Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Dufus Don & Others

The Donald: Trump gives Democrats a boost by pretending to be a Republican or Independent who is a "birther." And a gasbag Tarzan yodeling his own praise. Despite his 2 or 3 business bankruptcies, shell games, arm candy marriages, and bad hair - some people think Donald is a real American hero.

Obama's birth certificate: Yes, he was born in Hawaii. His original long form certificate, not made public, is probably for no other reason than his birth is listed as illegitimate. Most states now have changed this classification because of the unmarried explosion of mama's baby, daddy's maybe, but in 1961 it would say such.

William and Kate: Waity Katie most likely will do better than her late mother-in-law. Kate knows her odds of being queen are very good. Princess Diane and most of the world knew Di would never be queen because the royal creep Charles would never be king. Some of the body language I've seen when William is with Kate tells me he will not be a good husband but Kate's language says that's okay considering the trade-offs, or trade ups. Sometimes a crown does cure a headache. (I do want to see her wedding gown though.)

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Newly diagnosed bipolar II disorder. Just another bored homosapien who, despite life's many blessings, gets the blues when life gives her some shit. But celebs with "disorders" serve the purpose of lending credence to junk medicine and pillheads.

Charlie Sheen: This is your brain on drugs. Careful Charlie, you're beginning to look the part of a ghoulish crackhead with hairpiece, dental work and Botox.

Movie critics: All holding out for the perks that come with a thumbs up. Limp wristed gladiators in the theater pushing or panning for pay. Atlas Shrugged. Awful reviews. Probably because the author believed "... civilization cannot exist where men are slave to society and government, and ... the destruction of the profit motive leads to the collapse of society."


kf said...

So. . .What did you think of the dress? I'd like to see a better close-up photo but I think I like it very much except for the back of the neck cut. It fit her very well. I also liked the tiara-veil and the way the veil hit along the front of the dress before lifting.

Kate-A said...

I really liked her dress and veil. I thought the dress could have been a little less full b/c she has a good figure and Will had to concentrate to avoid stepping on it at one point, but all in all it was a pretty gown. I didn't see the back of the neck cut, but liked the front. I only caught a few minutes of her walking down the aisle this morning.

Much better than that poofy puffy pile of material Diana wore. I have never understood how anyone would have agreed to that ugly dress.

kf said...

uh...well. . I didn't see the back either (hair down). I was projecting based on what I saw from the side(s) of her neck. I saw creases in one photo where her neck was bent, and it made me itch, lol.

I just re-read your excellent editorial, "Popular Uprisings". I'd been thinking about the fact that slogans are quite pronounced among the alternative news barkers. Lots of 'identifying the problem' and 'waking up the sheeple' but no concrete proposals or requests for suggestions. Other than the Ron Paul solution - which we will get if necessary (per tptb) but it won't change a thing. The announcement that another R Paul wants a slice of politics has me wondering if it's Ron's dynastic fever or a loading of the dice (both, probably). Anyway, great editorial - the likes of which are few and far between unfortunately for those of us with an ounce of common sense!

Kate-A said...

Thanks kf.

Yes slogans are many from the "alternative" barkers. They're always "speaking truth to power."

Funny you should mention that b/c just today I was looking up a sort of "where are they now" folks from the anti-Bush era. Cindy, code pink, moveon, bob geiger, Plame, Ellsberg, etc. etc.

Where are the "Obama Lied and People Died" crowds.

Awful to wake up and realize I've drank a lot of their kool-aid for decades.

kf said...

Great minds think alike. . . when the 'government shutdown' made headlines with news that the military would not receive death benefits (how many were expected to die, I asked myself) or be paid on time (the second worse fate for the allotment folks), I went looking to see what Cindy Sheehan and the notonemore folks (and other big mouths) had to say. Nothing. If ever there was the opportunity to step up to the plate, that was it. But then, that's not the point of having famous alternative news barkers, is it. . .

Kate-A said...

Odd thing about that "shutdown." The first day or so the news reported that the military was exempt and would continue to be paid. As it has in all previous shutdowns, 10 of them.

Then I began hearing the military, the troops, would not be paid, military families would be hurt by shutdown, yadayada.

I believe the news flip-flopped on the Obama admin's say-so or the PTB who run our circus. But really, in previous shutdowns DoD made payroll - imagine a million plus troops pissed off at no paycheck. None of my sons were concerned about pay if there was a shutdown.

Not only are the alternative barkers just noisy dogs but so is MSM. All barking for an agenda that does nothing to serve we the people.

Sheehan and other notonemore folks either knew the threat of no military pay was b.s. or they were too busy begging for donations to further their cause to write about troop paychecks. Or maybe, they hoped it would happen to bring about revolution and usher in all that hope and change.

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