Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day

And the "left" progressives have, agaaaaain, dutifully written their condemnation and avoidance of celebrating George Washington and any other president "who profited from trafficking in and ownership of human beings." According to Freedom Rider "The celebration is not for anyone who is committed to truth telling." Because folks, Washington was "one of the godfathers of the human bondage Mafia..."

The original rich old white man? the root cause of all world problems ... bro.

The condemnistas include brief quotes from Washington documents about pursuing a runaway slave, or quotes from "truth telling" professors who compete to interpret history as egregiously as they possibly can. They mention George's wealth, acreage, number of slaves, his aristocratic lifestyle based on slave labor. I don't think I've ever seen anyone accuse GW of raping his female slaves but that may only be because there were no mulattos attributed to the sterile president. George did seem to be strict about morality and principles, notwithstanding the ownership of human beings.

(None mention the personal letters between Washington and his aide, Tobias Lear, when George was attempting to sell off most of his holdings at Mt. Vernon and willed a portion of his estate to free slaves, set up pensions for them, teach them to read, write, and a trade, etc. Historians give various reasons for his decision, ranging from an old man's guilt, to a recognition that abolition was inevitable if the US was to survive, to an act of personal generosity toward those who had served him during his life.)

But from the "left" progressives - this is your heritage American whitey. Do not commemorate this evil, devious, old goodfella from the bondage Mafia. Whatever contributions George made on the plus side for the grand experiment in freedom - let us cherry-pick from biased sources and dwell forever on "the man's" offensive negatives; call it truth telling.

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