Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hacienda Politics

September 9th AP story reads : "U.S. and Latin American officials stepped up pressure Friday against legislative efforts to oust Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos, whose anti-corruption campaign has driven lawmakers of his own party into alliance with rivals. New U.S. Ambassador Paul Trivelli presented his credentials to the government on Friday and warned that Bolanos' removal "would be a disaster for Nicaragua." In Washington, the Organization of American States urged "an immediate halt" to actions that could worsen Nicaragua's political crisis. Bolanos is defying constitutional amendments passed by a legislature dominated by his rivals that would strip him of much of his authority."

Bolaños ran a scare campaign in 2001, connecting the FSLN opposition, Daniel Ortega, to terrorists. Bolaños' new front man, Trivelli, is said to approach his job with more subtly than his predecessor, meaning Trivelli is more adept at putting a pleasant ambassadorial spin on the repression and US terror in Central America. Reading the above AP story you'd think it's the bad guys trying to get rid of a good guy president. But what's really going on is Bolaños is as corrupt as his compadre Aleman (former prez) : Currently Aleman faces money-laundering charges in Miami. A mere $740,000 deposited in a Miami bank account is chump change for Senor Aleman who stole upwards of $100 million from the Nicaraguan treasury during his presidency. Note too that Panama is mentioned (in case you're still wondering why US drug lords had to get rid of Ortega and Noriega). Although labeled a liberal Arnoldo was another fat-cat proxy dictator for the US government, as is President Bolaños.

Bolaños was VP under Aleman and after elected initiated the corruption charges against Aleman out of anger that Aleman had left nothing to steal. Now Bolanos too is up to his poncho in corruption charges. Of course they all "deny any wrongdoing." Since the ousting of the Sandinistas, the US backed "political contras" have served the US well. Returning to the tactics of Somoza, i.e. illiteracy, malnutrition, cheap labor, protecting the drug trade. And partying in Maryland and Miami with their US backers, or hosting same in San Juan del Sur.

Aleman was recently convicted of fraud in Nicaragua and sentenced to 20 years but he does time on his estate in Managua "under strict house arrest." Meaning he has to say please for permission to globe trot. Under Nicaragua law Aleman is immune for much of his looting. Daniel Ortega, former Sandinista president, is working to deprive Aleman and the current President Enrique Bolaños, of their immunity to open the way for judicial actions against them during their time in office. "Actions" as in real prison cells with other common criminals.

A couple of years after the Contra War ended during a visit to Managua I was conversing with a group of D.C. experts who's mission was to advise Nicaragua on setting up a "system." One gentleman was outlining the Social Security system and another explaining taxation methods similar to the US. Taxation is new for most Nicaraguans. Taxing folks where 80 percent of the population makes less than $1 a day; why do I see vampires here. The two experts went on and on until out of air and waited for a response; this being the pause where I'm supposed to say what a wonderful thing they're doing for the little brown people. My not praising the foisting of an IRS and SSA on the little people could only mean I was a "marxist sandinista" sympathizer.

The "disaster" Ambassador Trivelli speaks of is that the ruling elite of Managua don't want to return as Miamistas living off US citizens rather than their own. While the US has been occupied elsewhere average Nicaraguans are looking at removing the US boot, again. And at least for now trying to do so legislatively. I heard a phrase once describing Latin Americans, can't remember the gringo who said it : "Every time they get out of their hammocks they start a revolution." A symptomatic slur of how the US thinks about Latin American democracy. And Ambassador Trivelli, Senor Rico Suave, will spin a people's movement as political terrorism and get all the guns he needs from D.C.

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Viva Sandino en la lucha por la Paz!

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