Monday, March 12, 2012


U.S. sergeant kills 16 in Afghanistan.  The kind of story that makes decent people cringe. Another body blow to a servile and battered U.S. public which has no control over its leaders.

I also cringe because I know particular net-rooters will jump on the conspiracy theories with claims of "government cover-up."  The "official story keeps changing."  "Lone gunman."  The Manchurian candidate.  Mainstream and alternative media headlines are predictable. 

The perpetrator is said to be a 38-year-old married father of 2, with 11 years in the military, status post 3 tours of Iraq, and in Afghanistan since last December.   Although with 11 years the sergeant has probably re-upped at least twice and knew what he was signing up for.  Many will blame PTSD.  Some say it's payback for the soldiers murdered after the Koran burning.  Some will blame the military for not detecting the monster among them, or for making the monster.   

Journalists and talking heads will pant like dogs to interview anyone even remotely connected to the victims and/or the perpetrator.  TV physicians will tell us the mental state of the perpetrator, that all concerned will need counseling.  Everyone steps up to their soapbox with solutions.  There will be calls for this and for that by pols and social experts, and a lot of noisy panelists.  John Q. Troll will spend hours in the forum arguing or collecting followers until the next topic appears on the screen.  Please donate to keep this alive, and sign a petition to end this or start that. 

And while some folks use the incident for their particular political agenda or belief, nothing will change in the grand scheme of things.  It will be another horrific incident in a world of horrific incidents.  The PTB will "end the war" when they want to end the war.  More books will be written and movies made to entertain the public and enrich Hollywooders who care only for image and money but often believe their own PR is truth and not scripted.  In the end credit and blame, mostly credit, will be doled out to dirty politicians and  worthless personalities. 

I'm so glad spring is here. I can put real manure to good use.

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