Monday, September 05, 2005

Eyes of the Storm

The contractors story. I won't waste time on the story of five contractors shot on a bridge because the story has already disappeared down the memory hole and altered to read that five gunmen were shot as they were shooting at the good guys.

I won't dwell on talk of another commission to study Katrina because I have previously blogged my feelings about commissions. Commissions are funded to funnel more funds to the elite pocket and cover up truth while pretending to serve the people. Thinking folks know the truth and the remainder want a taxpayer paid bedtime story; the same folks who think the same meager footage shown over and over day after day for a week is disaster news reporting.

I didn't see the footage of thugs looting 5 plasma screen televisions that Bill O'Reilly alluded to on one of his programs. O'Reilly didn't see them either but the sound bytes are put out there. The looting I've seen has been for survival, food, water, diapers, dry clothing. There was the footage of two NOLA cops looting in Wal-Mart but the fact that cops are criminals with gun and badge is hardly new.

I won't mention that as the water recedes looting will definitely be a problem, with plunder sold on the periphery to white boys in pickup trucks with Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi plates. I won't think about turning well-armed just back from Iraq troops on looters at Enron, Halliburton, KBR.

Lets not think about Halliburton getting NOLA reconstruction contracts even before the bodies began to pop up like corks in the toxic waters. Or the stars and pols who pop up for photo-ops and publicity, even if their presence hampers more than helps because of the attendant security and cameramen.

I won't ask where the liberal democratic champions such as McKinney, Kennedy, Hillary, and Conyers were the first week of the Katrina disaster. They weren't countering the immediate deluge of racism to demonize the victims. From day 1 the news led with stories to tell us tens of thousands of barely surviving, traumatized, shell-shocked half drown people were more interested in looting than living. Or the Huffington post of Randall Robinson claiming that after 3-1/2 days folks were cannibalizing corpses. Which side of hell are these two moles paid by? Pretty heavy duty demonizing; one can't feel too sorry for looting, raping, murdering, human corpse eating Black Americans.

And although the propaganda will paint various pictures over the coming months, hype to ellicit warm fuzzies and heroes for a day, the truth is, the drowning of New Orleans put a plain face on racial cleansing in America, which began before the Civil War and continued after the Civil Rights movement. Katrina shows clearly there are no strong militant Black leaders around these days. No Black leaders issuing serious plans for unity and change. Black power was neutralized long before Katrina. Believe it and weep.

I have read the story that the mass orgies of NOLA looting, raping, murdering thugs are due to the welfare state. Remember, however, that poor welfare whites don't loot, they "find things." But then I've long called for abolishing the welfare system because I believe Black America would adapt easier and quicker if funds were stopped. It's poor white America that the politicians are afraid of. A few million former Black recipients can be controlled, already have been to a large degree with the prison system and political system. Several million whites losing handouts would burn down D.C., if the government cuts the phony disability checks and prescriptions for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), which eventually the government will.

And whacha gonna do when they come for you poor white boy? How are you going to blame America's problems on the next guy when you are the next guy?


Anonymous said...

The only major Democrat to actually do something: Al Gore. Got a plane, brought supplies in, got people out, repeat. And hardly anyone covered it.

Kate-A said...

That's more than other pols have done, but sounds like a week after the fact, or when folks were being shuttled from Texas to other places.

No one was demanding massive air drops of food, water, rafts the first few days when folks were starving and dehydrating and drowning.

The whole situation un-effing believable.

GM said...

Every time one makes contact with this story, it just overloads one's circuity. Everything is being revealed, for those with the eyes.

RE the 'contractors-turned-gunmen' story: Now you see it, now you don't

While looking at disaster-porn on CNN at a friend's house the other night (we don't do TV in our house), it became clear that this is just another humanitarian disaster with the poor dark natives in a foreign land who need our charity. Same model, same slo-mo, same maudlin stringed theme music. Same pleas for America to open up your hearts and your wallets. Help the ref-u-gees.

And,regarding the "gunmen" who "opened fire" in "Little Somalia" -- mysteriously turning from "contractors" into members of the "insugency" in the battle to "take back N.Orleans" before vanishing altogether: we've seen this strange type of story-morph before, haven't we? -- and so, Baghdad/Fallujah/etc-etc. has stormed ashore and has secured its first beachhead.. Now, who's next?

Anonymous said...

The people of African descent (blacks) in New Orleans are American citizens. How can they then be labeled as "refugees" while still inside the borders of this country?

What's wrong with these news organizations? When is America ever going to embrace black people here and stop causing them so much stress?

For sure the blacks ought to read the scriptures and obey them, as looking at worldly conditions with regards to the way the government officials have handled the Katrina situation may have the tendency to make them feel unloved, unwanted, and undermine their self worth. This should not be. We should all have cause to have our hearts swell with pride at our country. I would love to see those days again myself. Those feelings are surely absent now.

Good thing everything is temporary. This too shall pass.

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