Friday, January 23, 2009

American Idle

One thing I can always count on are folks who tell me I must be a sorry, sad, bitter person; because I'm disdainful of politicians or pop icons, etc. etc. If I am not impressed with that person's favorite hero then I'm so negative. (Amazingly, these astute folks can ascertain what I'm all about by reading 1 post!)

If I do not support massive spending for social programs and bailouts - then I must be a libertarian, a republican, or worse, that I believe in nothing, or no-thing, and Americans love to believe in "things." Americans are very serious about their "things." Ask any marketing company or adman, or campaign manager.

If I do not favor third world icons, such as Fidel, Hugo, and Evo, then I must be a rightwinger. By the way, how's Hugo's social programs funded with war-for-oil profits doing? Hugo so wanted the price to reach $200/barrel. (Wait a minute, politically correct term is "developing world" not third world.)

Maybe I should join the Ron Paul back to gold standard flock. I could help pack and ship all that gold when domestic and foreign entities cash in their dollars. Or maybe I should support Cynthia McKinney, who's greatest claim to fame has been yelling racism when a D.C. rent-a-cop didn't recognize her in her new hairdo.

Oh oh oh I know, I can be a hardcore liberal, no wait, liberal has fallen out of favor and been replaced with "progressive." Okay, lets progress.

I've witnessed the last 2 generations of recipients of "progressive" social programs (free or almost free food, shelter, utilities, education, etc.) and although today 75% are thugs, hoochie mommas, dopers and small-time dealers, illiterate liars and thieves, unemployable, unmotivated, and still unmitigated sufferers on the plantation - maybe mo' money will help. Ahhh chaaa chaaa - that's progress for you.

Yessiree, more free stuff will help folks find pride and direction in their lives. Yes ma'am, redistribute the wealth and maybe those young guns roaming the street all hours of the day and night won't throw rocks through my window for fun or rob my daughter's house twice while she's at work. That's it, these criminal-minded folks just need more free stuff from a progressive guvmint.

But forget about those government created jobs - Big Daddy has been doing that for almost a century; besides those "jobs" have now become jobs "Americans won't do" because way too many Americans don't like to sweat, but our neighbors to the south will; open your arms. (By the way, Mexico would support and appreciate gold backed dollars.)

(Dear Gov: If you create jobs for Americans, most folks want fun jobs: Video game tester, rock star, athlete, movie star, model, couch potato, or any job that makes them the boss.)

It seems to me the most ardent supporters of "redistributing the wealth" are those folks who depend the most on government - although I fail to see how redistribution is going to lift their standard of living as it never has and never will - they are at the social level Big Daddy Government likes best: Dumb, doped, dependent, distracted, and preying on their own. On the other hand, if you are part of the social class positioned to disburse those redistribution dollars, then yes, you would gain access to more funds to funnel to you and yours. Don't blame me, that's just the way it works.

Many folks say we need new blood in D.C., and ta-da! Obama. But if I mention term limits, the same folks will claim we also need experienced men/women. I guess that's because folks like you and me, inexperienced but with integrity and common sense, couldn't possibly sit at the table with those elite, seasoned political men/women and make a deal.

Good gosh, selectable experienced folks like Caroline Kennedy or Hillary Clinton would just mop the floor with someone like me. Also, never mind that new blood Barry has completely surrounded himself with old political blood (all supremely capable of avoiding taxes and hiring illegal nannies).

Of course, sigh .... I was loved by many when I was bashing BushCo on a regular basis.

Wait, let me stick my finger in the wind and see which way I should blow this year. Blogging is just a popularity contest, right? And I'm the blog boss. ;)


Kathy said...

I'd sell my favorite dresses for a ticket to a Clinton-A debate. The only drawback I can see is Hillary's possible spontaneous combustion on camera; however I have no doubt you would exit the stage gracefully beforehand, so if I follow your lead I'll miss the ugly end.

Great surprise to find you back!

Kate-A said...

I dunno Kathy, sometimes my kids ask me how many people I made cry today. Hillary might leave the stage first. ;)

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