Friday, February 11, 2005

The Great Dem Hope

Breaks my heart to see the progressives and democrats who believe they have the power to change what's happening in the US. It cannot be done, not with today's Democrats such as the Clintons or with Kerry or 99.9 percent of "liberals" in politics today. Haven't my friends noticed liberals drop and offer their blue bellies whenever the NeoCons command heel? The best the party had to offer was Kerry? Although listening to Bush is unbearable, watching Kerry sag through his campaign with hang-dog face was almost as painful. Kerry has two expressions. Bored and/or peeved. I guess I would look that way too if I had the Heinz money and had to play a politician on TV.

My friends won't change things with men like Zell "Maverick" Miller, described as a conservative democrat with conscience, or Lieberman a "centrist." Does that mean you have to be "conservative" to have a conscience? I still haven't figured out how Gephardt passes as a democrat. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) says CONdi Rice "has the skill, judgment, and poise to lead in these difficult times." No need to muzzle these blue-dogs, they bark red. Democrats such as Boxer and McKinney play the obstructionist part occasionally, fetching headlines, then quiet. Probably best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Tim Ryan raised my hopes. He's the Democrat from OH who a few months back gave the passionate speech about why young people fear Bush is lying about a draft. The young Mr. Ryan last week received a prime subcommittee seat. Appointed to the Readiness Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee that will enable him to keep watch on the upcoming base closures as he lobbies to keep open the Youngstown Air Reserve Station, pork for home. Certainly that tit will expect a tat and change Ryan's tone.

The course will not be changed with the new DNC chairman. The Great Dem Hope: Howard Dean. "Supporter Rebecca Cague watched Dean with a wistful smile. "I feel like he is what we need to revive the party," she said. "He's not afraid to speak his mind; and when he does, he speaks for us." Us who? Howie III, another Yalie. Growing up in a Park Avenue apartment so cramped that the family was forced to convert the dining room into a bedroom for the newborn. In fact, space was so tight there was barely enough room for baby Howie's live-in nurse. Dean the Dabbler, a few years on Wall Street like his dad, grandaddy and great grandaddy before him. Then to medicine for 4 years before another career change - to politics. Dean's own party spanked him in the primaries, and the DNC chair his reparations. Dabblin' Dean.

Where were the democrats when America's manufacturing base was being outsourced 20 years ago? Out Gatting and Nafta-ing. Have democrats ever stopped big oil and pharmaceutical from gouging us for energy or medicine? Breathed any clean air lately, drink water from the tap? Johnny still can't understand what he reads regardless which party promises better education. Did Clinton balance the budget, or cook the books? Are you sure? Have Democrats in the last 5 years stopped BushCo on anything?

War on Poverty (we have more poverty), War on Drugs (we have more drugs), War on Crime (more crime), War on Illiteracy, War on Terror, is there a pattern here?

One crisis after another now. Makes me long for the days when politicians committed lesser high crimes and misdemeanors. Such as burglaries, guns for hostages and blowjobs. BushCo will have their way, it's a done deal. Plundering, profiteering, crimes against humanity, in your face globogestapo. As someone said, Democrats and Republicans -- both cheeks on the corporate ass. Hooyah.

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