Monday, January 31, 2005

Voting for ....Food

Sounds like a game show, the Bushco Wheel of Misfortune, vote if you want to eat, Inking Fingers Reality Show. Some Just Voted for Food. Last night as I listened to the on and on repetitive drone of news of the Iraq election, the hype, the spin, the thrill of it all was too much. The same media with no conscience over our own phony US elections. Who the hell are they trying to convince the Iraq election was a success? Often these days the news reminds me of the 60s. Then too the news repeated over and over the same clips, the same emotional messages, until the government felt comfortably sure a nation of sheep was bleating Oswald did it, Oswald did it, case closed. Bush Won, Bush Won. Iraq a success, Iraq a cloz z z z z z.

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Dan S. said...

Gotta comment, can't help it. Is it possible to be more hateful, racist and bigoted? Is it OK to be so when the subjects of hatred happen to profess "conservative" values?

I wish I could help you. You might get more joy from life if you could lighten up a little. Expand your horizons - you should meet some of these people you seem to hate so much. I'll bet you'd like them.

I know it's talking to the wind, but here's a suggestion. Step away from your Michael Moore conspiracy theory crowd and read factual accounts. Maybe start with the 911 commission report - just read it with your bias turned off. See if it changes your perspective at all.

Anyway, good luck. Relax. Be happy. I'll pray for you.

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