Monday, December 14, 2009

Dizzney World

There is really nothing of importance to write about.

Tiger Woods skirt-chasing to fill his emotional pit with plastic skanks when he has a good woman at home? Didn't mama warn you about guys like this? Few ever "settle down" and then only because they can't get it up, but now with Viagra ... the old guy in the bar picking up whatever is left at closing time.

How about reaming Obamabush a new one for his peace prizing Afghanistan surge? Or praising him for finally doing something with the issue other than deliberating it.

Could write about the old man Berlusconi's smack in the face with an overpriced religious souvenir.

How about the ever present global cooling, warming, no wait... it's climate change now. It's been proven - it's colder, it's warmer, yep, it's climate change.

How about Governor Patterson's cutting money to schools and municipal funding? It's described as a "fiscal bind" and "budget gaps." When regular folks are in the same situation it's called not having a pot to piss in or a window to throw it from.

There's always the WSWS to pick on. "US firms lose out in bidding for Iraq oil fields." In a clear signal of the declining influence of American capitalism, even in a country conquered and occupied by the US military, companies from China, Russia, Malaysia and Angola, along with several European oil giants, won most of the rights for exploration and development of Iraq’s oil fields. The most aggressive bidder was the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), while Lukoil and Gazprom of Russia, and European firms like Royal Dutch Shell, ENI (Italy), British Petroleum, Statoil (Norway) and Total (France) all won bids. Petronas, the state-owned Malaysian oil company, won the most bids, three, while the Angolan state oil company Sonangol won two.

Duh. I told you 5 years ago - the US is just the muscle, the brains are elsewhere, although apparently some Americans had enough sense to know a good deal for selling out the US when they saw it. It's a clear signal for sure - of the influence of global capitalism mixed with feel-good fuzzy socialism.

But what the hay, we can always sing:

It's a world of laughter,
A world of tears.
It's a world of hopes,
And a world of fears.
There's so much that we share,
That it's time we're aware,
It's a small world after all.

It's a small world after all.
It's a small world after all.
It's a small world after all.
It's a small, small world.
(Repeat ad nauseam until you have permanent white matter atrophy.)

Ho hum. I'm going to go out on a limb here and be politically incorrect: Merry Christmas, merry Christmas. Hohoho - for all the old guys, and gals, in the bar. May your pits be filled.


Anonymous said...

Ho-ho-hum is right for the news. If I never see the term climategate (or any other gate) again - I'd be pleased.

See you when it gets interesting, meanwhile,



Kate-A said...

A big ho-ho to you too.

Maybe the news is interesting and we've just lost interest ... now that we've really finally admitted it's all vetted b.s. from the State and the only honest news is endless hours of celebrity downfalls and/or obsessive replay of the frightening lives of serial killers and pedophiles.

Ho ho ho hum.


Anonymous said...

At the very least, the news has become predictable, including that offered by the blogs and blasters. Truth is no better handled by alternative media. Promises, Promises. Sheehan's "not one more death", the Brown's and the taxman, the tea parties. . . then there's Barry Hope.

The people with the land, titles and gems are doing what they have always done, and the rest still struggle to pass on a piece of jewelry to their next generation.

Lately I just shake my head and keep going at the audacity of these puppets pulling trainloads of fools in any direction but a straight line.

I'm still interested in current and historical events, digging here and there, but the honeymoon with the bloggers is over. They've marked their territory, structured up, and damn if not even a shot was fired.


Kate-A said...

I hear ya. A few years ago I had my browser's favorites so numerous I had to create folders by topic and sort out the links I read.

Hahaha. I'm down to pretty much none these days, a couple I check every few days to see if what I think they're writing is what they're writing and it is ... yawn.

History is more interesting. Current events seem quite boring and predictable.

I've been digging up bones more lately, genealogy. Found a ggggrandmother in the 1870 census, age 110, mulatto born in Virginia. Her name was Katie Kirk. God how I would love to spend some time with her. On the census the line for occupation listed hers as "old and pretty useless." Lol. I've learned that is not meant in a mean way, just blunt. Sometimes on death certificates under cause they simply say "dropped dead last night." Kind of the "say what you mean and mean what you say" approach. Just thought I'd share that with you.

Anonymous said...

LOL: I still have the Imac with a folder system as you described - a fellow ex-Kelly Girl perhaps?

Now Katie Kirk is a lady I'd gladly peel potatoes or clean the oven for, just to listen to her. A woman who would know the heights and depths of humanity's soul. There probably isn't an archetype or legend that she couldn't describe. If that stargate thing works out, I beg you to take me along for the chat and I'll just listen and stay busy. Think of it: three Kats in a Kitchen.

Genealogy is an area I've yet to begin cracking with any enthusiasm. A very closed-mouth lot I come from. . . father (2nd/3rd gen Irish via Ellis' Hell's Kitchen) won't talk, wouldn't allow questions (still doesn't - I faded away years ago to protect my children). Didn't know my mother's name until I was in my 40s. She's from Nuremberg and died before I got on the trail. I recently asked a paternal Aunt for my paternal grandmother's maiden name and got the third degree and no spelling. Don't know what the secrets are, but they act like they're pretty awful. Found out through slip of the tongues that my maternal grandfather died a soldier in a Russian POW camp WWII, and that my maternal grandmother was an "artist", but with the last name of Butzbach, from Germany, I've got a helluva field to hoe. I've been procrastinating about digging into the Ellis Island stuff because of my paternal relatives' attitude about family and the discovery of my mother's death, but you give me hope that there could be a Katie Kirk in my past as well. I appreciate that.


Kate-A said...

My goodness, haven't thought of being a Kelly girl in decades. Are they still around? Is shorthand still around?

I found a lot of closed mouths when I first began digging too but then when I shared some of the discoveries I made with the few oldtimers left in my family, very few now (other than me I guess), they began to call with names and people and events they remembered. They told me that in their day people didn't tell the tales of tragedy, not b/c of anything bad, just the stoicism I guess.

When I told a great aunt that her younger brother was the product of a triplet birth, 2 stillborn, she said "that's why daddy was out late digging all night." Seems in those days on farms the midwife or doctor often let the families bury the child right away and usually the parents thought it best not to share the grief with the other kids. The doc in this case did make out a death certificate but even my uncle didn't know he was 1 of triplets. When I showed them the document they just kept shaking their heads and saying 'we never knew.'

I'm sure if you dig long enough you will find your Katie Kirk.

Anonymous said...

Kelly girls were gone by the late 1970s by means of women's lib, shorthand was gone by the mid 1980s, and "secretaries" are nearly obsolete in the traditional sense of being a right-hand aide. In the year following bin Laden's carefully planned and executed strike on the wtc, personnel agencies dried up faster than the smoke cleared. Irony of ironies, Manpower ended up with the brass ring, and compartmentalized assignments for first-name-only type jobs became the norm.

Just dropped a note to Santa for some digging gear - thanks for the encouragement.


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