Monday, January 04, 2010

Another Year

Whooo hooo, another year. Another year to watch the liberal left radicals, if we can call the anti-establishment that; probably should use a lot of quotation marks around words like "liberal" "left" "radicals" etc. to insinuate their phonihood. At any rate, another year to watch, listen, and read the "leftist" bash and hash of the same old pols, policies, and pundits.

Another year of pointless rants and writings about Meltdowns, Bailouts, and Bonuses - even though these events have been occurring since 1776 - you would think your generation is the first to experience them.

Another year for the "left" to tell us what each and every political speech really means: Basically, each speech given by any politician means "more of the same." Another year of ranting how the rich are getting richer. Another year to rage against the machine because it turns decent men into patsies and prisoners - yep, just standing around doing nothing minding your own business and you could be the next convict or casualty of America's social, political, or economic injustice.

Another year to read radical forums where the endless discussion is on the theories of dead leftists and what the "movement" needs. There's always a couple of folks who stand out as having great knowledge and understanding of all things political - as opposed to the others who paste and copy from their manifesto with a snarky comment to nonbelievers or tell the forum guru how right-on he/she is. You couldn't pay me to participate in chatter with these people let alone become a pay-pal member. I'd sooner sit down with Sarah Palin and listen to her bleat about core values while Bristol served us beer and peanuts with little Tripp saddled on her hip.

Another year to hear we are all victims of the capitalist system which lies and murders and tortures - we are all potential detainees with a black bag of underwear on our heads. Another year to hear the "war on terror" is phony hype to scare us dumb Americans into dying for oil, because Russia or India or China or the EU would be much kinder about getting all the oil and wealth. Yes, the rest of the world is a kinder thief - they let the US bleed and pass the oil to them so they can produce tons of junk we dummies don't need but buy anyway, out of our low-wage jobs and/or guvmint checks/EBT.

Another year to hear how the poor need mo' money; and to remind us of the poor in Latino countries who are experiencing the "leftist" dream under leftist presidents (Hugo, Evo, Castro, Ortego). If only the US would elect a president with a name ending in "o" we too might experience a social "revolution."

Another year of anniversaries to rub rancor in old wounds so they never heal, MLK, MX, Fred Hampton, Medgar, and every civil righter or radical who was ever murdered or martyred. Most young black adults can't tell you who Hampton and Medgar were but most white "leftists" can. Actually, even MLK and MX mean little to anyone anymore other than a few black old-schoolers and a lot of white leftists who write as if they know the hearts of all men.

Yessirree, make demands for mo' stuff from the same folks who, according to the "left", murdered those who demanded change. Those who survive making demands go on to become preachers and professors who basically teach and preach how to game the system; sometimes they trot out to make statements when CNN or Fox News call for a "left" opinion. Preachers and professors - the oldest form of prostitution.

Another year to listen to the "left" beg for more and better education - never mind that education has been getting more money year after year and yet the population is dumber than a century ago. But what can ya do with a public school system where disinterested parents want teachers to housebreak their children, and too many teachers use movies in the classroom as educational tools. The academy of Woody Woodpeckers and Willie Wonkers.

Remember "We Want Jobs." Even if we be uneducated, felonious, and lazier than an old Mississippi porch dog - we still want jobs that pay us enough to consume all the bling we can buy and deserve for bitterly putting up with this unfair shit.

Another year to rant about the system that impoverishes predominantly blacks and Latinos, because of racism - I guess the Natives are reluctant to join the "movement" now that they're raking in casino dollars. And I gotta wonder, why aren't all the poor white folks out there demanding an end to the capitalist system? Is the "left" nothing more than a colored underclass led predominantly by white snakeoil salesmen with a slick Van Jones or Cynthia McKinney thrown in for show?

Another year to read rants on the unfairness of life in general, written by guys and gals from their radical beach chairs or condo or ranch. Remember these folks made it in spite of the system, not because of it. They repeat their socialist mantras with every corporate paycheck directly deposited into their account, with every donation their followers pay a pal, because you know, they're paid to put "the truth" out there.

It all sort of gives new meaning to the phrase "death to America."

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