Monday, November 01, 2010

Election Trick or Teat

Wow, October passed so quickly I barely noticed. And here it is time to vote again.

Since 2000 it seems the pundits and talking heads make grand attempts to create drama where there is none. They dissect political speeches and off the cuff comments as if they have great import. Howling and wailing or glowing and supporting one pol over another. One would almost believe elections have meaning. As if the voters don't continually return the same corrupt porkers back to office. As if the president doesn't spend his first 2 years in office stumping for party buddies and his last 2 years stumping for his second term. While the behind the scene national rulers assign them all what to say and which bills to sign.

Elections are like auditions. Rewarding mediocre actors, to play the same roles over and over. Corporate/wealthy casting couches determine national policy, until politicians decrepit, sotted old bones die and they get a week of good reviews for all they have done to us. Many times their spawn carry on the tradition.

I'm flabbergasted that folks still believe their vote for best actors really matters.

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kf said...

I had decided that 2004 was my last vote but recently discovered that my new home town in the middle of nowhere uses paper ballots. It might be fun!

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