Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mutt Like Me

While many seem to find Obama's "a mutt like me" remark humorous I find it anything but. Barry, is that how you talk in front of your daughters? Not helping the matter was OBH looking down often at his podium notes and following along with his finger.

Supporters claim the mutt remark shows OBH's warm sense of humor, claim it means nothing more than a mixed breed which BHO is, or they claim he was being politically savvy and used the moment to remind white folks that he too had a white mama - his first press conference and he's still reassuring part of the population that he's half white? Obama displayed a kinder and gentler self-contempt moment - and peeple think it's cute.

The remark says to me OBH is uncomfortable with at least one-half of his heritage. He should know there are plenty of others more than happy to use the adjective "mutt."

My advice Barry: Never refer to yourself as a mutt, mongrel, niggah, homeboy, Americoon, Bo-Bo, Bonky, Buckwheat or Burnt Cracker or burr head, etc. even if self-deprecation makes the dumber among us chuckle or guffaw.

The remark shows BHO is unaware of America's southern history where Blacks were referred to as mutts or "mongrels," whether mixed breed or not. Mutt is a derogatory term - not something that should be coming from the mouth of the next "leader of the free world."

If you think past presidents arrived at the White House clueless and/or with a lot of unresolved psychological baggage - you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Anonymous said...


I agree totally. This sort of name calling of yourself is so unattractive. As you said, nothing funny about it.

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