Friday, June 08, 2007

Between the Lines

Bush too ill to attend. HEILIGENDAMM, Germany — President George W. Bush came down with a stomach ailment Friday at the Group of Eight summit in Germany and was resting in his room. (Read: liquored up again.)

After serving 3 days jail time Paris Hilton released. Citing sources close to Hilton's family, the syndicated TV show Entertainment Tonight reported on its website that the health problem was a rash that she developed on her body. (Read: get rich, get hives, get out of jail.)

More tortured news. "There is now enough evidence to state that secret detention facilities run by the CIA did exist in Europe from 2003-2005, in particular in Poland and Romania," Marty's report says. The facilities were "run directly and exclusively by the CIA." (Read: pony up some outrage, BushCo did it and will soon leave office, but you will not rid the world of CIA, doesn’t helplessness feel better?)

Rewriting the Ashcroft gallbladder saga. Taken to the hospital for an emergency gallbladder operation, he hallucinates under medication as he lies, near death, in intensive care. On the night after his operation, he has two visitors: White House chief of staff Andrew Card and presidential counsel Alberto Gonzales. As described in public testimony, they want Ashcroft to sign a document authorizing the government's top-secret eavesdropping program to go on. The attorney general, who thinks the program is illegal, refuses. (Read: how the "left" wing makes a hero of a rightwing asswipe having routine surgery.)

"There's a lot of people who don't like it when Russia and the United States argue, and it creates tensions," Bush said after his meeting with Putin in the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm, where leaders of eight major industrial nations are holding a summit. "It's much better to work together." Putin, who earlier had threatened to train Russian missiles on Europe if the U.S. proceeded with a missile shield on the continent, carried a conciliatory offer into his meeting with Bush. (Read: lets shake our big white gleaming phalli at one another and frighten the peons, nyuk nyuk nyuk, hee hee hee - hey Puti Poot pass the Stoli, see first story above.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I see you have some news on Paris. Frankly, I wish she had went ahead and did the 23 days. I believe she would have come out looking like a real champ. Now with this release and being ordered back into jail, I don't know. It has added an element that may not work well with her public persona, which is light weight, but overexposed.

I know it is her parents not wanting their "little girl" behind bars and pulling all these strings that on the face of it seems to have backfired, but I think she could have come out looking gooooood if she had done the 23 days they had originally gotten or at least half of it. No doubt with her marketing clout she could have impressed the folks at the UN and been in line for some sort of UN Ambassador post.

However, with all of these people on the different blogs writing awful comments and being jealous of her and acting like they are at a Salem witch crucifixion or like school yard bullys, who knows how this will end up. It is scary the way they are acting.

Of course, I know this is not the most important news in the world today. I just had to get my 2 cents in on the subject. I think Paris is funny. She has provided me with many laughs while striking poses for the photographers wearing the spaghetti strapped dresses that are so attractive. Hope all works out well for her.

If I had been ordered to jail I would be doing the same thing she is. Of course it helps to have the resources she does. Sometimes, it just works out well to get it over with.

Kate-A said...

I've had more than a hearty chuckle today watching the media frenzy over Paris, but have little sympathy, other than occasionally feeling sorry for folks who live so shallow.

I may be harsher on the woman, having watched my 5 y/o nephew taken off life support after a 24 y/o drunk driver (repeat offender with suspeneded license) hit and run.

He was on the sidewalk on his new bike with training wheels in front of his own home in a residential neighborhood. The young drunk had family with money and did little jail time.

Paris will survive and meader on with whine and poses, eventually marrying, join the aging socialite clubs, have a socialite daughter to carry on the torch of how to be pointless and piss away a life of opportunity.

If I'm ordered to jail it would hopefully be for something a bit more noble than violating probation for drunk driving.

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