Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wiki Show

The much promoted Wikileaks "Collateral Murder" video is released.

According to Wikileaks and kind, this is proof positive of wanton murder, and US denial and coverup, although the US did admit to killing Namir Noor-Eldeen, a photographer, and his driver Saeed Chmagh, when it happened in 2007.

Those who are eager for US troops to be demonized as cold-blooded killers do not mention that air support was called in because of a firefight in the vicinity. They do not mention the reporters were not wearing press vests. Nor do they mention 2 AK47s were recovered. The guy peering around the corner of a building has what could be an RPG, but is holding, according to progressives, what is obviously clearly without a doubt a camera. Hindsight stop and replay is 20/20 vision for armchair warriors.

I can understand the 22-year-old Noor-Eldeen going into harm's way, eager for photos of chaos, but his driver, 40-year-old Chmagh was a longtime experienced Reuters employee and one would think he would use more caution. And I do not know whether the 2 men were sympathetic to insurgents or were pro-West, nor does any one of the thousands commenting on the video. I cannot prove the other men were innocent civilians or insurgents. I do not know why the van driver, with children, drove into the line of fire so quickly to pick up wounded, with an Apache still overhead. There is talk from the Apache about taking small arms fire but no scenes of that in the video. I do not know how much if any Wikileaks or the Pentagon or the "leakers" edited the video before it hit youtube.

For all I know or you know this video is what the Pentagon gave Wiki since the Government prefers to keep folks focused on tidbits of b.s. that come to nothing, change nothing, and mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. We seem to get these over-hyped government coverup tidbits at regular intervals. They never go anywhere - but made you look, nanner nanner.

Time mag, along with hundreds of other sites, use terminology such as "the crew converses casually about those they are about to kill ... then blowing them and 10 others to smithereens ... the new objective reporting heh?

True to American "progressive" left mentality - many viewers are inflamed and outraged claiming a dozen men were murdered just for the hell of it by evil US personnel. As unfortunate as it is, I do not see or hear the glee and laughter and wanton murder that progressives seem to in this video. I don't believe these troops returned to base and had orgasms about the incident.

Worldwide webbed Americans are subjected to more horror and lack of conscience in mainstream media news and entertainment than in this never-before-seen video.

I see this video as propaganda for a faction who's goal is nothing more than the continuing attempt to undermine that portion of the US which doesn't already loathe the US. Unknown to this faction, which saturated the last 2 generations in violence and pornography disguised as "freedom of expression/speech," the majority of the American public can no longer discern what's truly horrific and what is not.


kf said...

I get a cold chill up my spine in reaction to this video and others of its sort. We do ourselves and our country a grave disservice by presenting so-called-proof to the world of our military's alleged misconduct.


Kate-A said...

Yes we do. Cui bono...

Anonymous said...

Since the whole world seems to have the ability to share information, would someone please share with us some videos of terrorists strapping bombs to their bodies just before they head out to a marketplace and blowing themselves up along with hundreds with innocent women and children? Or perhaps someone has a video of people setting up IED's and then taping the explosion so the world can see the horrific injuries and deaths of American GIs. Maybe too, someone has some audio of the conversations these scumbags have during the process. Do you think we would hear them laughing as US soldier's arms and legs are blown off? Where is the video of our soldiers dragging the dead Iraqi bodies around like trophies while the rest cheered? Isn't that what we saw done to our troops in the movie "Blackhawk Down"? Hmmm......

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