Sunday, February 06, 2005

Some People Push Bullshit

Initially I intended to ignore the Churchill hooplah but since continuing to run into it I might as well have my say-so. The 'Some People Push Back aka Chickens Come Home' essay by Ward.

Predictably, the right trashes and the left defends Ward, the usual freedom of speech, etc. etc. I place Ward in the category with Michael Moore: Upholders of the BS. I'm still waiting the identity of those 19 hijackers, and a bit more proof as to exactly how 19 men lived and played in the US for years before simultaneously pulling off a sophisticated plan with box cutters to overtake 4 jets and fly 3 of them into their targets.

There are too many questions surrounding 9-11 hence I can only conclude, as with other historic events, the truth will not be known (outside the halls of Mossad/CIA). Ward and Moore and others of such ilk and ink, generate controversy while upholding the official story with a little variation as to where/who they point the finger of blame, the Saudi, our foreign policy, etc. Although the Saudi BushCo connections and US foreign policy are a problem, 1 film maker and 1 professor are not a threat to the status quo. The quarreling generated by caterers of the "official" story distracts the left, the right, and in between, while upping book/movie sales and reinforcing the government authorized version of 9-11. The chickens that came are "us" operating at home as abroad, assassinations, coups, whatever was necessary, that's what Malcolm meant.

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