Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's Karma

Helen Thomas - long time grand dame of liberalism, the doyenne of the WH press corps, supposedly asking for decades the "tough" questions of several presidents, Kennedy through Obama, has finally retired. Some say "forced to retire" because of recent comments she made.

The episode apparently stems from Thomas' comments suggesting that Israelis should go somewhere else, that Jewish folk in Israel should "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go back to where they belong," (Poland, Germany) or something along those lines.

Hmmm seems I remember agitated white folks in the '60s yelling "go back to Africa" where you belong.

I remember Thomas asking, not "tough" or even objective, but intelligent questions of Ronnie Reagan - regarding the US and USSR, peace/disarmament, etc. but recall no tough or intelligent questions posed to Slick Willy, in fact Thomas thought the Clintons were unfairly dogged over Whitewater, Paula Jones, Monica, etc...

Her supposedly tough posers to Bush II and Obama seem to be more "leftwing" heckle than "tough" questions.

Her "inaugural" question to Obama was "Do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?" Duh, we know with 99.99% certainty that Israel does. That's not posing a tough question, that's baiting. We all know any presidential answer to that will be "I cannot speculate..." or similar yadayada. Is the Lebanese Helen trying to show us Obama is a Jew lover? That the US is one-sided when it comes to Israel? And that she supports the other side?

Thanksgiving after the election, she was "thankful for having a black president"? Yessssam Mz. Helen, you sound like one of those liberals who thought black folks didn't bathe before Obama was elected. Is he now not liberal enough, black enough, what? (You're not alone Helen, millions who thought Barry was a flame burning bright now see only a flicker.)

But thankful? Thankful? Why? What did the election of Obama signify for you? Imagine if McCain had won and a public figure had said he/she was "thankful for having a white president."

Will Helen's press chair in the WH be sent to the Smithsonian? She is the symbol after all of the first feminist movement token female in the White House Press Corp. Will she have sufficient years left to write a good and dirty tell-all? Will she go back to where she came from?

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