Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cold People

The lawyer for the suspect in the Norway twin attacks says his client is a "very cold" person who took drugs before the rampage to be "strong, efficient, awake."

The lawyer, Geir Lippestad, spoke to reporters today about his client, Anders Behring Breivik, who is accused for killing more than 70 people in a bombing on government buildings in Oslo and a shooting spree at a [Labor Party] youth camp last week, the Associated Press reports.

Breivik, 32, faces terror-related charges carrying a maximum 21-year sentence. But prosecutor Christian Hatlo tells the newspaper Aftenposten that he might also be charged with crimes against humanity, which would carry a longer sentence.

Breivik's father, Jens Breivik, a retired Norwegian diplomat now living in France, tells Norway's TV2 that he has not seen his son for about 15 years and is shocked by the killings.

"I will never have more contact with him," he tells TV2. "In my darkest moments, I think that rather than killing all those people he should have taken his own life."

Breivik said both parents supported Norway's centre-left Labor Party, which he viewed as infiltrated by Marxists.

His mother won a custody battle, but Breivik said he regularly visited his father and his new wife in France, where they lived, until his father cut off contact when Breivik was 15. The father told Norwegian newspaper VG that they lost touch in 1995, but that it was his son who wanted to cut off contact.

Another article states that "Former diplomat Jens Breivik, 76, said he was ‘completely bereft’ and would never speak to his son again. And that "Despite being Anders's step-mother, Mrs. Breivik has never met him, while Mr. Breivik only had a 'short, bland' telephone call with him 10 years ago."

----------- Anders did not commit mass murder for a political cause, that's his excuse. This is more like an adolescent school shooting - societal hatred, a search for fame, and revenge against those he didn't have the courage to confront (mom and dad?). Passing it off as a political killing or "revolution" is how he romanticizes his hatred. Homegrown terrorist - product of his environment? Some appear shocked such a thing could happen in Norway.

So, I'll reiterate once again for those Americans who believe Michael Moore's Norway (pop. 4.6 million) is a model of successful redistribution since the 1970s oil wealth - it's not. Norway is experiencing the same problems as the US - aging population, unstable families, marriage becoming obsolete, physical and sexual abuse of children, drugs, immigration problems, racism (though most of their immigrants are Euro whites), inflation and poor selection of goods, rise in "treatment errors" in healthcare, and using "stimulus" cash to keep jobs afloat, etc. etc. Just don't deplete the oil too soon.

Contrary to popular belief Norway's prison recidivism rate was 50% in the 1990s after which time they changed their method of keeping or sharing crime statistics and crime/recidivism appears low now. Juvenile and drug related crimes doubled 2008-2009. A woman shouldn't walk alone in Oslo at night anymore than she would in Chicago or Detroit.

Bottom line, no matter what American backpackers or the "left" says, there's really not much difference in countries like Norway and the US. Both breeding cold people.

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