Saturday, November 15, 2008

Famed Nordic System

Gender parity.

Another article in what has been at least a decade of endless spiels by high profile and unknown shitheads alike, on the wonders and magnificence of living in one of those semi-socialist, "free" healthcare, sex and drug liberated and wealth parity communes known as Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and other Euro-topias.

THE LADY STATES: In the streets of Oslo, fathers are as likely as mothers to be pushing the pram, and they're just as likely to be picking up their kids from nursery and school as their wives ... It's worth noting that Norway is not the only Nordic nation that is top of the class. Finland is second, Sweden third, while Iceland is fourth. Culture may play a part, but more important is the fact that these countries have created societies – the famed Nordic welfare system – that allow women to be more active in the public sphere, be it in the workplace or in politics ... Coming back to visit Britain I am amazed at how working mothers are increasingly demonized in public debate for daring to combine paid work and childcare. It's like children happen to women but not to men. If it's so terrible to be a parent and go to work at the same time, why aren't men getting the same flak?

----- Hon, a man's flak begins at home.

Quick, I must hide this from the old ball and chain because he mopped floors, cooked meals and raised kids for years and worked - he might think he's been nordicized, or gender pared. (I even convinced him to sit to pee so the bathroom stays cleaner longer.)

What a vapid article. The lady is amazed that women in Britain are publicly demonized for daring to combine work and childcare. And I guess 2 income households are by choice and not an economic necessity in Norway? How many American women would prefer to be stay-at-home moms, baking cookies and wiping baby butts and noses, because daddy brings home plenty of bacon?

But gender equality aside, this article reminds me that for at least a decade or more I have been brainwashed with information praising the wondrous accomplishments of Euro-Nordic semi-socialist nations.

Here is what I notice, (and to my shame once parroted) each time the praise has come from:

A native nordic, blonde person, who lives in a country where the famed nordic welfare system allows women to be more active at work and in politics. Well of course the system is manageable when your nordic nation is little more than a gated white community of 4.5 million, which is still called a Kingdom and more or less uniracial, not to mention heavily dependent on offshore drilling, fishery, and international trade, along with restricted immigration.

The second type of praiser of the nordic welfare system are non-nordic natives who think the US can mimic the system and that the US, with dozens of opposing cultures, religions, ideologies, can all just get along in our kingdom of 300+ million and growing. These praisers are usually white Americans who have vacationed or worked abroad and are gushy about how wonderful it was over there. They are also in that group that voted Obama because they "wanted to be part of history," or what I call the "ox and moron" logic - have you ever witnessed firsthand how dumb oxen can behave? Believe me, the old phrase "dumb as an ox" is true. I've heard some ignorant excuses in my life from those voting for a particular candidate but being "part of history" has to be the dumbest yet.

The third type of famed Nordic welfare pushers are the most devious. They would lead us to believe as soon as we can equalize everyone - gender, race, intellect, income, ideology - we will all live in Valhalla and commune with the Gods. Corruption will disappear, greed will be wiped from human nature, life will be fun on the State playground. Their goal is to supply everyone a crust of bread, a house of straw/mud, and minds that cannot process much of anything beyond cable TV, and they will call it world unity or parity or something warm-fuzzyish.

But yes, for at least a decade it seems I stumble every day on at least one article written in giddy glee on the benefits of a euro-nordic-style welfare socialist state. No one ever explains where the funding for 6 billion earthlings on welfare will come from, but I suppose the corporate kingdom will figure that one out - just as soon as they finish emptying the US coffers to bail us out of yet another crisis.

And then most folks are gonna grasp the true meaning of parity, peon parity.

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