Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Big Deal

Mark Sanford, one of very few on the great GOP hope list for a possible 2012 presidential run - today admits he's been dipping his stick in Argentina. I felt a twinge of sympathy watching his press conference, for a moment, how humiliating, but he did it to himself. Of course, we seem to live in a culture of it's no-big-deal and everybody-does-it, but it is a big deal and not everybody does it. Politico is said to be breaking a story on millionaire Sanford using State funds to fund his fun. No big deal, everybody does it?

And to leave a public trail of emails to his mistress for his family to see the details, what a thoughtless unfaithful viagra'ed peckerhead.

Sanford to "Maria" email: "I could digress and say that you have the ability to give magnificent gentle kisses, or that I love your tan lines or that I love the curve of your hips, the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself) in the faded glow of the night's light -- but hey, that would be going into sexual details ..."

I'm sure in political circles Sanford's affair was known and gossiped about, affairs always are. Maybe his outing was payback for raising a stink about the "stimulus" money he didn't want to take for South Carolina. Maybe his office staff was disgruntled, forced to tap dance around questions to cover for his absences. Maybe his wife finally had enough - she didn't degrade herself by standing by her man at the press conference.

At 50 years old Sanford should be old enough to control lust and urges. Maybe the folks I know are old school but most of us learned self-restraint by 30, look but don't touch, fantasize - remember that word, fantasize? Where dear 58-year-old hubby in the fading glow of the night's light, with eyes slightly closed is still that big hunky bronze stud and everything on both of you is as perky and tight as it was at 21 or even 35. Where you look across the table at dear hubby, balding, bifocaled, less muscle mass to hold onto and more age spots than tan lines, and you're still turned on and there's never been anyone else?

It's called commitment folks. An obligation to life, love, work, family. Oh well, at least Sanford in his search for the perfect orgasm didn't hang himself as permanently as Carradine in Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

For a moment after I heard the news that he had a mistress, I thought: Do all men cheat on their wives? Can any of them be trusted.

I hope that was just a passing thought.

Kate-A said...

Ya, there are men who are faithful and trustworthy.

It's the social "experts" and media who have for decades led us to believe that sexual lying/cheating is "normal," excused by high power jobs, high pressure jobs, etc., or is "human nature." Give the sheep a few iconic heroes who were unfaithful and we come to view philandering as almost admirable, something all talented men do.

My favorite excuse is the one of how Europeans, particularly the French, and/or other cultures, don't make a big deal over adultery. I guess that means it's okay.

My second favorite excuse is "it's a private/personal matter." Yep, and although dear leader cheats and lies to his wife/family, he would never do that to the little people he doesn't know at all.

It's a Jerry Springer episode except the upper class participants have much more money, better English skills, and usually don't tear off one another's halter tops over their man. Although I think Princess Di and Tampon Charlie may have come close.

Odd, powerful women don't seem to have this "human nature" as much as men. But, I expect the monkey see monkey do effect will happen soon.

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