Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gnarly Charlie

Until today I have never heard of Jason Mattera, the reporter in the video below. Apparently he's a roving reporter out to expose liberals/democrats, etc.

One comment on that page claims not to support this "particular tactic" - you know, the tactic of going up to Rangel like a regular Joe Friendly Fan and then asking embarrassing, although true, political questions.

That's right folks, you must immediately inform pols so they know which class face to put on and which side of their mouth to speak from. Rangel would never have said "mind your own goddamn business" to ... to ... hmmm ... well, he was tricked, that's right Charlie was tricked into exposing his bad side.


Anonymous said...

Having done a three-year stint as a legal assistant for a county tax department, I learned that those with money and holdings customarily owed back taxes. It was common for investment or rental property to be carrying ten years of back-due taxes because taxes dropped off the books at 11 years. My job was to crank out threatening letters and work up foreclosures on average homeowners and small businesses who were delinquent by a month (the busy season) or at most a year or two. I was told repeatedly to ignore the big ones. The money we collected was sucked into the general fund, never to be accounted for again.

One of the saddest situations I was involved in was that of an employee of Billy Graham. The woman's salary was pitiful, tithes were deducted based on gross pay and applied to the Graham church, she didn't have so much as $10 a month to pay on the two-years-in-arrears homeowner taxes. The Rev. Graham was unreachable for assistance (in addition, the woman feared him and his administrators, afraid she would lose her job over the commotion). County officials maintained the position that the woman should lose her home if she couldn't pay on demand - period. Eventually we minions found an organization to help her out, but the incident stood out as thoroughly unjust in light of the numerous delinquencies on the books faithfully ignored from year to year.


Kate-A said...

That is sorry indeed.

I was just talking to someone a month ago about property taxes and said I had just paid mine - they laughed. Laughed, they said they hadn't paid theirs in years. I couldn't believe it! They could easily afford to pay them yet just throw the tax bill in the trash like junk mail.

Seems to me, the "upper" class and the "lower" class have a lot in common - a sense of entitlement - which leaves the rest of us schmucks to carry the weight.

It's good to know there are people like you willing to step in sometimes.

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