Saturday, January 21, 2012


All black folks can sing. (Not really, I have a grandchild with a voice that will make babies cry, dogs howl, and empty out a room.)

On the flip side is Herman, singing Imagine.

But leave it to John Ashcroft to pen and sing his own "Let the Eagle Soar."

We're all rock stars now.


kf said...

Alright, I bit: I googled Ashcroft and listened to him for less time than I listened to the choir-robed Cain. Dear Lord, there ought to be a law. . .As for our commander in chief, I'm very impressed that he was able to tear himself away from the teleprompter for a moment lol.

I'm like your grandchild - I couldn't sing to my babies, I had to recite.

Kate-A said...

kf - I sang a lot of lullabies, still do with a baby. Figure they can't be critics at that age.

Now when I break into song the only attention I get is from the dogs, who seem to relate it to a treat or a walk. :)

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