Friday, November 14, 2008

Rewriting Ronnie

I'm real tired of hearing Ronald Reagan, a petty third rate political actor trained to read lines, has become the hero of those who consider themselves "real Christian conservatives." Talk about lipstick on a pig.

Even Boy Bush will have spin meisters to put a lot of gloss on his pig and Bush will never be known as the revulsion-inducing putz he is, but as just another president in a long line of American presidents / figureheads. A couple or three presidents are remembered as heroes, but most are simply forgotten in the dustbin of national history. What to think of each president, or not think, will be taught in those textbooks funded by the government and preapproved by those who control our fine institutions of public education.

Reagan was no hero, or affable right-winger. He was more a Boy Bush lite, or perhaps Boy Bush is Reagan on steroids. In any case, those "conservatives" and "Reagan democrats," defenders of beloved Ronnie's memory, are as deluded as any other American political sheep herd.

Reagan practiced and prolonged a mean, petty, murderous vindictiveness toward the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, El Salvador's FMLN, in his weekend war on Grenada to prop up that US colony, etc.

Had John Hinckley been a better shot, I'm certain the US would have had their war on in the Middle East much sooner. Perhaps Reagan was somewhat uncooperative with the powers that be, especially after the anesthesia wore off - that may make him a hero, sort of. On the other hand his role may have been only to set the economic destruction ball rolling. Perhaps Poppy Bush and friends jumped the gun (no pun).

It was Ronnie who praised, applauded, and slobbered over Poland's trade unionist leader Lech Walesa and urged American union "Solidarity" with young Lech - while in Latin America and at home the corporate thugs were busting unions as quickly as possible, by brainwashing Joe the Assembler that his labor costs were too high and the company could not afford his union wage and benefits. Reagan was the ball that started the jobs rolling out and overseas. You see folks, Polish unions were honest, American unions corrupt, Central American unionists were corrupt commies.

Lech Walesa. I remember his mug on the nightly news during the '80s. Car mechanic and shipyard electrician who rose to become president, win a Nobel Peace prize, honorary degree from Harvard ... what ever happened to Lech? Reports say documents came to light in June 2008 alleging Walesa had been a collaborator of the communist secret police, "Bolek", way before the formation of "Solidarity." This suggests a degree of calculation on his part as well as the Polish government, in the context of all the events of the formation of Solidarity and subsequent to it. I gotta wonder, did Babs and Poppy Cia Bush know all this when they were hugging Lech in Warsaw back then.

Although I have limited support for most social programs, Reagan cut such aid not to the bone but to the marrow. He closed mental health facilities dumping tens of thousands on the street - but not to worry - also on his watch the tough on crime folks found a big opportunity in the American prison industry, which would criminalize and privatize the housing of many of the nation's mental incompetents and social misfits.

It was Ron who was adored by the Yuppie generation (young upwardly mobile/urban professionals). Many, if not most, made their money in the fast lane of sales, wheeling and dealing in real estate investment, computers, technology, pharma for the whole family stupefied with cable entertainment, and mad ad men - because the only thing that meant anything was Status. Flaunt it if you got it, fake it 'til you make it. It was the era when I scratched my head and asked "How did Deadbeat Dyrone get a MasterCard with his credit?"

Oops, did you say S&L bailout? Iran Contra? He tripled the deficit? The Ron who never met a defense program he didn't love. Grandpa Ron the Affable. His love of big weapons bred bigger waste and corruption to help us along to where we are today - and now folks pay homage to rouged cheek Paw-Paw Reagan.

The '80s under Reagan was one long decade when the national anthem was Gordon Greko's Greed is Good; doesn't matter how you make it, just make it (it being money).

There was nothing conservative or spiritual about Ronald Reagan.

And, honestly, with all the astrology readings going on under the Nancy administration ... I thought astrology was forbidden to Christians, at least since St. Augustine devoted a section of the City of God to ridicule astrology.

Republicans today piss and moan that "conservatives have turned away from Reagan's brand of conservatism" - that's one of those social programming memes that is supposed to mean something but is actually empty rhetoric for empty heads - because today's political conservatives or liberals are just like and are continuing Reagan's brand: Overspending, corrupt, corporate and/or self-serving policy pushers of a New State, and like Reagan, they too will retire to the ranch when the shit hits the really big fan.

(Although, looking back I think the seriously slow US decline took a firm foothold around 1960.)

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