleans Fights To Stop Looting.
CBS News | Gov. Asks For Help To Stop Looters. - New Orleans Police Ordered to Halt Looting.
WorldNetDaily: Looters Turn New Orleans into 'Downtown Baghdad'.
NPR : In New Orleans, Floods and Looting Spread.
World Watches the Looting of New Orleans – GOPUSA.
Looting in New Orleans.

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Certainly in these first 4 or 5 days the looting has been for food, water, necessities. And even that which isn't - what good will Wal-Mart junk or electronics be to anyone after sitting weeks or months in an environment of fetid, diseased water. The headlines are, as usual, to turn the eyes from the guilty: the politicians and agencies who pretend to spend billions in programs to benefit us.


barryg said...

Kate in the terms my son put it the people left in NOLA are eaters not workers. What he explained to me this means is the people are minimum wage earners or on welfare. They can be replaced with illegal aliens that work for less than minimum wage and do not qualify for welfare thereby saving money for the gougers and rapists of our country.
If you know anyone transporting supplies to N.O. tell them to bypass staging areas and go straight to the superdome. Theis is what we did in Andrew in Homestead. The supplies were stacking up in WPB waithing for some idiot to decide how to distribute them so we took them to the people.

Kate-A said...

Thanks barryg
My oldest daughter was discussing organizing aid for NOLA yesterday. She's active in NGO and nonprofits.

I agree with your son regarding the theory of replacement workers. I survived hurricane Joan/Johana in Bluefields in 1988 and I don't think it looked as bad as what I see in LA. It's pissing off everyone I know. And I know I'll be p.o.'ed once the billions begin to flow to the usual reconstruction profiteers.

Anonymous said...

is it really a surprise to anyone here that big business takes precedence over human lives? Apparently, preventing Walmart from losing a few big screen T.V's (which are probably rendered useless by now anyhow) should consume the resources that could be saving lives instead. Make no mistake-- human beings have always been and will always be considered expendable in the name of Big Business (i.e. Iraq War).

barryg said...

The Florida Air Boaters Assn. has been trying since monday to get permission to go to NOLA they have their boats loaded with water and supplies but can not get permission to go. I know a lot of those good old boys and believe me they can put those boats where you would not believe a boat can go I have seen them cross a four lane highway just for a bet of a six pack.
The ass. has 500 airboats if each could rescue just 10 people thats 5,000 mor that will live to vote against the neocons.
I really believe this is an effort to kill these people since you can bet the farm they will never in the future vote gop and the state of LA will go blue in the next election.
This has got to be intentional, nobody can screw up this badly by accident.

Ian Bell said...

I guess US will be needing some camps in which to concentrate the poorer
blacker weather refugees now, eh?

And "eminent domain" is all set for buying up the real estate at post-flood prices. "Jazz World" ahoy.

Anonymous said...

may bush be blessed with 4 hemorrohids and diarea for a month.

Tinoire said...

Kate... We have launched our site:

We are not mincing any words about this admin or any complicit Dems either. There are some links on the homepage for our brothers and sisters, left behind in Hurricane George's Amerika, and the discussion forum is up. As Wayne Madsen put it on his homepage... Progressive Independent is a place for those who are tired of the PC types at Daily Kos and DU. linked to us also for the page "Our poor, our brothers and sisters, versus Hurricane George" so we're getting off the ground well.

Anyway, hugs to you my sister and please stop by. Please... all Progressives stop by and register. This criminal administration must be ousted immediately and the Vichy Collaborators be made accountable to the people.
The rage is so painful. Maybe MLK could have found the strength to love them- I can not.

Hugs to you, Tinoire

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