Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Anthony Weiner. What a schmuck. Self-centered, egotistical, lascivious. Immoral, vulgar, dishonest. Licentious, liar. Disloyal, unfaithful, shallow. A weasel. Representative of modern man?

Or, if you believe some pundits and experts, he's a victim of social networking and technology. I had to laugh at the t.v. bimbo who was desperately trying to excuse Weiner's behavior with babble tech victimology. There is no excuse for a 45-year-old man who is either dumb enough or arrogant enough to think a code of honor doesn't apply to him.

Technology does not turn men into liars and toads. Upbringing and personal choices do.

But what the hay, since Slick Willie set the bar at knee level in the oval office - what's a little lewd twittering between strangers. Seems whatever a politician does, someone can spin it to make him/her a victim of facebooks and tweets, or a victim of the opposition party.

In my day, high tech was a Polaroid camera. Instant pics. Still, most of us had enough sense not to pose for lewd photos.

You could also order anything back then that's around today - it just took a few days longer to get it and it arrived in plain brown wrapper. "Swingers" advertised in print rather than the internet. Everyone had an uncle who had a magazine glorifying the beauty of a nudist colony. Aunt Myrtle's vibrators were for sore neck and back muscles.

We had the same "sex aids" decades ago, although today they're advertised on network television as "yours and mine" gel. A dab of Ben-Gay would have the same effect and cost less. There's a cable channel dedicating hours to the modern miracles of dildotic engineering. And is it really worth it - having to hide a pillowcase full of battery operated loveware from the kids... although today's parents seem to hide nothing from the kids.

But maybe the babble heads have a point - social networking is so much harder today - what with folks being distracted by IM'ing, and crotch shots and muscles in the mirror pics for anyone and everyone on their worldwide friend's list.


kf said...

It wasn't until yesterday that curiosity got the better of me and I finally clicked on a Weiner story - I was remiss in checking KAB. LOL.

Once again you are spot on.

(Ben-Gay - good one!)

Kate-A said...

Our daily bread and circus.

Supposedly Weiner helped write "net neutrality" legislation - to prevent government/service providers from restricting content, sites, etc. It's a bogus argument. Wonder if Weiner has learned he needs to restrict himself.

Maybe I shouldn't get my chuckles from the disgrace of others but any bozo over age 12 should know that internet social sites are for "sharing" - not keeping secrets.

kf said...

In this case, as well as in many others, I think the old saying applies: "If I didn't laugh, I'd cry".

Those with money and power (or backing) increasingly get away with behaviors and crimes that the average joe would lose his job over. Political and religious "leaders" use words like "misrepresented", "inappropriate", or "falling short" like magic wands. The rest of us don't have the luxury to enlist speechwriters and lawyers to come up with this nonsense.

Refusing to resign after one has failed or been caught with their pants on fire is the new norm. Some of us need to keep pointing it out, if for no other reason than to let the next generations know that corruption and moral irresponsibility are just plain wrong.

Kate-A said...

Well said kf.

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